Sunday, 2 June 2013


I have always had an affinity for Taiwanese men. I love the Taiwanese accent & on a general scale, I feel that Taiwanese men are more manly than their other Asian counterparts. But on the other hand, they are less prone to being a male chauvinist. It is this perfect combination that attracts me to them. Since Taipei is now known as the new Bearadise & being a Bear lover, it was natural that Taipei became a shoo-in for my next vacation.

It was the last day of my stay in Taipei. I had a couple of hours to kill before my flight so I decided to call-in a masseur. Found a website that had all these yummy Muscle Bears; I quickly settled on D, he was one of the heavier set guys featured in the website. Yeah, I love to be cuddled by Bearish guys.

When D finally turned up at my hotel room, I was a tad disappointed. D looked very Uncle-ish; he wore a pair of very old fashioned black rimmed glasses, so he didn't look that hot to me. But the saving grace was that he was stockily built & I was kinda turned on by his bod. I couldn't wait to see him naked.

So I suggested that he take a quick shower & he swiftly peeled off his clothes to reveal a solid set of thick & juicy pecs that was the result of lifting heavy weights for many years. Then his glasses came off & viola! A rather hot-looking middle-aged daddy stood in front of me in the buff. He had a beer belly too cos' he's already in his 40s. I thought the beer belly was kinda cute too. The hotel shower room had an open concept in that the shower was encased in glass & I feasted my eyes on D as he worked up a lather. 

D's 'Well-Rounded' Bod.

So there I was, sitting on the bed watching as D went about cleaning himself up. I had nothing on except for a towel wrapped around my waist. The more I ogled at D, the hornier I got & I could feel myself getting hard. By this time, D was done showering & toweling himself dry. I hastily turned around, spread the towel on the bed & laid down on it. Making sure D could see the full view of my perky butt but not my growing hard-on. I didn't want to give him the pleasure of knowing that I was turned on by him.

D went to work fairly quickly. His massage skills were quite professional as I found out that he worked as a therapist in a proper spa for his 'day job'. His strong hands kneaded all the sores away from my fatigued body. I couldn't help but let out moans of pleasure as I felt the tired muscles on my bod being slowly relaxed by D's skillful hands. I think my moaning must have turned D on because I began to feel a boner poking around my bod, especially near the butt area. I pretended not to notice as I really wanted D to finish off the massage. 

Then D said he had to pee. As he walked into toilet, I could see through the glass that he had a full on hard-on. His full-blooded member looked quite thick & was at least 5.5" long. He was having a hard time peeing & had to force the cock head downwards. Haha...

After he was done peeing, he came back to the bed & this time round, I requested that he apply some oil on my back. With the oil applied, his massage technique changed. His palms were now sliding all over my body in long, sensuous strokes. My moaning started again, so I wasn't really surprised when halfway through the oil massage, D suddenly pounced on top of me & began half licking, half biting & half kissing my ears, neck & shoulders. His stubble sent waves of ecstasy down my spine as he did that & I loved it! It was like cumming multiple times & my moans became even louder so D got off me & shoved his fat dick into my mouth to silence me. I took it willingly & sucked hungrily, making loud slurping noises as I leeched on to his compact piston. I got him all hot & bothered, he kept repeating how good I made him feel.

My ass was also aching for some attention so I informed him I wanna be fucked. Without any hesitation, D agreed & asked me to put a condom on him. When the condom was finally worn, I thought he looked so cute lying there on the bed with his stiff rod pointing to the ceiling. So I decided to try my luck & broached the subject of having his pictures taken. Surprisingly, he did not object & even allowed me to shoot him with his face being seen. He even suggested that the both of us take a picture together. Of course, I had no disagreement & I went trigger happy afterwards. 

D's Skywards Rigid Pole.

It was a major turn on, capturing all his expressions as I sat on his rigid shaft & rode him wildly. Then we switched position & he went on to pump violently into my inviting hole while I lay on the bed taking shot after shot of him in action. The whole scenario was sending electrifying shivers all over my body & I feel myself edging closer & closer. Then it happened. I auto-cummed. I shot jism after jism of hot spunk & it formed a long white line on my tanned bod. 

A Happy D Pumping Away.

Then D pulled me up from the bed & brought me in front of the dressing table mirror. He made me kneel in front of him & went on to jerk his magic wand furiously. We could see each other's reflection in the mirror as he pumped away. I knew he wanted to shoot his man seed badly so I decided to help out. My tongue reached out to his balls & began flicking it rapidly. Then I opened my mouth & sucked his sacs into my wet crevice. I was licking, tugging & pushing against his scrotum, giving it a good saliva bath. It wasn't too long before he warned me that he was ready to blow his load. I positioned my face right in front of his pee-hole & then I heard a manly grunt. Next, I felt warm jizz raining on my face. I just had a sperm facial. Haha...

We exchanged numbers after we were all washed up & I promised D that I'll be back to Taipei real soon & would look him up. I sent him the picture that we took together so we would have this sweet memory forever etched in our phones.

I'll be back, Taipei!

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