Saturday, 20 September 2014


It was another usual weekday night & the Slut was just chilling with some TV on the couch when my phone buzzed with a message. When I opened up the message, I was greeted by this exotic Hunk.

Mmm... yum yum, I thought to myself as I checked him out. He had a delicious looking light Chocolate skin tone that I had an affinity for. His stats were equally delectable, standing at 1.80m & weighing 86kg. But I couldn't quite figure out which Nationality he's from. I decided to probe further.

Turns out, he is a Ceylonese. Ooh, I've never had Ceylonese meat before! That got me sexcited immediately & I knew I had to have this piece of exotic brawn. I made it a mission to lure him in.

The chat went on to him talking about his fetish, so I decided to play along, knowing I'd definitely engage him. And I was right; we were soon talking about the scenario of our hook up. So basically this is how he'd like to have his fetish fulfilled. He loved swimmers in tight trunks & wanted me to dress up as one, with goggles & all, just like those guys you see in Japanese porn. Sure, anything to suit your palate, Mr Ceylon. He would then come up to my place dressed as a beach bum in sunglasses.

He said he could be at my place in 1/2 hour, so I immediately sprung to action. By the time, I was done with setting up the place, Mr Ceylon has reached just in time for a hot fuck. As he approached my unit, I took a peek & spotted a hot Chunky dude in tight tank top & surfer shorts, wearing sunglasses. As for myself, I'm already dressed as a Jap porn swimmer in my super tight white trunks that accentuated my bubbly butt.

As he approached my unit, I left the door slightly ajar & stood behind it. He eventually reached my house, pushed open the door & was greeted by this Slut posing sexily against the wall. 

Instantly he pounced on me, coming up behind me & grinded his crotch against my behinds. I felt a growing hardness against my bum as he pushed against me & kissed my neck & shoulders wildly. Wow, things are really heating up here. I need to slow things down. 

I suggested to him to take a few shots of me in that swimmer's get-up & he readily agreed; snapping away with his mobile phone. I could still see a huge tent in his beach shorts while he was shooting me. Obviously, he's really turned on by the whole scenario. 

I, on the other hand, was also curious to check out the goods underneath those loose fitting shorts. So, after awhile, I slowly crawled towards him. He was still fully clothed & wearing his sunglasses. He looked every bit like a beach dude. My eyes were fixated on the attention-grabbing bulge & I find my fingers reaching for the strings that are tied around his shorts. Frantically, I loosened the knot on the strings, gave a quick tuck & I was presented with his succulent 7.5 inches of cock.

I continued to kneel with him towering over me, hips on his waist in a manly stance. I stuck my tongue out, cupped his heavy balls & proceeded to lick while he watched. I imagined that it was literally a hot scene out of the Jap porn for him; a goggled swimmer latching hungrily on his hard tool. Yeah, fulfilling your fantasies here, Hot Stud.

I was clearly not satisfied with just sucking his thick cock, so my hands roamed upwards to his upper body, caressing it sensually. He was really well-built, with hard muscles all round that came with huge thick pecs, just like the way I like my man to be. His legs & butt were also all muscly & it was a huge pleasure for this Slut as I touched him all over. I really couldn't believe my luck that I had caught this slab of prime beef so I told myself to really enjoy it.

Mr Ceylon's Chunky Beefy Bod

Fortunately, Mr Ceylon wasn't in too much of a hurry & allowed me to enjoy his body. His black tank top was getting in the way of my hands so I lifted up the front of his tank top & placed it at the back of his neck. He looked even more heavenly with his tank top tucked in that manner & I proceeded to savour his hunky bod now that I had free access. He had really sensitive nipples & it was obviously hard-wired to his fuck stick. Whenever I played with his nipples his 7.5 incher would go from hard to rock hard. He also liked his armpits licked & would let out masculine groans whenever I did that.

Now that I knew all the hot spots on Mr Ceylon's body, it's now my mission to get him all worked up so that he would wanna fuck me. Mr Ceylon is now seated on my sofa, legs spread wide open, allowing me to get into the space in between so that I could continue to revel in his hunky bod. I went on to work, touching, licking all his G-spots with my mouth busy sucking on his extremely hefty cock. I had a little bit of problem taking it all the way in but I told myself I need to give it my best. With a little help from poppers, I managed to shove his large cock down my throat. I went on a frenzy from the high of the poppers & I was literally banging my face against his pelvis, keeping his cock tip deep down my throat.

My ploy worked cos Mr Ceylon eventually got up from the sofa, pulled me up, placed me at the edge of the sofa, covered up & gave me a good pump in my ravenous hole. Oh gosh, it felt so surreal with Mr Ceylon's massive cock sliding in & out of my wet slippery hole. I took another hit of the poppers & let the effect take me to a higher level as I relished the sensations his fuck rod was giving me.

However, due to the astounding size of his cock, Mr Ceylon would lose his hardness from time to time. No problemo, this Slut knows how to kick start that hardness & I would attack his nipples & armpits. When Mr. Ceylon is sufficiently hard enough, he would proceed to bang me senseless. 

We made out for a long time that night. What started at the living room was later moved into the bedroom & was then brought back into the living room again. In that whole time, Mr Ceylon fucked me numerous times. In between fucks, I would hit his hot spots so that he would maintain a certain level of hardness to continue humping my starved hole. Whenever, he wants to ram me, he would change into a new condom. So at the end of the fuck session, I would find multiple used condoms strewn around the house.

Oh, just so you guys are wondering, Mr Ceylon finally dumped his joy juice on my face while I was still wearing the swim goggles. In the whole time, he also made sure he had his sunglasses on. 

Who would've guesssed that a usual weekday would end up this hot?! It truly was an Unexpected Surpise.

Mr Ceylon's limp cock after he was done with me.