Thursday, 28 November 2013


A-ha! Another suspected Fake Profile. Did a Google Image Search on this Hot Dude & his pic appeared in quite a few blogs that feature models. Tsk tsk!

Saturday, 23 November 2013


For those of you who are interested in hiring this MB that is making his round here. Do not be fooled cos' this is a fake profile.

And the guy who turned up at the door had the cheek & audacity to claim that he is the one in the profile. Well, sorry dude, I'm no fool that you can take for a ride.

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Recently, there's been a painting job at the block of flats that I live in. We, the residents, were advised to keep our windows closed to facilitate the paint job. It's of course bad news for this Slut who likes to leave the windows open while I strut naked around the house.

And so, today being a Saturday, I wasn't expecting the painters to be working. The moment I woke up, I pushed open my windows & welcomed the fresh morning air into the house. Then I stepped into the showers to freshen myself up. As I stepped out of the shower towelling myself in the buff, I wasn't expecting any intrusion to my privacy. It was a few moment later that I realized something was moving through the corner of my eyes. As I turned to see what the commotion was about, I was shocked to see that two of the painters are actually right outside the window & they're ogling at my total nakedness. Perhaps because of the unexpected turn of events, my natural reflex was to cup my private area & ducked back into the shower room.  I must have appeared comical cos in the next moment, I heard hearty laughters coming from outside the window.

As I slowly peeped out of the shower, I could still see the painters & they had cheeky grins on their faces when they caught me eyeing them. They were obviously not disgusted by the sight of a naked man. When I smiled back sheepishly, their grins widened. Hmm..., are they really enjoying this? I asked myself. Now that I've had a 2nd look at the guys, I realized that they're actually quite handsome in a rugged way. They looked like they were of Indonesian descent & in their early 20s. Their milk chocolate tanned skin glistening in the morning sun. Both were not very built but more of a lean toned statures. One of them had a very manly, veiny & thick forearms. Must have been the result of all that painting he's been doing.

Boldened by their friendly smiles, this Slut decided to test the waters again. With the towel wrapped around my waist, I stepped out & stood back facing them so as to give them an unobstructed view of my sexy back. Their grins got wider one more time & immediately I knew I've got these boys sorted. With much intent I slowly loosened the towel & let it drop down so that my butt is now exposed to them. As I turned my head back, I wasn't surprised to see that their gaze was locked on my bubble butt. Next, I teased them & wiggled my derriere a little bit. That did the trick, they stared back at me & gave me a lecherous look. Thick forearmed guy's hands went down to his crotch, giving it a good rub & then he thrusted his growing bulge at me. He then beckoned me towards the window. 

To  cut the story short, I flirted with the guys & we exchanged numbers. They promised to text me in the evening after they get off work. Evening came & there was a message in my phone. It was one of the 2 painters. It said, U wanna 2b fuck now? I replied with 'Can't wait!'

As I was already very horny & naked, I decided to welcome the boys by leaving the door open. Within minutes, I heard footsteps approaching, I jumped out of the sofa, took a peek, confirmed that it was the guys & jumped back onto the sofa. I then pretended to be languishly lying on my sofa. When the guys walked past my unit, their eyes were once again rudely invaded by my naked body. Their look of shock quickly turned into lustful gazes as they allowed themselves into the house.

As they approached me, I got up so that I'm now in a doggie position. My face was now at the same level as their crotches. Without any warning, I pulled them towards me & buried my face into their bulge, nudging their rock hard erection like a dog sniffing out a bone. They surely came prepared as both didn't have any underwear on. It was a torture to them as I took turns to nibble their cock heads through the materials of the pants. Soon there was a dark stain in front of their pants that was coated with my saliva on the outside & their pre-cum on the inside.

Thick forearmed guy (Let's just call him A) decided to take over the reign. He unzipped his pants, took out his 6 incher & slapped my face with it. I stuck out my tongue like an obedient dog given a boney treat & A used it to coat his cock head with my saliva. He then signaled the other guy B, to take over. So B also unzipped himself & I saw that his manhood was slightly thicker & longer than A's; about 6.5 inches. B held my chin & began stuffing my face with his delicious hot sausage. Meanwhile, A went behind me, spit onto my butt hole & then he entered me. I gave a little yelp from the initial pain as my rose bud was ravaged. It turned out to be a muffled yelp cos my mouth was occupied with B's thick rod. I continued to make these stifled sounds as A started thrusting. With each thrust, A pushed me forward which inadvertently propelled me to take in B's cock deeper. All three of us were working like clockwork, giving each other ultimate pleasure.
This went on for a while & then the dudes decided to change positions.

They flipped me over so that I'm now lying on my back. A straddled me & started feeding me with his juice provider. B, on the other did not enter me immediately. Instead, he stuck both his fore & middle finger into my by now well-lubricated orifice & finger fucked me. Then B did something amazing. He started to tremble his hands rapidly, creating a sensation of vibration in my wet hole. Wow, it felt so good I never want him to stop! The wonderful vibes I was feeling was making me spew a lot of pre-cum & B used some of it on his cock head before he entered me. So there I was, slurping happily on A's man-meat while B was pre-occupied with my other hole.

In between, we switched our positions around a few times & I was super turned on whenever B used his Vibration technique on me. It came to a point that I was so high that I actually auto-cummed on myself. Upon seeing my cum, A & B then decided to add to the collection. They took turns to shoot their  creamy essence all over my body. I was swathed with white cum by the end of the night. 

Who would have guessed that an un-intended exposure would end up like this?