Sunday, 18 January 2015


Dear Readers,
First of all, let me wish everyone of you a Great Headstart in 2015. May all the tops get lots of head & the bottoms get their holes ploughed frequently. 

I apologise for not updating the blog very often nowadays partly cos' I've now more or less settled down into a pattern with a Fuck Buddy from eons ago that recently got rekindled. Sex has been pretty much regular but less kinky, so there's not much that's exciting to write about. Haha...

Speaking of Kinky, this reminds me of another session with my Indian Army Boy (I'll be referring to him as IAB for short). I remember it was a period of time where we wanted to hook up but the timings were always not right. IAB, is usually horny in the middle of the night (past 2am, sometimes 3am) & I'd already be in bed by that time. I'd wake up to see a message from him asking for a booty call & it frustrates me to hell cos I wished he would have asked earlier & I would have accomodated.

This went on for months & it got to a point where I had to tell him off. I told him that the next time I meet him, I'm gonna punish him for 'disturbing' me in the dead of the night. The idea actually struck a chord with IAB & finally, on one of the Fri nights, I arranged for him to come over so that I could 'punish' him. He was so into the idea & said I could 'own' him in whatever way that I liked. 

While IAB was on his way over, I put a chair in the middle of my living room & texted him. 

'After U let youself in, I want you to get naked & sit in the chair I've prepared for you & put ur hands behind you back.' I instructed.
'Sure, I'm all yours tonight Baby. Do whatever U want with me!' That was the reply I received.
'Great!' I thought to myself. Next, I made sure I looked the part of a 'Punisher' by putting on a black mask & changed into a sexy black see-through underwear. Then I waited in my room for IAB to appear.

Within minutes (cos IAB lived just a few streets away), I heard the main door creak open & I knew it's my boy. I took a peek through my slightly ajar room door & saw that he had obediently followed my instructions, stripping down to his birthday suit & seated in the chair that I've prepared.

It's time to make my move. I opened my room door, strutted out towards IAB & showed him the outfit I've prepared for him. I could see the hunger in his eyes, he's so ready to get on with this kinky sexcapade.

'YOU have been a very very naughty boy!' I barked at him.
'YOU are so gonna be punished tonight. Are you ready?' I enquired.
'Yeah, punish me.' He pleaded.
'Well, Fuck YOU!' I hollered as I circled around him, toy baton in hand.
Next, I stood behind IAB, roughly grabbed both his hands & tied them together with a towel. IAB is now at my mercy.
To show him I meant business, I started whacking him with my toy baton as I continued to circle him like a vulture.

IAB's half hard cock after he was tied by me.

'You've been very naughty recently!' I repeated so as to get the message across.
'I'm gonna make you beg for the sex tonight, you Understand? Whack! Whack!' My baton landed on IAB's thick pecs.
'I'm sorry, I won't do it again, Master.' IAB whimpered.
In spite of his helpless situation, it was very telling that IAB was really turned on by it. His half hard cock was throbbing all this while & now it appears to be rock hard.

IAB's throbbing hard Moby Dick.

To tease him, I gently spanked his Moby Dick with my toy rod, making his manhood stand at attention at an even higher angle & solicited more moans of pleasure out of IAB.
'You need some help down there huh?' I asked, pointing to his raging hard-on.
'Yes Master, suck me.' He played on.
'Well, Fuck YOU! Where are your manners? What should you be saying?' I taunted further.
'Please suck me, Master. Please?' He pleaded.
'I'll come to that when I feel like it.' I responded.

IAB's fat cock is actually looking very inviting to me right now. I wished I could ride myself mad on that thick prick but I still had to stay in character. I knelt in front of him, whipped out my mobile phone & snapped his suckable cock while IAB looked on eagerly.

'Fucking nice cock' I commended absent-mindedly as my eyes got hooked on to IAB's blood-infused fuck rod & ended up giving it a few jerks.
'Oh yeah, that feels so good. Thank you, Master' IAB, replied with appreciation.
'Like it, yeah? Would you like me to take it further?' I titillated.
'Yes, yes! Please!' IAB was shaking his thighs impatiently like a kid waiting for his candy.

I decided to stop the torment on IAB & leaned forward towards IAB's stiff prick. As I did so, I made sure I maintained eye contact with IAB. With his hands still tied behind him, I could see IAB's eyes light up as my lips inched nearer & nearer to his lollipop. When my pecker finally touched his cock head & slowly gobbled it up, I could feel IAB's body shudder with the pleasure that I was giving him. I deliberately went on slow motion mode, knowing very well that this would drive the impatient IAB nuts. I took my time to languishly savour every inch of IAB's 7 incher. It was driving IAB crazy & just as I expected, he began frantically thrusting his man-sausage into my mouth. He's being a bad boy again & I had to show him who's in charge. I stood up abruptly.

'You play by my rules or you won't get anything more!' I warned him.
'I'm sorry. It's just that You are making me so horny now.' IAB apologised.
'Oh yeah, does this make you horny too?' I turned around & jiggled my perky buns that is still clad in the sheer black underwear.
'Oh fuck, Yeah!' IAB swore.
With that, I did a little strip tease in front of IAB, gradually pulling down the bands of the undies until my bubble butt was revealed to IAB in its full glory.
'Would you like me to ride you?' I jeered.
'Hell yeah, can't wait!' IAB hooted.
'Where are your manners again?' I reminded him.
'Please Baby, ride my cock. Please!!!' I could sense the desire in IAB's tone.

Moving gracefully, I reached out for the lube, dribbled some of it on my fingers then I reached back to pry my butt cheeks apart so as to give IAB a good view of my tight hole. 1 lubed up finger slowly disappeared into my man-cunt, followed by a 2nd one then eventually 3 fingers were all in. I was finger-fucking myself in front of IAB & it was getting to IAB big time.

'Fuck! Holy shit! Fuck!' IAB kept swearing as he stared at my antics helplessly.
'Want your fucking hot dick in this?' I inquired.
'Yes Master, my cock is all yours tonight. Sit on me, Please!'

With that, I pumped a dollop of lubricant into my palms & gave IAB's schlong a good rub, which in turn drummed up more moans out of IAB. As I sat down on his chunky frankfurter, I could sense a big relief washing all over IAB's bod cos he finally got what he came here for.

So there I was, enjoying my ride on IAB when suddenly I felt a pair of hands grab my shoulders, propelling me forward so that I ended up kneeling on the floor. IAB had somehow managed to free himself from the bondage that I put him in. 

The tables were turned immediately. IAB has become a beast after all that taunting & he released all that pent up fury onto me.

'You think you can control me huh?' He challenged.
'See who's the boss now?' He said in between deep thrusts into my man-hole. 
Next, he pulled out of me & turned me around so that my mouth is now on the same level as his engorged cock. 
'You like this big boy cock?' He sneered & went on to slap my face with his fuck stick.
'Yeah, love that big fucking boy cock of yours!' I played along.
'Good, now suck it!' And my face was stuffed with IAB's 7 inch of goodness.
'Uh, uh, Urgh!' IAB grunted as he face-fucked me frantically.
Then, I was pushed down onto the floor & IAB mounted me missionary style. He took aim at my slippery wet cunt & slipped in effortlessly. He proceeded to pound me right there & then on the floor.

'Fuck that! Now I'm gonna show you who's takes charge here!' He bellowed as he continued to plunge in & out of my dark recess.
'Oh yeah, show me how well you Fuck!' I encouraged.
'Yeah, you bloody Slut! Let this boy show you!' He agreed.

We went on to a variation of different fuck positions after this & he finally smeared his cum all over my body. I watched him get dressed & walk out of my house as I lay there panting on the floor. That was a hell of a fuck!

The remnants of IAB's Man-juice on my bod at the end of the night.