Monday, 24 June 2013


So, I was on one of the gay apps on iphone the other day & I stumbled across this profile.

I liked what I saw. A very tanned, manly guy sitting on what looked like a toilet bowl with a cigarette in his hands. The posture was incredibly sexy especially with his legs wide apart & you could peek into the opening of his shorts & actually see the black underwear. His profile mentioned that he is a Mongolian. Ooh! I've never done a Mongolian man before. I bet he's wild in bed. He had a link to his blog, so I clicked in & these are some of the hot pics that greeted my eyes.

OMG! This guy is super hot! He's everything I like in a man; tanned, rugged, manly & totally lickalicious. I couldn't resist & immediately texted the phone no. he provided on his blog. Yup, he is a money boy but I was overcome with lust. I just had to have him, though I feel labeling him as a money 'boy' a little weird. I shall call him my Money Man (MM). LOL! I didn't have to wait very long. He responded fairly quickly. After a few enquiries, I asked to see his cock pic which he readily provided.

 Another OMG moment when I saw this pic. It was such a delicious looking cock & I have to say this sealed the deal. We agreed on the price for him to come over & I quickly dashed into the shower to get myself ready for what's to come.

Half an hour later, MM was at my doorstep. He was a little shorter in person but otherwise, he wasn't lying through his pics like some Money Boys do (some with photoshopped abs). This ridiculously handsome man was everything he claimed to be in his blog. He was very friendly too, very smiley; quite unlike the ultra-cool images he put up online. I can't wait to see him naked! So I asked him if he would like to take a quick shower which he agreed upon. As he stripped off, I caught a glimpse of his limp cock & I had to restrain myself from dropping to my knees & giving it a good suck there & then.

While MM is in the shower, I quickly peeled of all my clothes & lay totally naked on my bed with my legs spread-eagled. Soon, MM was finished with his shower & he walked into my room. He had his underwear on but once he saw my bubble butt on offer, he voluntarily removed his underwear & I spied a half hard cock. Great! This means MM is turned on.

He proceeded to massage me. The massage was decent but we both knew this was just a foil for what would be coming. As the massage progressed, I realised that his hands keep going back to my perky butt & giving it a lot more attention. I also saw that MM is now fully hard. Ooh... So MM is a butt man. Seeing that he is so into my lovely lumps, I took the opportunity to turn him on even more. I suggested that he take pics of my bulbous bottom which he instantly agreed on. 
He was quite serious about it, like a professional photog except that he was wearing a hard-on! It was so cute seeing him taking pics of my butt in the nude.


The creative work of MM: A heart shaped Lovely Lump.

My sexy butt finally got to MM & he started fooling around with it. Here's one with his totally hard 6incher.

Of course, this slut is totally aware of what is going on. I have the upper hand now. I've got MM all aroused. I played along & started moaning whenever MM used his hardened manhood to poke my butt-hole. It didn't take very long before he threw away my iphone & pounced on me, dry humping away like an animal in heat.

He made love like how I imagined a true-blooded Mongolian would. Very manly, very rugged, very wild. He was fully in control, treating me like his slut & I was ecstatic because that's how I had wanted him to turn out to be. 

I was still lying prone on my stomach & he hugged me so tight , burying his head into my neck & shoulder; licking, kissing, biting me wildly & at the same time grinding his fuck stick all over my baby smooth butt. I was in Fuck Heaven. I wished he would never stop.

Then he flipped me over & attacked my ultra-sensitive nipples. He was actually quite good at it & he had me squirming deliriously with every flick of his moist tongue. My moans intensified & this slut knew he would have to take over the reigns soon. 

Next, I got on my knees & faced him. I asked him to move back so that both of our reflections were visible in my wardrobe's mirror. Then I asked him to watch the mirror as I proceeded to give him a good head. He was super aroused by the sensual sight in the mirror & started swearing in Chinese. He kept saying 靠 & 操 which is basically 'fuck' in different variations in Mandarin. Good, my MM is totally turned on now. To add fuel to the raging fire, I purposely made loud slurping sounds as I sucked on his fine specimen.
 I also tickled his nipples cos' I had a hunch his nipples were sensitive as well. True enough, the swearing came fast & furious as he enjoyed the sensations I was giving him. The swearing went something like this: 靠! 好爽!操你!(Fuck, so shiok, Fuck You). I expect him to wanna pound my bouncy derriere real soon.

And as expected, he reached out for the condom on the side table & rolled it on his enlarged gland. My MM is now really ready to fuck. I turned around so that now my bubble butt was facing him to give him All Access. I grabbed the lube & drizzled it on my fingers & then I smeared it on my man-hole. Then I inserted 1 finger into it. MM was amused by the sight & he went 'Ooh!'. Another finger entered then a 3rd one followed. I was basically finger fucking myself & MM was going gaga over the sight. Next, I grabbed his meaty rod & led it into the gaping aperture. 

Once he's in. His swearing started again. 靠! 操死你!你是我的女人!(Fuck! Fuck You to Death! You are my woman!). And on he went rambling but in different variations. Oh yeah, Fuck Stud. I would gladly be your woman. As he rode me, I kept egging him on, responding to his swearing like 'Yeah, Fuck me! See how sexy U look in the mirror!' And it really got him all pumped up as he humped more violently into my wet hole. How could I let this sexy scene slip us by, so I seized my iphone again & captured this wonderful moment for eternity.

MM giving me the ride of my life.

Then MM flipped me over & fucked me face to face. It was great to be able to admire this handsome face again. The view of his toned bod was also such a turn-on & I couldn't resist snapping another photo.

I am now fully satisfied & ready to cum. So I asked MM to hug me tight & continue pumping me cos' that's how I usually like, hugging my man as he humped away. It felt so good to hold MM in my arms & I feel myself rapidly reaching the eruption stage. Just seconds before I shoot my load, I informed MM about it & he got off me, turned up the fucking speed until I auto-cummed on myself. The scene of me auto-cumming got him all excited like a kid given treats & he started to swear again. Haha... It was so cute!

I asked him if he would like to cum too but he notified me that he had more customers to serve later. I felt a tinge of jealousy but I reminded myself that this magnificent embodiment is just out to make a quick buck, so I decided to not force it. But not without cuddling him till I get my money's worth! 

Then with much reluctance, I let him go. He texted me back later to say that he enjoyed fucking me. :)


  1. May I know which apps you use?

  2. Do you have a link to his site? I also want to pay for his services :)

    1. I'm sorry I didn't keep his link & I doubt he is in SG now. These MBs are here on social visit & they normally stay for abt a month only. U can however find them hovering around in gay apps.

  3. Top on chat list is Indonesian guy live in Bandung

  4. Mongolians don't speak Chinese, they speak Mongolian though