Sunday, 18 May 2014


This is a side-track to my Hong Kong trip. While I was in HK, I figured I should visit Shenzhen as well due to the close proximity. And this is what happened while I was there.

I was again out having lunch & decided to turn on the gay app in my phone. Surprisingly, there were quite a lot of cuties around my area, many of them money boys. This particular one caught my eyes because of his handsome manly looks.

So I contacted him, asked for more pics & he sent me these.

Looking at his yummy package that was pretty obvious from the new pics, this Slut was immediately turned on & I knew I just had to have him. So the deal was sealed with him.

When he eventually turned up at my hotel entrance, I was really glad that he looked every bit like the pictures he sent. He turned out to be quite a friendly chap unlike his pics where the smiles were missing. Although secretly elated, I had to put on a cool front, brought him up to my room & we got on with business as we proceeded with a massage 1st.

As he was peeling off his clothes prior to the massage, I ogled unabashedly at his fantastic physique. I admired his full squarish pecs, the sinewy biceps & the ripples of muscles that run along his abdominals. He left his white underwear intact but I could make out a sizeable package just from the bulge. He wasn't lying after all. 

Then the massage began. I was already fully naked on the bed when he crawled on top & straddled himself across my body. He had pretty good massage techniques. This Slut could tell because I've had countless massages & I'll know if you are professionally trained or not. The answer is yes in this case. I decided not to rush things and totally immersed myself in his care as he soothed & kneaded away all the knots in my pent up body. Might as well enjoy the massage since I'm gonna be paying right? However, the image of his wonderful package was constantly in my mind making me hornier as the minutes passed by.

It didn't help that his hands were working their magic & I found myself letting out moans of pleasure. My moans must have turned him on cos I was beginning to feel a hardness poking my butt whenever he leans forward to massage me. And then it happened, he suddenly pounced on me, kissing my shoulders & neck wildly which made me moan even louder. He was also dry humping me frantically as well & his hard-on felt so great as he pressed against my derriere.

I also couldn't take his advances anymore. I turned around, pulled his face down to me & kissed him passionately. While our lips were locked, my hands instinctively went for his white brief & I tugged it down his thighs, eventually exposing his manhood. When his brief reached below knee level, I used my feet to pull it down further & eventually kicked it off him. We don't need any barriers between us right now.

Now that I've gotten him fully naked, it was time to check out the goods. I peered down his taut bod & I wasn't disappointed at all with what met my eyes. His cock is very nicely developed & I figured to be at least 6.5 inches long, the perfect size for me to perform the perfect blowjob.

Mr Manly's sexy bod & his almost perfect 6.5 incher

Like an iron that is inadvertently attracted to a magnet, I found myself slowly sliding down his smooth compact bod until my mouth was at the same level as his engorged dick. I nuzzled my face into his pubes & around his balls, taking in his musky manly natural scent. Using my tongue, I made circular swirls around his balls & also the inner thigh areas. He loved what I was doing to him & began to let out husky moans. I was making him squirm in sexual ecstasy without even touching his cock yet. 

It got to a point where he had to beg me to suck him but this Slut decided to taunt him a little while longer. So I just continued to tease him everywhere else but not the cock. I also found out he had sensitive nipples & he would cry out uncontrollably whenever I played with it. Then when I felt it was time to give Mr Manly his just due, I just gobbled him up without any prior notice. I went all the way down his entire length until my nose was nestled in his pubes. He was caught off guard by my sudden move & gave a helpless wail. I worked like a vacuum pump after that, my lips were gripping his girth tightly as I sucked him hard. I was relentless at milking him & he was loving every moment of it. He kept telling me how this was the best blow job he had ever received. 

Me enjoying Mr Manly's juicy lollipop.

Of course, the whole session would not be complete without Mr Manly's juicy lollipop giving my ass a sweet treat. When I asked him to fuck me, Mr Manly willingly obliged. He threw me onto the bed, using his hands, he grabbed both my ankles & put them together; much like how you'd grab babies' ankles when you are changing their diapers. He lifted my legs up in the air & thereby lifted my buttock off the mattress. Then he thrusted his cock at my bum-hole & he was instantly gratified with my warm insides. He was an expert fucker & he knew how to pace himself so that he wouldn't cum so quickly. He fucked me in different rhythms at different times. Sometimes, it was slow & sensual, sometimes it was at a steady pace & at certain times it was at motor speed rate. I, on the other hand, was super enjoying this whole tryst. Mr Manly's big cock seemed to have fulfilled a void that I was feeling for the moment & I was glad that he was able to prolong his final eruption for my pleasure's sake. 

We eventually ended up in the shower where Mr Manly continued to impale me with his raging rod & he would release his hot white cream on my face. He then proceeded to hose me down & gave me a back rub to end the session. 

Apparently Mr Manly enjoyed my company so much that he contacted me again the next day to ask for another hook-up.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


I've still not shot my own load after Mr Exec's hard pounding & the effects of the poppers is making me hornier as each minute goes by. So it was on to search for another fuck to satisfiy my itchy asshole.

I went back to the shower area & took my own sweet time slowly lathering myself. As it was an open shower area, it's the best spot to check out the guys & their packages. I had a great time feasting my eyes on cocks of all shapes & sizes. Just as I was finishing up, I spotted my next target. He wasn't very tall, standing at around 1.68m. His bod was lean & trim. But what really caught my eyes was his member. Wow, this guy is very hung for his body size. The cock just looked unreal dangling in front of his compact bod. But that piece of meat would fit very well in my horny hole right now, I thought to myself. I decided to stay awhile longer in shower so that I could admire that fetching fuck tool.

I timed myself so that I would finish my shower at the same time as him. While he was toweling himself dry, I strategically stood next to him. He caught me eyeing his member & put on a nonchalant look. I guess he must be damn proud that he is hung like a horse. Instantly, it became a challenge for this Slut to reign him in. As he walked out of the shower room, I gave chase.

He headed straight for the cruising area. Then he went into one of the dark rooms behind a curtain. I followed his trail & went into the dark room as well. The room wasn't very big & I could make out 2 silhouettes inside. One of them was obviously Mr Cocky. The other guy was already standing next to him & is starting to feel him up. No!!! An alarm went off my head. That's my man, don't you dare snatch him away from me! In a huff, I went in for the kill & fought with the other guy for Mr Cocky. We were both on each side of Mr Cocky, kissing him, licking him, feeling him up & jerking his slick stick that is now a very hard 7 incher. Mr Cocky was obviously loving all the attention given to him & started to moan. 

I knew I had to step up the game if I were win the fight; so I attacked Mr Cocky's well-developed schlong & I sucked ferociously. The other guy also wanted a piece of that meat but sorry dude, too late! No way, I'm giving you a cut of that choice meat. I made sure Mr Cocky's dick never left my mouth & I sucked him with all my might. 

Mr Cocky must have liked my fellatio skills enough because next thing I know, he was pulling me up & pushing me out of the dark room into one of the private rooms. He did not even bother to wrap himself with the towel as we were making our way to the private room. Guys were ogling at his gorgeous hard-on along the way & this slut was secretly sneering in joy that I've won the fight & that the other guys can only look on enviously as we close the door of the private room on them.

Once the room door was closed, I resumed my advance on Mr Cocky's fucker. Mr Cocky just leaned back against the wall & enjoyed the intrusion of my slutty mouth on his meaty staff. To help me go down all the way on his lengthy cock, I took a few sniffs of the poppers & when the effect hit me, I could easily slide his whole rod deep into my throat. He tasted so good!  After awhile of me slurping on his big dick, Mr Cocky decided to take over control. With an underhand grip, he held my chin up, fingers digging into my cheeks. With his other hand, he took hold of his fat meat, waved it in front of my face & then used it to slap my face.

'You like big cocks huh?', he asked.
'Yeah' I replied. 'Fucking big cock you have'. Never forget to compliment your man.
'Yeah, I'm gonna make you my bitch tonight', he threatened & proceeded to violate my face with his baton again.
'You like dat?' He probed as he slapped on.
'Yes, I'm all yours tonight', I offered.
'Yeah, that's my girl', he said approvingly.

Was he really treating me like a woman, I wondered to myself? Whatever it takes to make my man happy. I decided to play along. I began to start making girlish moans.

'Mmmm....Mmmm.... Yeah....' I purred sluttily. My hunch was right on spot. It got Mr Cocky into the mood to play right away.

'You like to be my woman?', he pursued again.
'Yes, I'd luv to be your woman.' I played along.
'You want this big cock in your cunt?' Mr Cocky enquired.
'Oh yeah, fuck me!' I pleaded.
'Get on your knees!' He ordered.
Submissively, I got into the doggie position, my butt facing him.
'Fucking nice butt!' Then I felt a smack across my bum. 
'Argh!' I cried out involuntarily.Then another loud smack came down.
'Ooh...' I wimpered. 

As I looked back, I could see Mr Cocky advancing towards me. He knelt down behind me & peeled my butt cheeks apart. Next, I felt a wetness at my pucker as it's being smeared with lubricant. Then one of Mr Cocky's fingers went into my man-hole; and another one & slowly 3 fingers were in. Mr Cocky was finger-fucking my ass, jerking himself as he watched. I let out more girlish moans since it seems to get Mr Cocky going.

'You want my big cock in your cunt?' He asked again.
'Yeah, fuck my wet cunt!', I encouraged.
Piak, Piak! I heard another 2 slaps on my butt. Then I felt the tip of Mr Cocky's cock head pressing against the entrance of my man-cunt. With a little pressure, I felt his mushroom head pop into my deep access. I opened the poppers bottle, took a whiff & waited for the piston to start working. Mr Cocky also helped himself to the poppers & as the effect kicked off he began to ride me; continuously slapping my butt like a cowboy.

I felt the hair at the back of my head being grabbed & had to involuntarily lift my chin up. Then I heard Mr Cocky's manly voice next to my ear. 

'How do you like being my bitch?' He whispered.
'Ooh... Yeah... I love it!' I taunted, chin still held high up in the air.
'Fucking slut!' He reprimanded & I felt more smacks raining down on my butt.
'I'm gonna fuck you the whole night tonight. You like that, bitch?'
'Mmmm...Yeah... Fuck me Baby!' I cooed.
'That's my woman!' he said approvingly as he hugged me close to him & humped on.

After awhile, Mr Cocky flipped me around & continued to stab my slippery man-cunt with his fabulous prick. It felt good to finally be able to see him eye to eye & I gave him my most slutty expressions, knowing damn well it will turn him on. 

'Open you mouth' Mr Cocky commanded. Obediently, I opened up my mouth & waited.
'Wanna have a taste of your man?' He queried. I couldn't answer as my mouth was wide open, so I just nodded my head. I thought Mr Cocky was about to cum & he was gonna feed me his gooey essence. But I was so wrong.

The next thing Mr Cocky did caught me off guard. He collected his saliva in his mouth & he began to spit into my mouth. He did this repeatedly until my face was covered in his spit. It was however kinkily arousing as I tried to catch his spit & swallowed it. I felt strangely connected to Mr Cocky as we've shared his bodily liquid. So that was his idea of me having a taste of him!

Mr Cocky was an extremely manipulative fucker. He could hold off his orgasm for a long time & he made sure he conquers you in that time. By the end of the session which i figured was about 2 hours plus, I had totally submitted wholly to him. He really made me his bitch that night. And yes, he did dump his cum into my mouth eventually.

How my butt looked like after being ravaged by Mr Cocky.

With that amazing fuck done & dusted, it marked the end of my crazily happening trip to the Oriental Pearl. I was still feeling the buzz of my sexperiences as I made my way to the airport. 

Sunday, 4 May 2014


It was my last night in HK & how could this Slut exit this exciting city without a Big Bang? I've heard quite a bit about Alexander Sauna before my trip & so I've reserved the best for last tonight. This Slut was determined to have a fucking great time here tonight. 

It was well past midnight when I stepped into Alexander & boy , the whole place is packed! It was a huge difference from the other saunas that I've visited where most of the crowds would start to thin out after 9pm. But here, the place was bustling with guys all over. In fact, it was so crowded I had to squeeze my way through guys of all shapes & sizes along the narrow corridors at the cruising area. 

The 1st guy I hooked up with was a lean toned dude with a nice 5 O'clock shadow. I spotted him in the showers when I first stepped into the sauna. He had a cock that looked really suckable, I couldn't take my eyes off his goods & he knew very well that I was eyeing him. It was quite inevitable that we  eventually hooked up. Turns out, he's a Japanese who lives in Osaka who happens to be in HK for holiday too. He's versatile in bed & wanted me to fuck him so how could this Slut refuse the offer, right? He turned out to be a really sweet guy who loved to kiss & be made love to slowly. Of course, I wouldn't miss the chance of latching on to his slurplicious weiner that was ultra straight & standing at 6 inches when fully hard. I made sure I had a good tongue lashing of his wonderful rod, making him moan uncontrollably with my expert sucking skills.  When I finally entered him, I could feel that he was all ready to be taken. We fucked languishly, like lovers deep in love. Throughout the ordeal, he would kiss me again & again, hugging me tightly while I thrusted into his sweet man-hole. He finally auto-cummed while I was still pumping him. We exchanged numbers after that & he made me promise to visit him in Osaka. 

Still feeling horny as I haven't cummed, I continued in my search for the next target. I chanced upon him in the cruising area. It was dark & crowded & I had to slide myself between bodies to get my way across. It was during one of these moments that I found myself scooching across a rather strapping bod. I stopped in my track & felt him up. Liking what my hands were feeling, I let my fingers travel to his nipples & teased them. He obviously liked it cos he reciprocated my advances with low husky moans. I couldn't really see his face in the dim light but I could make out his silhouette. He had a really neat haircut like those professional execs you see in HK's CBD area. Yeah, I could definitely do a clean cut guy, I was thinking to myself. With that I pulled his hands & we went in search of a private room. 

We had a little bit of trouble looking for a room cos the sauna was really packing in the guys. When we finally located one, it was without a bed but with a leather sling. Well, guess the S&M theme of this room was not really most of the guys' cup of tea. Given the circumstances, this Slut just had to make the most out of it & hey, a little swing on the Sling might be fun too! Now that we are finally in a room, I had the chance to have a good look at my catch. He looked to be in his mid-30s, very decent, a typical office-exec looking type. He was tall; I figured he would be at least 1.8m with an athletic bod that you could tell was honed by playing lotsa sports & not built in the gym. 

He gave me a reluctant smile as if to apologize that we had to make do with this room without a bed. Upon seeing that awkward charming smile, my legs turned to Jelly & I found myself on my knees, engulfing my moist lips around his woody pecker, giving him head. His sexy husky moans resumed & propelled me to take him in deeper. His dick was around 6" when it was fully aroused. It had a slight curve, making the head point skywards. It was in good proportion to the owner's bod, which was long & lanky. The head of the cock was a juicy-looking flushed red.

When I had enough of gorging myself on his delicious choker, I got up & threw myself on the leather sling. With my legs spread wide open & resting on the steel chains that held up the sling, I gave Mr. Exec a come-hither look, inviting him to cum forward & give me a much needed bang. He didn't miss the cue & his face broke into a grin; a cheeky one & I was super turned on by that lewd smirk on his face. As he approached me, I stuck out my tongue, using it to beckon him forward. He squeezed out a big glob of lubricant from the dispenser, slapped it on my waiting hole, positioned his family jewels at the entrance & gave a thrust. He was instantly inside me & I was surprised at how I was so ready to receive him. As I lay nestled in the comfort of the sling, I made sure to maintain direct eye contact with Mr Exec. We flirted with each other via our gazes; I began to start touching myself, playing with my sensitive nipples, squirming sexily in the sling and when he saw what I was doing to myself, he followed suit. It was such a mind fucking moment as we watched each other sensually feeling our own bodies while he pounded away inside me.

I had a bottle of poppers with me & it was around this time that I felt an appropriate moment to take a hit of it. I twisted the cap open, took a couple of sniffs & offered it to Mr Exec who also gave it a few whiffs. As the poppers took effect, Mr Exec began ramming hard on me under the influence of the aphrodite. The wild humping caused the sling to swing back & forth which in return caused an euphoric effect on me. I felt like I was floating on air & Mr Exec's curved up cock was hitting my G spot perfectly with every thrust forward. Wow!!! This has got to be one of the best feelings in the world! Why didn't I discover this earlier?! We both reveled in the high that the poppers was giving us & we were passing the bottle between us as we took more hits.

I forgot how much time went by as I submerged myself in the 'floating sensation' when I suddenly felt Mr Exec's hands grabbing me. He hugged me close to him & then lifted me totally off the sling & threw me on the ground & continued to hump me there & then like a wild beast. I wrapped my legs around his waist & held him tight as he pumped hard & deep into me. Within minutes, he let out a loud cry as he released the pent-up fluids stored within his fucker. I felt his body tremble as he shot volley after volley of hot cum & I hugged him tighter, giving him full comfort. We laid there on the floor motionless for awhile as he recovered from the exertion. 

When he finally rolled away from my body, it was then that I realized that there were a few pairs of inquisitive eyes near the door. So, the door was built in such a way that it ended a few inches above the ground, hence allowing others to peep into the room from underneath. Gosh, so we've put on a free show for others to watch! It was also at this moment that it came to my realization why this room was so unpopular with the crowd. Haha...

This Slut's sexventure is not over yet.... Stay tuned for more!