Friday, 9 August 2013


The stout cub that I sucked awhile ago had me hanging high & dry. I had so wanted his piece of hot meat in my ass but alas, it was not meant to be.

Well, no point crying over spilt milk. On to the next target. I was so horny now that I need to be fucked ASAP. That's when I spotted a lean toned guy standing along the corridor outside one of the rooms. I sauntered past him & our eyes connected. From his lusty eyes, I knew right away he wanted me. I don't normally go for lean toned guys but heck, I need a fuck now urgently, so I turned back & headed back to him. I stood in front of him & started to lightly brushed his body with my fingers. He was aroused quickly & I took the chance to feel the pulsing cock underneath the towel. He had a respectable sized 6 incher. It wasn't too thick but it'll do for now.

I pushed him away & I stepped into the empty room next to us. While he was at the doorway, I sensually removed my towel, exposing my naked back totally for him. I then laid on the mattress & pushed my butt up in the air, wriggling it, giving him a warm welcome to the hungry waiting hole. He took the obvious hint & came into the room. After locking the room, he swiftly removed his own towel & pounced on me. Within seconds, he whipped out a condom, put it on his already hardened dick, lubed me up & then entered me in a flash. It was a carnal fuck, with no words exchanged. But I couldn't resist moaning when I felt his fuck stick pounding my wet hole. He fucked like an animal, pumping hard & fast & it suit me to a T at this point of time. I just need my horny hole to be plowed right now. Within minutes, it was over & he collapsed on me panting. We laid there for awhile & when he eventually pulled out of my tight ass, the condom got stuck in my manhole. I pulled it out, we both looked at it & burst out laughing together. I then proceeded to ask him in English if he came to the sauna alone. To which he replied that he doesn't understand in Mandarin. That's when I realised he was a tourist from Mainland China.

Guy No. 2 down. However, I still haven't cummed myself & I was getting hornier as each minute passed by. After I emerged from the shower, I decided to make my slutty intentions known. I wrapped the towel really low on my body, exposing my pubic hair on the front & half of my tan-lined butt at the back. I checked myself out in one of the mirrors & satisfied with my new slutty image, I proceeded on my search for another hot fuck. I strutted past many guys & my super low-rise towel caught the eyes of a few. I was secretly grinning to myself inside for attracting the red-blooded gaze of these guys.

I was back at the corridor & this time, a fair cubby guy caught my eye. He looked so cutely huggable that I knew I just got to have him. I walked up to where he was & stood across him at the narrow walkway. Our eyes met & I intentionally touched myself without losing eye contact. He didn't bat an eyelid. Hmmm... he's not taking the bait. On to the next level of flirtation then. I turned around so that my half exposed balloony butt is now on display to him. That did the trick cos' I spotted a sly grin on his face. He looked so naughty with the crooked grin that I wanted him even more. I moved over to him so that I'm now standing next to him & began to caress his body. His skin was so smooth as he was quite hairless but his muscles were taut to the the touch. I leaned in & I caught a whiff of his manly natural odour. It must have been a pheromone to me cos my horniness hit a new high & I tried to lead him to one of the rooms.

Instead, he wouldn't budge but pulled me close to him. He grabbed my bubble butt & buried his face in my neck, nibbling it hastily. I could have shot my own cum there but I knew I had to hold it back. To return the favour, I lightly bit on his right ear & snaked my tongue into his earhole. We ended up kissing each other passionately at that corridor. Then I couldn't take it anymore. I pleaded with him to follow me into a room to which he replied, "I wanna fuck you on the roof garden".

I was caught off guard. This meant we'd have to do a 'for-all-to-see' & I wasn't really ready to share my man with others. (The roof garden is an open area for exhibitionist fucks where anyone can join in if they liked what they saw.) A wave of jealousy flooded over me. I wanted him so badly but I don't wanna share him. So I struck a deal with him. "I'll do it if you fuck only me & no one else."

"Ok" was his short & sweet reply. With that, he led me to the roof garden where there was a large daybed. There were no actions happening when we got there. Just a couple of guys sleeping on the daybed. I removed my own towel, spread it out on the daybed & laid face down on it. I am now totally naked under the night sky, waiting for my man to give me the fuck of my life. My Cuddly Cub took off his own towel & climbed on top of me. He hugged me from behind & I could immediately feel his fat pecker poking around my butt. Yet again, he buried his face in my neck & nibbled, sending chills all over my body as he did so. I started moaning as I squirmed under his attack. 

Then he asked, "You want me to fuck You?" 
"Yes", I replied.
"Say I want You to fuck me, Sir!" He ordered.
"Yeah, I want You to fuck me, Sir!" I mimicked.
"Say gimme a good fuck, Sir!" He went on.
"Gimme a good fuck, Sir!" I played along.
"Spread your legs wider, I wanna see your hole", to which I obediently did so & I used my hands to pry my butt apart so that he has a good look at my starved hole.
"Fucking nice butt you have there" He commented. After which he proceeded to point to his own raging hard-on & continued, "You want this big cock in that ass?"
"Yes", I responded.
"Yes what?!" He barked.
Yes Sir!" I hooted.
"That's my boy. " He smirked.
With that, He put on a condom, took aim at my widespread hole & pushed forward.
When his cockhead pushed past the walls of my sphincter I let out a yelp. I finally have that desired meat fulfilling that emptiness inside me.

"You like that?" He enquired.
"Oh yes, I like that, Sir!" I teased.
"Good, how do You like to be fucked?" 
"Fuck me hard, Sir!" I begged.
"Fucking Slut!", he scolded. 
"You are not going to get it, I'm going to fuck You nice & slow & make You beg for more."
"Yeah baby, fuck me anyway you want!", I retorted. To which I got another "Slut!" from him.

By now, we have garnered quite a few spectators & the 2 guys sleeping on the daybed are now awake as well. I knew very soon, people will wanna join in the fun. I decided to take the chance to remind my Polar Cub about his promise.

"Please remember You are only allowed to fuck me, Dear."
"Who are you to tell me who I can fuck?", he reprimanded.
"But I'm a man of my words. Rest assured You'll be fucked well tonight."
With that, He proceeded to push his steely rod all the way into my ass until it hit my tailbone, making me let out another yelp.
"Yeah, You like that huh? Slut!"
"Yes Sir!" I responded.
"Good boy!" He replied, satisfied with my response.

Next, he hooked one of his arms underneath my neck & with his other hand, he grabbed the hair at the back of my head. In a simulated strangling move, he began to ride me nice & slow. I was man-handled by this manly cub & I willingly submitted to him, letting him take me to pleasures of the unknown. As expected, hands were all over us by now & they want a piece of the action. I'm also glad that my Polar Cub took no heed of the others & concentrated on fucking me. When the hands became more invasive, he hugged me real close to him, which was quite endearing to me cos' he stuck to his promise.

So there We were, me lying on my stomach on the bed, him on top of me, hugging me real close. I envisioned his twin butts looking like 2 extra pale moons under the moonlight as he lay there rocking my ass. It must have been a fucking sexy sight to the on-lookers. 

With his arm still hooked around my neck, he basically had me pinned down pretty much. As he rocked me, He would constantly whisper in my ears & asked me if I liked it. When I replied with a "Yes", he would suddenly jab his solid fuck rod all the way in, illiciting a sexy moan from me. He really took his time to fuck me & we stayed in that position for a couple of hours. Eventually the crowd around us got bored as they couldn't get any access. So we were left alone in the end.

"Have You ever been fucked like that before?" 
"No Sir!"
"I said I would only Fuck You & I meant it."
"Thank you Sir!" I said gratefully.
"I like You. You are a good Slut" He commended.
"You want me to cum?"
"Yes Baby!"
"Fucking Slut! Where do You want me to cum?" He then went on to jab me with his steel-like rod again.
"Argh!" I purred.
"Shoot your hot cum in my mouth. Let's not waste it. Let me have that essence in me."
"Nice, how about I give you a cum facial & then you eat it all up?" He suggested.
"That's heavenly!" 
"Fucking Slut! That thought is making my cum boil down there."
"Oh yeah, Give it to me, Sir!" I urged.
"Fuck you, Slut!" And he proceeded to hasten his pace, signifying that he's coaxing his love seeds to erupt.
"Oh yeah, faster baby, faster!" I encouraged.
"Fuck you, Slut! Yeah Fuck!" He kept on repeating as he pumped deep into my moistened hole.
"Oh Fuck, I'm gonna cum!"
He pulled off the condom & straddled my face & in moments, I felt warm spurts of sperm raining down on my face.
"Oh Yeah, Argh Fuck!" I heard him grunt as he exploded.
When he was done expelling his love juice, He forced his swollen fucker into my mouth & I sucked off all the remnant cream on it.

I have been highly sexed the whole night & I took the chance when my Cuddly Cub was expending his hot cream to jerk myself off as well. I now have my own cum on my palm & his on my face. I proceeded to lick my palm clean then I carefully scooped his fresh essence & slurped them all up. 

While I was doing it, my Polar Cub was watching the whole episode.
"Fucking hot, You are such a good slut!" He commented.
"You like it?" I took a jab back at him cheekily. Something he's been asking me the whole nite.
"Yes!" He said & laughed heartily.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Today, I'm in one of my super horny moods again & what better time than now to visit the sauna. So, here I am at my usual hideout. To my dismay, the crowd was quite disappointing. No... I was thinking to myself, this can't happen! I spent about half an hour cruising the floor & I finally spotted a rather cute cubby chap. Immediately, I zoomed in on him. 

He is definitely a 1st timer here cos he looked quite lost. Luckily for me, he spoke 1st when I approached him. He asked me where the steam room was which I quickly informed that it was out of order. I proceeded to feel him up & he got hard fairly quickly. His stiff rod was short & stubby, about 4". It was another dismay for me, I had so wanted a bigger one in my itching ass. He didn't seem to wanna fuck so we ended up chatting.

He is from Indonesia & this was his 1st attempt in going to a sauna here. From the chat, I also found out that he's into younger crowd. So I suggested that we go to another sauna with a younger crowd. It's free entry for him & I get to have a change of scene. He agreed to go with me & so we made our way there.

Upon reaching the other sauna, I told him to have fun & we went our separate ways. As I was horny as fuck, I didn't waste any time & soon I found myself in one of the dark rooms. Shortly after I entered the dark room, a stout younger guy followed me in. I had spotted him while I was changing in the locker room. No time wasted, I closed in on him & started touching him all over until his hot cock was throbbing hard underneath the towel. I grasped his veiny tool in my hands & jerked him as I kissed him everywhere. He had quite a sizeable one, about 6.5" & thick. Yummy! It would be a good fit for my hungry hole. I removed his towel completely, then I stood in front of him & ground my bubble butt against him. My ploy worked & he began to hug me close to him, dry humping me. By now, there were spectators crowded around us, one of them I recognized as my Indo friend from the 1st sauna.

I grabbed the stout guy's hands & tried to lead him out cos' I wanted a 1-on-1 time with him but he wouldn't budge. Ooh... So he likes to be watched. I decided then that I'll play along so I got down on my knees & got to work. First, I attacked his bulbous plum-shaped cock head, wrapping my soft kissers around it. Because of the sheer size of it, it felt like I was sucking on a huge lollipop. Of course, I wasn't complaining. I played with it like a child awarded with a treat. I kissed it, licked it, making loud slurping sounds as I went about ravaging the yummy lollipop. I paid close attention to the underside of his engorged crown cos that's where all the sensitive nerves were. Every now & then twirling my tongue around the veins & tickling the blood-filled tip with the stubbles around my mouth & massaging it as I pouted my lips. The mix of sensations, sometimes soft, sometimes harsh were getting to my target & I could feel his breathing getting faster. He would jerk his body when the sensations got to him & I know I've got him snared with my skillful blowjob. The crowd watching us are now also turned on & they started touching us. Some of the guys in the crowd also began to play amongst themselves. From the corner of my eye, I saw my Indo friend being jerked by another guy.

Like I said, the guy I was blowing was quite stout & his legs were packed with rocklike muscles. It was such a turn-on sliding my hands all over his thighs while I sucked him. He also had a firm rounded butt which I took the chance to grab. Hands were feeling us up all over & it didn't seem to bother my guy. I decided to take it up a notch & own the whole of his 6.5 incher. From the cock tip, I slid my lips down his shaft & went all the way until I felt his turgid cock head hit the walls of my throat. I went in further & his whole length is now nestled right inside my throat. Making use of my throat muscles, I went on to massage the love meat that's lodged deep in me, clamping & releasing it like a vacuum pump. It must have been too much for him cos I heard a wince coming from him. I decided to have mercy on him & went back up the shaft & continued to work on the plump head. He was obviously enjoying it as his body jerks became more frequent. I hung on to his fuck meat like a treasure, careful not to share it with the stealthy hands of the crowd. I picked up the pace & bobbed my mouth up & down his fuck stick in motor speed. Within minutes, I felt him clenching his butt muscles & I knew he was ready to dislodge. I grabbed his ass cheeks tightly & pumped his cock long & deep into my mouth. Then, it happened. I felt a stream of warm cream filling my mouth. I pushed his pulsing dick all the way into my throat & I counted 8 more spurts of hot jizz flowing down my pipes. While he shot his load, his body was jerking so much as if he was in spasm. I reluctantly let go of the juicy schlong after all the quivering died down.

The crowd dispersed after this & I never saw my Indo friend again. But I got a text later from him saying that he saw me in action. Of course it wasn't the end of the night for me, I'm only just getting started.

To Be Continued...