Monday, 27 April 2015


It was my last night in Bangkok & since I had such a fucking good time when I brought back a bodybuilder hunk from Tawan Bar during my previous trip, I decided that I would repeat that for this trip. I need to go out with a Big Bang, literally.

So, I got to Tawan Bar at close to midnite & the show had already started. Damn, it was a big mistake on my own part as I had to sit through the whole show before I could book any of the studs out. Fuck, the more I ogled at the hunks, the hornier I got.

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait too long for the show to end. The musclemen were back on stage parading themselves, selling their hot bods to the few customers that were still hanging around. Some of them who recognized the regulars of the bar quickly seated themselves next to the regulars. It was then that I felt a pair of eyes looking in my direction. I peered back & realized that it was one of the hunks leering at me. Although he was seated with a regular patron, he kept winking & waving at me in a bid to get me to invite him over. 

I took a quick glance at his tag & it showed No.8. I was immediately reminded of my last visit where a certain No.8 was desperately trying to sell himself to me. Same guy? I wondered. But I remembered that No.8 was more mature looking. The No.8 here looks younger & I definitely like his face, height & bod enough. Plus I was horny as hell, so what the heck! It was Chinese New Year & the number 8 signifies Prosperity which was a good thing. Hopefully this No.8 will be my Lucky Fuck. I smiled back & nodded at No.8. In an instant he was by my side. 

'Do you have a Big Cock?' I asked directly. 
'Yes. You be very happy. I make you very Happy' came the answer.
'Good!' I smiled back, deciding to take his word & not verify his claim. 
From the show, almost all of them had big cocks, so I was pretty assured. The deal was struck almost immediately. We both knew what we wanted, so I told the Papa-san that I'm bringing No.8 out, paid the fees & we were soon on the way to my hotel. In the short walk to my hotel, we made small talk & he introduced himself as P. What I really liked about P besides his massive bod was his height. I figured he is at least 1.78m tall, so he is actually quite tall compared to the other guys in Tawan. His command of English was limited but he was quite accomodating, trying his hardest to answer the questions that I posed him.

Eventually, we reached my hotel & it was straight down to business as this lusty Slut couldn't wait to get ploughed. As P stripped down, I requested to snap a few pics of him & he eagerly posed for it.

Next, P came forward & pushed me down onto the bed. Piece by piece, the clothes that I had on came flying off till I was totally in the buff. He then leaned in & we kissed. He was still in his underwear, so my hands wandered down & grabbed his growing hard-on. It was a huge bulge even in its half aroused state! That got me curious so I tugged his grey briefs down till his member was freed from captivity. 

And what a treat I was in! Wow, this must be the biggest cock I've ever seen on an Asian guy. P did say that he had a big cock but I wasn't expecting it to be this BIG!!! P's schlong is not only long which I figured was around 8 inches, it was also extremely thick & veiny. It was a stunner! This Slut needs to gobble this up, so I slid myself down his chunky bod till I was facing his amazing wonder tool. I carefully opened my mouth and slowly sucked him in. I was aware of P's sheer size but I wasn't prepared for what came next. He literally filled up every inch of my wet cavity; I could actually feel my thin lips being stretched by the extensive girth of P's cock. I tried my best to reign him in but I couldn't help but gag when he pushed forward. I had to change strategy. Instead of deep throating him, I decided to focus on his cock head that housed the most sensitive nerves. 

Pursing my lips, I half kissed & half rubbed his bulbous crown against them, making loud smacking noises as I stroke his entire 8 inches of wonder meat. Next, I stuck out my tongue & flicked it around the cock tip, occasionally concentrating on the frenum cos' that's where most men get the most stimulation from. Up & down, up & down the underside of his cock I went, sometimes furiously to give him heightened sensations. P had relatively hairless balls that were equally huge. It made slurping on his smooth scrotum such a joy as I buried my face into it. While my face was at his crotch, I sniffed & took in P's natural masculine scent. It was such a turn on that I almost shot my load. P, on the other hand, was obviously a seasoned fucker, he remained cool & collected throughout the assault of my expert tongue & kissers. 

'You like Big Cocks huh?' He smirked.
'Is this Big enough for You?' He taunted.
'Yeah, fucking Big Cock!' I replied breathlessly.
'Yeah, you like?!' and with that, he withdrew himself from my moist mouth & smacked my face a few times with that hardened rod.
'Aww fuck, aww fuck' I wailed with each stroke of his veiny prick.
'Oh Fuck Me!' I involuntarily howled eventually.
'Ready to be fucked huh?' P questioned.
'Yeah, yeah, take me!' I urged.

P then got off the bed & reached for the condom & lube while I laid on the bed with my legs spread wide, waiting to welcome him. P squeezed a big dollop of the lube & roughly slapped it onto my pucker. He then aimed his gigantic schlong & prodded. As he inched forward, I couldn't help but let out a cry as I felt my tight sphincter muscle being forced apart.

'Oh!!! Ooh.... Ooh!' I went, taking in short breaths to get accustomed to the violation of P's enormous serpent into my lube-drenched chamber.
'You want Big Cock, you get Big Cock!' P smirked as he started to pump.
'Oh fuck, You're so Big!!!' I exclaimed when I started to feel every inch of P's 8 incher sliding in & out of my dewy hole.
'I say you will be Happy & make you Happy.' P reminded me of our conversation in the bar earlier.
And without waiting for me to respond he went on to pound me violently with motor speed. With his elongated prick, it was an easy task for him to hit my G-spot with every thrust. And perhaps because P was always hitting the bullseye, it was surprisingly not as painful as I had imagined taking in his mammoth member.

As I was facing him, I took the chance to feel him up. I loved grabbing his bulging pecs as he hovered over me when he fucked. He was supporting himself by pressing down on the bed & that gave me the chance caress his protruding triceps. Although P's bod was in an off-season competition stage at this point, I was still able to feel the rippling muscles underneath that thin layer of fat. Next, I wrapped my arms around his thick neck & pulled him down towards me. He continued to plummet as I held on to him. I slid my hands down to his bum, feeling each contraction of his butt muscle as he plunged into my man-cunt. It was the best feeling in the world!

I was just enjoying the fuck when P suddenly hoisted me up from the bed & I had no choice but to cling to him like a Koala bear. With his monstrous cock still in my ass, he just fucked me like a stallion standing there. There was a mirror in the room & I told P to move there so that I could watch him plunder my now soaked crack. It was such an immensely sexy sight!

What happened next was that P manipulated me like I was a rag doll. He placed me in various positions & went on to ravage my cranny with lightning speed without ever slowing down. Needless to say, he had me auto-cumming intensely in the end. I would have preferred for him to jizz all over me but I was too weak & too contented to make another request.

But boy, was I glad that I've gone with the lucky No.8. It was definitely another fuck to remember in a long long time!

P's perfect fuck tool

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


On the way to shower after bidding Specky Uncle farewell, I could still feel his gooey essence between my butt cheeks & it made me super horny. I would need to another hot fuck real quick.

So after quickly refreshing myself, I was back at the cruising ground. Roughly 15 minutes later, I spotted a tall lanky dude with a cropped crew cut. Having a soft spot for guys with crew cut, I decided to go nearer to check him out. He was standing right outside an empty room & I purposely stood opposite him right across the narrow aisle. 

He was boyishly handsome. He had round innocent looking eyes with the longest lashes I've ever seen on a guy. But he wasn't effeminate looking; more like those toned swimmers that you see on swim competitions. The Boyish Swimbod caught me ogling unabashedly at him, so I managed a vampish smirk. It was enough for him to take the bait. With a tilt of his head, he signalled for me to step into the room.

Turns out Boyish Swimbod was a gentle fucker. He would blow light kisses all over my body with his soft tender lips. The sensation of his kisser on my skin is making my horny juices flowing. My pre-cum was literally dripping all over the place as he devoured my body. And the more he did so, the more I hoped he'd take me roughly & fuck me violently. My sexual appetite right at this moment is not to be made love to. I needed to be penetrated deep & hard. 

In spite of his good looks, I wasn't in the mood to own him much longer, I just wanted him to cum so that I could move on to my next target. So that is what I did. I took over control & with my expert skills, I blew Boyish Swimbod till he couldn't take it anymore & requested to pump me; to which I willing turned around & offered him my bubbly butt. He came within minutes after he impaled me. I was secretly gloating over the fact that it's over cos that means I'm free now to scour for the next fuck.

The desire in me now is unstoppable & I'm determined to have some really dirty sex. That is why I did not bother to shower. I'm loving the scent of sex on me now & my fuck hole was still so wet with the lube after Boyish Swimbod mauled me. Fuck, I feel so wanton that I wished I had a dozen cocks giving me a bukkake now.

Then I spotted him again. The guy in question is a Furry Bear that I had laid my eyes on earlier. Furry Bear is rather portly in terms of his body size. It would be such a pleasure to wrap myself around that cuddly bod. Another reason that he caught my eyes was that he didn't have typical asian features, he looked Eurasian; with a full beard framing his cute round face. But Furry Bear was pretty hard to cruise. He had avoided eye contact with me so it was tough to see if he was snobbish, shy or simply disinterested. I had to do something extreme.

Furry Bear was standing near the entrance to the dark room, while I was about 5 metres away from him. There was light coming from the TV room in front of me & I knew he could see every move I was making because of the TV light. I began to touch myself sensually, letting my palms glide all over my body like a snake. Next I grabbed the front of the towel as if I'm grabbing my crotch. I took the chance to unloosen the knot tied in front of me & let the towel slide back so that half my bouncy bum was exposed. I turned around so that the radiance coming from the TV is now bouncing off my pale, tanlined butt. Furry Bear caught each one of my 'act' & then he made his move. He walked towards me & for the 1st time, we finally made eye contact. However, he didn't stop in his tracks. Instead he walked past me. But I already knew that I've scored based on that lingering eye contact so I followed him.

Just as I expected, Furry Bear headed for the rows of cubicles & stopped short in front of an empty one. I approached & without wasting any time, I latched on to him & started feeling him up. His bod wasn't as toned as I'd hoped but I was horny as fuck now plus I liked his face so I decided to proceed. I played with his nipples which immediately hit the bull's eye cos his breathing got hastier & when I reached down further, he was fully erected. It felt slightly more than 5 inches & I liked the girth, which is gonna feel great in my horny ass now. 

'You are one tough guy to cruise' I commented, hoping he understands me.
'I've seen you around but I didn't think U'd be interested' Furry Bear replied in a surprisingly good command of the English language. That definitely helps!
'Aww... why not?' I probed further.
'I didn't think I was good enough for U' came his shy reply. Aww.. I love guys like these who doesn't realize how hot they are. I need to have him now!
'Let's go into the room' I suggested.

Things started off slow, we were languishly exploring each other with our puckers & I was so afraid that Furry Bear would turn out to be a tender lover as well. Fortunately, things got heated up after I attacked his nipples again that was hot-wired to his cock. While I was bent down servicing his hardened dong, his fingers actually found their way to my lube-drenched hole. When Furry Bear realized how ready I was, he stuck 1 finger into my waiting soaked gap, then 2 fingers & then 3; proceeding next to finger fuck me till he made me purr involuntarily. I continued on my advancement on his fleshy dick. We were both pleasuring each other in our own ways.

'Can I fuck U?' Furry Bear announced.
Of course U can, Silly. I've been waiting for this!
I plonked myself onto the bed, opened my legs real wide & 'welcummed' my Furry Bear.
He came forward, prodded at my tender entrance & within seconds he disappeared into my anal passage. There were no restrictions since I'm already well-lubed.

We kissed again & Furry Bear started to rock me. Oh Holy Fuck! I was right. His girth is just perfect for my hole. What he lacked in length, he made up for it in width & he filled my void wholly. I wrapped my legs around him, pulled him closer to me while he continued to plunge in. This was great for now but I needed a harder push.

'Fuck me Harder' I pleaded after maybe 5mins of clinging to Furry Bear.
With that, Furry Bear stood up so that he was standing by the edge of the bed, he then spread my legs wider so that my anus was visible to him. He took aim & plummeted.
'Yeah' I managed just as he was pulling away.
'Oh Fuck' I groaned when he swooped in again.
'That's right, Fuck me Deeper' I encouraged.
Furry Bear then went on to pound me violently & I reacted with ecstatic cries. I applauded his performance with oohs, ahhs, yeahs, come ons etc to make sure he kept banging me vigorously . This was done with the intention that he would thrust me hard enough to make me autocum. True enough, my ploy worked & soon I was oozing out my own thick whitish serum onto my belly. 

But I wasn't done with Furry Bear. I scooped up my essence & fed myself, licking my fingers as I did so.  The act of me eating my own cum turned Furry Bear on so much that he also offloaded his creamy juice onto my bod. I took his cum & then I smeared it all over me, including the area around my man hole to Furry Bear's bewilderment.

'That was so Hot!' Furry Bear commented.
'Yeah, U like?' I teased.
Furry Bear just acknowleged that he liked it by silently nodding his head and flashing a silly grin.

We made some small talk afterwards & I found out he works in Marketing for a big MNC. No wonder his English was so fluent. I also found out that he'll be in my turf in the following month for a business trip, so perhaps there will be a round 2.

So stay tuned!

Sunday, 5 April 2015


It is my 2nd day in Bangkok. After last night's multiple fucks, I thought my sex craving would be satiated but to my own surprise, I was feeling horny again. So I decided to pay another visit to the Sauna. Only difference is, this time it was to another one called Heaven.

Heaven is well-known for attracting the slightly mature set of the gay population which suits this Slut to a T as I usually prefer my men to be older & chunkier. I was sure I'd have no problems finding Hot Daddies to play with while I'm there.

Got there at around 5pm & the place is already quite packed with guys. At the locker room, I languishly peeled off my clothes. I could feel eyes on me & was secretly loving the attention. Next, I headed to the shower area which was brightly lit. Saw so many yummy cocks while I was showering which in turn, upped my Horniness by a few notches.

It was straight into the cruising area after I'm done with my shower & within minutes, I was approached by a Specky Uncle. Looks-wise Specky Uncle wasn't really the type I have the hots for. He looks like the decent Family man in his 40s with a slight paunch, fair-skinned & very soft-spoken. But he had quite a sturdy bod despite the protruding gut & his cock was fat & looked so suckable, standing at slightly shorter than 6 inches. I was extremely horny myself so I decided that I'll go with the flow.

He led me into a room & once the door is closed, Specky Uncle was transformed. His towel was dropped almost immediately & he made sure I was bare bodied too as he snatched away the towel wrapped around my waist. He then hugged me tightly, kissing me roughly on the mouth; his stubbles scratching across my cheeks as he did so. Next, he grabbed my man boobs & sucked on it like a hungry child. His hurried actions included part suction & part nibbling. My nipples was one of my most erogenous regions & soon he had this lil' Slut gasping for air as he ferociously attacked my hardened tits.

I knew Specky Uncle wanted his actions to be reciprocated, plus I would easily cum if he continued the onslaught on my bosom. I climbed onto the bed, got down on all fours & savagely popped his engorged plump cock right into my mouth. Then I returned the favor. My soft lips was the fleshlight his fuck rod was looking for & I just let him mouth fuck me as he stood there jamming his hardened meat in & out of my mouth. Next, I lay flat on the bed, with my neck cradling the edge of the bed. I beckoned for Specky Uncle to come forward to feed me his thick cock. He approached & my mouth opened to welcome him. He also took the chance to latch on to my dick. We are now in an alternate 69 position, him hunched over on top of me & me below trapped between his thighs as he continued to pump into my moist orifice. We remained in that position for awhile, enjoying each other's meat. Thank goodness, he wasn't too hung or he would have choked me over & over again with my head placed over the edge of the bed. 

His blowjob was making this Slut feel so good & I knew that I would shoot my load pretty soon if I didn't put a stop to it. I turned over & got on all fours again. Then with one hand, I grabbed one of my buns & spread my butt cheek apart, revealing my man hole to him. 'Fuck me', I said matter-of-factly. With that, he reached for the condom & while he was putting on the protection, I opened a pack of lube & made sure my fuck hole was all wet & ready for his entry.

Specky Uncle climbed onto the bed & opened his legs wide apart so that he was straddling me with a Sumo wrestler stance. He then guided his blood filled penis right down my dark passageway. He is now literally sitting on my butt. Holding my waist for support, Specky Uncle started to rock me steadily. On my end, I could feel him sliding in & out of my wet hole & it felt wonderful everytime he took a jab inwards. The slutty moans began to escape my mouth as I felt the waves of ecstasy crash through my entire body. 

'Fuck! You feel so good inside me!' I informed.
'You like?' Specky Uncle responded in his limited knowledge of English.
'Yes, Fuck me Harder!' I assured him.
He took my orders pretty well & went on to ram me as hard as he could while I cried out in sexual elation. 
Aided by the sexy moans provided by me, I soon lured Specky Uncle to the point of eruption.

When he told me he was gonna cum, I instructed him to offload his baby makers onto my bouncy buns which he readily followed. After he came, he collapsed on top of me. With him still on top of me, I gradually changed my position from being on all fours to me lying flat on my tummy. We just laid still for a few minutes while Specky Uncle recovered, his arms wrapped around me. During that time, I could feel the sticky wetness of his sperm between my bum & his diminishing Hard-on. Some of his ejaculate even trickled down between my butt cheeks & the sensation of all that warm syrupy goo that joined us at that point of time made this Slut feels super accomplished that I've managed to yet quench another man's thirst for wanton sex. I felt marvelously sexy.

Then it was time for us to part after he thanked me. On to the next one for this insatiable Slut!

To be continued....