Sunday, 7 April 2013


In my previous post, I had mentioned that I met 'A', a hearing impaired hunky swimmer from the pool that I hung out at near my place.

'A' was an extremely confident guy despite his disability. It didn't seem to bother him at all. I think it helped that he's very sociable, he was a regular at the pool & was chummy with all the life guards & even the cleaner! He was a good-looking guy with a to-die-for bod. In fact, many a times, I felt inferior whenever I compared myself with him. Till this day, I still consider it my good fortune that 'A' made that 1st move to get to know me.

Ever since that initial incident where 'A' tailed me all the way home, we became close friends as we're both regulars at the pool. We'd do the swim at the pool & head on to dinner where we'll 'chat' about anything under the moon. I've always been attracted to A's sexy hunky bod & been fantasizing about having hot fun with him. But I never made any moves as I didn't think he would be sexually attracted to me.

That chance finally came. I remember it was quite late that night, around 11pm. I suddenly got a text from A asking if he could meet me. I was puzzled but I agreed to meet him. I asked him what was the matter & he said he was just bored & couldn't sleep. Then he brought me to a basketball court a few blocks away from my place. We started 'chatting' as usual (by half sign language-ing & half writing). One thing lead to another & he started asking more sexual questions like if I played with myself. I realized then where the conversation was heading; 'A' was horny!

'A' was a direct guy & he asked me if I would like to suck him off. Of course I would! It was practically a fantasy come true for me! So I nodded my head & asked him where we could do it. With that, he grabbed my hand & led me to the block of flats that is next to the basketball court. The back of the block was facing a big canal. Beyond the canal, there was another block of flats but it was a distance away. At that time of the night, there was virtually no human traffic at the back of the block & it was quite dark. We found a corner & that was where I got to suck A's juicy 6.5 incher for the 1st time.

This is what I remembered, A was leaning against the wall. He pulled his jogging shorts down to his knees, exposing his half-hardened cock. The sight was too tempting & I immediately got on my knees, wrapped my moist lips around his cock head & pushed forward all the way until I reached his trimmed bush. He smelled nice, of freshly showered scent. 

Soon, he was all hard & he started to thrust his hips, pumping his rigid rod in a rhythmic pace in & out of my mouth. He held my head still & I willingly let his solid staff occupy every available space in my mouth. My hands were also very busy, they were touching A's defined bod everywhere. I love to slide my palms along the ridges on A's six packs & squeeze his massive pecs. His butt was also very meaty & I loved to grab it as he pumped into my mouth. I was totally thrilled, every hair could feel the sensation that is coursing through my body. The feeling was also heightened by the fact that we're doing it out in the open! When A finally came, I decided to drink up every single drop of his hot man juice. It tasted so sweet!

Eventually, 'A' became my regular sex buddy & we'd go around our neighbourhood looking for new spots to have fun in. Some of our finds included parks, car parks, the 2nd floor landing of the Sports Complex, under the Mrt tracks, vacated houses & various public toilets. Every now & then, we'd go back to that block of flats where we had our initial fun. I guess it kinda has a very special place in our hearts. 

I lost contact with A after I moved out of that neighbourhood. Years later, the surprise came when I went to watch a local movie about transgenders in 70s Singapore & I would spot a familiar face in the movie. It was A's gorgeous face! He had a small part in the movie playing the boyfriend of one of the transgender. Of course, he didn't have any dialogue but it was enough for me to see that handsome face again on the big screen.