Monday, 15 August 2016


Hola Everybardy! I know, I know... It's been a long time since my last post. The reason I took such a long hiatus is because I've been trying to find something special to blog about for my 100th post. And I'm glad to announce that yes, I've found the sweet story to tell!

We all know that it's the Olympic season right now & where is it held? Drum rolls..... Brazil! Yeah, Brazil the land of the most exotic-looking men! So, the Olympics actually brought back so much memories of this Slut's trip sometime early this year. And what better time but now to tell you guys about my fucking awesome time there.

So, it was my virgin trip to Rio de Janeiro & boy, am I glad that I made the trip. The boys here are the hottest! Most of them have very handsome features & their skin is a delicious chocolaty tone. But guys, the greatest joy this Slut got out of these beautiful men is their huge lengthy schlongs!

It is absolutely true that Brazilian men are hung! I can testify from all the visits to the various saunas there, I have not seen a cock that is smaller than 7inches! And some of them are already about 7" in the flaccid state. Imagine the size their fuck rods will grow till in the aroused state!!! Needless to say, this is Heaven for the Cock-hungry vamp that is Moi. :)

And the next best thing about the Brazilian male species is that they are all horny bastards. Once you get their second heads all hot & hard. You are almost guaranteed a good hard fuck. I literally lost count of the number of stiff juicy pricks that have gone into my 2 most accommodating orifices in the numerous times that I went to the saunas. I was in Paradise, the supply of thick succulent man-meats was never-ending.

If I had to pick 1 thing that I didn't like about the Brazilians, it would be that some of them really treat you like dirt as they know that they are these divine Sex Gods that average guys lusted after. I've a few encounters where the hawt dude that I caught just went straight for my hole & fucked me silly & then after that just dumped me like a ragged doll when they were done with business. Frankly, this Slut's ego was a little bruised from those treatments.

But I've also had one of the most mind-blowing fuck ever. And this is the real reason for this blog entry. I met Fabio through the gay app. He would be what they call a Hustler & there are plenty of them lurking in the gay apps. Fabio was a really big guy, standing at 1.90m & weighing 92kg. I have never had someone so big before & it piqued my curiosity. I chatted him up & agreed on an amount which I thought was reasonable enough.

When Fabio finally appeared at my Hotel doorway, he was everything that his stats claimed to be. He towered over me & I felt like a midget next to him. I was super excited & wished I could jump straight into the fuck but I told myself I had to take time to enjoy this. Fabio had a deep baritone voice that made my knees turn into jelly everytime he spoke & I thank God that he actually speaks a little English. (Most Brazilians speak Portuguese only). 

As agreed upon, we proceeded to him posing for me as I documented the whole process. He started by nonchalantly stripping off & that's when I caught the 1st glimpse of his dong. OMG!!! It was at least 7.5" in its deflated condition! I think I was hyper-ventilating as I approached him. Gingerly, my fingers reached out to his huge spongey pecs & began to caress them. To be honest, Fabio isn't as buff as what his pic suggests but it was good enough for me. I continued to fondle him, my hands slowly snaking down till it was at level with his manhood. I cupped his balls in my palm & man, they were heavy! Thinking about all the manjuice that it's holding inside, I almost couldn't contain myself. Using my fingers, I drew gentle circles around his ball sac & watched in amazement as his tool grew inch by inch, twitching its way till it reached its full potential of almost 9.5 inches!

Fabio's Magnificent 9.5 incher

Wow! I couldn't help but gasped as I wrapped my digits around Fabio's gorgeous member. Just at this moment, I felt his huge palms on my shoulder blades as he gently goaded me to drop to my knees. As soon as I was face to face with Fabio's engorged dick, the Slut mode was turned on full blast. I grabbed that dark chocolate popsicle & popped it into my mouth. I had difficulty taking him into my petite mouth as his girth was at least 6" all around but I was determined to take all of that juiciness inside me. So I reached for some help & took a hit of the poppers.

As soon as the effect hit me, I felt my throat muscles relax & I went wild, shoving him all the way down my esophagus till I could literally feel my throat muscles massaging his massive schlong. He held my head still & began a rhythmic thrust. I couldn't breathe when his gigantic rod has taken up every available space in my air passage. I could die now but I couldn't care less.

No hook up is ever complete without a proper fuck; especially not in this instance. I was soon begging Fabio to enter me to which he gladly obliged. He threw me onto the bed, then grabbing my feet together like how you would with a baby while changing the diaper, he took a pack of lubricant & tore it open using his pearly whites & his free hands. Once he got the lube out of the pack, he roughly slapped it on my whore hole. 

I pleaded with Fabio to be gentle knowing fully well how much damage he could do with his killer boner. Thank goodness for his mercy as he slowly edged himself into my pleasure vent. Another OMG moment as I felt my ass muscles being stretched & eventually I felt the tip of Fabio's cock hitting my tailbone; sending an aching sensation to my insides. 

As Fabio proceeded to rock me, I interlocked my fingers behind his neck & pulled him towards me. We kissed; his full lips totally enveloping my delicate Asian kissers. Ah.... I never want his rock hard fucker to leave my crevice ever again! But the pain is fast becoming unbearable, so I took another hit of the poppers. Within moments, the waves of pleasure from the poppers hit & I went into Slutty mode again. 

'Fuck me deeper now!' I urged Fabio.
He pressed down on my opened thighs & pounded, sliding out till his cock was almost all the way out of my ass lips & plunging in so deep till he hits my G-spot again & again. I was in the meantime moaning like a kitten in heat.

Next, Fabio threw my legs over his shoulder & then he reached for my butt, grabbed it & hauled me up against him. He was now standing, with me clinging onto him & he was just fucking me in that standing position. Fuck, he is such a Stud! It was a great feeling to be manipulated in such a way, especially if the other party is a Hunk.

Fabio then went on to fuck me in a myriad of different Karma Sutra positions & I gladly obliged. In the end, he offloaded a tremendous amount of cum all over my face which I consequently used as a facial cream!