Saturday, 11 January 2014


It's Christmas eve & I've got a friend who's touching down today & together both of us are gonna paint the Bangkok town red. I was really looking forward to this but imagine my dismay when my friend informed me that he's tired cos' he'd been rushing out work the whole night prior to coming to Bkk & that he's not really in the mood to go out & party.

So, would this Slut let a slight letdown stop him from having a good time? Well, of course it's a Hell No! I was determined to have a fantastic time & it was decided that I'd head down to DJ Station & dance the night away with or without a friend.

Got to the club at slightly past midnight. I was surprised that the club wasn't ultra packed. It was only later that I found out from a local Thai friend that Christmas is actually not such a big deal in Thailand. In fact, it's not even a Public Holiday! Anyhow, I'm not complaining cos' I never liked it when clubs are fully packed as there's no space for this Slut to show off his sexy dance moves.

15 minutes after I got into the club, I was already shaking my booty wildly on the dancefloor. The crowd consisted of every stereotype that you typically see in a gay club. You have the Sistas with their drama mama dance moves on the raised podium, the Farangs (Foreigners), the Sarong Party Gays (SPGs) who go after the Farangs. The Twinks, the Bears & of course the Muscle boys who would strip off their tops & parade themselves on the podium so that they could be admired.

So, this Slut was really immersing himself in the pumping hot dance mixes of pop songs, soaking in the ecstatic atmosphere in the club. It was then that I sensed a pair of eyes staring at my sexy back as I was gyrating to the beats. I turned my head slightly backwards & then I spotted him. He looked Eurasian, probably in his early 20s. Taller than me, he must have been at least 1.8m cos I stand at 1.75m. I turned my head back to the front & continued to groove to the music.

I wasn't expecting to hook up that night as my motive was just to have a great night out, to enjoy the music. However, it would turn out otherwise. The Eurasian boy never moved away though I was not paying any attention to him. In fact, as time passed, I felt that he had actually inched himself closer & closer to me. I decided to take a 2nd glance cos I didn't have a very good look the 1st time round. As I turned my face sideways, our eyes met & this time round I looked hard. Hmmm... he's actually quite a good-looking chap. He had a slight resemblance to a popular Taiwanese singer, Anthony Neely who himself is an Eurasian. 

Liking what I see, I gave him a slutty smile to which he returned the favor. Right there, I knew I've got the goods in the bag. Just as expected, moments after we made that eye contact, I felt a pair of hands on my hips. Eurasian boy has made his move & is now swaying in tune with me. I moved in for the kill & leaned back against his broad chest. I placed my hands over his that were at my hips & drew them in front so that he was now hugging me at the waist. He had nice manly forearms which I liked a lot. It felt so good to be in his embrace. We started exchanging formalities & I learned that his name starts with 'H' & forms part of the word 'Handsome'. How apt! I was thinking to myself. 

So there we were, enjoying each other's warm body as we rocked to the music on the dancefloor. Then H became more daring & started grinding his crotch against my butt. Of course, I played along & pressed myself closer to him. In a jiffy, I started to feel a hardness prodding my soft buns. Ooh, Mr. H is turned on! I reached behind & felt H up. The stiffened tool didn't feel very big but it was without a doubt very hard! In fact, in that 2 hours plus that we were dancing together, H never once lost his erection. I kept teasing him about his hard-on & H blamed it on his raging hormones. Ah, raging hormones! How nice to be young & horny.

Without any surprises, as we approached the closing time of the club, H invited me to spend the night with him. Looking at his handsome face, it would be a sin to reject him, plus it helped that he stayed just a stone's throw away from the club. And so, we ended up in his Hotel room. H excused himself to the bathroom & I immediately stripped down to my white underwear & flopped myself onto the sprawling King-sized bed. I wanted to greet H with my tanned bod encased in a cute white bikini when he stepped out of the bathroom. 

Soon, H was out of the bathroom & when he saw me on the bed, he pounced on top of me & started giving me hurried kisses all over my body. He was completely naked & in an instant, he was all hard again & I began feeling that boner pushing against my bum. I protested that I needed a shower as I was all sweaty & sticky but in that heightened sexual state that H is in, he wasn't going to wait for me to shower & assured me that I smelled nice to him. Haha...

H resumed his kisses all over my back & shoulders which were one of my most sensual areas & his smooches soon get the better of me as I started to moan & relented to the fact that I'm never gonna get my shower. As H went further down south, he approached my white undies & gingerly pulled it down over my mound of fleshy rump. I'm now totally stripped bare by H & I'm at his utter mercy. Next, he buried his face in my bubblelicious butt, giving it a wild rim & at the same time telling me how he had waited all night for this. He kept complimenting my voluptuous bottom, how it kept him hard all night as he grinded against me on the dance floor.

I decided to return him the favor & pulled him down onto the bed so that he is now lying on his back on the bed. His legs were spread wide open & his 5 inches of hot meat is obviously needing some loving attention. I got in between his legs & went right on target. In a swift gulp, I gobbled up his firm wiener fully in my wet trap. It helped that he wasn't too hung & I was able to work my magic without choking myself. H crossed his hands & placed them behind his head & watched smilingly at me as I sucked on while maintaining eye contact with him. I must have looked like a wanton slut then but I didn't care. I just wanted to make sure my man is pleasured. 

Then H pulled my up against him & we kissed passionately. He was a very good kisser & he obviously likes smooching. We spent a good while sucking each other's face & in that time his hands were also busy roaming around my body which inevitably ends up grabbing my spongy buns. He kept saying my skin was damn smooth & that I smelled so nice. He would bury his face on my neck & take deep breaths from there.

Eventually, we got on to the Main Event where H put me in a doggie position at the edge of the bed. At this height, my man cunt was on the same level as H's pulsing cock as he stood there by the bedside. As he plunged forward into my dark access, I felt like a bride who has finally managed to consummate her wedding to the groom. H was a competent fucker. Perhaps knowing that he's not too hung, he liked to fuck deep & whenever he did that, his cock tip would massage my G spot & made me moan out loud. 

H came fairly quickly. I wasn't surprised cos he'd been horny all night but what astonished me was that his dick was still stone hard even after he had cummed. I was amused & couldn't stop playing with it, tickling his balls & milking his still rigid prick with my hands. Within minutes, he was ready for another round & this time he gave me a good pound. We ended up in a Scissor Fuck position where I was lying sideways on the bed with him sitting on one of my thighs while my other thigh was resting on his shoulder. In this position, H had full access to my man hole & he could go real deep inside. This was one of my favorite positions apparently for the deepness of the fuck that could be achieved. This time, we timed ourselves so that both of us shot our load at the same time. Exhausted, we would then hug each other to sleep.

Who would have thought that a night out alone would end up this way? 

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