Monday, 29 October 2012


With the recent K-wave craze happening all over the world, I decided that I'll visit Seoul for my annual break this year. So this slut hauled his bubbly butt all the way to Seoul for 2 weeks.

Below is an account of my encounters with the Hot Kimchis in the saunas I visited:

The 1st sauna was GM Sauna in Dongdaemun. The forums I read all indicated that this is the one to go to if I were looking for Mature Beefy Bearish types. So I went with much anticipation cos' these are the types that I really adore. It was a weekday night & I got there slightly after midnite. The sauna is in a dilapidated building. Oh oh, not a good sign. After I stepped into the sauna, more disappointment hit me. There were at most about 5 people around & most were already asleep. Spotted a rather beefy one brushing his teeth, looked like he is also preparing to go to bed. Stalked him a bit & waited till he found a spot to sleep. I slowly crept up & touched his thigh. Mmm... very thick thighs & no resistance from him. Encouraged, I moved my hands further up north & went for the cock. It was just half hard, quite small, about 4 inches. Ok, maybe he's a grower, I half-said to myself & proceeded to jerk him. Soon, I got him all hard & it was maybe... 5 inches max. Uh oh, sorry pal, need to abolish the mission.

I moved on to another guy that was sleeping. His cock was exposed & it looked promising in its unaroused state. Crept up & had a closer look at his face. Hmmm... Not my cup of tea, mission aborted again!

Sleeping a few mattresses away was another one, all wrapped up in the blanket. I couldn't figure out anything in his wrapped up state. But heck, I don't have a lot of choices tonight, so I went up to him & peered really close in the limited lighting. He has a very manly side profile & looks quite yummy. I put my hands under the covers & felt him up. Hmm... His arms & thighs were quite firm. Built-wise, he's not exactly beefy but medium built. He was really sound asleep & was unresponsive to my touch. My fingers moved downwards & touched his manhood. Good, already quite a handful in its deflated state. I proceeded to work my magic with my fingers & quickly his dick sprang to life on its own. It was a good 5.5-6". Ok this is it, I told myself. I'm gonna take him. I went under the sheet & engulfed my hungry mouth around his erection & sucked hard. Soon, I felt some stirring. I've woken him up. In his half-awake state, he did not reject my advances & I got bolder. I peeled off his blanket to expose his bod underneath. He was wearing a robe that the sauna provided. I untied the knot at his waist & revealed his naked bod. It was good enough, he had quite a firm bod I guess from doing sports cos' it definitely wasn't bulky like those gym bunnies.

I went back to sucking the hard-on down below as I could sense it needed my attention. He just laid there & allowed me to do whatever. I bet it's cos' he was still sleepy & too tired to return the favor. But it was ok, I was sucking like a happy baby attached to a mother's nipple. After awhile, I decided that my ass also needed some attention, so I lubed myself up, put a condom on his hard vein & guided it into my warm slippery hole. I am now squatting over him & sliding my hole up & down his shaft while he was still lying there, watching my every move.

Then he started moving, thrusting his hips & rocking in rhythm with my sliding ass. I knew now that he's awake so I stopped moving & allowed him to thrust. I couldn't help but let out sexy moans & this made him pump even harder into my wet crevice. I have finally been fucked by a Kimchi!

Now that he is fully awake, I pulled him up from his lying position so that he is now sitting on the floor & me still squatting over his hard-on. I hugged him tight in this position & rocked myself on him. I began to kiss him all over; the face, the neck, nibbled his ears & his shoulders. While I was hugging him, my own cock was sandwiched between his bod & mine. With each thrust, my foreskin was stimulated & it sent waves of pleasure all thru' my bod.

Perhaps it's cos' of the notion that this is my very 1st Kimchi fuck. I was really turned on & I found myself unable to hold back anymore. I was soon spurting my hot cream all over his bod. After I came, I apologised for making a mess & he said it's ok. Oh, he speaks English! We cleaned up & he made his way to the showers. I followed cos' I was really curious to see how he looks like. He wasn't particularly good-looking but had a manly face & I liked it enough. We smiled at each other after we're done with our showers & I decided to call it a night as there really wasn't much left to desire.

2nd sauna I hit was Hyundae in Itaewon. By comparison, this one is way better in terms of the facilities & much cleaner. It was also a weekday & the crowd was quite thin. No more than 20 guys I guess. Went upstairs after I was changed into the shorts given by management. There were rooms but no doors, only curtains. So it's basically a free-for-all to anyone who wants to play.There were already some people fucking in various rooms & the moans were getting me all hornied up.

Spotted a crew-cut guy with tattoos & rather toned bod. He was all naked except for a small towel in his hand which he used to cover his crotch. I followed & he caught my eyes. He led me to one of the mass-play room & waited inside. I went in & stood by the entrance. Next, he walked over & rubbed his butt on my crotch as he walked out. Alright, a direct invitation for me to fuck him. I caught up with him & grabbed his naked butt. He stopped in his track & I hugged him from behind. My fingers went for his nipples & tickled them. He let out a loud moan, obviously liking it. My hands then went back down to his butt & spread it open. Wow, this guy is already all lubed up! He is really asking to be fucked. I began to push him towards one of the beds all the while hugging him from behind.

Once at the bed, he turned around & pushed me down onto the bed. He was playing with his cock, I touched it but it was all soft. Could he be on something? He looked turned on but his dick isn't even hard. Well, doesn't bother me. He straddled me, all ready for me to insert my cock into his wet waiting hole. I put on my condom & plunged in. He moaned again & begged me to tickle his nipples again. He was really a slut after this, it was a far cry from the crew-cut manly guy I spotted earlier on. But it's ok. So long as we're both enjoying the fuck was what mattered. He liked his nipples played with. The more I did it, the sluttier his moans became and soon we have a couple of guys standing around the bed watching.

It was then that I decided that I'll take over the reign. I got up from the bed, made him go on a doggie position & gave him a good hard pump. I treated him like a how a slut liked to be treated. I pushed his head down onto the pillow with my hands while I plunged & plunged. He wimpered but I knew he was playing the role of a slutty bottom to a T. I slapped his butt hard as I rode on & he yelped co-operatively with every slap. The couple of guys that were watching were now turned on by the scene & started to touch us both while jerking off.

Then I felt him clenching his butt muscle. The gripping of his ass muscle heightened the sensation on my cock head & I worked myself up to the climax & spurted my jizz while still inside his warm sexy hole. After I came, I pulled out & he clung on to me jerking furiously. That was a sign he wanted to cum too so I obliged & licked his nipples. It sent him into the throes of ecstasy & soon I felt him go into spasms as he shot his own cum. We went down to shower after this & that's when I had a good look at him. He was all shy all of a sudden & smiled sheepishly at me. Hmm... he still doesn't look like a bottom to me. Haha....

Well, guess I'll stop here for now. Stay tuned for more adventures in Kimchi-land. :)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


When I was 11, I started playing with a classmate, W. One thing led to another & soon we were experimenting with each other's body.

I am now 12 & we've now progressed to sucking each other's cocks. We are still pre-pubes & we don't get a hardon when we are aroused. That is until now...

It is near to the PSLE, a milestone in every primary school kid's life. So, both W & I have been spending even more time together after school, practically everyday. This has resulted to even more 'play' time with each other. For a school kid, I must say that W is a horny bastard. He is usually the one who initiated that we 'play' together. Though sometimes I don't feel like it, I still give in eventually.

It was like any other day after school today. We were locked up in his room, preparing for the upcoming PSLE. Halfway thru', W looked at me & immediately I knew what he wanted. He gave me a mischievous grin & reached over to touch my thigh. He slid his fingers up & down my thighs & I felt a stirring in my groin. I was still not wearing any underwear at that age & soon there was a tent in my school shorts. It was then that i realised that I'm having my 1st hard on! W was amused too. He fingers went inside the seam of my school shorts & freed my throbbing cock from its restrain.

W: Wow! Your cock is hard!
Me: Yeah! Wow....
W: Does this mean U are a big boy now?
Me: Erm... I dunno...
W: It's so big!
Me: .... ( I really didn't know what to say cos' I was in awe of my own hardon too)
W: Let's go play on the bed. I wanna suck U.
Me: Ok ok!

Quickly, we shed our school uniforms & we were laying in bed stark naked. W still havn't experienced his 1st hardon so his dick was still limp. My cock, on the other hand, was so hard that it felt kinda painful, it's so engorged with blood that it felt like it was gonna explode anytime. W is now an experienced 'player', he was licking me all over & his hands were gripping my meat & giving it a good beating. It was such a heady feeling & I just closed my eyes to enjoy the waves of pleasure that's rushing through my body with every jerk of W's hands.

Slowly, W turned himself around on the bed so that now we're in a 69 position.

W: I'm going to suck your hard cock now.
Me: Mmmm... (I nodded as that's all I can manage then, the pleasure was choking me.)

I watched as W opened his mouth & wrapped that plum-red sausage with his lips. Then his lips began to slide up & down the shaft & I felt his moist tongue swirling around my cockhead. It was heavenly! Involuntarily, I began to thrust my hips, trying to pump my cock deeper into W's mouth & W gagged.

Me: Oops, sorry sorry. It was too shiok, I couldn't help it.
W: It's ok. I kinda like it. This is so different from sucking a soft cock. It's like sucking a Sng-Bao. Just that this one is hot!
(A Sng-Bao was a flavoured ice-stick that kids in my generation liked to suck on.)
Me: So I can continue to push in deeper in your mouth?
W: No! U trying to kill me? Be gentle ok?
Me: Ok... Continue sucking my didi then. It felt damn good.

So with that, W resumed his sucking & since his limp cock was next to my mouth, I took it in & sucked on it too. At the back of my mind, I was wondering how it would be like if W's cock got hard as well. The thought was quite erotic & it enhanced the stirring down there. It wasn't too long that I could feel the climax approaching & I stopped sucking on W to take a breather. However, W was still working on my hardened stick & I couldn't hold back anymore. I felt the high of my orgasm coming & then it happened.

I let out a loud moan & shot my 1st jist of my sperm into W's mouth! W was also caught off guard & quickly released my sperm-spewing cock from his mouth. The remainder of my sperm landed all over; on W's face, on my bod & even on the bedsheet!

Me: Oh shit! Sorry sorry!!! I didn't know this will happen!
W: Eewww!!!

Luckily there was a tissue box in his room & we quickly cleaned up the mess, with me apologising profusely all the time.

W: I hope there is no stain after this dries up on my bed.
Me: Sorry...
W: Well, no point crying over spilt milk. So, U really are a big boy now! You have sperm now!
Me: Haha... I'm sure it will be your turn soon (smiling sheepishly)
W: Yeah, I can't wait for mine to get hard & have my revenge on you!
Me: Woah, haha.... So, how did my sperm taste like?
W: Not nice one. It was a bit salty & a bit fishy smelling
Me: Ewww!!!

And we both laughed out loud.

W couldn't be more wrong. He became so obssessed with my hardon & sperm that he would pester me even more in the coming days to 'play' with him. To keep from messing up his bed, he went on to swallow my sperm whenever I came. Eventually, he had his 1st hardon & 1st cum too. For a 12 year old, I must say that W is pretty hung. It was easily at least a 6.5" when he's hard.

We lost contact after we graduated from Primary 6 & we went to different Secondary School. My Secondary School life took on another turn as I hit my teens & the raging teenage hormones took over. But that's another story I guess.

Stay tuned for My Teenage Horny Days. :P