Sunday, 17 August 2014


In this post, I'm going to bring you readers back in time to the 1990s. It was a time when this Slut was at the prime of his youth and also the period when I've had the most sex in my life. Haha...

Anyway, I think this happened in the mid-90s. During that period, the hookup weapon of choice was the internet & the IRC was one of the most popular avenues. So, one day, I was on the IRC chatting with random guys and then this particular one caught my attention. Let's just call him Mr. C.

What struck me as special about Mr. C was that he was very eloquent in his chat to me. It wasn't the usual convo about what I was seeking, stats & preferred sexual positions. Because of his eloquence, it got me curious about him and as the chat progressed, I found out that he lived in one of the most expensive condos in the east coast at that time. That condo was famous because it was built on an exclusive reclaimed piece of land that provided an unrestricted view of the coastline. The buyers, in this case, were obviously the creme of the crop in the country. Wow, this guy must be pretty loaded & could be a very good catch, I was thinking to myself. The chat did eventually veer towards the sexual direction & that's when I discovered that he's a top who's in his late 30s, standing at 1.83 & weighing 79kg. Every detail about him was perfect & I was clearly ecstatic when he invited me over to his place.

So without much ado, I got myself dressed & hailed a cab, heading straight towards that exclusive condo. When I reached the condo, I had to provide the block & unit no of Mr. C's pad to the security at the gate & I was then ushered in. Then at the lift lobby, I had to buzz Mr. C for access to his floor & that's when I heard his voice for the 1st time. He had a very nice manly voice! My excitement shot up another level. Everything's looking very good up to this point. My heart began racing as the elevator brought me up to the level where Mr. C was waiting.

Eventually, I was at Mr. C's front door & I pressed the doorbell & waited with abated breath. It was like a scene from the movies when the door slowly swung open & Mr. C's face was finally revealed to me. Then like in the movies, I also sort of heard a loud screeching noise in the back of my head, signalling an abrupt halt to all my expectations. I know this face! I've seen it numerous times on tv when he was hosting all those various variety shows. Mr. C, you see, is a quite a popular emcee who was billingual in English & Mandarin. It was part of the reason that he is quite popular because not many show hosts were able to switch between these 2 official languages on tv. Image-wise, he had always projected himself to be a prim & proper, decent guy, always dressed impeccably in designer suits. Here comes the problem, Mr. C wasn't exactly my type when it comes down to that, though he's a TV celeb.

Well too late, I told myself. I could also see the nervousness in Mr. C's eyes as he let me in. I figure he doesn't really do this on a regular basis hence the jitters. He was dressed in nothing else but just a bathrobe. Better make the best of the trip since I'm not going anywhere else for now. I reminded myself. I began to make small talk with him, complementing him on his very nicely decorated bachelor pad. I was actually honest about the compliments. His place is spectacular! You could immedaitely tell that it belonged to a man with expensive taste. And true to hearsay, the view from his apartment was breath-taking. 

I was lost in awe admiring the amazing view from his full length glass window in the living room when I felt a pair of hands around my waist. Mr. C has sneaked up behind me & he's now got me wrapped in his embrace. Uh-oh, this signifies that he wants to get it on. Do I bolt for the door or do I allow him to ravage me? On the other hand, this was a total brand new experience to me as I've never slept with a celeb up till this stage of my life. Also, I was curious about how big his cock was as I felt it harden behind me. Mr. C was a tall giant & I was hoping his dick wold be proportionate to the rest of his body. In the end, the curiosity won & I allowed him to lead me towards his King sized bed.

Once we hit the bed, Mr. C's true colors were revealed. He was promptly stripped of his bathrobes & he literally tore my clothes off me. He was like a hungry beast, sniffing & licking me all over like I was his prized catch. His hands were also groping my youthful body everywhere. I must have been half his age then because I think Mr. C was really in his 40s although he claimed to be in his late 30s. I would have responded in kind if Mr. C was my type but alas he wasn't, so I had to put on an act simulating sexy moans. The act worked & he went on a frantic mode of ravaging my whole bod. 

Time to fulfill my curiosity. I reached down towards Mr. C crotch as he licked his way up to me. As I wrapped my fingers around his manhood, it was all hard & ready. I was however a little disappointed. Mr. C's cock was a very averaged sized 6 inch. I was expecting it to be slightly bigger given his impressive body stats. So guys, cock size is not proportionate to bod size, remember that. Haha... 

But 6" is good enough for now. Mr. C has gotten bolder now as he straddled over me & offered me his dong. Helplessly, I parted my lips and put on a show of me enjoying his lollipop. To his credit, Mr C was really into me. It's just that unfortunately I wasn't too into him. When he finally flipped me over & fucked me doggie, I was actually glad I was in this position as I didn't have to face him. But I didn't have that luxury for too long cos he soon flipped me again & fucked me missionary style. What's worse was that he wanted to kiss! I had to oblige & it wasn't an enjoyable one. Mr C was a sloppy kisser. There was too much tongue & his saliva was all over my face after awhile. Mr. C was also a talker when it comes to sex. He liked to comment on how much he enjoyed my body, how great I smelled & how I was making him feel so good etc. As mentioned before, all this talk would have been an aphrodite if I were as into him as he was into me. Now I just want the whole thing to be over! 

Thankfully, Mr. C didn't take to long to cum. As he squirted into my insides, I just grabbed him tightly & coaxed him to release every drop of his seeds. Then it was eventually all over. I hastily showered, thanked him profusely & bailed out as fast as I could. 

On hindsight, Mr C could have been a really good catch. He was tall, carried himself well in public, rich & popular. It was just too bad he wasn't really my type. He hounded me for a few more days after that for more sex but I never went back. I'm sure if I had played my cards properly, I might have ended up as Mr. C's toy boy. But the Mr. C on TV & the Mr. C in the bedroom was a total opposite. So guys, don't believe everything you see on TV. Haha... As slutty as I could get, I'm glad I kept my dignity intact & not be lured by all that fame & fortune.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Who's a big fan of Bubble Butts?
You are in luck cos' I've picked some of the best looking Bubble Butts here for your drooling pleasure. Enjoy! :P

Monday, 11 August 2014


If you were an avid follower of this blog, you would already know that there are 2 body types that this Slut is a sucker for. One is the stocky beefy/bearish types that I simply love to cuddle up to & the other is those Bodybuilder muscular type that I love drooling over. And when I mean muscular, I mean those that weigh 80kg & above. These are the types that are the hardest to come by, so imagine my elation when I spotted an influx of Money boys from China that are of these qualities.

My itchy backside just couldn't resist the temptation of having these hunks fuck the brain out of me & in a space of 2 weeks, I have engaged the services of 2 of these MBs. :P

Featured below are some pics of the 1st MB that I engaged.
His stats were 26yo, 1.85m, 84kg. The stats were definitely befitting of a hunk.

He had a bad boy charm that I kinda dig & I love those slitty single eyelids! I chatted him up & asked for more pics & I got these.

Well, judging from this latest set of pics which are less air-brushed, he looks just as good, only less boyish. But it was good enough for me to make the decision to invite him over. 

When he was finally at my place, I decided to greet him in nothing else but just my sexy jockstrap. He was really quite tall, certainly over 1.80m but in person he looked less buff. I didn't think he's in the over 80kg range, probably around 76-78kg. But then again, these MBs usually give false stats to make them look more attractive. 

When he saw me in the jockstrap, his 1st response was, 'Why are you dressed like that?'. Dude, you should be complementing me instead of asking that question. Tsk tsk!
Next he requested to use the toilet. So while he was in there relieving himself, I just sprawled myself on the sofa & waited. After he's done with his business, as he approached me in just his underwear, I gave him my sexiest look in the hope of getting him into the mood. Then I asked him to give me a massage 1st. His 2nd response again caught me by surprise. He just blatantly admitted he was not great at massage, his forte was to fuck and with that, He flipped his limp dick out of his undies & shoved it in my mouth. Woah, you sure are one honest fellow, Dude!

Ok, so since he's here to fuck, let's get down to business then. Once I got him up to full hardness, I led him into the bedroom. We didn't waste a lot of time on the foreplay & soon he was nudging my man cunt with his 6 incher. Not so fast boy! Time for a photo opportunity 1st & with that, I picked up my mobile phone & snapped a few shots.

Then it was down to some serious fucking. To his credit, he was quite a competent fucker & he was also quite vocal about it. He would tell me to get into various positions so that he could demonstrate all his fucking prowess. He would also instruct me to grip my ass muscles to give him a tighter fit. The fuck was mechanical & passionless, not exactly the type of fuck that I enjoy. So, as time went by, he also lost his erection & then he offered to jerk me off. By that time, I had also lost half my interest in him so I took up the offer. But I made sure I came all over his ribbed abs. Haha...

Another shot of MB No.1 moments before he entered me.

With that unsatisfactory fuck done & dusted, I was again on the prowl in the following days. That's when I chanced upon MB No. 2's profile. 

These are the pics on his profile & his stats are as follows: 30yo, 1.82m, 86kg. Mmm... another hunkilicious one!

So I contacted him & from the messages that we exchanged, he seemed to be a pretty accomodating guy. Fingers crossed, hope this one turns out to be a better fuck. This time round, I opted to go up to his place, so we arranged for him to pick me up right below the apartment that he was staying. In the meantime, I asked for his cock pic & got this:

Ok, I have to admit the cock pic looked a bit unreal but he assured me that I'll be happy with it, so I guess I have to take his word for it.

The moment of truth came when he appeared in front of me. Wow, this guy is the real stuff. He was as tall as he claimed & his bod is actually as buff as what was shown in his profile, except maybe he looked a little older than the pics but that's perfectly fine with me as I like my men older. What's left me wondering is if his cock is as hung as he claimed. Haha...

He was surprisingly soft spoken though he looked every bit like a tough guy. He also knew how to seduce. He turned down the lights in his room & began to strip bare naked. He then proceeded to flex his bulging biceps & I found myself being drawn helplessly towards him. Next thing I know, I was kissing his biceps like they were some prized trophy. He then grabbed me & lifted me up in the air. The strength that he protrayed was such a turn-on that I had an instant hard on. 

I had to slow things down & requested that we do a massage 1st. He nodded in agreement & I found myself being thrown onto his bed. His massage skills were mediocre but I give him points for making the effort. He must have spent a good half an hour on the massage which is quite rare in the instances when you engage a money boy. Most would wanna rush through the massage & get you to cum so that they can wrap things up.

With the massage done, it also signifies that we are moving on to the next stage. I had deliberately not touched him down there as I didn't want to be disappointed if his cock didn't lived up to the pic that he sent. But this is it. It's time to face the dreaded Water Dragon. Fortunately, he wasn't really lying when he said I'd be happy with his dick. As I went down on his half hard cock, it responded in kind & soon I find myself sucking on 6.5 inches of a succulent Chinese sausage. I became lost enjoying his super straight fat schlong & I love licking his hairless balls that sends thrills throughout his body, running my fingers all over ridges of his abs muscles & grabbing his massive pecs.

It got to a point that he could take it no more & he hauled me up from down below & made me sit on his wonder stick. I bounced happily off his joy stick & then I pulled him up towards me so that I'm now hugging him while I continued to bop up & down on that pleasure rod. 

Me bouncing on MB No.2's joy stick.

Next he pushed me down onto the bed so that he's now on top & I'm pinned down underneath him. I continued to grab him tightly as he continued to plunge into my wet alcove. He was amazingly very huggable though he was muscly all over. It was one of the most wonderful feeling holding on to him as he rocked me. For a moment, it felt that he was my lover, making sweet love to me. 

Then it was back to me on top of him again. This time round I just stayed still while he went on to pierce me sensually with his thick rod. I was rock hard myself & when he saw that, he began to massage my cock head with his nimble fingers, giving me double pleasure. He was getting me so close to the edge & I knew I couldn't hold on for very long & then it happened. I sprayed all over his broad pecs as I released my pent up juicy white cum, howling as I did so.

He accommodated my request to cuddle for a little while longer after I came & we just laid there relishing the warmth of each other's bodies. Just before I left, I asked him for a pic of him flexing his delectable biceps which he graciously sent. So here it is.

So, who wins when it comes to the battle of MB No.1 vs MB No.2? I'm sure you the readers are intelligent enough to discern that right?