Sunday, 30 March 2014


It's been years since this Slut last visited the Oriental Pearl so I thought it'd be a good time to re-visit this unique country that is Hong Kong. A little research on the internet & boy, there are so many saunas that HK has to offer! Needless to say, this became a deal sealer for this Horny Slut & soon I find myself on a plane to HK.

1st stop was Action Sauna at Causeway Bay. Picked this sauna cos it was the nearest to my hotel. Upon entering the Sauna, I was a little disappointed with it. The place is small compared to what this Gay Slut is used to back home. It's also a little rundown. The consolation is that in terms of facilities, it had everything; lockers, showers, steam room, sauna, dark room/cruising area with private rooms. Crowd here are mostly regular joes who pop in after work.

Perhaps it was pretty late by the time I got in (past 10pm), the pickings were quite slim. Nevertheless, I decided to make the most of the visit & headed straight for the dark room. To enter the dark room, you'd have to surrender your towel & be completely nude. Obviously, that didn't pose any problems for this Slut & I began my search for a hot fuck. Making full use of my naked bod, I slid past all shapes & sizes of bare bodies, occasionally stopping to feel them up if I liked what I slithering up against. It didn't take too long for me to find my man. He was pretty tall, standing at 1.8m minimum. He wasn't too muscular but had a good frame. As my hands roamed his bod, I could tell that he goes to the gym though not hardcore. His muscles were firm & there was a slight layer of fat around his waist. Doesn't bother this Slut cos' I'm not looking for an Adonis tonight. And then as my hands went down under to check out the goods, I was pleased with what I found. His hard cock must have been about 7 inches long & thick. Just perfect for my hungry hole at that moment.

Without any hesitation, I pulled him into one of the private rooms & immediately got down to business. As we stood facing each other, I licked him all over lustily, devouring his manly scent with my tongue. It got him moaning fairly quickly, so I dropped to my knees & without any warning, I deep throated him. I wanted to show him how famished I was for a big hard cock. I was gagging on his 7 inch of wonder but I didn't care. I took a few shots of the poppers & it allowed me to take him in even deeper. I offered the poppers to him & he took a few breaths out of it. Within seconds, he was wildly ramming in & out of my salivating mouth as the poppers took effect. I, on the other hand, bobbed my head in tune with his thrusting hips. We were both working each other in unison. His hard candy tasted so sweet & I just savoured every bit of it.

Next, I turned around, got on all fours so that he could have a good view of my cherry button. 'Fuck me!' I barked at him. Instantly he got the cue as he peeled off a condom & covered up, then clumsily lubed my ass. He straddled me & placed the tip of his manmeat at my entrance. I took another swig of the poppers & passed it on to him. He had a helping as well, then he pushed forward & his cock head disappeared into my ass. By now, the poppers has worked its magic & I felt a warm sensation coursing through my body making me feel sexy & slutty all at once. I smiled to myself as I felt his piston sliding in & out of my tight hole. It felt so good, the way his thick cock fills me up. 

'Fuck me hard!' I ordered & Mr 7-incher went to work, pounding me till I was moaning in lusty ecstasy. He was a very experienced fucker & could hold his orgasm for quite long. We must have been in the room for at least 40min & in that course of time, he literally fucked me all over. He never came (he confessed that it's quite difficult to make him cum) & I was yearning for another cock to play with so we called it quits.

We headed for the shower & cuddled a little bit under the running water then we went our separate ways. By now it was past 11pm & I knew I had to act fast as the crowd is thinning out. Into the dark room I went again & this time I caught a short stocky guy. We were canoodling in one of the dark corners when I felt a 3rd presence. Another guy has decided to join in. I reached out & felt him up. Mmm...he feels silky smooth & his bod is rather taut all over. I grabbed him closer & soon 3 of us were pawing each other all over. 3rd guy was pretty aggressive & he was clearly more into me than short stocky guy. Eventually, he managed to edge himself in & cut off short stocky. Having lost the fight for me, Mr Short Stocky decided to give up on me, which gave 3rd Guy the chance to drag me into one of the private rooms. Let's just call him Mr. AH.

Once inside the room, Mr AH completely devoured me. He loved to lick & he was very good at it. He would swivel his tongue as he licked my bod, sometimes coupling it with soft nibbles. He knew where all my sensitive spots were & he had me squirming in pure pleasure. After about 15 minutes of him licking me, I was as limp as a rag doll. He could do whatever he wanted to me at this point & I wouldn't have the energy to resist. This was the time he decided to impale me. 

Lying relaxed on the floor, I watched languishly as I watched him get up & put on a condom. He had a decent sized cock which I figured was about 6". He approached me & threw my legs over his shoulders. As he leaned forward towards me, my butt involuntarily was raised off the floor & I felt his lil' brother edging dangerously close to my pucker hole. Within moments, I felt his rigid staff plunging into my dark recess. Then he started to pump & at the same time came forward & attacked my sensitive nipples with his skillful tongue. I was in utter sexual bliss as he worked his magic & I was moaning uncontrollably.

He fucked without a haste, pulling almost all the way out of my sweet hole & plunging in all the way in then repeating the whole act again. By doing this, he made sure that I could feel the entire length of his hot rod & I wasn't complaining. I was earlier satiated by Mr. 7incher hard pounding & now I just wanna be made love to slowly. 

Next, he pushed both my knees down to my chest & in this position he could make use of my shins as a pad for him to lie  upon. He was still working my ass as he lay on top of my shins & I was all curled up like a foetus under him. He reached behind me & hugged me real close to him while he continued to ravage my wet dwelling. I was also able to grab his firm butt in this position & it was such a sensuous feeling to feel the twitching of his bum muscles as he was plunging in & out of me. 

At this point, I felt that I was owned by him & I just surrendered myself totally. To reward him for making me feel so wanted, I pulled him down to me & we kissed. The kiss did it. Shortly after our lips were locked, I could feel the trembling of his butt muscles & I knew that the end was approaching. I grabbed his butt harder, egging him on. Then he went all stiff as he shot his 1st volley of sperm into the condom. I heard a groan & he pounded a few more times then I felt him go all limp as he collapsed on me. His cock was still pulsing in my manhole as he laid there catching his breath. I hugged him back while Mr. AH recovered.

We ended up going for supper together & Mr. AH became my local guide in the coming days that I spent in HK.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


This is another post dedicated to Mr. S whom I've written about in Torrid Sex At The Gym. Mr. S was unique to me in the sense that he never likes his sex in conventional places like the bedroom. That's why sex with him is always exciting & of course his hot gymmer's bod helped a lot.

This was one of those nights. It was actually quite late, past 1am. I got a text from Mr. S.
'Feeling Horny?' That was displayed in the SMS from Mr. S.
'Always', I replied.
'Wanna play?' He enquired.
'Sure, where?' I texted back.
'Let's meet outside the public swimming pool' He suggested.
'Ok, see you there.' I responded.

This was the 1st time that Mr. S requested that we meet at the pool & I knew he was up to something. With much anticipation, I made my way to the public pool that was just across the road from where I lived. Within minutes, I saw Mr. S' hunky silhouette swaggering towards me under the moonlight.

'Hey', came his short & sweet acknowledgement.
'Hi Sexy' I taunted.
'Where are we gonna play tonight?' I inquired.
'Actually... I'm thinking to sneak in the pool.'
'Woah, the pool?'
'Yeah, you dare to?' He challenged.
'Sure, it'd be exciting!'
'Ok let's do it.'

With that we made our way to a dark corner of the public pool where there is a low railing which allowed us to easily climb over. Once we were in the vicinity of the swimming pool, we stealthily made our way to the lifeguard's office. The office had 2 levels. On the 2nd floor, there was a balcony that overlooked the entire pool area.  That's where we ended up at cos' we figured it was the best spot, allowing us a bird's eye view of the whole pool.

Mr. S is now standing at the balcony, with his back facing the pools. He didn't waste anytime; immediately stripping himself of his tight tank top. Next, he started flexing his bulging muscles like how a bodybuilder would during a competition. I remember there was the Side Chest, the Side Triceps, the Front Double Biceps etc. My man is putting on a show for me, & I had to pretend to watch in admiration though what I really wanted was to devour his manhood. His poses made him look so sexy under the glow of the moonlight. By the time he got to Front Lat Spread, I was uncontrollably kneeling in front of him. With a tug at his jogging shorts, I exposed his hardening cock in the cool night air. I went in for the kill. In a swift move, I popped his half hard cock into my mouth & gave him a real good hard suck.

Under my skillful tongue, I soon got Mr. S up to 100% hardness.
'Chee bye la, U made my Lan Jiao so hard now' He rebuked playfully.
Upon hearing that, I puckered up my lips into a kiss & rubbed his saliva-wet cock head all over my lips.
'Oh....Oh.... Wan Lan eh!' Mr. S exclaimed as he felt the sensations my expert lips were giving him.
Then without warning him, I opened my mouth & gobbled up his entire shaft until my nose banged into the his bushy pubes. The unexpected move caught Mr. S by surprise & made him jump.
'Ganina, You fucking hungry slut!' He scolded.
With that, He decided to teach me a lesson as he grabbed my head, keeping it still & proceeded to plough my wet mouth. I just submitted myself completely to him as he face-humped me wildly under the moon.

'Stand Up' Mr S ordered next.
After I stood up, Mr S went behind me & yanked my shorts down exposing my 2 full moons to him.
Then he pushed me forward so that I'm now standing before the walls of the balcony.
'Spread your legs wide' He instructed.
Obediently, I did what he wanted & stuck out my butt cos' I knew fully well what's gonna come next.
I looked back & I saw that Mr. S was half squatting; his face was at the same level of my butt. 
'Gan Swee Eh Kah Chng' (Fucking pretty butt), I heard him mutter.
'Ptui!' That was the sound of Mr. S spitting onto my manhole & immediately I felt a wetness down there. 
Next I felt Mr. S inching closer till his cock tip was probing at my sweet hole. With a forceful thrust, his mushroom head popped past my sphincter muscles. Mr S is now inside me. He bear-hugged me from the back & I grabbed the railing of the balcony to steady myself. Mr. S did not show any mercy, pumping fast & hard like he couldn't wait to coax his baby-makers out of his swollen 5.5 incher.
'Uh, uh, uh, uh!' Mr. S grunted.
'Gan Ga Li Song Song' (Fuck you till you're high). He murmurred.

From this position, I could see the whole swimming complex & my heart started to race. The feeling of having Mr S fuck me so openly in a public pool greatly heightened the kinkiness of the situation. In addition, the fact that we could get caught also added intense excitement. This created a natural high & I find myself edging closer & closer to the climax.

'I'm gonna cum!' I informed Mr. S
'Yeah, let me see you shoot your Seow (Sperm)' Mr. S encouraged.
And with that, I let myself go as I released spurt after spurt of creamy load. Some of it landed on the balcony walls & I watched in amusement as it slowly trickled down to the floor.
Mr. S, upon seeing my eruption also came within minutes. He hugged me real tight & I could feel his legs quivering as he unloaded his man seeds inside me. 

I have always wondered if the lifeguards in the pool ever noticed the dried sperm stains on their office balcony? Haha.... 

Of course, that wasn't the only time we went back to the pool for fun. In fact, we got bolder later on & there were times where we actually made out in the pools.

Sunday, 2 March 2014


My 2nd stop was Mandi Manda which roughly means bathing together in the Malay language. This sauna is not easy to find as it's located in some business park called Taman Desa. It also didn't help that there was no signboard or anything displayed outside the sauna for indication. But my gaydar helped, cos' I followed a cute guy & he led me there. Haha...

Well Mandi Manda is definitely worth a visit. It's huge (3 levels, 2 sections of play area), clean & possibly the best in terms of facilities. But what's most attractive about the place is the crowd. Guys who come here are generally quite body beautiful. On that Sunday that I was there, I spotted lean fit twinks, gym toned cuties & quite a few hunks too. Most of the guys are local Chinese & Malays. The theme that day was Underwear which suited this Slut to a T as I get to flaunt my Sexy X-back jock strap.

My Sexy X-Back Jock Strap

Just as I was stripping down at the locker area, I sensed a pair of eyes zooming in on me. The eyes belonged to a suave mature guy in his 40s. I couldn't quite place which ethnic group he belonged to cos he looked mixed to me. He had very sensuous milky brown skin. And he had a slight resemblance to President Obama. Let's call him Mr. O.

Fully aware that Mr. O's eyes are trained on me, I slowly stripped myself so that I eventually revealed my X-back brief to him. When Mr. O saw what I had on, it automatically brought a smile to his face. Once I saw that, I returned the favor & flashed him my megawatt smile as well. Then Mr. O walked past me, all the while smiling & headed in the direction of the 2nd level.

I quickly pushed all my stuff into the locker, intending to stalk Mr. O. Unfortunately, I lost sight of O by the time I locked up. I was also quickly distracted when I started exploring the place & ended up in another section beyond the gym area that looked like it was another play area. There were dark mazes & private rooms in this area & there were hordes of hotties here! As I went about feeling up the hot bodies hiding in various nooks of the dark maze, Mr. O was temporarily forgotten. I was having so much fun flirting with the guys here.

But I would eventually chance upon O when I caught him lined up against the walls in one of the mazes. In what little light there is in the maze, I could make out his silhouette. I went in for the kill & slithered up to him. I started grabbing his pumped up pecs & lightly brushed his nipples with my fingers. The trick proved effective & soon Mr. O's breathing got heavier & there was a obvious tent beneath the towel that was wrapped around O's waist.  I reached down & clamped my fingers on O's hard cock, which now measures about 5.5 inches according to my experienced hands. O's cock head was quite big in relation to his girth & it would taste as yummy as a lollipop in this Slut's mouth. Without wasting anymore time, I went down on my knees & gave myself a sweet treat.  I was making all these sensual sounds of Mmmm... Ooh... Ahh.... as I lapped up O's cock like it was the most saccharine thing on earth. 

My moaning must have been an aphrodite to the guys around me cos soon the 2 lean toned hotties right next to me were getting it on. Next thing I know, there was a crowd surrounding all 4 of us & everyone wanted a piece of the action. I took the chance to feel up my neighbors & woah! What big cocks they have! One was at least 6.5 inches & the other must have been at least 7! The 2 of them were so into each other, kissing each other passionately which left their beautiful cocks unattended. I couldn't resist the temptation & maneuvered myself into the space between their legs. Then I latched on to their delicious dicks blissfully. Obviously, while I was busy sucking on that pair of hard straight cocks, I lost my focus on Mr. O & soon I lost him again. By the time I was done with the lean toned hotties, a good 15 minute must have passed. They never came & the crowd around us have become quite crazy so I decided to abort Operation Hot Cocks & resumed my search for Mr. O cos' I felt kinda bad that I neglected him.

By the time I caught up with Mr. O again, I felt that he has lost a little interest in me & I don't blame him since I was the slutty one who abandoned him. O was super gentlemanly though; not once did he push me away & allowed me to flirt with him everytime we bumped into each other throughout the night.

So to cut the story short, I had fun with a few other guys & I was pretty bummed by the end of the night. I was back at the locker room, changing when I spotted Mr. O again. Since he was such a nice guy, I asked him for directions to get a cab out of Taman Desa but he graciously offered to send me to the hotel. In return, I suggested that I buy him supper. From the time spent having supper together, I got to know a little bit more about Mr. O. He turns out to be a local Malay who was forced into a marriage & fathered 2 kids. Eventually, he couldn't face the lie that he was living & got a divorce.

When he dropped me off at my hotel, he requested to check out my room & we ended up having another round of sex in the hotel room. This time round, we took it real slow, stripping each other's clothes languishly, kissing like lovers in love. I ran my fingers lightly around O's chocolaty brown skin, the tingling light touches sending waves of sexual pleasures through his body that made him involuntarily moaning out loud. He obviously loved the way I brushed my fingers against him & his moans got louder with each passing minute until I had to cup his mouth to muffle him for fear of waking up the other hotel guests. Eventually the tickling was too much for him to take & he got up, flipped me into a doggie position & fucked me violently. However, due to the fact that it was already quite late & we were both tired out by the day's event, we never finished what we started cos Mr. O soon lost his hard-on & we slowly drifted into sleep in each other's arms.

The next time I regained consciousness, daylight has broken & I was feeling soft lips pressed all over my naked body. It was of course the workings of Mr. O. He has apparently woken up with a woody & seeing me in my birthday suit, stoked his sexual desires. I was still in a dreamy state as I feebly protested his advances with soft groans. My objection turned him on even more & soon I find my legs up in the air with Mr. O's stiff rod in my ass. He fucked me in that missionary position, bouncing himself off my soft buns. I am now fully awake & I pulled him down to me, hugged him & wrapped my legs tightly around his waist. We kissed hard while he pumped deep into my hole. We don't feel the cold in the morning air at all cos we were feeding off each other's warm bodies. 

'Oh yeah, fuck me', I encouraged.
'I'm sorry, I couldn't help it when I woke up & saw your sexy naked body', he apologised.
I laughed out loud & held him even tighter. 
'Fuck me harder, You feel so good inside me'
He obeyed & penetrated me deeper. I took the chance to kiss him, sucking the breath out of him. Then I felt his butt muscle tighten as he gave a few final thrusts. He was crying out as he reached his orgasm but it was all muffled cries as his lips were planted firmly on mine. Meantime, I felt my ass muscles being stretched as his cock went into spasms to spew his seeds into my man-hole. I counted at least 5 spurts.

That morning, Mr. O gave me a free ride to the airport. I'm sure glad that this work trip turned out well & a new friendship is forged with Mr. O!

The Gentleman, Mr. O