Sunday, 22 June 2014


Have you guys ever felt so horny that you couldn't sleep? Well, tonight was 1 such night for this Slut on heat. And no, a jerk-off will not cut it for me, I'm craving a Big Hard Cock in moi's famished hole on such a hot night. 

It's already 2am, so chances of me getting a man to come over to fuck me is really quite slim. But a horny slut is not gonna let the ghostly hour stop him from getting what he wants. I turned on the gay apps & started scouring for my bait. Lady Luck was on my side, I chanced upon this dude shortly.

He looked deliciously bearish; manly, rugged & scruffy. Most importantly he looked like he could fuck the daylights out of me which is what I badly need right at this moment. We started flirting over the gay app & I found out that he's an Australian who works in the Aviation field. He was here for work as well as pleasure. Yum yum, a manly Aussie dude! I tried to lure him over to my place but because of the ungodly hour, he wasn't very willing to. However, I could sense that he was very horny too cos he was still quite intent at sexting with me. I had to pull out all the stops. 

I started sending him some of my sexiest pics which got him all hot & bothered. In return, I asked for his other pics too & got these.

He turned out to be an Eurasian; Aussie Dad, Chinese Mum.  He had such a cute cubby face; plus he has one of the cuddliest bods I have ever laid my eyes on & don't get me started on those hot tattoos, especially the jet on his left pecs! I need to get my hands on this hottie! I knew I had to do something extreme to entice him over.

He really liked my bubble butt from the pics I sent him & I knew I could dangle this carrot for him to take the bait so I went with that. I informed him that if he came over, I would wait totally naked outside my house, all lubed up & butt jutted out into the air, all ready for his stiff cock. 

The enticement worked. He liked the kinky sexy set up & said he would hop into a cab right away. I gave him the address & jolted into the shower to make sure I smelled fabulously clean for my Aussie hottie. 

15 minutes later, I got a text from Mr. Aussie that he's below my block & that I had better be ready for him. I replied that I have been waiting all that while & I would be posing completely nude outside my unit as agreed. He replied to say he's on his way up. As I was already in my birthday suit, all I had to do was step out of my front door. My heart was pounding wildly from the danger I was putting myself through. What if the person who stepped out of the lift is not Mr Aussie but my neighbor? What crazy situation have I gotten myself into? To convince myself, I had to calm down & think logically. I told myself, it's already past 3:30am, it's not likely that my neighbors would be awake or come home at this hour. Holding on to that thought, I stepped out & waited. 

Within seconds, I saw the lift door open & a figure come out of it. The distance from the lift landing to my unit was about 50 meters & there wasn't much lighting as it was really late at night. As the figure approached me, I had to assume that it was Mr. Aussie. It had to be or I would be fucked. It was one of the most intense moment in my life as I watched the silhouette of the person approach me. Thankfully, it was Mr Aussie & I heaved a big sigh of relief. 

Mr Aussie stopped 5 meters short of me, whipped out his mobile phone & snapped a pic of me with it.

He then signaled to me to push out my butt even more. I did so obediently & he took another shot.

Happy with what he saw, he then came up to me, stooped down, spread my butt cheeks with his humongous palms, exposing my lubed up ass bud & then buried his face into it, giving it a good tongue lashing. I was caught off guard as I didn't envision him eating my ass. I had imagined him taking out his cock & shoving it into my fuck hole immediately. But Mr Aussie didn't seem to mind that my man-cunt was smothered with Lube & he slurped on hungrily. His scruffy face rasping against the tender skin around my bum was sending thrills all over my body & I could hardly stand properly. I was literally trembling, half from the sensations Mr Aussie is giving me & half from the fear of being caught in the act. It was a dilemma, I wanted him to never stop what he was doing but I was also scared shitless at the same time.

The dangerous situation didn't seem to bother Mr Aussie though cos the next thing I knew, he unbuckled himself, whipped out his hard-as-steel fuck rod, covered up, spat a copious amount of spit on my pucker & then he impaled me right there at the corridor outside my front door. This, I expected him to do but what I didn't expect was how thick his cock was. His tool was about 7 inches long & its girth was proportionate to the size of the owner. I wanted to scream when he entered me but I had to bite down on my lips & bear with the pain. I let out soft whimpers for fear of waking the neighbours. He, on the other hand, didn't give 2 hoots about the whole situation & humped on nonchalantly. I imagined it would be quite a kinky scene if someone had caught this. Me totally in the buff with Mr Aussie pounding me from the back with his pants dropped down to his ankles.  

I could have auto-cummed right there but I told myself I had to hold it in as I wasn't finished with Mr Aussie. I've yet to cuddle his huggable bod. It was time for me to take over the reigns. My palms reached backwards till I was grabbing Mr Aussie's butt cheeks, feeling the contraction of his bum muscles as he thrusted. With a gentle pat on his meaty derriere, I signaled for him to stop the humping. With his rigid cock still in my hole, I slowly led him body-to-body inside the house. It's time to bring the fun indoors now. 

In human centipede style (his cock plugged inside my man-hole), we gradually made our way into my bedroom. I crawled onto my bed & Mr Aussie stood by the bedside, fucking me doggie-style. After awhile, I got tired of the position so I decided to change things. I turned around, peeled Mr Aussie's clothes off one by one & when he was completely naked, I made him sit on the edge of the bed. Next, I climbed up on the bed, straddled Mr. Aussie & then I sat down on his chunky luncheon meat. In this position, I was eye to eye with Mr Aussie & I could throw my arms around his burly neck as I rocked myself on his stiffy. It was a great position for me to be in as I was able to hug him close to me & he's definitely one huggable hunk! Of course, facing this cuddly cute cub, I couldn't resist kissing him as well. It was one of the best feeling in the world right now.

Unfortunately, Mr Aussie didn't quite like the idea of the bottom taking charge & before long, he was again up on his feet, putting me back into the doggie position & then proceeded to pump me hard & fast while he watched himself in my full length mirror. He looked so Alpha-male & I made sure I paid him some compliments.

'Yeah, look at that Sexy Stud in the mirror', I encouraged.
This definitely stroked Mr Aussie's ego as he went on to pump even harder. 

'Argh, argh! Yeah! Look at you go, Stud!', I egged on.
'Come on, show me some sexy moves'. With that, Mr Aussie began grinding against my butt.
'Ooh yeah, Sexy Beast!', I exclaimed.

And then it was back to more pounding until he eventually erupted. With each burst of his wad, he pushed himself real deep inside, hitting my G-spot with each thrust & this helped bring me to the point of no return & I shot my load together with him. 

Mr Aussie's Thick Fuck Rod