Sunday, 5 January 2014


After the disastrous visit to Sauna Mania where I only managed to get just a miserable fuck. I decided that I would opt for a sure-fire hit, a satisfaction guaranteed experience. So it's off to Hero Massage since I've read nothing but all praises of this place.

Hero Massage is known for its tip-top service & muscular masseurs. So, this Slut made his way there with pretty high expectations. To get to Hero, you basically take the BTS to Nana station & take the exit on your left. Once you are on street level, you would see Sukhumvit Soi 11. It's a 10-15min walk in, until the end of the Soi where you will see a bungalow -like mansion & that's where Hero is situated. If you are too lazy to walk, you could always pay 20 baht to the motor-cycle taxi drivers hanging around Soi 11. Tell them you are going to Hero. They would know. 

Once you enter the mansion, you'd be greeted by the mama-san or papa-san. Then you'll be brought to sit on a sofa that is facing a big glass room & the masseurs would be in the glass room or what most people call 'fish tank'. They would start flexing their muscles & many would smile at you if you made eye contact. 

This is not a time to be shy. Smile back if you like the boy, if not just move on to the next one. Also make sure you communicate your preferences to the mama/papa-san. Like I said, do not be shy. Some common questions they would ask you would be:
1) You looking for Top? (Just bloody admit if you are.)
2) You prefer big cocks? (If you say so, the mama/papa-san will help you to identify which boys are well-hung.)

Take your time, end of the day, you are paying for this so make sure you make the correct choice. On top of these, I also requested for a guy who can speak English. (Papa-san will tell you most can speak a little haha...). I also asked the papa-san which of the boys were gay & he graciously pointed those out. The reason I asked is because I didn't want to end up a straight one who ended up being a dead fish who is totally uninterested to service me. 

Unfortunately for me, it was dinner time & some of the boys were not present for me to pick as they're having dinner. I decided to wait. So there I was, gazing at the 20 odd boys who were all eagerly waiting to be picked. However, after awhile they also lost interest when I still hadn't made my choice. I felt a little bad about it but I didn't want to make a hasty choice.

Lucky for me, the boys that were out for dinner finally came back to join the rest & this time round I spotted my Chosen One. He looked a tad more mature than the other boys & was slightly more muscular than most. He also didn't seem too eager like the younger ones. The strong silent one, yeah that's the kind I like. I beckoned to the papa-san & asked if he met my criteria & it was a definite Yes. Only thing is, he's straight. I'm gonna call him C. However, when I made eye contact with C, I caught a faint smirk on his face as if he was confident that I would pick him & right away I knew he would be mine.

I was then ushered into another room where I met C & he lead me upstairs to my massage room. The room wasn't very big but it was enough & it had an attached bathroom which was nice. C & me started chatting. He asked me if I would like  a shower & I replied that I would like to. On that note, he excused himself to grab towels. 

While he was gone, I began stripping down & got into the shower. It helped that the shower was facing the room door & I knew that the 1st thing that would greet C's eyes would be my delicious butt cheeks once he opens the door. Then I heard the door being opened & there he was, my beautiful stud, C. I caught him eyeing me from top to bottom & when he was satisfied with what he saw, his face broke into the most charming smile that I've seen. I, on the other hand, smiled back seductively. Without taking his eyes off me, he also began taking off his clothes. When he was finally fully naked, that's when I caught a glimpse of his manhood. His cock was at least 5 inches long even in it's unaroused state.

He approached me & joined me in the shower. He offered to soap me which I obviously couldn't refuse. When his hands started roaming around my bod, giving me a light massage, I couldn't help but let out moans of relief. When I was finally covered with soap all over, He hugged me from the back & began sliding his hunky bod up & down my back. As he did so, I could feel his half-hardened prick probing around my rump. The feeling was so sensual that I got hard in an instant. I couldn't take it anymore & I turned around & soon we were pawing each other everywhere with full-on wet kisses.  He tasted so heavenly & he kissed well. I reached down to feel him up & by now his phallus is fully blood-gorged & it was a very sizeable 7 incher.

I had to exert a lot of self-control & finished up the shower. I told him I still want the massage to which he agreed. So off to the massage bed we went & the massage commenced. I was really surprised that C's skills were quite decent. He was obviously quite well-trained & for a good half an hour, he really worked away all the tiredness in my bod. Of course, my mind was always distracted whenever C's poker rod brushed against me in the course of the back rub. I had to mentally tell myself to not react & enjoy the massage. 

Then it was time to flip me over & I'm now lying on my back, I am now able to make eye contact with C & I just love looking at his handsome manly face. Whenever he smiles, I would feel my heart melting a little bit inside. In my current position, my hands were able to meander around his sturdy bod & tease his semi-hardon. 

So it was no surprise that the massage ended prematurely as he climbed up onto the bed, straddled himself across my chest & fed me his delectable 7 inches of goodness. I sucked on ferociously & tried to take in as much of his fuck stick as possible. He, on the other hand, was thrusting his meat in & out of my wet mouth. I took the chance to grab his firm bum cheeks & I could feel his butt muscles tightening whenever he thrusted forward. It felt great but I was in a compromised position, being pinned down by C & there wasn't a lot that I could do in return. Plus, he's starting to gag me with his chunky banana. I knew I had to turn the table around. 

I got up & made him lie on the massage bed. His massive cock was now pointing skywards unmistakably needing immediate attention. I got in between his legs & then I went down on him. I'm now in a better position & I'm able to take him all the way down my throat & I went at it fervently. I was bobbing my head up & down his hefty pole & I sucked so hard like I wanted to milk his essence out. I gave his balls a good tongue bath & also played with his nipples. I made sure my man was also moaning in sexual bliss.

I didn't have to wait too long before I heard the inevitable. 
'Do you want me to fuck you, Sir?'
'Are you kidding me? Of course it's a resounding Yes, Yes, YES!' I heard myself saying at the back of my head. In reality, I could only give him a silly grin & nodded my head. He jumped off the bed & immediately grabbed the condom & lube that were on the side table. My man looked so cute as he was putting on the condom on himself that I couldn't resist but to grab my phone & quickly snapped him. C was caught off guard & did a small protest. But hey, this Slut is not gonna let up. I assured him that I did not take his face & showed him the pic. It was then that he felt more relieved. And then I took the chance to snap another pic of his impressive 7 incher. Haha....

Moments before C starts pleasuring The Slut.

C's exquisite 7" of yummy goodness sheathed in a red condom.

The rest as you would have guessed, is the euphoria that this Slut experienced as C took over control & gave me a hard pound. It didn't feel like we were patron & service provider. We were really making love like lovers. He was kissing me passionately, I was hugging him tightly while he filled my hole entirely with his heavy-weight cock & pumped away. C made me feel so good that I eventually auto-cummed on myself. When C saw that, He pulled off the condom & jerked himself till he sprayed his seed all over my body. I ended up covered with both our love juices & it was the greatest feeling at that moment.

After we washed up, I decided to push my luck & complimented C on his awesome tattoo, which I sincerely liked. Then I asked C to pose for a last pic. Amazingly, he agreed. So for all you readers' benefit, here it is, The Chosen One, Mr. C.

In return for his excellent service, the tip that C got was of course a little more than usual. You're my Hero. I will be back.


  1. Haha we gay sex tourists all have basically the same itinerary.

    I went to Hero too. I couldn't make up my mind either. I decided to watch how the others make their choices. Most of the clients were 30s to 50s. I could hear the mamasan went around asking the embarrassing questions.

    I was not surprised that most were looking for tops and the matured uncles were especially bashful about it. By the time I made up my mind about an athletic guy who gave me the eyes, another uncle already point at him. It was too late for me.

    Then a very fair bear with the 5'oclock shadow came in and I quickly pointed at him without asking anything about him. He had a bit of Japanese look. I didn't know Thais can be so fair.

    I would say that his skills was okay but I was more interested in him. What I liked about Hero was that sex was explicit so I can paw him while being massage without the straight massage's guessing game.

    Did you notice the wall mirror as long as the length of the massage bed? I loved to watch my body glistened in the mirror with the massage oil. I told him explicitly to massage my manhole.

    I asked him and he said he was top only. I told him to go ahead to fuck me if he wanted. He put on the condom but could not get hard. I tried to stimulate him by acting slutty by slinging myself over the side of the bed. Geez I looked into the mirror and thought I was so disgustingly slutty lol.

    He was working on me from behind and I was hard as rock. After a while I got fed-up waiting for him. I jumped off the bed, pushed half of his body over the bed and fingered him.

    He's not exactly virgin down there. I applied the lube and penetrated him. He let out a loud moan of pain. I pounded him furiously and through the mirror I saw he was more in pain than enjoying himself. I was like an animal. I really enjoyed dominating over him.

    I only relented when he pleaded that I was hurting him. I took the doggy position on the bed for him to milk me while fingering me till I came.

    After shower and at the counter when I gave him his tip, he was so bashful that I laughed at my own badness.