Sunday, 16 February 2014


By the time I got to the shower area, Mr. S was already relaxing comfortably in the Jacuzzi. His arms spread wide open along the edge of the pool, heads tilted back, enjoying the soft sensations of the water bubbles all around him. He looked so manly & sexy in that position that I felt my own cock pulsing, making my woody even harder than it already is.

I got in the Jacuzzi & joined Mr. S. As soon as he felt me nearing, he lifted his head to look at me & I couldn't resist planting a hot passionate kiss on him. Words were unnecessary at this point. As we were kissing wildly, my hands were roving all over his taut gym-trained body. My body was also writhing like a python against S' beefcake of a bod. The water in the pool made our skin silky smooth & as our bodies brushed against each other, I felt tingling sensations coursing down my spine, heightening my sexual desires to another level. I need S to fuck me real soon.

I began to move away from Mr. S' sexy lips & slowly down to his neck, giving him hurried kisses. The I went down further till I reached his broad pecs & gave his perky nips a good tongue bath. At the same time, my fingers were wrapped around Mr S' rigid shaft, giving it a few good pumps. S, in the meantime, has assumed the same position when I 1st spotted him; hands outstretched, his head tilted back, resting on the edge of the pool. His breathing started getting faster & he started to moan. He is obviously enjoying the attention that I was giving him. Then he raised his hips so that his upper bod & cock is now above the water level & exposed to me. I took the opportunity to move down even further. I was still jerking him & with my slithering tongue, I licked him all over his nether regions, giving special attention to his heavyset balls. The double pleasure soon got to him & the swearing started again.

'Ganina, you are fucking good, boy!' He announced in his manly baritone voice.
'That's why you keep coming back to me.' I teased, remembering his comment earlier at the Smith Machine.
'Ya, Chee bye, I'm addicted to you. Suck me now!' He ordered.
And with that, he pushed my head down, rammed his joystick into my mouth & thrusted his hips up & down in the water while I stayed still & enjoyed the invasion of his fuck stick.
'Argh, argh.... Sibei Song. Argh... argh... Gan Song' S grunted repeatedly in his deep voice as he face-fucked away. 

Like I mentioned, I needed S to fuck me; so I got up & straddled myself over S, much like the stance a Sumo wrestle would take during a match. In this position, My manhole was conveniently place right above S' raging stick. All S had to do was thrust his hips upwards & he would have direct access to the private hole. That's what S actually did & because we were both wet, his cock head popped right through my pucker easily. I continued to maintain the Sumo wrestler stance & totally immersed myself in the enjoyment that is S' chunky meat sliding in & out of my slippery hole. S looked handsomely smug as he nonchalantly humped me while I squatted over him.

Next, Mr. S got up & ordered me to kneel on the seat of the jacuzzi. I am now in a pseudo doggie position, with my elbows resting on the edge of the pool, my knees in the Jacuzzi seat in the water & my butt presented above the waters & offered to S. S moved in, positioned his cock on my ass crack & gave it a few playful slaps with his hardened 5.5 incher. I responded with a few slutty moans.

'Oh, oh, ooh.....' I cooed.
'Hiao Chee!' He reprimanded me with a smirk.
'Gan wa eh Kah Chng!' I taunted playfully. 
'Ganina la! You gonna get it hard from me!' S rebuked.

With that, S aimed his cock head on my manhole & again without much resistance, his man-meat popped my cherry. Holding on to my hips, S began to pound me. He really showed no mercy & went at it with full force. The pounding was making loud popping sounds as he slammed his manhood all the way in. He was creating huge waves in the water & the water started to spill out from the Jacuzzi but there is no time to worry about spilling water now. We were both making all sorts of ecstatic sounds & didn't give a hoot cos we knew we were all alone. 

Finally, S disclosed that he was about to cum & he pulled his dick out of my hole just seconds before he erupted. I watched in fascination as he purged shot after shot of his milky white cum, shuddering away as he expelled the love seeds on my tanlined butt. Coincidentally, the Jacuzzi timer stopped & there were no more air bubbles in the water. I lowered my butt in the water & we both watched as S' sperm floated away. Oops! Sorry to the next users of the Jacuzzi, I smiled sheepishly to myself as this thought came to me.

As Mr. S got into the Shower, I followed. We ended up soaping each other, enjoying slow kisses & cuddling under the running hot water, which had a soothing effect & was great to do after a steamy session. As I have not cummed yet, I was still sporting a hard-on. S, noticing that I needed a release, hugged me from the back & as I leaned against his massive gym bod, he slowly jerked & kissed me around the neck & shoulders until I eventually propelled my own juice onto the shower floors. What a night to remember!

Mr. S' manly Gym-trained bod as how I remembered.


  1. Hot story! Ru still in touch w Mr S?

    1. Unfortunately, we lost contact aft I moved house. And this was in the 90s.