Saturday, 18 January 2014


So, it's Christmas Day. My friend who bailed out on me is well-rested & we're both ready to have a wild time tonight. Before the trip, I had already indicated to him that my ultimate purpose was to find a Bodybuilder to fuck me & what better place to go than Tawan Bar which is famous for their muscle boys?

Got to Tawan at slightly past 10pm, which was just minutes to showtime. In the meantime, we could ogle at the boys who are taking turns to parade themselves on the stage. Browsing through the studs, my favorite guy was No. 50, who had one of the thickest pecs I have ever seen on an Asian guy. He had the cutest boyish face, coupled with the hottest bulky bod. He'll be perfect for tonight, I thought to myself. He also seem to have a delicious bulge down below. But alas, before the show even started, He was already taken by a chubby customer at the bar. Damn! I watched with envy as the Chub roamed his hands all over No. 50 as he sat next to him.

After losing No. 50, I had to look for another potential target & my friend tried to help by pointing out other candidates to me but somehow I felt that no one came close to No. 50. Then there was No. 8 who in terms of bod, was close to No. 50. His face was more mature & less handsome. He seemed to like me cos' everytime he finished his parade on stage, he would flash his smile at me as he walked past our table. With much egging from my friend, I finally plucked up courage & invited him to sit with me & No.8 was very eager! He kept suggesting that I take him out. I was however much keener to check out his package, so eventually I asked him & he said he would if I tipped him. We agreed on the tip & he gave me a peek into his posing trunks. Hmmm... didn't look very attractive & not potentially hung. After this, I sort of lost interest in No. 8 but he didn't let off & kept pestering me to take him out. Sorry Baby, I maybe a Slut but if you are such an easy target, it's no challenge. With that, I sent No. 8 away.

Then the show kicked off. If you guys have been to these shows in Bangkok, there are no surprises here. Basically, there were various segments featuring different hunks & it will eventually end with a couple of Hunks doing a 'fucking show' in multiple positions that you never imagined was possible. I specifically remembered an Egyptian themed scene where you had the Studs playing Egytian soldiers & various fluffers who played the slaves. So the story goes that the Hunky soldiers are slave drivers & would flog the slaves & force them into doing various sexual favors. It was a hot hot scene that had a little bit S&M feel to it & everyone ended up in an orgy scene. What was so memorable about this there was this Handsome dude who played the King. However, I do not recall this Meatloaf parading himself on stage earlier. No matter, I was transfixed by this Charmer who played the Pharaoh & I couldn't take my eyes off him as he ordered the slaves to slowly strip him, finally revealing his hard erected cock. I sat there riveted, I was transfixed as The King went about stuffing his shaft down various slaves' throat making them suck his thick staff. He even went on to fuck another Hunk who played an Egyptian soldier. Wow, I was super turned on by The Pharaoh & it was decided. This Slut will not settle for anything less than The Dictator. I deserve to be fucked by an Egyptian Pharaoh!

When the show ended, it was back to the Muscle dudes parading themselves on stage again. I kept my eyes peeled for My King but he was not amongst the guys. I was perplexed, is he not on offer? As time went by & more & more of the Studs were picked & taken by different customers, I began to panic. Is this night gonna end with an anti-climax? Should I lower my standards & quickly snap up one of the remaining Hunks before they are all taken?

To Be Continued....

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  1. you might have made a wrong decision. number 8 is a grower - about 6-6.5in. he fucks fast and hard, but i see you got my second pick so not much loss