Monday 15 August 2016


Hola Everybardy! I know, I know... It's been a long time since my last post. The reason I took such a long hiatus is because I've been trying to find something special to blog about for my 100th post. And I'm glad to announce that yes, I've found the sweet story to tell!

We all know that it's the Olympic season right now & where is it held? Drum rolls..... Brazil! Yeah, Brazil the land of the most exotic-looking men! So, the Olympics actually brought back so much memories of this Slut's trip sometime early this year. And what better time but now to tell you guys about my fucking awesome time there.

So, it was my virgin trip to Rio de Janeiro & boy, am I glad that I made the trip. The boys here are the hottest! Most of them have very handsome features & their skin is a delicious chocolaty tone. But guys, the greatest joy this Slut got out of these beautiful men is their huge lengthy schlongs!

It is absolutely true that Brazilian men are hung! I can testify from all the visits to the various saunas there, I have not seen a cock that is smaller than 7inches! And some of them are already about 7" in the flaccid state. Imagine the size their fuck rods will grow till in the aroused state!!! Needless to say, this is Heaven for the Cock-hungry vamp that is Moi. :)

And the next best thing about the Brazilian male species is that they are all horny bastards. Once you get their second heads all hot & hard. You are almost guaranteed a good hard fuck. I literally lost count of the number of stiff juicy pricks that have gone into my 2 most accommodating orifices in the numerous times that I went to the saunas. I was in Paradise, the supply of thick succulent man-meats was never-ending.

If I had to pick 1 thing that I didn't like about the Brazilians, it would be that some of them really treat you like dirt as they know that they are these divine Sex Gods that average guys lusted after. I've a few encounters where the hawt dude that I caught just went straight for my hole & fucked me silly & then after that just dumped me like a ragged doll when they were done with business. Frankly, this Slut's ego was a little bruised from those treatments.

But I've also had one of the most mind-blowing fuck ever. And this is the real reason for this blog entry. I met Fabio through the gay app. He would be what they call a Hustler & there are plenty of them lurking in the gay apps. Fabio was a really big guy, standing at 1.90m & weighing 92kg. I have never had someone so big before & it piqued my curiosity. I chatted him up & agreed on an amount which I thought was reasonable enough.

When Fabio finally appeared at my Hotel doorway, he was everything that his stats claimed to be. He towered over me & I felt like a midget next to him. I was super excited & wished I could jump straight into the fuck but I told myself I had to take time to enjoy this. Fabio had a deep baritone voice that made my knees turn into jelly everytime he spoke & I thank God that he actually speaks a little English. (Most Brazilians speak Portuguese only). 

As agreed upon, we proceeded to him posing for me as I documented the whole process. He started by nonchalantly stripping off & that's when I caught the 1st glimpse of his dong. OMG!!! It was at least 7.5" in its deflated condition! I think I was hyper-ventilating as I approached him. Gingerly, my fingers reached out to his huge spongey pecs & began to caress them. To be honest, Fabio isn't as buff as what his pic suggests but it was good enough for me. I continued to fondle him, my hands slowly snaking down till it was at level with his manhood. I cupped his balls in my palm & man, they were heavy! Thinking about all the manjuice that it's holding inside, I almost couldn't contain myself. Using my fingers, I drew gentle circles around his ball sac & watched in amazement as his tool grew inch by inch, twitching its way till it reached its full potential of almost 9.5 inches!

Fabio's Magnificent 9.5 incher

Wow! I couldn't help but gasped as I wrapped my digits around Fabio's gorgeous member. Just at this moment, I felt his huge palms on my shoulder blades as he gently goaded me to drop to my knees. As soon as I was face to face with Fabio's engorged dick, the Slut mode was turned on full blast. I grabbed that dark chocolate popsicle & popped it into my mouth. I had difficulty taking him into my petite mouth as his girth was at least 6" all around but I was determined to take all of that juiciness inside me. So I reached for some help & took a hit of the poppers.

As soon as the effect hit me, I felt my throat muscles relax & I went wild, shoving him all the way down my esophagus till I could literally feel my throat muscles massaging his massive schlong. He held my head still & began a rhythmic thrust. I couldn't breathe when his gigantic rod has taken up every available space in my air passage. I could die now but I couldn't care less.

No hook up is ever complete without a proper fuck; especially not in this instance. I was soon begging Fabio to enter me to which he gladly obliged. He threw me onto the bed, then grabbing my feet together like how you would with a baby while changing the diaper, he took a pack of lubricant & tore it open using his pearly whites & his free hands. Once he got the lube out of the pack, he roughly slapped it on my whore hole. 

I pleaded with Fabio to be gentle knowing fully well how much damage he could do with his killer boner. Thank goodness for his mercy as he slowly edged himself into my pleasure vent. Another OMG moment as I felt my ass muscles being stretched & eventually I felt the tip of Fabio's cock hitting my tailbone; sending an aching sensation to my insides. 

As Fabio proceeded to rock me, I interlocked my fingers behind his neck & pulled him towards me. We kissed; his full lips totally enveloping my delicate Asian kissers. Ah.... I never want his rock hard fucker to leave my crevice ever again! But the pain is fast becoming unbearable, so I took another hit of the poppers. Within moments, the waves of pleasure from the poppers hit & I went into Slutty mode again. 

'Fuck me deeper now!' I urged Fabio.
He pressed down on my opened thighs & pounded, sliding out till his cock was almost all the way out of my ass lips & plunging in so deep till he hits my G-spot again & again. I was in the meantime moaning like a kitten in heat.

Next, Fabio threw my legs over his shoulder & then he reached for my butt, grabbed it & hauled me up against him. He was now standing, with me clinging onto him & he was just fucking me in that standing position. Fuck, he is such a Stud! It was a great feeling to be manipulated in such a way, especially if the other party is a Hunk.

Fabio then went on to fuck me in a myriad of different Karma Sutra positions & I gladly obliged. In the end, he offloaded a tremendous amount of cum all over my face which I consequently used as a facial cream! 

Friday 1 January 2016


This Christmas Season, I was once again in the Land of Smiles & I love coming during this time as the weather is much cooler compared to the rest of the year. The day after Christmas is called Boxing Day & that's when people are thrilled to open up the gifts that they've been given. Of course, this Slut has a different opinion of what my Xmas present is gonna be. It's time to unwrap some hard Cocks!

So it's on to Sauna Mania that night. Got there at slightly past 9pm & the place was already brimming with hot guys. There were so many gym-toned bods around that this Slut was spoilt for choice. Because it was so packed & rooms weren't easily available, there were times where guys just did it in the dark corners, many times ending up with a mass orgy.

It was during one of these times that I caught my 1st Hunk. He would be what I call an 'A' Grade Beef cos he was tall, bulky & masculine. When I found him, he was already being serviced by 2 other guys. But for some reason, none of them was sucking him. They were just kissing him, sucking his nipples & giving him a hand job. What a waste! So this lil' Slut had to offer my services & squeezed myself between the guys & popped the Hunk's half hard cock into my mouth. Within a short space of time, the Hunk's cock had grown to a solid 6.5 incher. Wow.... I can't believe this guy is even real! Guys like him usually are quite picky about who they end up with. But I also read that sometimes, these guys like to be worshipped so I thank my lucky stars that the Hunk is in the mood for some mass play now. 

I sucked hard on him, taking hits of my poppers so that I could take him deeper in. He had such a suckable cock, so thick & juicy that I couldn't get enough of. Unsurprisingly, with someone of that quality, it was a matter of time that he started attracting hordes of guys who each wanted a piece of him. There were guys who wanted to fight with me for his Juice Provider but this Slut wasn't one to give up on a prized possession so I fought them all off. And obviously things got to a point where it became too chaotic that Mr. 'A' Grade Beef had to make a hasty exit halfway through. Oh well, the night's still young & the offerings are plenty, I told myself. So I went on the search for other Cocks.

2nd Guy that I caught up with was a slightly cubby dude. He had quite a decent 6" prick & I liked that his bod was so huggable. And so began my assault on him. I licked him all over & lightly ran my fingers on his well-built chunky bod till I gave him goosebumps, making him huff & puff. Slowly, I worked my way down his treasure trail until I came face to face with his family jewels. This Slut's little tiny mouth gaped open & his fucker disappeared inch by inch into the wet orifice . I worked my oral magic on him bringing him higher & higher into the levels of ecstasy. 

Then I allowed my tongue to slither back up his smooth torso till I was licking into his ears, making him squirm in sexual heat. 'Fuck me', I said matter-of-factly. There was an open bed that was next to us & that's where he threw me. I passed him the condom & as he was rolling it on, I opened a pack of lube & made sure I was sufficiently wet so as to allow him a smooth entry. As he held my legs up in the air & entered me, a moan involuntarily escaped my mouth. Ah... It feels so good to be filled by a man's cock. 

As we were fucking in the open bed, it was inevitable that we would attract attention & soon we had a crowd surrounding us, touching both our bods, some even offering their hard dicks for me to suck. I was having such a blast but the good times didn't last long enough cos Mr. Cubby soon ejaculated. And that marks the end of round 2.

Off to the showers I went to clean up & while there, a Thai guy with one of the most beautiful cocks was bathing himself beside me. I couldn't resist & gave that meat a tug when he realized that I was staring. We both smiled after I did that. I tried to get him to play some more but from his gestures, I figured that he was done with his business so I let him go.

I'm now horny as fuck after seeing that Thai dude's schlong. So it was back to the dark rooms to search for more meat to stuff myself silly. I was in luck. Mr 'A' Grade Beef was back & I wasted no time in getting into the action. This time round, someone was already onto his meat & I had to do my utmost to wrangle it back from him. Oh gosh, he tastes so good! I almost cummed myself when I ran my palms all over his ribbed frame. His body was tough all over, including his firm butt & strong thighs. His pecs were full, well-rounded & so spongey when I grabbed them. But the same thing happen, he was like honey attracting all the bees & we didn't get to finish what we started when he made another retreat.

Being left high & dry & frustrated, I decided to turn my attention to other guys that were lingering around. I finally got my paws on a bespectacled dude who incidentally also has a rather thick 6.5" dick. Bod-wise, he wasn't too bad as well, so I decided to settle for him. He wasn't too willing to let me suck him initially but when I was adamant & showed him what I was capable of. He finally realized that he was missing out on something. As he relaxed & allowed me to ravage his blood filled sausage, I took a few quick puffs of the poppers & went to work. My face was literally banging into him as the poppers took effect & I found myself taking him all the way into my deep throat as I allowed him to face-fuck me violently. Bespectacled dude was now throughly enjoying the moment cos besides me swallowing his man meat, he was also being fondled by other guys who were quick to jump onto the action. I didn't have to wait too long when I felt his whole bod tense up & then with a grunt, I felt spurts of gooey cum raining on my face. I rubbed his cock head around my mouth, using my facial hair to give him extra friction, enhancing his orgasm & as I did that, some of his man-juice got into my mouth. Mmm... he tasted so sweet! After I was done with Mr Specs, I caught a glimpse of him in the showers. As expected, very decent looking. He would make a good husband material. 

Well, time to go on the prowl again & this Slut needed to be fucked again as the itch was growing with every passing minute. Lucky for me, I bumped into a Caucasian guy this time round. For some reason, the crowd here don't seem to like foreigners especially Caucasians. This dude was actually very hard down there & he already had a condom on! Haha... He must be desperate to fuck. I decided to fulfill his wishes since I also badly needed a cock in my famished hole; plus he was a sizeable 7 incher. 

So into the cubicles we went & boy was I glad I took him in. We jumped right into the action as he was already covered up. Although in terms of looks & bod, he was at most an average dude, he made it up with his skills in bed. He was one of the best kisser I've met. His kisses were planted firmly on my mouth but he wasn't wet or sloppy. He made it clear that he wanted me. And when he fucked me, he held me so close, making me feel ultra desirable. When he turned me over & humped me from behind, he did not forget to give me a bear hug while he was on top of me. He was also planting kisses all over my neck & shoulders which in turn sent shivers of sexual pleasure all the way down my spine into my man-hole. His well-endowed boner was massaging my G-spot perfectly. Oh man, this is what I've been waiting for the whole night! This goes to show that you can get good sex from average guys, cos they will make extra effort to compensate what they lack in the physique & looks department.

By the time Caucasian guy was done with me, it was well past midnight & the crowd has thinned out. I did contemplate leaving the sauna as well but the Slutty Devil in me kept telling me that I can manage another fuck. So in the end, I gave in & went for another round. 

This time round, I was grabbed by a lean toned chap. By the way, it was an underwear themed night that night & I was in my butt-baring Andrew Christian jock strap. The lean toned dude pulled me close to him & I could smell alcohol on him. Ooh... a drunk & horny one! His palms were already roaming all over my bare butt, squeezing it from time to time. He made me kiss him & soon I could feel a woody pushing against his tight underwear. I reached down & pulled down the elastic band of his briefs & his 6 inch rod popped out. Like the owner, the prick was slim and very hard. I normally do not go for guys this slim but since he's so into me, the Slut decided to allow him to devour me.

We spent quite an amount of time canoodling in the dark corner where from time to time I would suck him off. But what I really wanted was for him to stick his stiff rod into my still itchy hole. When he finally suggested going into a cubicle, I was like, Finally! So we went into the same cubicle where I was previously fucked by the Ang Moh. Mr Lean Drunk wasted no time in getting us out of the restraints of our private parts & soon we were kissing butt naked. 

Turns out, Mr Lean Drunk was quite a good fucker & he loves taking poppers, making me take it often too, so that we were both in a constant state of high. He knew how to pace himself, slowly rocking me as the effects of the high wore off & then taking another hit, then went on a crazy rampage as it hit him again & jabbing me violently. In response, I let out boisterous howls of pure bliss as I felt him hit my pleasure spots with every plunge. 

My lusty moans must have been heard by others outside the room because before I knew it, we had visits from guys coming into the cubicle to check us out. Mr Lean Drunk must have forgotten to lock the door in his drunken state. In the end, there was another dude who decided to stay & boy, he had one of the biggest & thickest cock I've ever seen on an Asian guy. I wasn't joking when I say that the girth of his member was as thick as a Coke can. 

At first, he tried to offer his phallus to me but this Slut's little mouth couldn't really accomodate his humongous stiffy. That's when he decided he wanted to fuck too. For a moment, I thought he wanted to do a double penetration & I was seriously worried. Don't want my ass to become loose ya know? Haha...

Fortunately, Mr Big Cock went for Mr Lean Drunk's hole instead. You could literally see a big 'Phew!' in my thought bubble. I mean I love my cocks big but this is really more than I could handle & to think this belongs to an Asian!!! Perhaps due to his sheer size, minutes after Mr Big Cock impaled Mr Lean Drunk, Mr Lean Drunk went soft and soon his limp dick slipped out of my man cunt. So there I was, lying awkwardly on the mattress, legs up in the air while Mr Big Cock humped away. 

There wasn't much I could do cos I had 2 guys pinning me down & Mr Lean Drunk was immobile as he was sandwiched between me & Mr Big Cock. So after awhile, Mr Big Cock felt he had had enough & made his exit. By then Mr Lean Drunk was all flaccid, so I also called it quits with him. By this time, it was way past 3am & the Sleep Bug has also hit me signifying it was the end of the night for me.

Without a doubt, I slept like a baby that night. Fuck, making me miss this place all over again. Ok gotta go jerk off now. 

Happy New Year Guys!

Sunday 29 November 2015


So last Saturday was the Sexy Underwear Night at Ten Men & it was the perfect opportunity for this Slut to showcase his collection of intimate wear. For this Special Event, I decided to pick an Andrew Christian piece that left literally nothing to imagination cos it accentuated my perky butt perfectly.

When I got to the Sauna at nearly 7pm, the place was already buzzing. Free flow alcoholic drinks were offered by the hosts & that helped to loosen up the guys who seemed extremely friendly that night. I knocked down a quick drink & then headed for the shower.

The shower area was also packed with guys. As I was already naked, I decided to check out the steam room adjacent to it. There were about 10 guys inside. In the dim light, it was quite difficult to make out the face of the guys but I did get close enough to a dude & when I started touching him, I couldn't help but grin to myself. His bod was quite beefy & tough all over. Just the type that I love; plus he was sporting a butch crew cut. Ooh can't resist manly guys!

Within seconds of my magic touch, Mr Butch was fully aroused. His meat was rock hard at 5.5 inches & pretty thick. I harshly man handled his joy stick, jerking it furiously while I licked him all over. This experienced Slut knows that rugged guys like him like it rough so I played along those lines. Besides, the heat in the steam room is getting to me so, I knew I had to pull a fast one on this. Quickly, I reached into my pouch & pulled out a condom. I tore it open with my teeth & made him wear the armour. Then just as swiftly, I turned around & positioned my hole that was now naturally lubricated by all the steam & sweat over his cock tip & he was inside me in no time.

As he started plunging in, the immense pleasure of having my horny hole filled was uncontrollable & sexy moans escaped my mouth. The cries of joy soon attracted the attention of 2 other guys. From feeling up their individual bodies, 1 was slightly chubby but very smooth. The other body, on the other hand was hairy but the cock was super thick & at least 7.5" long! I'm suspecting this hung dude could be an Indian. But my mind now is on Mr Butch, so I worked on him & had my pleasure hole sliding up & down his steely shaft. In a matter of minutes, I felt Mr Butch tense up & grunting. Immediately, I knew he was ready to shoot so I pulled him out of my man cunt, turned around & knelt before him. I removed the bondage around his fuck tool, just in time as he gave a hot cum shower all over my body. 

As Mr Butch made his way out of the steam room, curious to know how he looked like, I followed suit. I finally had a good look at him under the showers. I was right, he was all I imagined him to be; scruffy manly face, single eye-lidded, beefy bod, a befitting G-man. 

Now that Mr Butch has stoked this Horny Slut's fire, I needed to be fucked again, so my mind went back to those guys back in the steam room. And it's back into the wet enclave I go. Fortunately, those two guys were still inside. I deliberately sandwiched myself between them & slithered my body against theirs. I had both cocks standing at attention in no time. Hairy Hung dude's cock was definitely more yummy compared to Chubby guy's, so I popped Hairy Hung's giant schlong into my mouth & sucked hungrily while I jerked Chubby's dong. I tried to get Hairy Hung to fuck me but unfortunately he wasn't interested in anal. Chubby was however more than willing as he rolled on the protection & hastily took over fucking duties while I continued to slurp on Hairy Hung's massive cock. It was such a pity not having this wonderful piece of meat being stuffed in my slutty hole. But Chubby was doing a good job of ramming into my man pussy so I'm not complaining. Before long, the heat got to me again & I had to abandon the dudes before I die of heat stroke.

So it's back to the locker area where I grabbed more drinks & had casual chats with the hosts & regulars who were all exceptionally friendly that night. I got heaps of compliments on my butt-revealing Andrew Christian undies and got grabbed multiple times. That got me hornier & I decided to go on the prowl again. This was when I got my final catch of the night.

I first caught sight of him as he was stripping down at the locker area. He was a tanned guy whom I guess would most likely be in his late 30s. He had a decently worked out bod that came with a very slight paunch which was perfectly fine with this Slut as it signifies that he is not too obsessed with maintaining a perfect bod. 

I tailed behind when I saw him heading towards the shower. All was revealed when he stepped under the shower head. He had such a delicious looking cock. It was already looking quite thick in its limp state. I watched on the side as he bathed himself. Next, the guy that was showering next to Mr Nice Cock also noticed the juicy meat & started to make discreet advances, which made blood rush to Mr Nice Cock's member, making it looking even yummier. Fuck, I can't let him have Mr Nice Cock! I decided to get in the pool & wrangle for my prize.

I took the other side of Mr Nice Cock & deliberately pushed out my round buns as I pretended to soap away. The move caught Mr Nice Cock's eyes, so I smiled at him & grabbed his dick from time to time. He turned out to be a really shy guy as he was at a loss with all the attention from both sides, so he just stood there under the running water. But with each passing moment, his dick was growing bigger & bigger till it was at its full potential. Once I saw the sight of that, I just knew I needed to have it, so I made the 1st move & dragged Mr Nice Cock out of the shower, away from my competition. 

As we toweled dry, our eyes met & we smiled at each other. It was then that I realized that Mr Nice had the cutest dimples I've ever seen. I just couldn't believe my luck that I've managed to snag such a Cutie. So it was on to the private rooms from there.

Once we were locked in the room, I disrobed Mr Nice & immediately got down on my knees to worship that wonderful manhood of his. In terms of length, Mr Nice was an average 6 incher but he definitely made up for it with his girth. I was very vocal about that his beautiful prick too.

'Wow, fuck, I love your cock' I commented.
'It's so big & thick!' I mumbled to myself. Mr Nice just looked on & gave me his silly dimpled smile.

I made an exagerrated display of showing him how much I appreciated his slurplicious willy, flicking my tongue along his whole length like a serpent, sucking him with all my might so that it makes a loud noise that goes 'Pop' everytime his engorged penis leaves my mouth. I gobbled up his equally big nuts making him squirm in the sexual thrills this lil' Slut is giving him with my expert oral skills.

Next, Mr Nice hauled me up & we kissed. He was a very good kisser & I was glad that he wasn't all about the fuck. I just savored every moment when his tender lips were on mine. He was damn huggable as well & I loved clinging on to him.

And this wouldn't be complete without him taking me. I had to move things along since Mr Nice is such a shy guy.

'Fuck me' I said matter-of-factly.

With that I got down on doggie & passed him a rubber. I was in total bliss when he finally entered me. This was what I was waiting for the whole night! I could literally feel my sphincter muscles being stretched by his chunky cock; it was such a tight fit. His length was also ideal for hitting my G-spot, making me spew lotsa precum in the process.

However, Mr Nice, couldn't quite maintain his hard-on & we had to take breaks in between. It was during these breaks that I found out that he was really 44 year old. He definitely doesn't look his age! He's a local but has moved to Hong Kong to be with his BF. Awe... what a sweet guy, right?

My naughty fingers did however get Mr Nice's cock up to speed a few more times where he proceeded to impale me till he went soft again. So even though Mr Nice didn't manage to cum, I was already quite satisfied that my man cunt has been owned by him multiple times. 

Noticed that guys with bigger cocks tend to have the problem of sustaining their hardness...

Saturday 21 November 2015


Day 2 in Ho Chi Minh & once again, this Slut is bombarded with sexual requests on the gay app; many of whom are bottoms. But alas, the Slut is on bottom mode too. But great news for the tops, so many horny bottoms in HCMC eager to hook up with foreigners! :)

There were quite a few interested tops too. However, I think perhaps because of their limited command of English, many chats died off after awhile. But I did eventually find a willing Top. I suspect he was using some form of translating app to get what I meant but yeah, whatever so long as I get to be fucked. Besides, the pics that he sent me looked good enough. He introduced himself as Mr. W.

Of course, I had to have a sneak peek at Mr W's cock. So I requested that he sent one & this is what I received.

Wow wow wow, I should call him Mr Wow now! What a delicious piece of meat that is! It already looks so suckable in that limp state, I'm sure it would be even yummier when it is at its aroused state. That sealed the deal & we arranged for him to come over after his work.

When it was time for the hook up, I had a little trouble getting him to respond to my messages. Partly cos his english wasn't that great & I guess partly also cos he was on the way. Most Viet locals ride a motorbike, hence it's not quite convenient for them to reply to messages on the go. 

But I was sure glad to see Mr. W at the door half an hour past our agreed time to meet. He was already dressed casually so I guessed he went home to change. When I asked him if he needed to shower, he didn't quite get it so I had to make gestures to indicate showering. He shook his head & from the gestures he made, I figured he's already showered. Oh well, let's get on with it then. I closed in on him & true enough he smelled freshly showered. Good, we can jump straight into sex then.

Mr. W loved kissing & we locked lips for quite a while before we stripped each other off. I didn't have any underwear on so when he got rid of my clothes, I was completely naked. As for Mr. W, he was down to only his white brief. I purposely left the brief on cos' the outline of his big cock under the brief was looking very sexy against his strapping bod. I slowly worked my way down his bod till I was at face level with the bulge in his underwear. I buried my face into his crotch & kissed the hard mass all over; separated by his last defense of a piece of white cloth, at the same time grabbing the length of his dick, making it even harder. Inside, I'm dying to come face to face with Mr W's huge dong but I told myself that I have to wait for good things, so I made a conscious effort to leave Mr. W's brief intact for now. 

After awhile of me sniffing around his family jewels, Mr. W hauled me onto the bed & began kissing/licking me all over my bod, his prickly facial hair scratching against my sensitive bod was sending electric shocks all over my bod, making me tremble in sexual bliss. Oh fuck, this guy is surprisingly good!

I had to return the favor, so I pulled Mr W up & we proceeded to suck each other's face again. Slowly, I then snaked down his toned bod till I was at his crotch level. I repeated what I had done before but this time I decided to peel off the last piece of clothing he had on him. When his 7-incher popped out, the sight of that beauty sent me into sexual overdrive & I attacked the Moby Dick fervently. I was gobbling Mr. W's cock so furiously that it made him yelp but I didn't care, I'm loving his fuck tool right now & all I wanna do is give it a good suck.

Mr. W then decided to take over control as he got up & put me in a doggy position. As he rolled on the protection, I quickly grabbed a pack of lube & as I was wetting my fuck hole with it, I looked back at Mr. W & twerked my ass to notify him how much I wanted his big dick.

It was the best invite that Mr. W could ever get & soon he was ravaging my horny hole. For this lil' Slut, one of the most fabulous feelings was to have Mr. W finally fill up my dark access with his beautiful prick. Oh gosh, Mr. W felt so good in me!

So there we have it, Mr. W fucking me doggie on the bed. He then proceeded to get up higher so that he was straddling me in a sumo squatting position. Here, he was able to pump my sweet crevice even deeper & incidentally all that in-depth pounding caused this Slut to moan uncontrollably. 

Then we switched to me being on top & I went on to ride his pole with much enthusiasm. However, perhaps it was a long day & Mr. W was tired, he soon lost his hardness. I could sense his fatigue, so I decided that we would slow things down. I cuddled him & true enough within minutes, he was fast asleep.

Another half an hour must have passed when we both came to. I tried to ask him in English if he was feeling a bit more refreshed but obviously that didn't quite register with him. Luckily I had a google translate app in my phone so I made use of that. So it was a scene of the phone being passed between him & me as we took our turns to speak into the app so that it would translate for us. 

Of course, after awhile of that pillow talk, it was time to get back into action again. This time round, the power nap helped because now Mr. W is super rigid hard as he knocked me up real good. This Slut egged him on by purring sexily with each powerful thrust. The session ended with me lying on the bed, legs in the air, Mr. W pressing down on my thighs with his palms & pumping me furiously till he offloaded inside me. 

Hmm... Makes me wonder if all Viet guys are just as hung. Cos so far, I've had 2 pretty big Viet cocks in my ass. Or maybe I was just a lucky Slut! 

Saturday 14 November 2015


This Slut is up to no good again. My regular Beefy Fuck Buddy is away traveling for 2 weeks & how could this Slut sit around and not get fucked for that whole period? So, I decided to do a short weekend getaway too. I started thinking about the nationalities of Asians who've had the chance to ride my sexy butt & I realized that I've not had any Vietnamese cock before. And so, I got myself an air ticket & headed out to Ho Chi Minh City to find some juicy meat. 

Maybe I was new meat in this City, the moment I checked in to my Hotel, immediately there were at least 20 messages in the gay app that I was using. Wow, Vietnamese men are a horny lot. That's good news for this lil' Slut.

A particular Cubby dude with a cute face caught my eye & we started chatting. It also helped that his command of english is better than most other guys. He works nearby my Hotel, so it was arranged that he would pop over after work.

6pm came & there was a knock on my Hotel room door. This Slut is of course all prepared. I had a short T-shirt on that showed off the racy black jock strap that I had on. Yup, I had no pants on. As I opened the door & invited him into the room, his eyes were instantly drawn to my voluptuous buns. He came up behind me after the door was closed & grabbed my bouncy lumps. 

I played along & wiggled my perky butt, closing in on his crotch, teasing the growing hard on. I didn't have to wait too long. Within seconds, I felt a firm hardness pressing against my bare butt. Cute Cub is obviously turned on. Without wasting any time, I turned around & tore off his clothes till he was totally bare. Mmm... He had quite a pretty cock. I pushed him down on the bed & couldn't resist taking a few shots of his yummy weiner.

After I was done with the shots, I joined him on the bed & began my onslaught on his gorgeous schlong. I closed my eyes & imagined his cock as scrumptious ice-cream. I licked it sensually as Cute Cub looked on, putting on a show of enjoying his joystick to make my man happy. I also made loud slurping sounds as I went up & down on him to inform him how much I enjoyed his willy. Throughout the ordeal, I took a peek at Cute Cub & he was grinning from ear to ear. Clearly, he is really loving it right now.

'Want you to fuck me...', I cooed.
'Sure, my pleasure.' came the response.
With that, he got up to stand at the edge of the bed & I quickly got myself into position, passed him my phone for more shots to document this shag.
'Fuck, your butt is so smooth', he complimented.
'It's all yours tonight. Do whatever you want with it.' I encouraged.

He took my advice & covered up. As he approached, I could feel his cock tip at the entrance of my man-pussy & when he applied pressure, I could feel his 6 incher disappearing inch by inch into the my famished abyss. Oh yeah, the void in me is now filled.

Cute Cub's cock was a perfect fit for my bum hole. His length & girth was a great marriage to my anal passage making me feel ever so good. Cute Cub turned out to be quite a competent fucker. He knew how to pace himself so he could control his urge to cum. But he always ends up with quick hard thrusts that had this Slut crying out in sexual euphoria. I was quite amazed by his stamina. He also loved spanking my bubble butt & I would squirm & squeal in return, which made him spank me even more! We must have spent at least an hour fucking like rabbits on heat. 

Even at the end of that hour plus, Cute Cub still hadn't cum. This Slut needs to get him to shoot his load or I would consider myself to be a failure. So I pushed him down on the bed & went to work on his tool with my oral skills. Communication is key & I made it clear that I wanted his essence.

'Mmm... Fuck, your cock is so yummy!' I notified.
'You like it?' He queried.
'Hell Yeah!' I exclaimed & sucked him wildly to let him know how much I loved it.
This was all done in a bid to coax his seeds out of his nuts.
I think I must have spent a good 15 minutes blowing him when he announced that he was close.
'Oh yeah, get up & feed that hot juice to me!', I instructed.
As he towered over me, I placed my mouth just right under his piss hole. He wanked himself violently & I waited patiently for the extract.
'I'm coming, I coming.' He announced.
'Yeah, c'mon give it to me Baby!' I urged on.
And so, with a grunt, white nectar gushed out from his pulsing cock. He was trembling and shooting erratically; I tried my best to catch every drop but ended up with a face full of sperm. Haha...

I twirled my tongue around my mouth to lick up the remnant cum. Mmm... His juice really tastes as sweet as nectar!

And here's a teaser of Cute Cub spanking me! 

Saturday 22 August 2015


Dear Readers,

I'm Back! I apologize for the lack of entries over the last couple of months. I've been hooking up with a regular Fuck Buddy who's a Beefy 86kg Hunk with a juicy 6 inch hard cock. Besides pumping weight, he's been pumping my horny hole for awhile now. The sex has been great albeit a little routine. Hence, there's been not much to crow about, haha...

But this is Gayslut we are talking about here. I'll never be satisfied with just 1 cock. That's the reason for this latest entry. 

So, I've heard about the Lube Me Up event that is organized by Ten Men for awhile already. Last night was the event & this little slut with an itchy backside just had to go & see what the fuss is all about.

Entered the sauna at about 7.30pm & shortly there was an announcement that the event has kicked off. As I haven't showered, I headed for the shower room which is just right outside the steam room where the Lube Me Up event was held. So I conveniently checked out the scene while I soaped myself up. I saw the staff of the sauna applying lube on the naked patrons outside the steam room & after that they were ushered in. By the time I was done with bathing myself, the staff announced that it's full house already & we're advised to come back at a later time.

Oh well, no worries, I'm taking my time here. I went back to the locker area & cruised the other areas of the sauna. It wasn't too long when I caught a tall dude with a nice 6 incher. We headed for one of the rooms but found that the room couldn't be locked due to a defective door. But Tall Dude was totally fine with it so we ended up making out in the unlocked room with the lights off. Tall Dude must have liked the idea of leaving the door open for curious guys to see cos his moans became louder & louder as I worked my way down till I was sucking him. His moaning however attracted other guys to peep in & eventually joined in the fun. As the situation got messier with more guys crowding around us, I decided to make a hasty retreat. Tall Dude was obviously enjoying the attention he has created so I let him have the limelight.

Moving on to the other area of the sauna, which was another wing with private rooms & better lit, I spotted quite a few yummy specimens. But because it was less dark here, guys seem to be more self conscious of their actions with many just standing around. Not much happened here, though I did manage to touch some cocks.

Then I decided I should go check out the event & this time round there wasn't a queue so I offered myself to be lubed. The staff was all smiley & friendly. He started by applying the slime on my chest & worked his way down so that eventually he was lubing up my dick & giving me a little hard on along the way. He then turned me around & worked on my back. By now I was facing a line of guys that have joined the queue & it was a free-for-all to see scene. Fortunately the guy right behind me was a well toned dude & we just stood there checking each other out.

Subsequently, I was done being lubed & I was invited to go into the steam room. I opened the door & it was jam packed! There were guys of every shape & sizes all cramped into the miniscule room. I decide to wait by the door for Well Toned dude to come in. 

Shortly, I spotted him & as he made his way into the crowd, I followed right behind. In a matter of seconds, I was pressed against his back, the combination of steam & the lube made our skins super slippery & I took the chance to slip my palm to the front of his bod & gave his still limp cock a tug. He didn't resist the move. Feeling encouraged, I proceeded to jerk him as I tailgate him while he moved deeper into the crowd. Although he didn't reject my move, he was also at the same time busy checking out the crowd, looking out for new targets. I was kinda put off by it but I don't blame him. I did however, manage to give him a full on hard on eventually with my expert hands. He wasn't too well endowed, probably around 5 inches. 

Since Well Toned dude was so busy checking out the crowd, I decided to abort him & do likewise. Guys were busy feeling each other up & it's great that no one was a being a proud snob even though there were a minority of guys with really nice bods. I saw guys being sucked off & in some corners, I spied guys being fucked as well. I didn't see the staff handing out condoms, so does this mean people are being fucked raw? Hmm...

Not surprisingly, this Slut was pawed all over by random guys as I moved about the small room. I was clearly not shy as I slithered against the wet bodies, laying my hands on the hard cocks as I went along. Just as I was about to exit the steam room, I felt a hand grip my arms & I turned around to see a moustached top. He was currently being sucked off by another guy. He smiled at me so I returned the favor. Next he pulled me towards him & we kissed. I reached down to feel his hardness. It was a slim 6 incher. Then I felt up the bottom guy. He was a tough bearish guy & had a thick half hard cock which I believe would be about 6.5 inches if fully aroused. But alas, the bottom guy was adamant about sucking Moustached Top & didn't have much interaction with me.  Moustached Top, on the other hand, was quite into me, kissing me deeply, grabbing my tits & jerking me off. We made out for awhile and then Moustached Top decided it was enough & made his exit, with Bottom Bear in tow. I suspect they are a couple.

Okay, now that Moustached Top has gotten me all fired up, I needed to get things moving along. I spotted another dude that was being sucked off & body-wise, he looked decently toned. I approached & began agrressively fighting for his attention. I attacked his nipples & luckily, he liked what I was doing & the moans came. I did my best to pleasure him & when I eventually moved my lips down to his crotch level. He pulled out of the mouth that was sucking him & offered his throbbing cock to me. Wah... this guy was pretty hung! I think he was probably over 7inches long & thick as a sausage! I gobbled on that juicy meat & sucked ferociously. Knowing that he liked his nips being played with, I twirled my fingers around his sensual zone as I enjoyed his meaty cock. The guy who was earlier sucking him, finally realized that he lost the fight, fizzled out.

By now, I was sending Big Cock Top into the throes of sexual ecstasy with my skillful oral expertise. That's when he grabbed a couple of condoms from behind where he was sitting & led me to a corner of the steam room. Ah... so there are condoms provided after all. 

Once we were at a comfortable corner. Big Cock Top has me bent over & then he entered this slut's hungry hole from behind. I could literally feel my ass muscle being stretched as he shoved his chunky fuck tool in. Because of the fact that we were all lubed up & wet from the steam, He had little resistance & he was soon violating my man-pussy. Fuck, he felt so good inside me! I made a conscious effort to rock in rhythm with him & made sure he goes all the way in till the tip of his massive cock hits my tailbone, making me yelp whenever he did that. 

Big Cock Top didn't cum which was understandable. The night is still young & he probably needs to keep his reserves for many rounds of fucks later. Besides, the heat from the Steam room was getting to me, making me light-headed. So I was actually kinda relieved that Big Cock Top decided to call it quits after awhile though I really enjoyed the way his man-meat was filling up my void. 

To cool down, I decided to head out for a cold shower & head back to the locker area. But it wasn't too long before I was cruising the ground again. First, I hooked up with a young Indian chap who was already hard when he grabbed me. He was really into my rounded butt, grabbing them, jiggling them as he kissed me all over. He turned me around to face the wall & dry humped me with his 7 incher. We tried to find a room but couldn't locate one so eventually this episode died off.

Next I had my hands on a Rotund Bear with a thick pair of pecs. I had fun grabbing his bouncy pecs while sucking on his rather substantial dick. But alas, he didn't want to have a 1-on-1 with me so I gave him up.

But I was fortunate to run into another Sturdy Bodied dude who turned out to be a really sweet & shy top. Sturdy Bodied Top is what I would call a Submissive Top. He wasn't really sure what to do so I had to guide him along. His manhood when completely stimulated was curved downwards. Although it's in a position that is hard to suck off, it was the perfect arch for my anal passage when he enters me while I was lying face down on the mat. That's what I eventually made him do & it was one hell of an enjoyable fuck cos his curved cock was like a natural aneros that struck my G-spot whenever he plunged in. 

With him on top of me in that position, he is also able to give me a bear hug from behind & I felt so loved & owned when he did that. I was also able to kiss his bulging biceps & nibble on his fingers while he fucked me. I instructed him to lick my ears & kiss my shoulders where all my sensitive nerves are located. He obediently followed my orders & made me shudder as the waves of pleasure tingled through my body with those light touches. Eventually he announced that he was cumming & as he pulled off the protective rubber, I immediately felt hot cum raining on my butt & eventually forming a huge puddle at the small of my back. Mr Sturdy Bod came lots! We ended up cuddling for awhile & that's when I found out his name & that he's 33 years old. He was so shy & that made him extremely cute & hard to let go. But I knew I had to, so unwillingly I released my grip on him. 

As Mr Sturdy Bod made his way to the showers, this Slut was once again feeling unfulfilled. I haven't cum, my slutty hole was still wet & I felt I needed another cock to fill it! Luckily, I ran into Big Cock Top who just came out of another private room. I approached & immediately grabbed his dick. He was still hard. Good, means he hasn't shot his load just now when he was in the room. We went back into the room that was just been vacated. 

Without wasting any time, I latched on to Big Cock Top's hypersensitive nipples knowing very well that it would make his sexual urge hit the roof. I was right, it didn't take very long for Big Cock Top to push me down onto the mattress, spread my legs open, exposing my still wet & heaving fuck hole. It was of course an inviting sight for Big Cock Top as he covered up & gave me a good hard pounding afterwards. It was such a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, I was glad I got my hands on Big Cock Top for a 2nd time but on the other hand, his huge tool is also starting to cause a little discomfort as I tried my best to accomodate him. So imagine my reflief when he ultimately offloaded, his thick white semen gushing into the empty space at the tip of the condom. 

By the time we were done, it was almost approaching midnight & the sauna is now quite empty. With much reluctance, I cleaned up but not without jerking another cute guy off at the showers & left Ten Men as I was beginning to feel a little famished. Time to fulfill another hunger! To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, I'll Be Back!

Friday 12 June 2015


Just the other day, I was out getting a haircut & since I was around the area where the Money Boys hangout, I decided to go online & check out the Hunks available to pound my horny ass.

For some reason, I was in the mood to be handled roughly so it was just perfect when I came across this MB's profile.

This guy looked totally like some ruffian who could wallop my face into a pulp if I dared to offend him but his fierce-looking face was also exactly what this Slut was looking for. I wondered how he would look when he was giving my pleasure hole a good hard thrashing. And that bod! It was so chunky & thick, I imagined myself clinging joyously onto him while he fucked me. I had a strong suspicion that the bod pic was doctored though, but I'm hoping that the real bod will not deviate too far off from the pic. I messaged him.

Things didn't get off to a good start. He was quite uncooperative. I had requested to meet him but he insisted that I go up to his unit. I asked for private pics but he claimed that he didn't have any. For a moment, I was afraid that this might turn out to be one of those fake profiles. He did however, assure me that he had a big & thick cock & I was horny as hell, so heck it! I decided to take a risk.

Went up the apartment that he was staying & texted him that I was at the lift lobby. Within seconds, a beefy silhuoette appeared some 25meters from the lift lobby. He waved to me & as I approached, his face became clearer & I heaved a big sigh of relief. It was really him!

Without saying a word he beckoned for me to follow him & I obediently followed. When he brought me into the apartment which I figured he rented with other MBs, I saw that he had the Master Bedroom which had its own bathroom. Great, at least I didn't need to share bathrooms with the other tenants.

Mr Ruffian was a man of few words & that brooding silence about him was extremely sexy. After a quick shower, we proceeded to a massage & he did quite a decent job. I noticed that he tend to hover longer whenever he came near my well-rounded buns & I could see a bulge growing in the grey underwear that he was wearing so that's a good sign.

After about 20mins of massage, Mr Ruffian suddenly pounced on top of me & dry humped me. I could immediately feel a hardness prodding at my derriere. I was horny much myself so even though the massage was cut short, I decided to go with the flow, so I turned around & tugged at his underwear. When the undies were finally off, I was faced with one of the most beautiful cocks I've ever seen. His phallus was super straight, standing at at least 6.5" but what struck me was the girth. It was one of the thickest cock I've ever seen on an Asian man. Mr Ruffian wasn't bluffing me when he made those claims about his member.

I need to have that piece of meat in my mouth & that's exactly what I did. I pushed him down onto the bed & proceeded to suck him off. Because of the chunkiness of his dick, I felt that I couldn't apply my expert sucking skills on him. All it did was fill up my mouth completely. There wasn't any space for my tongue to play around with. But Mr Ruffian seemed to like it as husky moans of pleasure escaped his mouth. This Slut, on the other hand, wasn't complaining as I continued to give my best for my man's gratification.

Then without a word, he got off the bed & put me on all fours so that I was in a doggie position. My man is ready to fuck & I couldn't be more glad to have my private cave filled up! Mr Ruffian covered up, gave my asshole a liberal amount of lube, smacked my butt a couple more times & then proceeded to impale me. Surprisingly there wasn't any initial pain when he entered my man cunt. I guessed I was all ready to be fucked, hence it felt so good when he was finally totally inside me. He continued to smack this Slut's bum, grabbing those well-developed globes as he pummelled me. This guy is quite into my butt!

’喜欢我的屁屁吗?’ (Do you like my ass?) I just had to hear it from him. 
‘喜欢,很美,很性感’ (Like, very Beautiful, very Sexy) came his short & sweet reply.
It was all that I needed to hear & I purred like a kitten to reciprocate his admiration.

Next, with his gigantic hands, he lifted my thighs off the bed so that he was holding them like I was a wheelbarrow. I had no choice but to support myself with my elbows on the bed as he manipulated me. It was the 1st time that I was fucked in such a position & it felt special. In the position that I was in, I could feel every inch of his massive schlong as he thrusted in & out of my deepest recess. Mr Ruffian had my mind blown with this move!

Mr Ruffian's next move was more conventional as he flipped me over & fucked me missionary. I could see his face in this scenario & it was such a turn on just looking at that manly face.

‘ 喜欢我的鸡巴吗?’ (Do you like my cock?) It was his turn to ask.
 很喜欢!很大, 操得我好爽。’ (Super-like! So big, Your fucking made me feel so good.) I goaded.
‘我都跟你说了,保证你满意。’ (I told you you are guaranteed satisfaction) he smirked. Then he gave me 3 hard thrusts making me respond in kind with 3 'Ah, ah, Argh!'
‘叫我老公!’ (Call me Hubby) Mr Ruffian demanded
‘老公。。。’ I cooed.
贱货!’ (Slut!) He reprimanded & proceeded to give me a few light smacks on the face making this Slut squeal as I played along.

To shut me up, he placed his huge palm on my mouth & with the other hand, he gave me a hand job while he continued to simul-rape me. At this point, I was completely man-handled by Mr Ruffian & I just surrendered myself to all sexual S&M that he was giving me. So it was no surprise that I blasted my own cum all over myself not long after.

After this, I curled up against Mr Ruffian, clinging on to his burly bod like a Koala Bear to a tree. Unfortunately, Mr Ruffian didn't want his pics taken while we were getting it on but he was nice enough to send me a picture of his manhood after that. 

I don't think the pic of the cock was his own but it is a 80% resemblance. So here goes.