Sunday, 22 September 2013


It was one of those nights where it was extremely difficult to get to sleep because this slut was in heat. What's more, with my recent fascination with black cocks, it was doubly challenging to find one in this country. So there I was, surfing the gay apps on my phone, at 2am in the morning, looking at random profiles. I don't know what I was looking for actually. A Black cock hopefully?

Then, there was a message on the phone. It was the Indian Army Boy whom I had a 3some with in a previous post titled 'Blindfolded Threesome Hot Fuck'. 
The message was clear & precise. Simply 'Fuck?'.
I considered the obvious invitation, hesitated for awhile cos' it was really quite late & I had work the next day. 
On the other hand, I was horny as hell & Indian Boy had a succulent 7inch dark chocolaty cock, which I hadn't gotten enough of the last time.
In the end, I lost out to my lust & replied, 'Sure, how soon can you be here?'.
'10min' came the answer. (He lives nearby).
'Ok, cum over.' I texted back.
'I want you naked, kneeling at your door when I come up'. Ahh... So Indian Boy likes it kinky & it suits me just fine.
'I wanna see your Black Dildo up your ass also'. He texted again.
'Ok'. I answered.
'Walking over now. I'm hard'. He wrote.
'Nice'. I countered

I quickly jumped out of bed, took a hit of the poppers to relax my ass muscles, lubed myself up & shoved the black dildo up my horny pucker, opened the door & knelt down at the doorway totally naked like how Indian Army Boy instructed. I could hear tv sounds coming from my next door neighbour's unit. Fuck, they are still awake?

'My neighbour's still awake'. I sent the message back to Indian Boy.
'No worries, we'll keep the noise down'. 
Indian Boy obviously liked a little bit of adventure as he is clearly not bothered at all. In fact, I think he feels it increased the kinkiness of the situation.
'I'm coming up. U naked already?'.
'Yeah, I'm always ready'.

Within a minute, I spied a familiar figure walking down the corridor towards my unit. It was Indian Boy. He was wearing an Army PT kit. As he came nearer, I was mesmerized by his muscular thighs peeking out of his sexy high-slit PT shorts. I also saw that he had tossed his hard cock out of his shorts & once I caught sight of that 7inch of deliciousness, my sexual urges went into overdrive. I took another hit of the poppers.

The moment he reached my unit, I pounced & slurped ferociously on that piece of honey brown goodness. We both felt the kinky sexual energy of the current situation; him exposing himself right outside my doorway & the immediate risk of being spotted by my neighbour who was still awake. The realization of the dangerous circumstance on the contrary, brought even more blood to his groin & his erection got even harder. I, on the other hand, was gleefully gorging myself silly with the stiff rod right in front of me. At this point of time, I was in a doggie position with his fleshy hard-on in my wet mouth. Next, he bent down over me, reached down to my ass & checked if I had inserted the Dildo. He was glad to find it & used the dildo to virtual fuck me. I was being pleasured from top to bottom & I would have moaned out loud if not for the fact that there was a delectable frankfurter right down my throat. All I could manage was a muffled groan as the waves of sexual highs hit me with each pump of the dildo.

After awhile, Indian Army Boy beckoned for me to back off into the house & he stepped in himself. While still standing at the doorway, he commanded me to sit on my sofa. 
'Open your legs wide & fuck yourself'. He ordered.
I obliged & with my legs high up in the air, I dildo-fucked myself. Indian Boy looked on with satisfaction as he stood by the door wanking himself.

I could tell that the sight of me fucking myself is turning him on & I made the most out of the scenario. I gave him the sluttiest grin & writhe my body sexily as I mock-fucked myself.
'Imagine this dildo is your cock in my ass now'. I taunted.
'Yeah, You want that?' He hissed.
'Can't wait. Cum on over.' I wiggled my fore-finger in a come-hither manner.
Dutifully, he walked over to the sofa & plonked himself down on it. I made way for him & knelt on the floor in front of him. As he sat there, I couldn't help but admire his beautiful dick. It was so thick & juicy looking. The angle the cock head pointed skywards seemed to signify that it needs a bit of lovin' attention. Yup, let me just fucking give it to him.

With another snort of the poppers, I was ready to take this fuck tool all the way down. I went wild as the effect of the poppers hit me. My head went up & down all the way until the fat fucker went deep into my throat. It was too much for Indian Boy & he had to tell me to slow down or he would cum. I didn't want him to, so I slowed down & licked the love stick affectionately.

Next it was time to put to use his swollen sex gland where it mattered most; in my itchy lusty hole. 
'Fuck me'. I pleaded.
Without saying a word & with a nod of his head, he gave the approval. I stepped up onto the sofa, positioned my ass over his engorged cock & squatted down. As my pucker was already pre-lubed & pre-fucked with the Dildo. It had no problem adjusting to Indian Army Boy's bulky shaft. So there I was, squatting over Indian Boy's pole, hugging him, while I had fun with this joyride. I was so enjoying myself that I didn't want this to stop. Indian Boy's massive fuck rod has filled every empty space in my yearning hole & it was the greatest feeling in the world right now.

Then I was snapped out of my own reverie as Indian Boy decided to take over control. He got up & had me in doggie position on the sofa. He positioned his bulky fuck machine at the target that is my gaping manhole & slid in. I was in ecstasy as I felt every inch of his manmeat when he slowly plummeted in. Then as laguidly as he had plunged in, he withdrew himself without a haste too. I was fully aware of every inch of his 7incher sliding out of my ass as he did so. With his cock tip out of my sphincter's grasp, he again dived back in. This slow deliberation went on for awhile & it was killing me. 
'Fuck me faster!' I begged.
'OK'. He agreed & reached for the poppers bottle. He & I both took a hit & soon we were humping like sex-crazed bunnies as the poppers worked its magic.

'I'm gonna cum. Can I cum in your mouth?'. He announced.
Swiftly, I turned around so that his cock was right in my face. He was jerking himself fiercely now & without any warning, he shot his 1st spurt of spunk which landed on my face. I quickly engulfed my mouth around his pulsing dick & instantly felt warm creamy cum filling up my mouth. He came lots & I swallowed the remnants of his love seed. It was yummy!

I'm sure he'll be back for more in no time. Horny Army Boy. :P

Saturday, 14 September 2013


In a previous post titled Naked Romp At The Gay Beach Pt. 2, I wrote about having a wonderful fuck I had with a guy called John. John was one of my fondest memories when I was a frequent visitor to the Gay Beach. We've had quite a few rounds of hot sex on the beach whenever I bumped into him there.   

As the years went by & more saunas opened up in town. The saunas became my new favorite haunt. As a result, the gay beach & John slowly faded into oblivion. Until this day.

This day was at least 8-10 years away from my Gay Beach hangout days. As usual, I'm cruising at the sauna & it was one of those days that didn't turn out quite well. The crowd wasn't great & I haven't had much chance to get laid as much as I liked. I was about to give up when I spotted him. He was standing outside one of the vacant rooms & in the dim light, he does look so much like John. I decided to go nearer to confirm my suspicion. 

As I approached, I was more certain that this was John. How could I forget that face & fine specimen that had pumped my sexy ass all those years ago at the beach? I stopped short next to him & he turned to check me out. I was tempted to ask him if he was John but decided against it. Instead, I flashed him a flirty smile & he just looked at me blankly. What the fuck? I was thinking. Don't you remember me at all? Well, it's forgivable that he may not remember cos' it's been so many eons ago, I consoled myself.

What's critical right now is that I get him to recollect those hot fucks that he had given this shameless Slut. I made my 1st move & brushed the back of my hands against his bod as we stood there side by side. He did not back away & instead turned to look at me again. Encouraged, I moved in front of him & this time, felt him up all over. He's not as fit as he was during those Gay beach romp days. In fact, he has gotten rounder around the waist but his bod was still taut & I could tell he never stopped working out. It suited my taste of the moment really well. He's transformed himself into a very huggable cub. I like!

Since the room next to us was empty, I wasted no time & pulled him into the room. Once inside, the memories of how I met John flashed back & I instinctly re-enacted the scene where I first had him. I pushed him up against the wall then I attacked his ears with my tongue like that initial time. Then I licked my way down his firm bod until I reached the sexy trail of hair below his belly button. I am now kneeling in front of him & there is already a huge tent beneath the towel that was wrapped around his waist.

With a swift violent tug, I pulled his towel off & his stiff prick immediately sprang forward right into my face. His hardened cock looked familiar & foreign at the same time cos' it's been so long since I latched on to this meaty baton. With my lips half opened, I enveloped his bulbous cock head & all that familiarity came flooding back. Oh, how I have missed this juicy magic wand. With his fully erected thick 6 incher in my mouth, I sucked like there's no tomorrow.

After making sure his cum provider was well lubricated with my saliva, I stood up, slapped on some lube on my starving ass-hole & walked to edge of the bed. Using the bed as a form of support, I bent over it, spread my legs wide apart & welcomed him to come & prod my wet slippery cranny. To make him see how ready I was, I spread my butt cheeks apart so that he could see my famished glistening hole clearly. He didn't need much persuasion as he came forward & made a smooth entry into my pleasure dome.

He felt so good inside me & he reminded me of how much fun we had during those early years at the Gay beach. I started purring pure moans of sexual delight & he must have liked it cos' his puffed up manhood plunged deeper & deeper into my fuck hole & his pace was getting quicker & quicker. While he was fucking me, my own cock was on the pvc mattress on the bed. With each thrust, my willy would rub against the mattress. It felt like I was dry humping the mattress & I was receiving double gratification as I felt sensations both in my cock & in my moistened orifice. 

The sensuous feelings got more & more heightened as he rocked my bubble butt back & forth until I couldn't contain it anymore. 'I'm gonna cum!', I blurted out & in the next instant, I spewed my milky serum, forming a white pool on the black mattress. He has made me auto-cummed once again. The sight of me shooting my load excited John & he went on to pound me even more wildly. 'Yeah, fuck! Yeah', he went on, mumbling to himself until he himself also reached the eruption point. With a last 'Oh Yeah', he growled & thrusted all the way into my dark canal & deposited his hot cream deep inside me.

Then it was all over. As we lay on the bed catching our breaths, I could feel this question gnawing at me. I had to confirm if John actually remembers me. 

'Hey, do you still go back to the Gay beach?' I asked as casually as I could.
'What Gay beach?' He inquired back.
'You used to go jogging there right? Your name is John. We met many years ago & fucked a few times there on the beach.' I found myself involuntarily blurting out.
'Oh, haha... U must be talking about my twin brother then. I'm James.' 
'OMG! So John was your twin bro?! No wonder U didn't seem to recognize me just now!' I exclaimed.

So that was how I came to meet The Other Twin. According to James, John has moved overseas & has not been back to this country for awhile. 

Damn! I thought to myself. It would be hot to have a 3some with the Twins! Looks like it's not quite possible now. But who knows what would happen in future? For now, let it be a fantasy that I keep playing over & over in my mind.

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Recently, I've developed a fascination with hung suck-a-licious black cocks. However, in Singapore, which is predominantly an Asian country, black cocks are really quite hard to find. Fuck! I even got myself a Black Dildo! Thankfully, we have an Asian group that comes quite close, the Indians. That would be the next best thing till I find a genuine Black Cock. Yes, this is my next mission. I WANT A BLACK COCK!

So, the other day I was on one of the Gay Apps on my mobile & this Young Indian chap started chatting me up. Turns out, he lives nearby & is now serving the Army. Ooh, I love Horny Army Boys. They are always filled with tasty Man-cream by the end of the week & I love to milk them dry before sending them back to the confines of the Army. We flirted with each other & the conversations got so hot that he eventually suggested to have a threesome. Of course, I was game for it & he went off to look for a third party.

Shortly after, there was another message in my phone. He had found the 3rd guy. They wanted to do something kinky. They wanted me to be blindfolded, get myself naked & wait for them in my living room with the door left open. The idea suits me damn well but the only problem is that I won't get to see all the hot action that is going on while we fuck. Of course, this slut is not gonna let that happen. I remember that I have a black lacy piece of cloth which will allow me to see-thru & yet makes me appear to be blindfolded. Problem solved!

I quickly agreed to the tryst & went about busying myself, preparing the place for a wild time. 
Condoms, checked. 
Lubes checked. 
Dildo, checked. 
Poppers, checked. 
Tissue for cleaning up, checked. 
Within minutes, another message popped up. It's the Indian Army boy. They are already downstairs! Gosh, that's fast. I told them to wait cos' I'm not ready yet. The reply that I got was that they are both hard & asked me to hurry up. Horny Bastards!

They wanted me in a kneeling position on my sofa with my fuck-hole facing the main door so they can see that I was all ready to be pumped when they appear at my door. I frantically put on my black lacy blindfold, lubed up my ass real well, opened my door & got into position. Then I texted them to come up. In a matter of seconds, I heard footsteps appearing. My heart was racing like mad cos' it would be disastrous if the person that walked by is not the guys but some other stranger. It was a big risk to take but it's also such an euphoric kinky feeling to be discovered that way. 

Fortunately, it was the guys. Through my lacy blindfold I could vaguely make them out. The Indian boy is tall, standing at about 1.8m & meaty. Yummy.... The other guy is Chinese, in his late 30s with a very lean bod & had an air of a rouguish Ah Beng. They proceeded to strip themselves till both are totally naked. True enough, both were already hard. I guess the notion of the impending fuck marathon has gotten into both their heads & their little bros down there have responded in kind. All this while, I peeked at them in my crouching position on the sofa.

The Chinese led the action. He saw the Black Dildo on my coffee table, picked it up & proceed to shove it in my ass. I let out sexy moans while he dildo-fucked me. He was at the same time half stroking himself & half complementing my sweet ass. 

Chee-Bye, he swore in Hokkien.
Kahchng sibei swee! (Which loosely means Fuckin' Pretty Butt)
Li suka teo gan bo? (You like to be fucked?) He enquired.
Suka! I responded sluttily.
Suka dua lanjiao bo? (You like be big cocks?) He pursued.
Lu dua lu ho! (The bigger the betta) I teased.
Wa ai kum li eh dua lanjiao (I wanna suck your big cock) I proceeded to say.

With that, I turned around so that I am now facing the both of them. Me still kneeling on the Sofa, with the Black Dildo lodged in my ass & them standing on the edge of the Sofa with their rigid poles begging for attention. I got down to work immediately. I grabbed both their cocks towards me & stuffed my face with the two succulent fleshy sausages. I slurped, licked & sucked hungrily as if I was starved for days. The Chinese's endowment was a reflection of his body. His cock was as lean as his bod & it was super straight & rock hard as hell. It was about 6.5" in length. 

The Indian Army Boy's member, on the other hand, was fat & thick. It's not as hard as the Chinese's but when it is fully aroused it is 7" of pure goodness. In my current state of fascination, I was of course more into the Indian but perhaps he wasn't too experienced or was too nervous, he had quite a bit of trouble getting it up. I had so wanted to sit on that plump piece of meat so much!

The Chinese Top, being the more experienced of the 2 is still in control. I was happily sucking both their cocks when he lit a cigarette. He just stood there smoking away while taking turns with the Indian Boy to mouth-fuck me. Then he grabbed the back of my head & gave me a rough wet kiss. I could taste the smoke of his cigarette in his mouth & it turned me on exponentially. I'm so ready to be fucked now.

Luckily, the Chinese Top decided that it was also time for him to fulfill my hungry hole. He turned me around so that my derriere is now facing his pulsing cock. 

Ai teo gan mai? (Wanna be fucked?) He asked.
Ai! I replied excitedly.
Ganina! Gan pua li eh chee-bye! (Motherfucker, gonna fuck till your pussy burst) He retorted.

With that, he grabbed a condom & slipped it on. I quickly laid my hands on the poppers & took a few shots cos' I know the onslaught of the attack will be fast & furious. True enough, the moment he entered me, he fucked wildly, giving me a good hard pump. The Indian Boy on the other hand, seemed quite lost as he wasn't sure what to do. So, I signaled to him to get in front of me & I continued blissfully sucking on his hefty phallus. I was in sexual ecstasy. Both my sensuous crevices are being violently plundered & I love it!

While sucking the Indian Boy, I also took the chance to play with his nipple, sometimes licking them with my tongue, sometimes teasing it with my fingers. In a short while, his cock grew to its full potential. Bingo! Hit the jackpot there. While he is still raging hard, I requested for him to fuck me too & it was heavenly to finally have that whole 7" of wholesomeness in my gaping black hole.

And so, the two tops took turns to invade me. The Chinese Top boasted that he can fuck for hours & he was right. I think we were going at it for at least 2hrs & throughout that whole time, he never lost his erection. My cranny was getting sore & I knew I got to get him to cum or the party will never end. My chance came when he & the Indian Boy swopped places. I pounced on his freed cock, wrapped my lips tightly around it, & bopped my head as fast as I could, making loud slurping noises to inform him how much I enjoyed his dick. When I got tired of sucking, I alternated with giving him a rigorous hand job. My ploy worked & he finally shot his load on his ribbed abs.

The sight of the Chinese Top cumming heightened the senses for the Indian Army Boy & he informed that he was also ready to explode.

'Shoot your hot cum on my ass hole!', I commanded him.
'Ok sure, I can't hold it anymore.' He replied
With that, He withdrew his big fat penis from my tight hole, removed the condom & creamed all over my bubble butt. It was a huge load, which I guess was accumulated throughout the week while he was in camp. 

Phew! What a night it has been!