Tuesday, 31 July 2012


It’s been quite a while since my last visit to the saunas, so I thought it’s time I go back to check out the scene. But before heading for it, I went to the public pool to tan myself & get a nice prominent, sexy tanline.  While at the pool, there were quite a few hotties & basically they served as eye candy while I tanned myself. The more I ogled at the hotties, the hornier I became. So I wrapped up my tanning at about 6pm & headed for the sauna.

Got in the sauna at abt 7+, it was an underwear nite so I put on my sexiest white brief that was a little sheer at the back so that my tanline is still prominent.  I wasted no time & went upstairs to the cruising area. I went into the SM area & it was so dark, perhaps cos my eyes were not accustomed to the darkness yet. But after awhile, I could make out the outline of people in the area. There was this short stocky guy with a nice crew cut. I zeroed in on him & started feeling him up. He didn’t reject my advances so I ventured lower & grabbed his cock. He wasn’t hard yet, so I decided to use my tongue & give him a sensual licking. Soon, he got hard & it was quite sizeable, at least 6.5-7inches! I quickly got down & give him a good sucking. He must be damn horny cos he came soon after, he din even give me any warning & his cum was all over my bod & mouth! Haha… He made a hasty retreat after he came & I followed him out. I caught a glimpse of his face as he went down the stairs. Yep, quite cute! Too bad he came so fast.

Feeling unsatisfied, I went back into the cruising area again. The crowd was pretty thin so there’s not much guys that really fit the type that I like (stocky/musc). In the end, I ventured into the SM area again cos’ people are less inhibited when they are in there. I came across another guy that was on the stocky side. In the dark, I could make out that he was either Malay or Arab cos he was quite hairy. Ooh… he is very hung! At least 7.5 inches. I dragged him into one of the rooms cos I really want this cock all to myself. Once inside the room, we quickly got naked & he made me suck him.  He loved getting sucked & was moaning all the while I sucked him. I tried my best to deep throat his 7.5 inch cock & keep getting gagged. The more I gagged the more he got sexcited and pushed deeper. I decided not to miss out on getting this huge cock in my horny ass so I quickly lubed myself up before I get choked to death! I stood on top of him & lowered myself on his steel-hard cock. It went right in & hit my G-spot immediately. I was so high, I find myself rocking him furiously, our hands clasped tightly.  After quite a while, he got off, pulled his condom off & wanted me to suck him again. I tried for awhile but he was really gagging me all the while, so I changed technique & stroked him furiously all the while licking & sucking on his balls. It brought him to another high & he was moaning loudly again. I continued to work on his balls & pump his cock which is now all wet with my saliva. Then he shot & the sperm went up all the way to his face!

I was still horny after Mr. Malay/Arab so I went around the cruising area again. I was standing along the corridor and I spotted a well-built mature guy. He came down the corridor & stood opposite me. He must have been in his 40s but his body is well maintained & he had a very manly look. So Yumz! We kept eye contact & then he came over & signaled me to go into a room with him. I followed & once inside the room he stripped me of my underwear, turned me around & told me to get on doggie position on the bed. Next, he peeled off his underwear too to reveal a nice thick 6” cock. He wasted no time & he was soon getting my ass lubed up & giving me a good hump. He liked to watch himself fuck, so he turned on the light & I could also see him humping me as the room was surrounded by mirrors. It was a sexy sight & I couldn’t help moaning with pleasure as he fucked. Although his cock was only 6”, he knew how to fuck real deep & he made me feel so good! Then all of a sudden, he pulled himself out & suggested we go shower. I was a little disappointed cos he didn’t cum. But I understood also that the night is still young & he also wanted his share of various bottoms to fuck, so I let him go.

By now, I was really really horny, cos I’ve still not cummed. It’s time for extreme measures. I went into the SM area again & lubed my ass up. Then pulled down my underwear so that my butt is exposed & walked around the SM area. Although the area is dark, people can still make out if you are wearing underwear. My ploy worked & soon I was canoodling with a stocky smooth guy. He’s so smooth it’s like he had no hair on his bod except for the crotch area. He’s also got a very toned bod, he was hard all over! Yumz! When I eventually touched his dick, it was smaller than usual, maybe abt 5” but thick. But I was too horny to care abt dick size! It helped that he was so delicious to touch everywhere, even his butt is rock hard! Meanwhile, he’s been grabbing my bare butt & eventually his finger went near the hole. He could easily slip his finger in as I was already lubed up. He started to finger fuck me. 1st it was 1 finger, then 2 then all 3 went in! I had enuff of the finger fucking, I wanted a real fuck so I tried to pull him into one of the rooms but he was reluctant. Ah… so he likes to play in the open or he is just shy? In this case, it’s probably the 1st case cos soon he was maneuvering me towards the bed in the open area. He wants to fuck me there! Once at the open bed, he stripped himself of his underwear & stripped me too. Then he made me bend over the bed & he entered me. He was quite a violent fucker & he banged my butt fast & furious. By now, we were making so much noise we were attracting people. Most stood to watch but 1 guy got on the bed where I was bent over & offered his cock for me to suck. I took it & sucked as hard as I could. He also had some poppers with him & made me sniff it. The kick soon hit me & I find myself rocking in rhythm with the stocky guy’s rapid humping & at the same sucking myself silly on the other guy’s cock. Soon, the stocky guy got tired, he stopped & was huffing & puffing. I quickly turned around & gave him a good hard suck then I went in all the way until his cock was in my throat. I just went on & on, stroking my own cock as I deep throated him. Eventually he exploded; his cum was all smeared across my face. I also came at the same time. Hot sex & I loved it!

You would have thought this is the end of the night for me right? No way! I just needed a short rest before I was prowling again. I spotted the muscular mature guy once more & told myself I must get him this time & make sure he cums. It seems he was also getting hornier as the night went by cos’ very soon he was approaching me & brought me to the same room with mirrors all around. Same thing happened, he turned on the lights to the brightest & started fucking me, all the while watching himself in the mirror. This time round he was flipping me around in all positions, I was in doggie, on my back, legs high up in the air, on my side, on my stomach, you get the drift… He didn’t say much while he was fucking but that made him all the more manly & I willingly played the submissive role. When he eventually came, I was lying on my stomach & this is my most fatal position cos’ I was able to clench my butt muscle & therefore making a tight grip on his cock. True enuff, it worked & he let out a cry before collapsing on top of me. We laid in that position to catch our breath before we got up & parted ways.

Satisfied that I’ve eventually gotten my wish of making the muscular mature guy cum, I decided that it was enuff for the nite. Plus I was famished from all that sex, so I left the sauna & had a nice supper before heading home for a good night’s sleep.

Bod of the Muscular Mature dude that last fucked me.


So, it's the Olympics & what better time for this Slut to ogle at all those Hot Sweaty Men with Drool-worthy Bods? No wonder I've been so horny lately...

Yeah, when I say Men, I really mean the manly-looking ones. No pretty boys for Moi, Sorry!

Ok, let's cut all that shit & start ogling already!

I'm not featuring any Asian athletes yet cos' I think they deserve another page. So until then, here are my selection of Hotties for U.

Adam Gibson: Australia, Basketball

Alberto Botia: Spain, Soccer
 Ashton Eaton: USA, Track & Field
 David Oliver: USA, Track & Field
 Giuseppe Lanzone: USA, Rowing

 James Goddard: Great Britain, Swimming

 James Magnussen: Australia, Swimming

 Jordan Burroughs: USA, Wrestling

Joseph Sullivan: New Zealand, Rowing

 Ky Hurst: Australia, Swimming
 Louis Smith: Great Britain, Gymnast

Michael Arms: New Zealand, Rowing

 Rhys Howden: Australia, Water Polo

 Safwan Khalil:  Australia, Tae Kwon Do

 Simon Child: New Zealand, Hockey

Warwick Draper: Australia, Canoeing/Kayaking

And this one is gonna be a wet dream for many out there. What a bulge! 
Bjorn Barrefors: Sweden, Decathlon

Saturday, 28 July 2012


W: Ok, this is how i play with it.

W begins to pull back his foreskin to reveal his cock head & he slides it back up. Then he stretches his foreskin as far as he can & pulls it back again.

Me: Wow, I din know U can pull the skin like that!

Prior to W showing me, I had never exposed my cock head in that manner & it fascinated me.

Me: This is how I do it.

And I started to show W how I stick my forefinger inside my foreskin & twirl it around the cock head.

W: That's interesting. Let me try it.
Me: I wanna try how U play with it too.
Me: Do U feel shiok?
W: Ya, wat abt U? 
Me: Ya, It's nice too.

We sat there playing with our own dicks for awhile. We were both still pre-pubes boys so our cocks never got hard. Then i popped the all important question.

Me: Hey, how about we touch each other's Didi?
W: Hmmm... Ok.

I reached over & grabbed W's cock & started to play with it greedily. Then W reached for me. This was the 1st time I touched someone else's cock & vice versa. What I felt next was a totally different high I had never experienced before & I loved it! The sensation was more pronounced than when i touched myself. After what seemed like ages, I felt the urge & soon i was having a wonderful orgasm. W also 'came' shortly. 

Me: Did U have that final feeling? Like shivers running through your body after U pee? 
W: Of course, it was more intense than when i was doing it myself.
Me: I wonder what is that...
W: I don't know but I know I love that feeling!
Me: Haha... (Sheepishly)

I always felt guilty after I 'came'. I felt as if i had done a very bad thing; a shameful kinda feeling. So, i quickly made an excuse to head home.

Me: I'd better head home or my mom will scream at me later.
W: Ok, See U in class tomorrow.

In the coming days, W & I would hang out more frequently & we'd experienced with each other's body after we lock W's room door. More on that later.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


In a previous post, I mentioned that I accidentally watched a porn tape that my bro left around. After that incident, i kept thinking about touching another person's cock other than my own. So when I'm in the shower, I will play with my little cock & fantasize about sucking a grown man's cock. I was very curious to find out how a real-life grown man's cock would look like. WIll it be as big as the porn actor's cock? Everytime I think about this, I will take out my cock & play with it till I 'cum'.

Soon it became clear enough that playing with myself was not enough. The need to find another guy to play with was becoming unbearable. I had a very close classmate then & we'll usually hang out at his Grandma's place after school. Let's just call him W. 

One day while doing homework at W's Grandma's place, I decided to pluck up the courage to ask W to show me his cock.

Me: Hey, can I ask U somethin?
W: Yeah what?
Me: Erm... Have U ever played with Urself?
W: Huh?
Me: I mean play with Ur Didi down there lah.
W: Oh...Actually.... Ya.
W answered sheepishly. I was actually quite taken aback that he does it too. I thought I was the only 11 year old boy that knows how to 'masturbate'.

Me: Really?
W: Ya, U too?
Me: Yup, Can I see your cock?
W: Erm... Why leh?
Me: Cos' I'm curious lah! Aren't U curious to see if Urs is any different from mine?.
W: Ok, let me close my room door or my Ah Ma will see.
Me: Ok!

After W's room door is closed.
Me: Ok, show me.
W: U show Urs too.
Me: Let's take it out together?
W: Ok

We were wearing school shorts then & school boys usually just pull out their dicks from the side of their shorts to pee. So that's exactly what we did. We lifted the side of our shorts a little bit & took out our pre-pubes hairless dicks.

So there we were, 2 school boys sitting across each other with their cocks exposed to each other. I was born naturally quite tanned & W is the opposite, he is really fair. 

Me: Mine is darker than Urs
W: Well, that's cos' I'm fairer mah
Me: Urs is quite big too.
W: Erm... cos' I'm taller than U?
Me: So bigger guys have bigger Didi.
W: I think so bah.
Me: U say U play with it? How U do it?
W: Why dun we show each other?
Me: Ok! 

(To Be Continued)


When we were toweled dry, we proceeded to the bed & the hot kisses continued. In between kisses, Mr. I kept saying how much he missed fucking me. I could tell that he has not had such a hot fuck for awhile. Must be cos’ his bf couldn’t satisfy him. But who cares? Mr. I is in my arms now & making unabandoned love with me.

Then Mr. I turned me around & started eating my ass. He sure was enjoying it cos I could see his dick bopping up & down while he was at it. After he has made sure that I was wet enuff, he began looking for the condom but couldn’t find it cos I had purposely hidden it out of view. I told him that he cannot fuck me until he had found the condom. The look of disappointment on Mr. I’s face was priceless! 

He then proceeded to look for it around the bed & I naughtily tried to stop him by trying to wrestle him. Eventually he found the condom & quickly slid it onto his erected 8”. Then he pulled me towards him & entered me. Oh god, he still feels so good in me. What follows were some hardcore fucks & Mr I. was flipping me all over & pumping my ass furiously in all kinds of position. 

We ended in my fav position where I was lying face down on my stomach & he was hugging me from behind, licking my shoulders & ears while still pumping away. I love it when Mr. I does that cos it sends shudders all the way down below & makes me even hornier. When I am in this position, I was also able to clench my butt & that gave Mr. I a tighter fit. It usually makes him cum fairly quickly when I grip him with my butt. I was right, Mr I. soon let out a loud cry, he had cummed. I continued to clench my butt to heighten the sensation & Mr. I finally collapsed on top of me, breathing deeply & his body all soaked in sweat. We continued to cuddle in bed & started chatting. 

That’s when I found out that he had met his current bf in a sauna. They sure got hitched pretty quickly. Personally, I don’t think they will last very long if he is out looking for hook-ups juz barely after 2 months. This whole week Mr. I has been asking to hook up with me again. But everytime he asked, it was a bad time. I was either out or working late. I was however, secretly gloating over it. I will not make it so easy for him to hook up with me. I refuse to be his sex toy which he can use as & when he feels like it. Mr I needs to be punished! (Evil laugh) Muahaha!!! 

Sunday, 22 July 2012


It has been more than 2 months since my last fuck with Mr. I. He claims to be attached now so that explains why we’ve not fucked for so long. Although I kinda missed the wild sessions with Mr. I, I’ve refrained from looking him up. I refuse to stoop so low as to ask him for more fucks. In fact, I had almost forgotten abt him till last week….

It was a Sunday & I’ve just finished cleaning up my place. Having nothing better to do, I logged online to check out the hotties on the net as I was feeling a little horny. Before long, Mr I’s profile started appearing online. Hmm… why is he online? Is he horny too? I thought to myself. Anyway, I decided to ignore the thought & continued surfing.

After awhile, I noticed that Mr. I also logged on to msn & he started to chat me up. It began with the usual “How R U? Wat U been up to?” shit. The chat then moved on to the sexy questions like If I was naked now? Mr. I knew me well enuff to know that I like to get naked at home. Then he requested to view me on cam. As I was horny too, I relented & started camming with him. Mr. I was already naked too! And he is freshly shaved too which went even further to enhance his huge 8” cock. I teased him by showing him my bubble butt on cam. I did a little sexy dance number & spread my ass cheeks apart at the end, giving him a full unobstructed view of my tight ass. The trick worked & Mr. I requested to cum over to fuck me. Yeah, gotcha!

Within half an hour, Mr. I was at my doorstep. As usual, I left the door ajar for him to let himself in. As for myself, I pretended to be still showering. I heard the door being closed and didn’t have to wait too long before I saw a naked Mr. I with a roaring hard-on outside the shower room. He had lit a cigarette but I ignored the fact that the cig would get wet in the shower & pulled him in. I gave him a hard kiss & could taste the ciggie smoke in his breath. He smelled so manly.  Then I slowly worked my way down, all the time licking & twirling my tongue around his bod. When I reached his engorged cork, I grabbed the shaft & licked the cock head, twirling my tongue round & round the head. Mr. I was in heaven, he was heaving heavily. Then without giving him any notice, I pushed his cock all the way down my throat. The act caught him by surprise & he let out a yelp. :P

Mr I. then pulled me up & gave me a deep passionate kiss. While we were kissing, I slowly maneuvered him so that he was now standing under the shower head. Now my Mr. I is all wet & sexy.  Next, I began to slide my wet body up & down Mr. I’s bod. The rubbing of wet bods caused a slippery sensation that was both sexy & sensual at the same time. Mr. I was moaning by this time. I then worked my way down again & began sucking furiously on his hard cock. The mixture of water & his pre-cum made his cock taste so yummy! I forgot how long I was sucking Mr I when he pulled me up & said we’d better towel dry cos’ he can’t wait to fuck me now.

(To Be Continued)


Mr. I is away on business this week but I'm not gonna miss out on my fucks. So I logged on to my latest find/fav hook-up website today & started checking out the hotties online. Before long, I have a few hottie showing interest. There was this particular one that seemed horny enough to want to travel for a fuck. We traded face pics & viola! He turned out to be someone I hooked up with years ago. He was still a teenage boy when we 1st met. 

It was at a public swimming pool. He caught my eyes becos' he was unabashedly checking me out, not in the slutty way but in the innocent teenage envious kinda way. So I took him home after the swim & we had a good fuck. Let's just call him T Boy. 

T Boy has now buffed up to a beefy 80kg mid-twenty man. Looking at his hot bod on his profile, I couldn't say no when he said he wanted to hook up again. As he lived quite nearby, he said he wd be at my place in 15 min. Damn, I've not showered! I quickly prepared the bed for a hot fuck wif the essential lubes, rubber & tissue box then I jumped into shower. By the time I was done, T Boy was already reaching my place. Since I was already naked, I din bother to get dressed. I unlocked the door & sms him to come in on his own. Then I waited for him in my room. 

Soon, I heard the door being pushed open & in a flash, a hunky T Boy was standing outside my room. When he saw me fully naked, he started to strip & jumped onto my bed. We kissed really hard & I proceeded to lick him all over. He was a little sweaty & tasted musky & salty, which further turned me on. So manly! Soon, I was sucking on T Boy's thick 6.5 inches cock & playing with his foreskin. That got him all hot & bothered & he started moaning. At this point I knew he was ready to fuck. So I stood over him & jiggled my butt. He grabbed them in an instant & started nibbling them. While he was at it, I put on a condom on his hard rod, picked up the lube, turned ard, wet my hole & sat down on him. The rest, as you'd have guessed is that we had a happy ending .  

It was nice meeting T Boy again, especially now when he's even more hunky. I hope we would hook up another time soon. 

My Bubble Butt


I woke up this morning to see an sms from Mr. I. He was asking me if I had plans today. As I was still sleepy & recovering from the sexcapade from last night, I went back to sleep. The 2nd time I woke up, there was another sms from him, he's asking if I'm still sleeping? Feeling more awake now & having a hard on, I replied that I 'd just woken up. Mr. I is horny! 

Turns out I was right. I told Mr. I that I was still lying in bed naked & that got him all hot & bothered. We arranged for him to sneak into my place while I waited naked for him in my bed. Eventually, he reached my place. I pretended to be still sleeping. When he finally walked into my room he was already all naked with a big hard on! He started licking me all over but I pretended to be still asleep. Gradually, I let out a few moans cos' I couldn't take the licking anymore. Next thing we know, we were kissing & hugging each other passionately. I also gave him a good hard suck, deep throating his 8 inch as much as I can take. Mr. I must have been very horny cos he came even before he got down to fucking me. It was a huge load & it spilled over onto my quilt. He must have been holding it for days. 

After he came, we cuddled & chatted for awhile. Then he tried to fuck me but maybe cos' he had not recovered fully, he turned soft again. We decided to slow things down & went back to cuddling again. Then he said he wanted a smoke so we went out to the kitchen area for a smoke break. We started kissing & Mr. I got hard again. This time round he's ready to fuck so we went back to the room & had another round of hot fuck. I squeezed him real tight with my ass & he felt so shiok. It was not long before he came again & he was all tired out. 

He almost fell asleep after that, but had to fight off the sleep bug cos' he had to be at his Aunt's place by 5pm. He unwillingly got off my bed, took a shower & kissed me goodbye. So that was another amazing hot session with Mr. I.  


The Chinese have a saying that goes 'If You wait long enough, your wishes will come true. Which is wat happened last night. :) It happened to be a certain sauna's 8th Anniversary & since I havn't had a chance to hook up with 'Mr. I', I decided to pay the sauna a visit. Got there at about 10.30pm after hitting the gym. After getting in, I saw a few nice stocky muscular ones. There was this particular one that I liked. He was so butch looking & walked with a swagger. So man! I tried to cruise him by standing close to him a couple of times but he din give me any eye contact.

Since there was gonna be no chance, I moved on & looked for other targets. 1st guy I met was a mature slightly stocky one. We quickly proceeded to a room to make out. But this guy turned out a little weird, he din really wanna fuck tho' he was quite into me. We ended up cuddling a lot. After awhile, I made some excuses to get outta room. 

2nd guy I met was someone who used to work out in Safra. We know each other's face but are not acquainted. I guessed he must have recognized me too. He must be very horny cos' despite the fact that we kinda know each other, he still approached me & he was already hard & had a cock ring on! Anyway, his 1st words were 'Can I fuck you?'. It was so direct that it's corny. I actually hesitated a bit but I was horny too so what the heck! 

3rd guy I met was a stocky & muscular one that I caught in the SM room. He was delicious cos' his bod was tough everywhere. I was really turned on. I suggested to find a room but he didn't budge. Next thing I know, he was pushing me to the open bed & fucking me in the open. There were quite a bit of ppl watching while he fucked me. Thank god the place is quite dim! He had a smaller than average dick but he was quite a good fucker & very dominant. After he came, he hastily retreated & I followed just to check out how he looked. He looked alarmingly like someone I was acquainted with years ago but that person is slightly on the sissy side, not like this tough guy who just fucked me. Is that why he din wanna go to a room & made a hasty retreat? Anyway, I dun really care. 

4th guy was this cute cubby looking one. He looked pretty young & so huggable. I quickly zeroed in on him once he stepped into the SM room. Surprisingly he was quite willing to letting me feel him up. After a while I led him to one of the rooms. He turned out to be quite a dead fish who just stand there & let you do the work. So ya, there was no happy ending. We got bored after awhile. 

5th guy I met was a mature huggable guy who turned out to be a btm. He smelled really good cos of the perfume he had on & that was wat attracted me to him. After we got into the room, he made me hard & started preparing himself to be fucked. Since he was so asking for it, I gave it to him. He was moaning all the time I fucked him. 

Now back to that prime beef that I was really into. Througout the nite, I was taking every opportunity to be in his vision but somehow he appeared to be quite aloof. Hence I was quite surprised when he finally approached me! I had just cummed after fucking the 5th guy but how could I pass this chance? I followed him into the room tho' I wasn't really horny. I started by licking him all over & he got hard quickly. He had a nice thick 6' cock, the perfect size! It got me all turned on again tho' I've just cummed. He really turned out to be everything I expected him to be. His grunting was so butch that it's sexy & he fucked me really hard & turning me around in all positions like a rag doll. All this time I was taking every chance to feel his hard muscular bod. Eventually he worked up a sweat & was huffing & puffing. As he lay down to take a breather, I wasted no time in sucking him & since he was sweating so much I gave him a sensual body to body massage. That must have turned him on cos' shortly after, he came when I went back to sucking him again. The only regret is that we din get to cuddle cos' I guess he is not that sort. 

I'm so glad my patience paid off & I got the guy I really wanted. Needless to say, I slept like a baby after I reached home. :)  

Bod Of The Prime Beef


I 1st came across Mr I's profile on a website. Liking what I saw, I decided to drop him a msg. He responded in return. Mr I came across as a shy guy cos' he kept saying how nervous he was in meeting ppl. But I found it weird cos' from the few msgs we exchanged, he gave the impression that he parties a bit. So I was quite skeptical when he made that kinda comment. Anyway, it came to a point whr we decided to meet at my place on 17 Feb. 

My 1st impression of him was that he looked different fr the guy on the website. This guy in person is way taller, slimmer & fitter. So it wasn't so bad after all. Looks wise he wasn't ultra cute but he wasn't hideous either. At least he looked pleasant to me. He was wearing specs but I realize he has beautiful eyes. I noticed it when we eventually hopped onto bed & had the best fuck of my life. 

Mr I had the biggest dick I ever saw on an asian guy! I think it must have been abt 8 inches! I had a hard time sucking him & even a harder time taking him in when he fucked me. But what was even more amazing abt him is the way he made love to me. He kissed me so hard & hugged me so tightly. He was also very gentle at the same cos' I think he knows how big his cock is & he was trying very hard not to fuck me too deep. That was very thoughtful of him & a far cry fr other big-dicked guys who juz wanna fuck with wild abandon. He made me feel wanted & loved for the 1st time. He was so into the whole process of love-making & kept saying how he liked the smell on me. 

Mr I actually came twice during that 1st fuck. After cumming for the 1st time, we cuddled in bed & chatted. It felt like we had known each other a long time tho' the reality is that this was the 1st time we had met as strangers. We decided to take a smoke break & went to the kitchen area for a puff. We were both still naked. While smoking, he went behind me & kissed me on my shoulder. That was one of my G spot & it got me all horny again. I knelt down & gave him a good suck right there on the kitchen floor. Before long, he was all hard again & we went back to my room for another amazing fuck. 

Ever since that initial meeting, we've been meeting almost every week for a hot fuck. It was so thrilling to rush home fr work, get naked & wait for the sound of Mr I 's approaching footsteps to my place. We'd then fuck till we're all spent & cuddle in bed for a long time. Many a times, Mr I was very unwilling to get up to get dressed & head home. :) Lately, I found that I've been thinking abt Mr. I fr time to time. Is this a sign that I've fallen for him? I dare not even go there & kept telling myself that this is all a result of my endless lust for sex. 

Today is Mr. I's Birthday & I juz got off the phone with him. He mentioned abt spending the night at my place the next time. Is this a sign that he likes me too?

Mr I's bod.


Back in the 80s, people were still watching movies on video tapes. My bro had a collection of movies which he keeps in a cabinet next to our TV set. So, from time to time, I'd take out the video tapes & watch them. It also happened that we shared the same wardrobe. One day, while looking for clothes in the wardrobe, I found a video tape hidden under a stash of my Bro's clothes. I wondered to myself why didn't he keep this together with the rest of the video tapes in the cabinet? When I looked at the title, it was not something that I've already watched. So, unsuspectingly, I popped it into the video player. What i saw next would be something that ignited my sexuality.

It was a Straight porn movie! This was going to be my 1st experience in watching porn & I was still a pre-pubes 11 year old! I couldn't recall what the title of the movie was but what i saw in that video tape put me on a journey to explore sex as an enjoyment. I could remember it was a porn movie starring Caucasian actors. In one particular scene, it was extremely erotic to watch. In this scene, we see the porn actor sticking a strawberry into the actress' vagina & she was in ecstasy when he did that. Next, we see him sticking a banana into her. After fucking her with the banana for awhile, he removed it & ate the banana! It was so sensual! Next, we see the actress pouring milk & honey on the actor's huge cock & began licking & sucking it like there's no tomorrow. Eventually they went on to do the fucking scene & I couldn't take my eyes off the porn actors engorged dick. It was the biggest dick I've seen so far in my life. When i was watching the fucking scene, i felt a stirring in my cock as well & i began to imagine myself as the actress, sucking & licking the actors hard steel-like cock. This scene will be etched in my mind for a long time & I'd fantasize about it whenever I go into the shower in the coming days.

After I finished the movie, I quietly put it back where it belonged. Now I know why this was separated from the usual movies in the TV Cabinet. :) 

A few weeks later the tape was gone from under my bro's stash of clothes. My guess was that it didn't belong to him, he probably borrowed it from his friend. But I couldn't stop thinking about the scene where the actress was hungrily sucking the actor's huge cock. This would eventually lead me to explore more of sexual enjoyment. 


I knew I was addicted to sex from a tender age. Heck, I was already playing with my Cock before I hit puberty. It all started when I was about 8. I was soaping myself in the shower & out of curiosity, I stuck my finger into my foreskin & twirled it around my cock head. Immediately, I felt a tingling sensation down there. (When U are pre-pubes, Ur cock does not get erected but U'll still feel the same kind of sensation as when U masturbate).

I didn't know what this sensation was but it felt damn good! So I continued twirling my finger around & around. With each twirl I felt slightly higher & then it happened, I 'came'! Because I was still pre-pubes at that time, there was no cum. But I experienced the same kind of euphoric sensation that U guys felt when U cum. After I 'came', I was totally relaxed & it helped with my afternoon naps. Sometimes during my nap time, I would take out my cock & play with it until I came. As there was no cum, it was so easy & I'd fall asleep soundly.

I began to enjoy the 'me' time when I'm in the shower. Eventually, my shower time became longer & longer as i learnt to edge myself. I love the feeling just before I came so I'd try to prolong it. My mum was wondering why I'm taking so long in the shower. I just told her that I like to 'clean myself out'. Haha...