Thursday, 13 September 2012


A few days ago, I received an anonymous sms. It was from a China money boy, asking if I'd be keen to use his service. He has a webpage too, so I clicked in to have a look.

This is what I saw:

I liked what I saw, especially this 3rd Pic that sorta suggests he is very Hung. Yumz!

The Slut in me couldn't resist & I started flirting with him via SMS. After a few exchanges, he took the initiative to call me. He sounded friendly enough on the phone. So, I agreed on a mutual price & he made his way over.

Half an hour later, he appeared at my door. He's very tall! At least 1.8m & above. Bod-wise he's not as toned as what appeared in the pic but i'm more keen to find out the package down there. So, I invited him into my bedroom. Once in the room, he said he needed a shower & quickly shed off all his clothes. He sure is not shy! Then I caught a glimpse of his flaccid dick. Woah, it already is quite substantial in its unaroused state.

While he's in the shower, I peeled off my clothes too & laid face down on my bed with only my sexiest jock strap. Soon, he was done with his shower & walked butt naked into my room. He climbed on top of me & started touching me all over, kissing & licking me at the same time. Then he laid on top of me & started to dry hump me. I could immediately feel his aroused cock poking at my man-hole. It was too much for me to lie there & do nothing.

I turned around & kissed him & took the chance to feel him up down there. Gosh, I wasn't disapppointed. That hard pipe was at least 7.5" & very thick! I couldn't help making a gasp & he smiled back at me. "You're so big", I exclaimed. In return, he modestly replied that he's just alrite. Aww....

We went into foreplay mode, kissing & licking each other. He liked to suck on my nipples & that got me hornier. Then I slowly worked my way down to his beautiful schlong & engulfed it with my mouth. Instantly, I felt my whole mouth being filled up cos of the thickness of his shaft. It was, as they say, quite a mouthful!

I went on to work on his 7.5 incher, trying to take as much as I can possibly suck on. I couldn't go all the way down cos it's juz too thick for me to swallow in. He, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying it & started moaning.

I didn't know how long I was sucking on him when he reached for the condom on the side table, grabbed the lube & started to oil my hole up. Yeah, he wants in. True enough, he asked to fuck me, to which I pleaded that he'd be gentle. He suggested that I sit on him so I could have more control. What a gentleman!

I stood up & straddled him, positioned myself on top of his up-pointed member & slowly inserted that wonderful cock into my horny wet crater. There was a moment of pain as I felt my ass muscle being forced apart by that massive man meat. He began to start pumping & I couldn't help grimacing in pain as I've not grown accustomed to the size. I told him to go slow & he naughtily did the opposite & plunged deeper. Ouch! I cried & he gave me a mischievous smirk.

So there I was, squatting on his huge member & he was just sitting on the bed. I was able to hug him in this position & i proceeded to kiss him. I rocked myself on this well hung dude, slowly getting accustomed to the euphoric feeling of having a chunky sausage sliding in & out of my slippery hole.

After a while he pushed me onto the bed & began to fuck me missionary style. He pumped so deep that I could feel his cock head hitting my pelvic bone. It was both painful & pleasurable at the same. I had to ask him to stop a few times cos' I couldn't take it. Everytime I requested that he stop, he had that notti smirk on his face. It was annoyingly cute cos he looked so confident.

He went on to fuck me in all kinds of positions: doggy, scissors style, me on my back, me on my stomach etc. There was a full length mirror in front of my bed & it provided a sensual view for me as watched him in action. He was such a stud!

Eventually, he announced that he was near to blowing his hot load & asked me where I'd like him to shoot. I instructed him to expel it on my butt & he readily followed. It was such a sexy sight to see his seeds sprayed all over my hump.

He stayed on in bed after cumming & allowed me to cuddle up. This I felt was really comforting as I can sense he's not out to make a quick buck but to provide a good service to his clients. I think he'll be quite popular if he maintains this standard of service. Also, I guess he was comfortable with me as I didn't treat him as a money boy but as a fellow human being.

Still can't get over that juicy, veiny monster cock now that I'm writing this down. Slurp!