Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I think I was about 16 when I first had a ram rod shoved up my virgin ass. I met him at the pool opposite my house. During those years, the pool was my favourite afternoon hangout. I've had quite a bit of fun with guys who I've picked or vice versa but up till then, I've never ventured beyond the point of having anal sex. I wanted my 1st time to be with a special one. So, I've refrained from going all the way with anyone. That is, until I met him. Let's just call him B. 

B was a salesman. And as a sales guy, he had his own car & would always pop by the pool in the afternoon to have a swim. I guess, sales guys do have that flexibility when it comes to controlling their own time. I've spotted him way before we hooked up. B was probably in his early 30s. He was handsome in a manly way. He's always in his work attire of long sleeve shirt, pants & leather shoes whenever he comes to the pool. As he was an avid swimmer, his body is quite toned, with sexy broad shoulders. I would say he looks damn fine for his age & I was really turned on whenever I see him in his swimming trunks.

So, on this day I decided that I'll try to hook him. I watched him do his laps in the pool & the more I look at him, the hornier I get. Finally, he had finished his swim & was heading to the shower. I trailed behind him & strategically picked the shower stall that was opposite him. 

As he stripped down for shower, I followed suit. As I was back facing him, I couldn't resist turning my head to peek at him. He went about lathering himself & I was enjoying the view all the while. I was getting a hard-on as I watched!

Then he turned around & I caught a glimpse of his full frontal view. I quickly looked away as I didn't want him to think I'm some pervert. However, I couldn't resist the chance to peek at his front view again & I looked after awhile. This time round, our eyes met & he straight-away knew I was looking. It also did not help that I was mesmerized by his beautiful schlong. It looked so yummy even in its flaccid state. I wanted to immediately get on my knees & suck him without any cares of the world.

So there we were, stealing glances at each other from across the room. I decided to pick up my courage & started stroking my already hard cock. I pretended to soap myself & occasionally stood sideways so he could have a view of my raging hard-on. I slid my hands all over my body & every now & then sliding down to my wet lollipop & giving it a good stroke. My ploy worked & he responded by touching himself. Eventually, he got hard & it was a very enticing 6.5 incher. It was the most perfect cock I've seen so far. It was super straight & his cock head was just the right proportion in regards to his length & girth. The colour of the juice head was also a delicious looking cherry red. His balls sac were taut & hairless. I told myself that I've got to claim this wonderful rod as my own. Luckily, he seemed to be in the mood to play & We proceeded to the toilet afterwards where I gave him the suck of his life.

We kept in touch after that initial hookup. He treated me quite well & brought me out for a few times. The outing would end with me sucking him off, either in some random toilets or in his car. Slowly, I developed feelings for him cos' he seemed like the perfect boyfriend material. However, he never broached the subject of us getting serious & I also did not dare to pursue. But I've already made up my mind that I'll agree to it if he ever asks. Heck, I'm even willing to lose my virginity if he asks to fuck me!

It was one of those usual outings. We had just finished a movie & the sexual tension was all pent up during the course of the movie. Our hands were already all over each other's crotches while the movie was going on. So once the movie was over, he brought me to a quiet toilet that is situated near the car park of the building. I hastily unbuttoned his shirt & unzipped his fly then pulled down the pants until it was at his knee level. He looked so hot with his fuck tool sticking out in between his unbuttoned shirt. 

I squatted in front of him, grabbed his veiny juice provider & gave it a few rough jerks. Then I brought it to my lips & rubbed his cock head all over my lips, occasionally sticking out my tongue to lubricate it. When I felt he was ready, I opened my mouth, wrapped my lips around his cherry red cock head & started bopping my head, giving his attention seeking fucker all the attention he wanted. I was getting very good at sucking now & I could swallow his whole 6.5 incher all the way. That was what I did exactly & as I went down to the base, I felt the mould of his pubic hair tickling my nose. I stayed at the base & let his cock tip slid down my throat while I used the throat muscles to massage his fuck stick. I heard a little wince from him as he did not dare to make too much noise since we're in a public toilet. As I came up for air, I caught his wide-eyed grin at me. My man is happy!

Of course, it wasn't over yet & as I prepare myself to blow him for the 2nd time, he stopped me. His hands reached out to my jeans & undid them. Soon he had my lower body exposed. He turned me around so that my butt was facing him. Then he spread my legs wide & attacked my butt hole with his tongue. His slithering wet tongue felt so good & I just stayed in that position, enjoying the sensation. Next thing I knew, I heard some spitting sounds; he was using his own saliva to lubricate his hot baton. Then he leaned forward & whispered in my ears. 'Baby, I wanna fuck you today.'

Although I was mentally prepared for B to fuck me, I did not envision it to happen this way. In my mind, we were making romantic love in bed where he will eventually take me.  Part of me wanted to object but part of me was also afraid I might lose B if I did. So in the end, I just managed a nod. 

With that he proceeded to plug my virgin hole. Since it was my 1st time being fucked, I was so not ready for it & I was in a lot of pain. However, in order to please B, I gritted my teeth & beared with it. There is no point of turning back once you've got a guy aroused, I knew that very well so I had to push through with this. It was not an enjoyable ride at all & soon I lost my hard-on. I just wanted it to be over as soon as possible.

Thankfully, B did eventually shoot his load, inside of me. Although, he cleaned me up after that, I could still feel the remnants of his man essence in my hole as we walked to his car afterwards. I was in pain but I also felt strangely fulfilled. B has finally taken me & I felt that I belonged to him now.

When B dropped me off that night, it will turn out to be the last that I will see of him. He basically ignored all my calls after that & I never saw him at the pool again. I guess I've helped fulfilled his dream of taking a virgin boy & I finally realised that I've been made use of.

So much for that exclusive 1st time & that special guy! B was after all an ASSHOLE!