Sunday, 23 February 2014


Recently, this Slut had the chance to go to KL for work. Like they say All Work & No Play makes you a dull boy. So how could this Slut not have some fun while at it?

Ist stop was Sentral Massage which is just a stone's throw from the Sentral monorail station. I picked this place mainly because it was really near the hotel that I was staying. I also heard that the crowd here is mainly Mature guys & this Slut has the hots for Sexy Manly Daddies out there. Sentral Massage, as the name suggests, is a massage parlour where they employ the vision-impaired to provide massage services. They also have another section that has facilities like sauna/steam room & that's where the real action happens.

I got in at slightly half past 5pm. The place was quite packed & what I read was right, the clientele here is mostly Malay & Indian men in their late 30s onwards. Once I've stripped down to just a towel wrapped around my waist, I began to explore the place. It had the usual Sauna set up; locker room, tv room, sauna, steam room, a dark room & of course the other section where you can find massage rooms. I didn't see any private rooms though, so where do guys make out? Possibly in the dark room & that's where I headed.

The dark room was well, dark! In fact, it was so dark I couldn't see anything inside. It didn't help that it wasn't very well ventilated so everybody that I touched was sweaty & clammy. Not quite this Slut's idea of 'hot' fun. So I got out & explored the other facilities. Not much action in the Sauna as well, cos it was too well-lit & hence guys in there were well-behaved. Next, stepped into the steam room & finally spotted some action. There was a very muscular bearish Chinese guy in there which was quite a rarity here in Sentral & he was like honey attracting all the bees. Everyone wanted a piece of him & it was quite chaotic. I tried to lay my hands on him too but there were just too many guys around him. I did however, manage to manoeuvre myself close enough that I had the opportunity to grab a hold of his dick. It wasn't very big, about 5 inches. I figured he wasn't really worth me fighting for though his muscular bod was really sexy to me. I decided to move on, plus it was getting too hot for comfort in the steam room.

I headed for the shower rooms. There were 2 rows, separated by shower curtains. I went into the one on my left. There were 2 shower heads in this room. There was already an Indian chap on the left side, so I took the right side. In this position, our backs were facing each other & my tanlined butt is fully exposed to the other party should he turn around. I was sure my perky butt would attract some attention & true enough, I caught the Indian chap stealing glances at me from across the room. He looked young, mid-twenties at the most. He was tall & lanky with a sinewy bod. I didn't waste any time & flashed my slutty smile at him. He smiled back & straight away I signaled for him to turn around so that I could see the front of his bod. As he turned, I spotted his half hard black cock that was at least 6.5". Upon see that, I immediately dropped to my knees & crawled over to his side. As his cock approached my face, my mouth automatically parted ways & soon I was slurping on his dark chocolaty rod that is now a good 7.5 inches, fully extended. Water from the shower head was still running as he stood there. His juicy meat tasted extremely fresh; it was a mixture of cleanly washed soapy smell, running water & a tinge of saltiness as he leaked pre-cum out of his piss hole. I just kneeled there & sucked on without a care. 

Next thing I knew, another guy has stepped into the showers. He was initially taken aback when presented with the hot scene of me blowing the Indian. His face was like he couldn't believe someone could have the audacity to have sex so openly in the showers. But after getting over the initial shock & I guess maybe he really needed to shower, he moved in & took the other shower head where I've been using formerly. I, on the other hand, continued with the show knowing full well that I've got an audience now. And as expected, the new guy couldn't keep his eyes off us during the course of his shower. He did not dare to face us & watch but instead with his back to us, he kept looking back & he had the cutest butt I've ever seen. New guy was a Malay possibly also in his early twenties with a handsome boyish face & lean toned bod. So how could this Slut let such a fine specimen slip through my fingers?

I stood up, walked over to the New Guy & hugged him from the back. I started kissing his neck & shoulders, my hands roaming his young sporty bod at the same time. His whole bod was soft & silky to touch. Ah, how nice to be youthful! His bubbly butt on the other hand was taut & springy at the same time & I loved grabbing it. He didn't reject my advances so I got bolder & I reached to the front of his bod & fondled his cock. It was soft but he appeared to be enjoying what I'm doing to him, so I went on to jerk him hoping to get him up to his full potential. However, after a few minutes, he remained soft. That was when he muttered something to me in Malay which to my limited understanding of the Malay language meant vaguely that he was finished with business. 

Well, too bad. I let go of him & went back to Indian Guy who is jerking himself while watching me & Malay Guy play. I got down on my knees again & got to work. I grabbed the base of Indian Guy's dick with all my fingers & there was still a good 3 inches exposed. I pursed my smackers & went down the shaft until my lips reached my forefinger & then I went back up, sucking so hard that when my mouth eventually left his cock, it produced a soft popping sound. I deliberately did this a few times cos I knew Malay Guy was still watching. Then I let go of my grip on Indian Guy's boner & I dived in deep, the move caught him off guard & he gave a yelp. I continued to suck him in till I could feel his cock head go beyond my tonsils & down my throat. He was gagging me but I had to keep going cos the show is not over yet. The Malay Guy was obviously done with his shower but he was transfixed by what was happening. That's when I knew I could get some more out of my Malay stud.

From the corner of my eyes, I spied the Malay boy beating his own meat. Great, this means he is turned on! After awhile, I stopped sucking Indian & looked in the direction of Malay Guy. He's gotten himself hard & it's a good 6 inch of cut cockiness as he stood there & bobbed his stiffy by flexing only his perineum muscles. It was as if he was telling me 'Come & Get It!'. Gosh, can't believe he got hard again in that short time! The perks of being young! I knew my 2nd chance is here so I scooted over & imbibed that near perfection immediately. I lapped up his thick cock cos' I really couldn't believe my luck. I came here looking for mature dudes but instead ended up with young studs. By now, the action in the shower has already caught the attention of the other visitors to the Sauna & heads began to pop in & out of the shower curtain to check out the scene. Oh gosh, look what you've done! The angel side of me was chiding in my own thoughts. But hey, You are a slut so live up to your name! The devil side prompted. In the end, the devil won.

Malay Guy is now pulling me up. He turned me around so that my backside is facing him. He pushed my head down until it was on the same level as Indian Guy's cock. Instinctively, I opened my mouth as Indian Guy fed me his dark sausage. Malay guy then took the opportunity to impale me with his fuck stick & then he humped away like a sex-starved bunny. His pace was fast & furious. It's like he was in a hurry to cum. Me, on the other hand, indulged myself with Indian Guy's extensive cock. We have a quite a lot of spectators now & there's no way to stop the show.

I didn't have to wait too long cos within minutes Malay Guy was pulling his schlong out of my fuck hole, spraying his rich cream on the shower floor. He then pulled me up & whispered  'Where are you from?'. When I answered him, he went 'Ah...', his handsome face broke into a wide grin, as if telling me that local guys would probably not be as daring as me. Haha... Then he went on to say he gotta go & left after washing up.

Well, you guys would have thought the show was over, right? So did the rest of the audience as they dispersed. But within a minute, another Indian Guy stepped in. He looks to be in his late 30s, on the stocky side. I was still messing around with the other Indian Chap, so obviously our actions caught the eye of Mature Indian. Within seconds, he was jerking himself for us to see & his dick grew to an impressive fat 7 incher. I beckoned for him to come over & join us, got on my knees one more time as both Indians took turns to feed me their massive cocks. I couldn't fit both their cocks into my mouth so it was a case of me beating the meat of one while I sucked on the other. I was kept busy but I wasn't complaining. I soaked up myself completely in the scenario, imagining that I'm servicing 2 black hunks. I slurped busily on both cocks, sucking their nuts, licking their cock heads, running my lips up & down their steel-like shafts etc.

Eventually, the young Indian announced that he was close to offloading his seeds & the Mature Indian suggested to time their orgasm together. I encouraged them to do so by offering my face for them to cream. Mature Indian hastened his jerking speed to quicken the process. Shortly after, he announced 'Now' & both of them started dumping their sticky goo all over my face. I could feel my whole face was drenched so there must have been a lot of cum. Too bad I didn't have any camera on hand or I would have documented it for you, the readers. 

Stay tuned for Pt. 2. :P

Sunday, 16 February 2014


By the time I got to the shower area, Mr. S was already relaxing comfortably in the Jacuzzi. His arms spread wide open along the edge of the pool, heads tilted back, enjoying the soft sensations of the water bubbles all around him. He looked so manly & sexy in that position that I felt my own cock pulsing, making my woody even harder than it already is.

I got in the Jacuzzi & joined Mr. S. As soon as he felt me nearing, he lifted his head to look at me & I couldn't resist planting a hot passionate kiss on him. Words were unnecessary at this point. As we were kissing wildly, my hands were roving all over his taut gym-trained body. My body was also writhing like a python against S' beefcake of a bod. The water in the pool made our skin silky smooth & as our bodies brushed against each other, I felt tingling sensations coursing down my spine, heightening my sexual desires to another level. I need S to fuck me real soon.

I began to move away from Mr. S' sexy lips & slowly down to his neck, giving him hurried kisses. The I went down further till I reached his broad pecs & gave his perky nips a good tongue bath. At the same time, my fingers were wrapped around Mr S' rigid shaft, giving it a few good pumps. S, in the meantime, has assumed the same position when I 1st spotted him; hands outstretched, his head tilted back, resting on the edge of the pool. His breathing started getting faster & he started to moan. He is obviously enjoying the attention that I was giving him. Then he raised his hips so that his upper bod & cock is now above the water level & exposed to me. I took the opportunity to move down even further. I was still jerking him & with my slithering tongue, I licked him all over his nether regions, giving special attention to his heavyset balls. The double pleasure soon got to him & the swearing started again.

'Ganina, you are fucking good, boy!' He announced in his manly baritone voice.
'That's why you keep coming back to me.' I teased, remembering his comment earlier at the Smith Machine.
'Ya, Chee bye, I'm addicted to you. Suck me now!' He ordered.
And with that, he pushed my head down, rammed his joystick into my mouth & thrusted his hips up & down in the water while I stayed still & enjoyed the invasion of his fuck stick.
'Argh, argh.... Sibei Song. Argh... argh... Gan Song' S grunted repeatedly in his deep voice as he face-fucked away. 

Like I mentioned, I needed S to fuck me; so I got up & straddled myself over S, much like the stance a Sumo wrestle would take during a match. In this position, My manhole was conveniently place right above S' raging stick. All S had to do was thrust his hips upwards & he would have direct access to the private hole. That's what S actually did & because we were both wet, his cock head popped right through my pucker easily. I continued to maintain the Sumo wrestler stance & totally immersed myself in the enjoyment that is S' chunky meat sliding in & out of my slippery hole. S looked handsomely smug as he nonchalantly humped me while I squatted over him.

Next, Mr. S got up & ordered me to kneel on the seat of the jacuzzi. I am now in a pseudo doggie position, with my elbows resting on the edge of the pool, my knees in the Jacuzzi seat in the water & my butt presented above the waters & offered to S. S moved in, positioned his cock on my ass crack & gave it a few playful slaps with his hardened 5.5 incher. I responded with a few slutty moans.

'Oh, oh, ooh.....' I cooed.
'Hiao Chee!' He reprimanded me with a smirk.
'Gan wa eh Kah Chng!' I taunted playfully. 
'Ganina la! You gonna get it hard from me!' S rebuked.

With that, S aimed his cock head on my manhole & again without much resistance, his man-meat popped my cherry. Holding on to my hips, S began to pound me. He really showed no mercy & went at it with full force. The pounding was making loud popping sounds as he slammed his manhood all the way in. He was creating huge waves in the water & the water started to spill out from the Jacuzzi but there is no time to worry about spilling water now. We were both making all sorts of ecstatic sounds & didn't give a hoot cos we knew we were all alone. 

Finally, S disclosed that he was about to cum & he pulled his dick out of my hole just seconds before he erupted. I watched in fascination as he purged shot after shot of his milky white cum, shuddering away as he expelled the love seeds on my tanlined butt. Coincidentally, the Jacuzzi timer stopped & there were no more air bubbles in the water. I lowered my butt in the water & we both watched as S' sperm floated away. Oops! Sorry to the next users of the Jacuzzi, I smiled sheepishly to myself as this thought came to me.

As Mr. S got into the Shower, I followed. We ended up soaping each other, enjoying slow kisses & cuddling under the running hot water, which had a soothing effect & was great to do after a steamy session. As I have not cummed yet, I was still sporting a hard-on. S, noticing that I needed a release, hugged me from the back & as I leaned against his massive gym bod, he slowly jerked & kissed me around the neck & shoulders until I eventually propelled my own juice onto the shower floors. What a night to remember!

Mr. S' manly Gym-trained bod as how I remembered.

Monday, 10 February 2014


This was the 90s & Singaporeans have just discovered the internet not too long ago. This discovery opened the floodgates for people to find easy targets for casual sex. The IRC being one of the most popular tools in those times.  It was through the IRC that I got to know Mr. S. 

Mr. S was a serious gym goer in his thirties who hits the gym religiously 4 times a week. Needless to say his bod was deliciously hunky. He lived nearby my place & this made it convenient for us to hook up whenever S was horny. S has quite a kinky side to him. He likes having sex in various public places which suited this Slut well. So I guess that's why we became Sex Buddies.

Not Mr S' real bod. This bod pic resembles his bod.

Here's one really memorable experience that I had with S. As mentioned before, S is a regular gym goer so he has gotten so chummy with the Trainers in the gym that they would leave him the keys to lock up at the end of the night. This presented a great opportunity for S to get guys into the gym for some hot fun. 

I still remember the 1st time he sneaked me into the gym like it had just happened days ago. It was almost approaching 11pm when I got a text on my phone. It was Mr. S. He informs me that he is still working out at the gym & that he is all sweaty & horny. He also lets on that he's all alone & asks if I'm up for a steamy session with him in the gym. Well, well, how could this Slut refuse such an offer right?

Within minutes, I was at the back door of the gym. I texted S back to notify him & then I heard the back door being slowly opened. Behind the door was S in his gym gear. He had on a skimpy Gold's Gym singlet that did little to hide his thick pecs. He was also wearing a pair of black & yellow striped tights that showed off his bulge in front, he was obviously not wearing any underwear cos I could see the outline of his cock quite clearly through the Spandex. When he turned around, I checked out his well-rounded derriere as well which looked  like the butt of a bumble bee due to the color combination of the tights he had on . Wrapped around his waist was a wide leather training belt that serious weight lifters like him would wear to protect their backs. His bod was seriously gleaming with sweat & he was huffing real hard from all the exertion of lifting the weights. I gave him a knowing smile when I saw his get-up & he returned the smile cos we both are well aware of what's gonna happen next.

The gym was not an unfamiliar place to me as I also worked out there. Once inside, S led me to the Smith machine where he had been bench pressing prior to my arrival. He suggested that I continue the workout with him. I protested & argued that I would not be able to lift the amount of weights that he could. He assured me that he would be there to help spot me if the weights got too heavy. With that, I laid down on the bench & had a go at the task ahead. As I lay there on the bench, S was towering over me. His delicious bulge was just hovering over my face. So it was quite apparent that I never got to finish my sets of the bench presses cos' I was soon clawing at S' bumble bee tights, freeing his manhood from the restrains of his compact shorts. Mr. S' crotch was wet & musky with perspiration. It turned me on big time when I smelled his natural manly scent. As he straddled over my face & fed me his hardening rod, I sucked on like there's no tomorrow. Within seconds, S' cock was fully hard & when he is thoroughly aroused his member was a good 5.5"; which was a perfect size when he was face fucking me from the top. As he thrusted in & out of my slippery mouth, S started spewing profanities cos' it turns him on that way.

'Chee Bye, You suck my cock so well boy!' He scolded.
'Mmm mmm!'  That was the only response I could give him as my mouth was filled with his succulent weiner.
'Kanina, I kept getting hard just now whenever I think about fucking you here in the gym. I had to resist getting hard so that my hard-on is not so obvious.' He muttered.
'Now you better make sure you make me Si-bei Song tonight, you understand, boy?' He commanded.
'Oh yeah' I managed to say as his cock slipped out of my pucker.
'Chee Bye, Gan song' He went on as he pushed his steel hard rod back into the gaping warmth that is my mouth.

Next, S leaned forward, reached for my gym shorts & pushed it down my legs. My own woody is now exposed to S. Then, he grabbed my stiffy, pursed his kisser around it & sucked me in return. We are now in an alternate 69 position with me lying on the bench & S hunched over me. At this moment, We were engrossed in giving pleasure to each other. From my position, I also had access to S' low hanging balls & I would slurp on S' heavy scrotum that were dangling above my face. S' balls were full of sensitive nerves & he loves it when I slurped on them & tickle them with my tongue. It gets him into overdrive whenever I do that.

A close resemblance to S' cock with his low hanging Sac.

'Ah... Ah....' S was moaning away right now.
'Wa Lan! Chee bye! You know the reason why I keep going back to you boy? You do such a good job at sucking my Lan Jiao & my Lumpar!' He commended as he stared down at me from where he's at.
'Happy to be of service' I mumbled in between slurps.
'Let's get on with Part 2' S announced. 
With that, He withdrew his hot staff from my soppy crevice, peeled his singlet over his head & marched in the buff in the direction of the showers.
I too, got up from the bench & stripped myself bare & trodded behind S.

To be continued...