Saturday, 30 March 2013


I had mentioned before that I lived across the road from a Sports Complex during my Teenage Years & that was where I had countless sexual encounters. Another hotspot in the Sports Complex that I loved to hangout was the swimming pool. 

I loved going to the swimming pool because it was the place where I get to see lots of eye candy.  It was also the perfect excuse for me to spend some 'me' time in the afternoon. I would always tell Mom that I'm going for a swim & she'd think that I was being active as a boy. Haha...

Anyway, whenever I'm at the pool, I would scout for hot handsome men & I'd time myself so that I'd go shower at the same time as them. I would later on come to know this behavior as 'cruising'. During those days, the public pools didn't have doors installed at the shower stalls & it was a free-for-all show when guys are showering. I would then take the shower stall that is directly opposite the guy I admire & steal glances at his naked body as he showered. 

During my numerous visits to the pool, I had noticed a Malay guy who would almost without fail be at the pool same time that I was there. He had a very nicely toned bod that is honed by frequent gym workouts & swim routine. He had the broadest shoulder that I've ever seen on a guy. His waist, on the contrary was very small, thereby giving him a very nice V-shaped silhouette from the back. There was one thing about him though, he's hearing impaired. But this disability didn't seem to cripple him at all. In fact, he's very friendly with almost everyone at the pool. I'd always see him gesturing animatedly with the life guards.

I was really curious about him; how could someone who is hearing impaired look so confident? The disability never seemed to be an issue to him at all. However, I never dared to cruise him, knowing how well he knows everyone at the pool. I also didn't think he'd be interested in a skinny teenager like me. Until that very day happened...

It was just an usual afternoon. I was at the pool tanning myself when I spotted him again. I went about with my business, tanning & swimming in between breaks. Of course, I would check him out from time to time, admiring his flawless bod. Then it was time for me to leave & I headed for the shower. 

Halfway through my shower, I spotted a familiar figure at the opposite shower stall. It was him! Wow... I thought to myself, I can't believe my luck. His back was facing me & his impressive V-shaped back & perky butt was offered in full view for me to ogle. I couldn't help myself & kept stealing glances at him. The more I looked, the hornier I became & my cock started throbbing. Shit, I was getting a hard-on in a public toilet! It'd be dreadful if anyone notices it. As a result, I didn't dare turn around to face him but I couldn't resist staring at his beautiful chocolate-milk tanned bod, so I had to turn my head sideways in order to check him out.

Then he was done showering & he turned around. That was when I spotted his gorgeous cock. It was so fat even in it's limp state. I could see the nicely shaped cock head as he was cut. He would be at least a 6.5" incher if he was hard. I wished I could suck him off there and then. It was at that point of time he caught me eyeing him, I quickly looked away as I didn't want to catch his attention although deep down I wanted him so very much. I willed myself to not look at him so that my hard-on would die down. When I felt that my hard-on had gone down enough I turned around & began toweling myself dry. I stole a glance at him & our eyes met again. I pretended to go about my business, packed away my stuff & headed home.

Shortly after I reached home, there was a knock on the door. Mom went to get the door & to my shock, it was him! I was speechless as I didn't think that he'd tail me all the way home & I never expected him to have the guts to knock on my door. He gestured to Mom that he wanted to 'speak' with me, so I quickly lied to Mom that he is a friend that I made at the pool. I grabbed a notebook & pen & we went downstairs to 'talk'.

That was the initial method of communication between him & me, by writing down what we wanted to say. From there, I found out what his name was. Let's just call him 'A' here. I asked A why he followed me home & he answered that he saw in my eyes that I wanted to befriend him. Woah, was I that obvious? Well, in any case, I was really glad that he made the 1st move to befriend me cos' I would never have initiated it. From that small little 'chat', I found out a little bit more about him. What he worked as, his favourite hobby being working out & swimming (no surprises there) & that he lived pretty much nearby.

'A' would later on become a close friend & sex buddy in the coming days. I guess I'll reserve this for my next post. Until then, stay tuned!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


In my previous post, I wrote about my teenage years where I was living across the road from a Sports Complex. During those years I've had many encounters with Sporty, Athletic dudes of all shapes & sizes. The next one that I'm gonna write about is another very memorable one.

During my many stakeouts at my balcony, I've spotted this Caucasian dude that seemed to like to frequent the Sports Complex. I think he must be a regular visitor to the Gym. He's very well-built. Chunky & well-defined like a bodybuilder. Everytime I saw him at the bus stop, I would dash across from my house & stole glances at him until his bus came. I didn't dare to dream about having fun with him cos' I never thought that he'd be interested in a scrawny teenage kid. Basically, I felt that I was out of his league. On numerous occasions, I would fantasize about burying my face in his Blonde bush & sucking that sweet Ang moh cock, which I imagined to be at least 8 inches!  Oh, it was a dream that I hoped would become reality eventually.

Well, It seems that Lady Luck liked me well enough. It was pretty late, close to 10pm. I was extremely horny & I decided to try my luck, heading down to the Sports Complex. I headed to the Male Toilet to check out if any hottie is in there. Sometimes, I'd catch some hunks showering in there & I'd loiter around. No such luck tonight.

I walked out & decided to just cruise around the Sports Complex. There were many facilities here. Besides the gym, there're also badminton courts, squash courts, a hockey field & a swimming pool. The more I checked out the boys playing all sorts of sports in the Complex, the hornier I got. So 15mins later, I decided to try my luck in the male toilet again.

This time around, I was rewarded with the sight of my dream Ang Moh guy. He was in the toilet! It seems that he has just finished working out & was heading for a shower. There were only just the 2 of us in the toilet. I told myself this is a chance of a lifetime & I shouldn't miss it. I don't need to suck his cock, just a glimpse of his sexy naked body would suffice. He is stripping himself as I was thinking that thought & I was transfixed. Wow.... Beautiful Bod!

As he got into the shower, water started running down his massive bod, making it glisten, I could only stare in awe. He had a very thick & broad shoulder from all that hard-core workout & it tapered down to his cute, bubbly butt & trunk-like thighs. I think he knew I was eye-ing him but he chose to ignore me. So there I was, shamelessly staring at this Adonis. I just couldn't take my eyes off him.

Then he was done showering & is now towelling himself dry. I caught a glimpse of his nether regions while he was drying himself. He was all clean shaven down there! Yummy! We caught each other's eyes a few times but he didn't seem to be annoyed by my staring, so I was happy to stay. As it was close to closing time of the Complex, he quickly packed up & stepped out of the toilet. I decided to pluck up the courage & tailed him.

Surprisingly, he did not head for the bus stop which he usually does, to catch his bus home. But instead, he actually walked away from the bus stop; I followed. Halfway through tailing him, he turned his head back & our eyes met again. That's when I knew that he's leading me somewhere. OMG! I'm gonna fuflill another of my wildest fantasy again! The thought of having an Ang Moh cock in my mouth for the very 1st time heightened all my senses & I was starting to breathe heavily in expectation of what's gonna happen.

It soon became apparent that he was leading me now to a deserted bus depot near the Sports Complex which has now become a sort of an unofficial parking lot for Lorries. It is really quiet at night there cos' the people who parked their lorries there would not come back until the next morning. He is now walking into the bus depot & I can see that he's heading right to the back where it's really dark. I quickened my pace as I didn't want to lose sight of him. It helped that he was wearing a white Tank Top, so it was still quite easy to spot him.

I saw him stop next to a lorry, leaning against the lorry's big tyre. Slowly, I crept up to him until I was standing face to face with him. Without a haste, he lit up a cigarette & started smoking. Then he gave me a nod, acknowledging my presence. I nodded back & reached out to touch his bulging pecs. He didn't flinch. I got bolder & slipped my hands under his white Tank. It was heavenly! I could feel the ridges of his ribbed abs & his puffed up pecs as my palm slided along. I reckon he's shaved himself cos' he was so smooth all over!

He lifted the front of his Tank Top & put it behind his neck. His upper bod is now presented in full glory in front of me! I couldn't take it anymore & attacked his perky nips. Licking, sucking, twirling my tongue around it in a mad frenzy. He put his head back against the lorry, enjoying this moment of having his bod worshipped by me as he smoked away. 

Next, he pushed me back & pulled down his track pants. Immediately, his hardened hairless man-toy & meatballs sprang out! I was a little dismay that it wasn't 8" like how I imagined but hell, it was still a sizeable 6.5" & with all that hair gone, it looked just as massive. I didn't need any persuasion & immediately got on my knees, opened my mouth, engulfed that lollipop & sucked with pure joy. He tasted different from Asian cocks. He had a distinct smell to him. Ahh... so this is how Ang Moh cocks tastes like, I thought to myself. I didn't really care about the taste now that I'm finally sucking on my 1st Caucasian cock. It was just as yummy as any cock that I've sucked.

After sucking him for God Knows how long, he decided to take it a notch up. He brought me up to my feet & motioned for me to climb up to the back of the lorry. Once we were on the lorry, he began to strip me naked & then he peeled his clothes off too until there was nothing on him. It was such a thrill being totally nude in the open. We would be in trouble if someone were to walk in on us there & then. There was some moonlight & his silhoutte looked extremely sexy in the moonlight. I got on my knees again as he towered over me & continued to suck that fantastic joystick.

We made out for quite awhile on the back of that lorry. It ended with both of us on the floor of the lorry, him in a push up position, me underneath him as he pumped ferotiously into my hungry mouth. As he came into my mouth, I gobbled up every drop of it. It left a lingering smell in my mouth for a long while after that, which I never experienced with Asian sperm. Ahh... still miss that smell today!

Throughout the whole ordeal, we hardly spoke but we managed to cuddle for awhile, lying completely naked under the moonlight as we recovered. He did manage a 'Thank You' at the end though & that was enough for him to show me that he treated me with respect & not just a sex object.