Friday, 12 June 2015


Just the other day, I was out getting a haircut & since I was around the area where the Money Boys hangout, I decided to go online & check out the Hunks available to pound my horny ass.

For some reason, I was in the mood to be handled roughly so it was just perfect when I came across this MB's profile.

This guy looked totally like some ruffian who could wallop my face into a pulp if I dared to offend him but his fierce-looking face was also exactly what this Slut was looking for. I wondered how he would look when he was giving my pleasure hole a good hard thrashing. And that bod! It was so chunky & thick, I imagined myself clinging joyously onto him while he fucked me. I had a strong suspicion that the bod pic was doctored though, but I'm hoping that the real bod will not deviate too far off from the pic. I messaged him.

Things didn't get off to a good start. He was quite uncooperative. I had requested to meet him but he insisted that I go up to his unit. I asked for private pics but he claimed that he didn't have any. For a moment, I was afraid that this might turn out to be one of those fake profiles. He did however, assure me that he had a big & thick cock & I was horny as hell, so heck it! I decided to take a risk.

Went up the apartment that he was staying & texted him that I was at the lift lobby. Within seconds, a beefy silhuoette appeared some 25meters from the lift lobby. He waved to me & as I approached, his face became clearer & I heaved a big sigh of relief. It was really him!

Without saying a word he beckoned for me to follow him & I obediently followed. When he brought me into the apartment which I figured he rented with other MBs, I saw that he had the Master Bedroom which had its own bathroom. Great, at least I didn't need to share bathrooms with the other tenants.

Mr Ruffian was a man of few words & that brooding silence about him was extremely sexy. After a quick shower, we proceeded to a massage & he did quite a decent job. I noticed that he tend to hover longer whenever he came near my well-rounded buns & I could see a bulge growing in the grey underwear that he was wearing so that's a good sign.

After about 20mins of massage, Mr Ruffian suddenly pounced on top of me & dry humped me. I could immediately feel a hardness prodding at my derriere. I was horny much myself so even though the massage was cut short, I decided to go with the flow, so I turned around & tugged at his underwear. When the undies were finally off, I was faced with one of the most beautiful cocks I've ever seen. His phallus was super straight, standing at at least 6.5" but what struck me was the girth. It was one of the thickest cock I've ever seen on an Asian man. Mr Ruffian wasn't bluffing me when he made those claims about his member.

I need to have that piece of meat in my mouth & that's exactly what I did. I pushed him down onto the bed & proceeded to suck him off. Because of the chunkiness of his dick, I felt that I couldn't apply my expert sucking skills on him. All it did was fill up my mouth completely. There wasn't any space for my tongue to play around with. But Mr Ruffian seemed to like it as husky moans of pleasure escaped his mouth. This Slut, on the other hand, wasn't complaining as I continued to give my best for my man's gratification.

Then without a word, he got off the bed & put me on all fours so that I was in a doggie position. My man is ready to fuck & I couldn't be more glad to have my private cave filled up! Mr Ruffian covered up, gave my asshole a liberal amount of lube, smacked my butt a couple more times & then proceeded to impale me. Surprisingly there wasn't any initial pain when he entered my man cunt. I guessed I was all ready to be fucked, hence it felt so good when he was finally totally inside me. He continued to smack this Slut's bum, grabbing those well-developed globes as he pummelled me. This guy is quite into my butt!

’喜欢我的屁屁吗?’ (Do you like my ass?) I just had to hear it from him. 
‘喜欢,很美,很性感’ (Like, very Beautiful, very Sexy) came his short & sweet reply.
It was all that I needed to hear & I purred like a kitten to reciprocate his admiration.

Next, with his gigantic hands, he lifted my thighs off the bed so that he was holding them like I was a wheelbarrow. I had no choice but to support myself with my elbows on the bed as he manipulated me. It was the 1st time that I was fucked in such a position & it felt special. In the position that I was in, I could feel every inch of his massive schlong as he thrusted in & out of my deepest recess. Mr Ruffian had my mind blown with this move!

Mr Ruffian's next move was more conventional as he flipped me over & fucked me missionary. I could see his face in this scenario & it was such a turn on just looking at that manly face.

‘ 喜欢我的鸡巴吗?’ (Do you like my cock?) It was his turn to ask.
 很喜欢!很大, 操得我好爽。’ (Super-like! So big, Your fucking made me feel so good.) I goaded.
‘我都跟你说了,保证你满意。’ (I told you you are guaranteed satisfaction) he smirked. Then he gave me 3 hard thrusts making me respond in kind with 3 'Ah, ah, Argh!'
‘叫我老公!’ (Call me Hubby) Mr Ruffian demanded
‘老公。。。’ I cooed.
贱货!’ (Slut!) He reprimanded & proceeded to give me a few light smacks on the face making this Slut squeal as I played along.

To shut me up, he placed his huge palm on my mouth & with the other hand, he gave me a hand job while he continued to simul-rape me. At this point, I was completely man-handled by Mr Ruffian & I just surrendered myself to all sexual S&M that he was giving me. So it was no surprise that I blasted my own cum all over myself not long after.

After this, I curled up against Mr Ruffian, clinging on to his burly bod like a Koala Bear to a tree. Unfortunately, Mr Ruffian didn't want his pics taken while we were getting it on but he was nice enough to send me a picture of his manhood after that. 

I don't think the pic of the cock was his own but it is a 80% resemblance. So here goes.


  1. Thanks for the detailed report, as always :) Have seen Mr Ruffian's profile and thought his pictures were doctored but glad you had a good time with him.

    1. Yes, definitely doctored. In reality, he had a slight tummy but the muscles are still there everywhere else. Very huggable!

  2. Would love to meet you

  3. What gay app do you use?

  4. Hi there, love reading your blog.

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  5. I mean is it advisable to hiring mb overnight at their place.

    I planned to try. Thanks & regards Jen

  6. Hi Gayslut, can i seek your advice whether should i go to the MB place for overnight.

    As he offering $400 from 11pm to 6am.
    There are all kinds of services stated.

    Thanks and pending for your reply. :) Jen here.

    1. Hi Jen, I have never spent a night at the MB' place so I can't advise. Sorry.

  7. Hi, which website did u get this guy from?

    1. I found him from one of those gay mobile apps, not from website.