Sunday, 21 July 2013


I had been tanning for a couple of hours now. I've developed a nice chocolaty tan & I was satisfied with how I looked; plus it was also close to evening time now. The setting sun made my tan glow with a healthy flush. I felt sexy all over & with the memory of the orgy that happened earlier on still fresh on my mind, I was getting so horny now. I knew I had to get my aching hole plowed again real soon.

I reluctantly packed up my things & prepared to leave the Beach before it gets too dark & I would have trouble finding the way out. Just as I was almost done packing, in the corner of my eye, I sensed a figure jogging towards me. I turned my head & in the distant, I could make out a topless guy jogging along the shoreline. He looked quite fit from that distant, so I decided to stay & wait till he came nearer.

As he came closer & closer to view, everything about him looked clearer. I am now able to make out that he had an army buzz cut, he had a manly square jaw & he was pretty tanned himself. He was wearing a white pair of jogging shorts & the whiteness of the shorts accentuated his tan even more. He was very toned too & well proportioned, not too bulky but sporty fit. His pecs were chiselled & squarish. He looked like those 100 meter sprinter, sinewy yet powerful. Of course, the moment I laid my eyes on this fine specimen, it became my mission to conquer it.

I stepped out of the bush just as he was jogging past & pretended to do a lazy stretch, opening my arms wide open exposing myself fully in the nude. It was so obvious that it was impossible to miss me. True enough, as he passed by me, our eyes met but he was too shy to stop & stare so he continued on & stopped a short distance away. He also pretended to stop for a breather & as soon as he turned his head to look in my direction, I knew then that I've found my catch.

While he was stealing glances, I continued to put on an exaggerated act of stretching myself, every now & then sensually touching myself.  He was mesmerized but did not want to make it so clear that he was also eye-ing me. So we both stayed in our positions for quite awhile & I was panicking because I wasn't sure what else to do next but to do the obvious & approach him. 

Luckily, just as I was about to make the move, he began walking towards me too. As he came nearer & nearer, my heart started to pound faster & faster too. I felt so tense that I had to bite on my lower lips as he approached. I just couldn't believe my good luck. He was still perspiring from the jog & I could see delicious droplets of sweat trickling down his trim bod. I would gladly drop to my knees & lick all that yummy sweat away if he would come stand in front of me right now! Then the anti-climax happened. As he passed by, he avoided my eyes & continued to walk on. I was shattered. I couldn't believe what just happened & as he walked further, I had to make up my mind to pursue him or not.

Well, this horny slut is not gonna let such a prized piece of meat slip him by. So I gave chase. I quickly grabbed my stuff & trailed behind him. After awhile, he turned back & spotted me tailing him. He didn't stop but continued to prod on. However, he did not fasten his pace so I was encouraged to continue stalking him. Then he made a detour & headed into the forest, I followed closely, careful not to lose sight of him as the sky was also getting dark.

After we have made quite a bit of progress & were deep in the forest, he suddenly stopped. That's when I realized that he was actually leading me to a quiet spot so that we could have uninterrupted fun. As I approached him, he leaned back against one of the tree trunks, legs wide apart, all ready for the onslaught of what's to come.

I went in for the kill & attacked his ears with my tongue, giving it a wet saliva bath. He squirmed a bit but made no effort to stop me, so I got bolder & started touching his taut bod all over. He was still a little wet from perspiring & it felt like his whole body was lubricated; it was completely slippery & smooth to the touch. Slowly, I traveled down till I reached his neck & started kissing & licking there. He tasted so salty from all that sweat & sea breeze but I didn't care. I latched on to him like a novice vampire who was fiercely feasting on his 1st victim. There was no turning back now. My own cock was fully flushed with lusty blood & it was so hard, I felt I could explode. But I wanted to give pleasure to him 1st.

I made my way further down till I reached his perfectly sculpted pecs. His nipples were now all hard from all the stimulation & they clearly needed some attention. I gave him double gratification as I used my finger to lightly tease one of them & flicked the other one with my expert tongue. He was certainly enjoying all the sensations I was giving him & let out a long relaxed sigh. 

Now on to the main attraction. I worked my way further down until I was kneeling in front of him. I could already make out the outline of his stiffened manhood through the flimsy jogging shorts. It looked like a good size. Gingerly, I pulled down the rubber waistband of his shorts & the eager beaver from behind sprang forward. It was about 6" but the girth was thick. It was as nice-looking as its owner. I couldn't withstand the temptation any longer & I pulled his shorts all the way down till they were caught at his ankle. Then I grabbed his chunky frankfurter & immediately stuffed my face with it.

As expected, his fuck tool was delectably salty & I fervently gagged myself with the whole length of it. I could practically feel the tip of his stubby baton bang the wall of my throat whenever I took him all the way in. Then he decided to take over the reigns; he held my head still & began thrusting in & out of my lips that was tightly wrapped around his thick cock. I, on the other hand, was a willing party to all this torture. Tears were welling up my eyes but they were tears of sexual joy.

I don't remember how long time has passed when he suddenly pulled me up & asked, "Can I fuck You?". Of course you can silly, I've been waiting for this! (That was my thought bubble). But in reality, I think I only managed a "Sure". So he led me to a nearby log, he had me straddle the log so that I was lying stomach down on the log, my butt was facing him in this position. He knelt down & position his veiny pipe at my bull's eye & then he inched forward. Instantly I could feel a tightness at my sphincter as it gets violated. And within seconds he was in me. He went on to work, riding my bubble butt, giving it a hard pound. All that hard pounding was soon getting to me & I felt ripples of bliss flooding through my body. I could feel the tingling sensations building up in me & I knew I was gonna shoot. "I'm gonna cum", I informed him & upon hearing this, he quickened his pace, giving me more pleasure until I was spilling my own creamy load onto the log. He had fucked me till I cummed.

I wanted to see him unleashing his seeds also so I turned around, positioned my face right underneath his compact shaft while he continued to coax the essence trapped in his balls. And then, without any warning, he shot his sperm all over my face. This is the 2nd jizz facial today! A little bit of his sperm flowed into my mouth & I took the chance to sample it. Mmm... It tasted creamylicious!

We cleaned up after this & made our way out of the forest. On the way out we had a short chat & I got to know that he had the habit of coming to the Gay Beach to jog. Let's just call him John. In the next few visits to the Gay Beach, I would purposely stay till the sun was almost setting & I actually had a few run-ins to him. Needless to say, we ended up having fun.

What is even more interesting & memorable about this was that, I would eventually bump into John's twin brother & I also got to have fun with him. But that's another story altogether.

Monday, 15 July 2013


During the late 1980s, when internet wasn't readily available, the way we got our news was mainly through the newspaper. It was thru' the Chinese gossips that I first stumbled upon the Gay Beach. In the news report, the paper said that they were tipped about the Gay Beach & went to check it out. Then they posted a pic of a naked guy walking along the beach. It was quite fuzzy because I figured they used a camera to zoom in on to the beach. But it was enough to get me in a frenzy. 

Wow! This was great news to this Gayslut. A Gay Beach! Right here in conservative SG in the 80s! I had to find out where it's at. Being totally naked in the open had always been one of my fantasies. And I had always wanted to have hot sex under the Sun. So I commenced on a mission to determine where the Gay Beach was.

To cut the story short, I eventually located the Gay Beach. It was situated in the East Coast & was quite a long walk from the main road. Basically, you had to cut through a forest for about half an hour before you reach the beach. It was however totally worth the walk as there were always mini-adventures to be had along the way. For me, I'd usually strip myself when I'm halfway inside the forest & away from public view. It was a totally liberating feeling, being au-naturel. It became a new playground for me. Sometimes, I'd spot fellow gay guys on my way in & we'd stop to have a little bit of fun if we liked each other enough. However, for me, the ultimate satisfaction was to eventually reach the Beach where I can be one with nature. The Beach was perfectly peaceful & it became one of my fav sanctuaries. Of course, things would turn out totally opposite as & when I spot a hot hunk from time to time.

One of the most memorable incidents happened right here at the Beach. I've sort of become accustomed to this place & found my own preferred spot along the long stretch of the Beach. This is where I usually lay out my towel & tan myself totally naked. It was the perfect spot for me as it's not too open, I'm basically hidden by the short bushes but I'm still able to check out the action (if any) on the beach. If I liked the guy that was walking past, I'd make some noises to attract his attention or just simply stand up & he'd see me.

So, on this day, I was again at my fav spot tanning myself in the nude. I was laying on my stomach, legs spread out & my cute butt open for all to see. It wasn't very long before I heard the rustle of grass behind me & I turned my head back to see who was approaching. It was a young chap in his early 20s, he had a look of astonishment as he stumbled upon the totally naked me. 

As I was already horny, plus he didn't look that bad, I decided to flash him my mega-watt smile. He smiled back shyly, not really sure if he should make a retreat or stay & gawk. I decided to help him along. I wiggled my butt, spread out my legs even more so that he could now see my balls. Then I grabbed my own ass cheeks & gave him my most seductive smile. 

My seduction worked, he smiled again & I noticed a tent forming at his crotch area & I knew I got him. With a wave of my hand, I beckoned for him to come forward & he moved in. He squatted next to me & began touching my bare body. From his squatting position, his nether region was very close to my face & I could see a huge bulge under his shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear & his pre-cum had already formed a big wet stain on his shorts.  It was such an inviting sight & I couldn't resist it. I moved forward & buried my face in his wet crotch, nudging it & lightly nibbling the cock tip, all while he still had his shorts on. His crotch had a musky smell as it was mixed with sweat. Somehow, it worked like a pheromone & I became extremely turned on too. He was also getting aroused as his touches on my bod became more intense until he was eventually grabbing me, especially my soft buns.

Due to the fact that he wasn't wearing any underwear, I had pretty easy access to his excited member. I slipped my fingers into the opening of his shorts, fingers crawling up to his hardened shaft & slowly lured the snake out of its cave. It was quite a sizeable one, at least 6.5". Like I mentioned, he was already flowing with pre-cum & his cock head was glistening full of it. It was such an enticing sight. I stuck out my tongue & gave his cock tip a flick, tasting his slightly salty pre-cum. Then I moved in on his balls & tickled them with my tongue. He was breathing heavily now, soft moans escaping from his mouth as I continued to tease his balls. He couldn't take the teasing much longer & soon he was forcing his engorged schlong into my mouth. I on the other hand, was happy to suck on.

As his shorts were getting in the way of my sucking, I made him stand up to take it off. He obediently did it & soon he was naked too, his 6.5" fleshy wiener towering over my face. I sat up so that my mouth was now at level with his succulent sausage. I looked up at him from where I was sitting & without losing eye contact, I opened my gaping lips & enveloped his fuck meat. I began sucking & bobbing my head, all the while looking him straight in the eyes. The eye contact heightened the sensations we were feeling & we were both so high we didn't even care when we attracted the attention of  2 other guys. They watched the scene as my boy face fucked me. Eventually, things got so heated that the other guys wanted a piece of the action. They started touching both of us & one even had his cock out & was jerking himself. 

I wasn't ready to share my boy so I clinged onto him even harder, grabbing his ass cheeks tightly & vigorously sucking him. But that didn't stop the other 2 guys, in fact, it got them even more turned on. Their hands were now all over the both of us. I had to do the extreme & claim the boy for myself. I reached up to my boy's ears & whispered, 'Fuck Me', to which he willingly nodded his head.

I got down on all fours, in a doggie position & waited for my boy to fulfill me. He got behind me, knelt down & spit on my butt hole cos' we didn't have any lube with us at that point of time. Steadily, he inched forward & I felt a moment of pain as my wet hole got accustomed to getting itself stretched. Then he started pumping & slowly the pain in my manhole vanished & pleasure took over. The other 2 guys clearly did not get the message but instead continued to watch & jerked themselves. One of them even attempted to offer his own dick for me to suck which I vehemently denied. So there I was, getting plugged from the back in the wide open with two very hard dicks waving in front of my face.

My boy was now happily humping away. The other 2 guys were still around pawing us all over. The boy was clearly enjoying all the attention & made no effort to swipe off the buggers' invasive hands. Well, well, since he likes to play in groups, I decided to go along with the flow. There were two readily available cocks right in front of me & I decided to give them a much needed suck. So I took turns to give each cock shared attention, slurping, sucking, licking from time to time. There was even a point in time where I had both the cocks in my mouth. All my available crevices were filled, which was surprisingly quite a turn-on for myself. I felt sluttily good that I was fully utilised.

Then I felt my boy hastening his thrusts, he was plowing deeper & deeper into my man-hole with each thrust. And each time he pushed forward, he would grunt, making great effort to release all the pent up tension in his ball sac. I didn't have to wait very long before he cautioned, 'I'm coming!'. Just seconds before the Great Eruption, he pulled out his cum-spewing python & shot all over my tanned butt. The scene of him creaming all over me must have excited the other two guys & they in turn also shot all their man-juice all over my face. It was a hot cum shower, literally. 

As soon as they cum, the fuckers dispersed fairly quickly too. With all that left-over goo on me, I conveniently walked into the sea & washed off all that spunk from my body. I was temporarily satiated but I hadn't shot my load yet. It would have to take another fuck or this gayslut wouldn't feel satisfied. But for now, I'm happy to resume my nude tanning.

(To Be Continued....)