Monday, 18 February 2013


Though I had started experimenting with sex at a tender age, those were really child's play as I hit my teenage years. I became a hard-core sex-seeker during those years.

It didn't help that I lived across the road from a Sports Complex & there were hordes of sporty, hunky types that visit the complex daily. There is a bus stop that is just right outside the complex & I could clearly see who's waiting for buses from my place. That's when I developed my daily obsession of staring at the bus stop.

Whenever I spot a sporty one, I would quickly dash down to the bus stop & pretend that I was also waiting for buses. But in reality, it was a to have a closer look at the guy. I would then secretly wish that the guy would smell my intention. It worked sometimes & we would head back to the Sports Complex's toilet where I would then suck him off.

Here's one of the more memorable one. It was an usual evening. I was waiting for Mum to finish cooking dinner & I was bored & horny as fuck. I went out to the balcony & started staring at the bus stop. I didn't have to wait very long & soon I spotted an inviting figure. Mmmm... He looked yummy from where I was. Without wasting a minute, I bolted to the bus stop & stood next to the hot guy.  

He was a very handsome Malay guy & he had one of the most perfect body proportions I've ever seen. He was in a singlet & running shorts & I could see VERY clearly that he had an athletic bod. He wasn't bulky like a bodybuilder but very toned like a dancer. His forearms had all these manly veins & I was super turned on by them. His thighs & calfs were also well-defined & I could see every sinew. In fact, there wasn't a trace of fat on this guy's body. And that face was to-die-for!

I was thinking to myself that it would be such a dream come true if I could suck this hottie's dick. I couldn't stop side-glancing him & I kept wishing that his bus would never come. Though I tried my best not to stare at him, He still sniffed out my intentions pretty soon. At this point in time, there were just the 2 of us at the bus stop. We were both standing, me about 3 steps away from him. His next move took me by surpise. The moment he saw me stealing a glance, he placed his hands on his crotch & gave it a tug. It was a very obvious intention that he was horny too & that he knew what was on my mind.

I was caught off-guard. I didn't know how to react but kept stealing glances at him while he repeatedly tugged at his crotch. Through the very filmsy runnning shorts, I could see that he was getting hard & the bulge was getting bigger with every passing minute.

Luckily, he made the 1st move. He turned & walked back to Sports Complex. He was heading in the direction of the Male toilet & I followed cautiously behind, making sure I don't lose sight of him. My heart was pounding like mad now as I envisioned what was going to happen next. As he stepped into the toilet, I followed suit. I saw him walk into one of the cubicles. Opposite the cubicles were a row of wash basins with mirrors, so I took the basin that was directly opposite the cubicle that he was in & I could see clearly that he was peeing in there. I just stood there & pretended to be washing my hands while I admired his sexy back from the mirror's reflection.

Then he was done peeing. With his back still facing me, He turned his head backwards towards my direction & our eyes met in the mirror's reflection. He gave me a smile & I almost died when I saw that smile on his handsome face. He knew he had me in his clutches & he was taking his time seducing me. Next he beckoned to me with a slight tilt of his head & that was the signal for me to move in. 

I walked into the cubicle & closed the door behind us. It's just the 2 of us now. I can't believe that I actually caught this amazingly hot dude! He hadn't kept his cock after peeing, it was already half hard & dangling over the elastic band of his running shorts. It was as beautiful as the man. Voluntarily, I knelt in front of him & cupped his balls in my palms, worshipping the sight. I stuck out my tongue & started gingerly flicking his hairless scrotum. I saw him close his eyes, enjoying the sensation of my tongue flicking across his balls.

Soon he was all hard & it was at least a 6.5 incher. I wasted no time & I zoomed in on that engorged hose. I could taste a mix of leftover urine & fresh shower smell as he must have just showered after exercising. Surprisingly, the urine smell didn't turn me off. On the contrary, I was turned on even more. Like a famished animal, I sucked & sucked fervently, I wanted him to have the best blowjob he has ever had.

While I was sucking him, I stealthily pulled his shorts down to his knee level. Ah... Now i have full access to that magnificent cock. He was getting more & more worked up & he's now thrusting his hips in unison with me as I go up & down on his cum-provider. Yeah, glad he's enjoying it.

As time went by, he quickened the pace of his pounding. It got to a pace that was so fast that I had to stop moving to allow him to take full control. Wow, this stud can really face-fuck! His cock is plunging in & out of my mouth at motor speed now. Since his butt is exposed, I took the chance to grab it & I could feel his butt cheeks clenching whenever he plunged into my hungry mouth. He had such a rounded firm bubble butt.

As he comes closer to the edge, he started to grab my head with his hands & he went on tip toe. He was still going at motor speed & I could feel his whole leg tense up. I just stayed still to let him have full pleasure. It wasn't too long before I felt a warmth fill up my mouth. He has finally gone over the edge. I took a gulp & felt his warm man-juice sliding down my throat. It had a slight bitter metallic taste but it felt like honey to me. I continued to suck on till I had every drop of his juice. I was totally satisfied though I hadn't cummed myself. It was enough just to be able to eat this A-grade breed's essence.

Month's later, I finally found out who this A-grader was. He was apparently quite a famous choreographer. I caught that good-looking face on TV as he was interviewed for a play that he was involved in. Quite a catch there!