Sunday, 7 December 2014


I'm sure all of us have fantasized about sex with celebrities, right? It was always one of our hottest fantasies to bed a celeb, especially someone whom you've been lusting after. Well, this lucky Slut did eventually have such an opportunity. This was in the 90s and the celeb in question happened to be one of my man crush in that era.

The guy in question, was a pretty well known singer in the late 80s. He came into the spotlight because he was one of those who was blessed with crystal clear vocals. His voice was always soothing & effortless even when he hits the high notes. It was never ear-piercing screechy & that was part of the reason many fell in love with him. Me included. It also helped that he was cute as hell which was a rarity in the local entertainment scene. This guy was Idol material.

And I was right. As more & more people sat up & listened, his celeb status started to climb. When he started out, he was just a regular dude with a very like-able face & angelic voice. Then as he became more well-received, he started working out & began to hone a really hunky bod. Needless to say, this Slut fully welcomed this new improved sexy version of my idol. And then BOOM! That bod propelled him to even greater heights of the popularity. People from other parts of Asia started to hear about his name. He was one of this country's pride cos he had the whole package. Good looks, great voice, a bod to die for & very soon he was well-known in the Mandarin Pop industry across Asia.

There's a saying that goes, the higher you climb, the harder you fall. With the fame that he acquired, it also meant his life eventually became more & more public. I'm guessing he was not prepared for the invasion of his private life & the stress of having to deal with it, especially with the aggressive tabloids abroad. It came to a point where he made an abrupt decision to leave the entertainment industry. It was such bad news for his fans cos although we did suspect his sexual preference, we never really cared cos we loved his voice & the songs that he was putting out. Anyway, he quickly faded into oblivion & soon most people have forgotten about him by the mid 90s but not this Slut.

The fortunate event happened sometime in the late 90s. During that time, people were discovering Gay dating websites. These websites were usually set up by foreign companies in the States. It became hugely popular with the local gay crowd. We could set up a profile, give ourselves a fancy nickname & then we could start corresponding with guys who caught our eyes. I remember I was logged in to one of these websites & a profile caught my attention. It featured a hunky bod with the face cropped off. But the beautifully sculpted pecs on this guy's profile was alluring enough to ignite my sexual desires. He had a short & sweet message for those browsing through too. He's looking for casual fun. Perfect for this Horny Slut.

I decided to leave him a message to let him know I'm keen to play. To cut the story short, there were a few back & forths between me & him after that. But when I requested for his face pic, I was rejected as he claimed he's discreet. I usually do not proceed further in scenarios like these cos there are a lot of fakes out there. But somehow that day, perhaps due to the fact that I was extremely horny, I decided to take a gamble. I asked for his address & headed over to his place.

When I reached his place at the eastern part of the country, I went up to his apartment & knocked on the door. Next, I heard a voice calling out from the inside telling me that the door is not locked & to let myself in. I turned the door knob & found myself in a cosy, dimly lit 3 room apartment. The decor was Oriental themed, with Buddha statues placed throughout the living room. There were also a lot of Fish tanks in the house. Hmmm... this guy must love fishes. Then the voice spoke again & it came from one of the bedrooms. The room door was opened slightly, leaving a gap. I approached & slowly pushed the door open to finally reveal the owner of the house.

Fuck! It's him!!! That would be my thought bubble if this was a scene from an erotic comic. I was caught totally off guard when I saw his face. I just couldn't believe my good luck! This guy is that one celeb that I've fantasized umpteen times about . I was so stunned by the face presented to me that I literally froze at the doorway. He was seated in an armchair next to his bed & luckily he made the 1st move by beckoning to me. Still dazed with the realization that I've stumbled on the good fortune of bumping into my Idol, I sheepishly approached him.

As I advanced towards him, he stood up. Our eyes met & I'm sure he must have caught the moment when I realized that I recognized him but he chose not to acknowledge that. Anyway, he still looks quite good albeit a little haggard. His face was devoid of expression, his eyes lifeless. Life must have been hard for him ever since he quit being a pop star. A hundred questions were running through my mind. Where have you been? How could you just vanish like that? Do you know you let all your fans down? etc. Surprisingly, my 1st thought wasn't to suck his cock.

Before I could make any move, he reached out for my shoulders & gave it a downward push so that I would consequently end up kneeling in front of him. My eyes is now at the same level as his crotch. I looked up at his handsome face & without a word, he nodded; signifying I have permission to reach for him. 

Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!! This is unbelievable! I could almost hear the silent cries in my mind. On the one hand, I was ecstatic to fulfill my lust for one of my sexual fantasies but in reality, I was nervous as hell! With trembling hands, I reached for the buttons on his berms, unbuttoned them & as his shorts dropped to the ground, I buried my face into his pelvis. The only thing that is separating his manhood & my lips now is his underwear. But at this moment, it was enough just to take in the musky scent of his crotch area as I rubbed my face around it.

When I looked up again, his eyes is still as listless as ever. Oh poor Baby, what has life done to you? You look like you've lost all hope. It was then that I made up my mind to do my best to satisfy him sexually. It was the least I could do. My fingers crept up to his upper bod & caressed it. His bod is no longer as toned as how it was during its peak but the sculpted square pecs are still there. Gingerly, I stood up & stripped him of his t-shirt. A semi-naked Idol is now standing before me. OMG! I have run through this scene in my mind countless times & it's so surreal that this is happening for real!

I leaned in to his neck & started gently kissing there. Then my lips slowly meandered down to his chiseled chest, the manly thick pecs that I've had numerous wet dreams about. I continued planting kisses all over his sexy chest till I reached his nipples. I stuck out my tongue & gave one of his nips full attention while my palm groped the other side of his bouncy pectorals & took full advantage of the situation. He was still as motionless as ever. It felt like he wasn't really enjoying this so I decided to probe further. Down I slithered some more, licking his hunky bod as I descended till I was once again kneeling in front of him.

My fingers reached for the band around his underwear & languidly peeled it off. As the underwear came off, I was presented with a rather limp cock. This was a far cry from how I imagined it to be. In my fantasy, he was sporting a roaring hard on & raring to tear my man cunt apart. But I don't blame him cos I'm also nervous as fuck & I can't get it up too. I just have to work harder; so I popped his weiner into my mouth & pulled out all the oral tricks that I'm capable of. 

Thankfully, my sucking skills didn't disappoint & I soon got his floppy lil bro standing at attention. It was then that my Idol decided to haul me up, stripped me & then put me in a doggie position. Next, he whipped out a condom, lubed me up & he took me. He wasn't a passionate fucker. In fact, the way he fucked was so indifferent that I felt that I was just a sexual outlet for him which to an extent, is how it is. Apart from the initial few words that he spoke to help me find him, he hadn't uttered a single word. Hell, there wasn't even any sounds from him when he eventually emptied his barrel. On hindsight, I realized that it was probably as awkward for him as for me, especially when he knew that I recognized who he was. Plus, I believe he must have plucked up lots of courage to eventually put himself out there for a hookup.  

So, is this one of my favorite sexual experience? No. But it is definitely one of the more memorable ones. Well, reality always doesn't equal fantasy, does it? I heard through the grapevine later that he went into the aquarium business. Ah... that explains the fish tanks at his place!