Saturday, 7 February 2015


It's quite clear that this Slut likes his men to be manly. The tops that get to prod their disco sticks between my soft buns have to be guys that look like real man. Sorry pretty boys, no offences here, just a personal preference. Recently one of the readers of this blog suggested that I look up this Money Boy who was in town. 

So, out of curiosity, I clicked into the the link that was provided & saw these pics.

Boy oh boy, this reader sure knows moi's taste in men! The pics showed a Hunkily tanned, Ruggedly handsome dude & immediately got this Slut's horny juices flowing. And don't get me started on those titillating He-vage! I could already envision hot sweat trickling down in between those massive pecs as he gave me the fuck of my life! There was a contact no. on the website & of course I wasted no time in contacting the Rugged Hunk.

And so the usual negotiations took place where we discussed what's allowed & what's not. He was surprisingly very easygoing & when I asked for more pics to be sent, I got a video footage instead. The video showed him literally flexing his huge muscles in a bodybuilder's sexy poser thong. Below are some screenshots of the said footage. It was HOT! Needless to say, he managed to sell himself.

The night of our agreed hook up came & I went up to his hotel room. He greeted me as the door swung open. Good, this guy has manners. We made some small talk after I got into the room then it was down to business. We started with a massage as was the deal but not before I took a shot of him all stripped down. The bod is not as ripped as featured in the video but it will do. He looked so huggable that I wished I could cuddle up instantly but that will have to wait till the massage is over. What I found extremely sexy about him besides his awesome bod is his thick as tree trunk thighs. A lot of guys nowadays do not concentrate on working out the lower half of their bods but this man here definitely takes a serious stance when it comes to that. As a result, he has honed a well-proportioned bod that was such a visual turn-on.

The massage was decent. He was sincerely quite into it & did not rush through the session. All in all, I think the massage took almost an hour before things got heated up. 

It all began after he flipped me over & started massaging me as I lay there watching him. Whenever he came to my nipples, he would deliberately hover a little longer & teased them with his fingers. My nipples are ultra sensitive & they are like the matches that stoke my horny fire. The more he played with them, the harder I got & soon I was begging him to ram me to which he gladly obliged.

Rugged Hunk's delicious looking half hard cock while he was massaging me.

This Rugged Hunk turned out to be an extremely considerate fucker. He was not in a hurry to make me cum so that he gets paid his due. He made sure I was enjoying myself too, following my instructions. When I needed him to be gentle, he was docile. When I needed him to be rough, he turned out to be a beast, thrusting his 5.5 incher into my craving hole incessantly, making me shudder in sexual bliss. Like I said, he also took care of my needs so he would jerk me as he pumped me, giving me double pleasure.

Rugged Hunk jerking me while he fucked me.

With so much gratification coursing through my whole system all at once. It is of course a matter of time before I reached the eruption stage. I was ejaculating like nobody's business while his cock kept plunging into my ass; massaging my G spot, enhancing the intensity of the orgasm. 

Once I was drained, he cleaned me up & that's when I pulled him towards me & gave him a tight cuddle. It was a long cuddle where I refused to let him go. It was my way of telling him that I really appreciated all the thoughts he had put into this although it was a monetary transaction. 

You could have just done the minimum but you took the extra effort to make me feel extremely good. So Thank you, my Handsome Rugged Hunk!

Rugged Hunk's 5.5 inch of Goodness. Hmm, it looks bigger here. Haha...

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Taipei is one of the favourite cities that this Slut loves to visit. There are so many reasons to like about it. The people are warm & friendly, the food is yummy, the sights are gorgeous, the boys are good-looking & more importantly, pretty hung. And lastly for this Slut who loves men on the meaty side, it's literally Bear-adise! So it is quite predictable that I find myself revisiting Taipei once again.

Having been to Taipei numerous times, I decided to try a sauna that is frequented by locals cos' my obvious intention is to catch some hot Taiwanese men. After some research on the net, I zeroed in on XL Club. From what I gathered, this sauna seems to attract the gym rat crowd in Taipei. Ooh, hunk galore! Just what this itchy backsided Slut needs. :p

And so, I find myself in XL Club today. Upon entry to the Club, I was greeted by a vast bar counter. The guy behind the counter collected my entry fee & I was directed to the locker area. While in the locker area, I spied quite a number of gym-toned dudes. Mmm... quite a feast for the eyes! 

Hastily, I stripped down & headed to the shower for a quick hose down. The shower was simply a 3 shower head area with no partitions, so it was a free exhibition of cocks & the Taiwanese are not shy about showing off their family jewels since they are generally quite hung. The more I ogled, the hornier I got. Gosh, so many suckable cocks!

After I was done with bathing myself, I popped into the steam room next to the shower. It was dimly lit but you could still see quite well once you are accustomed to it. The steam room was partitioned in the middle by a curtain. On the inner side of the curtain, I believe that is where some action happens. On the side nearer to the shower area, there is a big glass panel & you could see the guys showering on the other side. As there was not much action at that point of time, I stood in front of the glass & continued to feast my eyes on the display of cocks in the shower.

Ok, on to check out the other areas. I went back to the locker room & spotted an entrance to a dark room area, separated again by a curtain. Once I stepped beyond the curtain, I noticed the walkway was lined with cubicles & some guys have positioned themselves at the doorway waiting for the right bait to bring into the pleasure dome. I walked on & I found myself in a big play area, strewn with rubber mattresses. There was already a group of 4-5 guys gathered there, all of them looked like hungry wolves attacking their victim. Curiosity prompted me to join in to check out what the commotion was all about. 

To my revelation, the guy in the middle of the mayhem was a beefy dude with quite a hefty cock. No wonder he has attracted such a crowd! I tried to maneuver myself closer to him but there were just too many guys around him. There was this very aggressive one that wouldn't give up on sharing beefy dude's wonder stick. So I decided not to fight with him since there were other offerings around. 

I moved out of the dark room & decided I should explore the other areas. I went back to the reception/bar counter, walked beyond that & encountered a sprawling lounging area. There is even a merchandise area where you can pick out sexy underwear & body fitting clothings. At the end of the chill out area, there is also a tanning machine. All these amenities are great but the pity is, there's hardly anyone hanging out here!

Next on was the gym area, which is 1 level down from the locker room. It was a basic set up, with a few free weights & some simple gym equipments. The few eye candies I spotted earlier on were working out here. I was looking out for a play area or dark room but I couldn't find any. The hotties looked like they were seriously here to sculpt their fantastic bodies. I took a few more look & decided I wanted some action now so I made my way back to the dark room.

Back at the dark room, the action at the open play area was still going on so I decided to try my luck. But again I had difficulty laying my paws on Mr. Beefy. Fortunately, Mr Beefy also felt that he had enough of the attention & made a retreat to the showers. This left the remaining guys hanging & that's when I noticed a lean toned dude whose cock was already rock hard & looked like it needed some attention. I moved in on him, popped his dong into my mouth & applied expert sucking skills on him. 

I soon had him moaning helplessly. For a lean guy like him, he had surprisingly thick thighs which was sexy as hell as I caressed them while I was giving him lip service. My fingers also found their way to his butt that was super firm and rounded. I drew circles around his perfect toosh & that sent electric currents throughout his body, making him shiver uncontrollably. He had a decent sized cock that was about 6 inches. It was rigid & veiny just like the rest of his body. As I licked along the length of his solid rod, I could feel the veins giving way as the tip of my tongue pushed again them. He had one of the cutest cock head that I've ever seen, it wasn't too big but very proportionate to his petite toned bod. I was enjoying it so much sucking & licking his lollipop like a kid out on a field trip. Unfortunately, because I was sucking him in the open, we soon attracted the attention of the other pests & they also wanted a piece of the action. I never got to finish what I started, he put an abrupt stop to it when we attracted too much attention.

No worries, still a lot of fishes in the pond. I was back at the shower to freshen up, then went into the steam room & fooled around with some of the guys in there. Next, I cruised around the premise again, checking out the lounge & gym once more but alas there wasn't much action. So it's back to the dark room. This time round, some of the guys who were in the gym earlier are hanging around the dark room. One of them must have just finished an intense work out & his hunky bod was glistening with sweat. He looked extremely hot. But alas, he had his eyes on another cute fellow gymmer & they soon hooked up, going into one of the cubicles.

It was at this point I spotted Mr. Beefy once again. Mr Beefy was a tall guy, standing at at least 1.85m so it's really not that hard to spot him. He was already being felt up by another guy. Shit! I thought to myself, I can't be losing out anymore! Time to get aggressive. I joined in & went for the jugular. I nibbled Mr. Beefy's neck & at the same time teased his nipples with my fingers. Manly moans escaped Mr Beefy's lips. I tried to pull him away from the other guy but Mr. Beefy clearly likes the attention he gets in the open & refused to budge. Okay, let's give you what you want then. The other guy was at this point jerking Beefy's cock. I had to act fast & conquer it before he does. Swiftly, I got down on my knees & gave Mr. Beefy the hardest suck I could muster. My violent attack on Beefy's manhood worked. Soon he was ignoring the other guy & giving me his full attention. In between sucks, he would deliberately pull out his stiff 6.5 incher from my gaping mouth & smacked it on my face. He was loving the role of the aggressor & this Slut was enjoying the abuse from Mr Beefy's punishing baton. I didn't want the mistake from the 1st round to repeat itself where we gained unwelcomed attention, so I egged Beefy on. 'Mmmm...Yeahh....Ah ah ah', I moaned sluttily just to make Mr Beefy get it on. My ploy worked & soon Mr. Beefy was creaming all over my face. As he did so, I rubbed his cum-spewing cock head around the moustache I had grown, intensifying the sensations as he came. And expectedly, he quivered with heightened pleasure with my little trick. :D

But this Slut is not done yet. Up to this point, I haven't had any cocks in my ass & I need that void to be filled real quick! So as soon as Mr Beefy left the crime scene, I cleaned up my face with some toilet paper I found & went on the prowl for my next target. It didn't take me too long cos my tryst just now with Mr Beefy in the open must have made me pretty noticeable. I soon had my hands on a bearish guy, my fav type & of course I wasted no time. I grabbed him & led him into one of the cubicles. The Bear turned out to be a really passionate kisser. I really enjoyed the way he planted kisses all over my body, making me squirm with sheer bliss. I couldn't believe my good luck that I managed to snitch such a great love-maker. Eventually when I was lying sideways on the mattress, he lifted up one of my legs up in the air & stuck his 5.5 inches of pleasure tool into the abyss that is my hungry manhole. With my legs resting on his shoulder, he began to rock me. I swear I was already juicing naturally from all the stimulation so I was totally ready for the plunge-in. My fingers reached out to his lips & he sucked on them. It was too much & I pulled him towards me & we kissed while he continued to hump me. Ahh... I was in fuck heaven!

Only unfortunately, Bear Bear didn't last too long. It happened when he flipped me over so that I was lying on my tummy while he was on top me, hugging me from behind. I was really enjoying the weight of his hefty bod on top of me while he thrusted into my moist man-cunt. It felt so good to be in the embrace of this cuddly Bear. It was then that he suddenly announced he couldn't hold it anymore & shot his load. When he pulled out of me & rolled off the rubber, I could see a big wad of white cum at the tip of the condom. It was over too soon, I could only relish in the consolation that I made my Bear Bear's day. 

So that marks the end of my visit to XL Club. On hindsight, I wished they would make better use of the space & have more play areas cos the dark room area is really quite pathetic. The local crowd there is definitely 2 thumbs up, we just need more space to play!