Saturday, 22 August 2015


Dear Readers,

I'm Back! I apologize for the lack of entries over the last couple of months. I've been hooking up with a regular Fuck Buddy who's a Beefy 86kg Hunk with a juicy 6 inch hard cock. Besides pumping weight, he's been pumping my horny hole for awhile now. The sex has been great albeit a little routine. Hence, there's been not much to crow about, haha...

But this is Gayslut we are talking about here. I'll never be satisfied with just 1 cock. That's the reason for this latest entry. 

So, I've heard about the Lube Me Up event that is organized by Ten Men for awhile already. Last night was the event & this little slut with an itchy backside just had to go & see what the fuss is all about.

Entered the sauna at about 7.30pm & shortly there was an announcement that the event has kicked off. As I haven't showered, I headed for the shower room which is just right outside the steam room where the Lube Me Up event was held. So I conveniently checked out the scene while I soaped myself up. I saw the staff of the sauna applying lube on the naked patrons outside the steam room & after that they were ushered in. By the time I was done with bathing myself, the staff announced that it's full house already & we're advised to come back at a later time.

Oh well, no worries, I'm taking my time here. I went back to the locker area & cruised the other areas of the sauna. It wasn't too long when I caught a tall dude with a nice 6 incher. We headed for one of the rooms but found that the room couldn't be locked due to a defective door. But Tall Dude was totally fine with it so we ended up making out in the unlocked room with the lights off. Tall Dude must have liked the idea of leaving the door open for curious guys to see cos his moans became louder & louder as I worked my way down till I was sucking him. His moaning however attracted other guys to peep in & eventually joined in the fun. As the situation got messier with more guys crowding around us, I decided to make a hasty retreat. Tall Dude was obviously enjoying the attention he has created so I let him have the limelight.

Moving on to the other area of the sauna, which was another wing with private rooms & better lit, I spotted quite a few yummy specimens. But because it was less dark here, guys seem to be more self conscious of their actions with many just standing around. Not much happened here, though I did manage to touch some cocks.

Then I decided I should go check out the event & this time round there wasn't a queue so I offered myself to be lubed. The staff was all smiley & friendly. He started by applying the slime on my chest & worked his way down so that eventually he was lubing up my dick & giving me a little hard on along the way. He then turned me around & worked on my back. By now I was facing a line of guys that have joined the queue & it was a free-for-all to see scene. Fortunately the guy right behind me was a well toned dude & we just stood there checking each other out.

Subsequently, I was done being lubed & I was invited to go into the steam room. I opened the door & it was jam packed! There were guys of every shape & sizes all cramped into the miniscule room. I decide to wait by the door for Well Toned dude to come in. 

Shortly, I spotted him & as he made his way into the crowd, I followed right behind. In a matter of seconds, I was pressed against his back, the combination of steam & the lube made our skins super slippery & I took the chance to slip my palm to the front of his bod & gave his still limp cock a tug. He didn't resist the move. Feeling encouraged, I proceeded to jerk him as I tailgate him while he moved deeper into the crowd. Although he didn't reject my move, he was also at the same time busy checking out the crowd, looking out for new targets. I was kinda put off by it but I don't blame him. I did however, manage to give him a full on hard on eventually with my expert hands. He wasn't too well endowed, probably around 5 inches. 

Since Well Toned dude was so busy checking out the crowd, I decided to abort him & do likewise. Guys were busy feeling each other up & it's great that no one was a being a proud snob even though there were a minority of guys with really nice bods. I saw guys being sucked off & in some corners, I spied guys being fucked as well. I didn't see the staff handing out condoms, so does this mean people are being fucked raw? Hmm...

Not surprisingly, this Slut was pawed all over by random guys as I moved about the small room. I was clearly not shy as I slithered against the wet bodies, laying my hands on the hard cocks as I went along. Just as I was about to exit the steam room, I felt a hand grip my arms & I turned around to see a moustached top. He was currently being sucked off by another guy. He smiled at me so I returned the favor. Next he pulled me towards him & we kissed. I reached down to feel his hardness. It was a slim 6 incher. Then I felt up the bottom guy. He was a tough bearish guy & had a thick half hard cock which I believe would be about 6.5 inches if fully aroused. But alas, the bottom guy was adamant about sucking Moustached Top & didn't have much interaction with me.  Moustached Top, on the other hand, was quite into me, kissing me deeply, grabbing my tits & jerking me off. We made out for awhile and then Moustached Top decided it was enough & made his exit, with Bottom Bear in tow. I suspect they are a couple.

Okay, now that Moustached Top has gotten me all fired up, I needed to get things moving along. I spotted another dude that was being sucked off & body-wise, he looked decently toned. I approached & began agrressively fighting for his attention. I attacked his nipples & luckily, he liked what I was doing & the moans came. I did my best to pleasure him & when I eventually moved my lips down to his crotch level. He pulled out of the mouth that was sucking him & offered his throbbing cock to me. Wah... this guy was pretty hung! I think he was probably over 7inches long & thick as a sausage! I gobbled on that juicy meat & sucked ferociously. Knowing that he liked his nips being played with, I twirled my fingers around his sensual zone as I enjoyed his meaty cock. The guy who was earlier sucking him, finally realized that he lost the fight, fizzled out.

By now, I was sending Big Cock Top into the throes of sexual ecstasy with my skillful oral expertise. That's when he grabbed a couple of condoms from behind where he was sitting & led me to a corner of the steam room. Ah... so there are condoms provided after all. 

Once we were at a comfortable corner. Big Cock Top has me bent over & then he entered this slut's hungry hole from behind. I could literally feel my ass muscle being stretched as he shoved his chunky fuck tool in. Because of the fact that we were all lubed up & wet from the steam, He had little resistance & he was soon violating my man-pussy. Fuck, he felt so good inside me! I made a conscious effort to rock in rhythm with him & made sure he goes all the way in till the tip of his massive cock hits my tailbone, making me yelp whenever he did that. 

Big Cock Top didn't cum which was understandable. The night is still young & he probably needs to keep his reserves for many rounds of fucks later. Besides, the heat from the Steam room was getting to me, making me light-headed. So I was actually kinda relieved that Big Cock Top decided to call it quits after awhile though I really enjoyed the way his man-meat was filling up my void. 

To cool down, I decided to head out for a cold shower & head back to the locker area. But it wasn't too long before I was cruising the ground again. First, I hooked up with a young Indian chap who was already hard when he grabbed me. He was really into my rounded butt, grabbing them, jiggling them as he kissed me all over. He turned me around to face the wall & dry humped me with his 7 incher. We tried to find a room but couldn't locate one so eventually this episode died off.

Next I had my hands on a Rotund Bear with a thick pair of pecs. I had fun grabbing his bouncy pecs while sucking on his rather substantial dick. But alas, he didn't want to have a 1-on-1 with me so I gave him up.

But I was fortunate to run into another Sturdy Bodied dude who turned out to be a really sweet & shy top. Sturdy Bodied Top is what I would call a Submissive Top. He wasn't really sure what to do so I had to guide him along. His manhood when completely stimulated was curved downwards. Although it's in a position that is hard to suck off, it was the perfect arch for my anal passage when he enters me while I was lying face down on the mat. That's what I eventually made him do & it was one hell of an enjoyable fuck cos his curved cock was like a natural aneros that struck my G-spot whenever he plunged in. 

With him on top of me in that position, he is also able to give me a bear hug from behind & I felt so loved & owned when he did that. I was also able to kiss his bulging biceps & nibble on his fingers while he fucked me. I instructed him to lick my ears & kiss my shoulders where all my sensitive nerves are located. He obediently followed my orders & made me shudder as the waves of pleasure tingled through my body with those light touches. Eventually he announced that he was cumming & as he pulled off the protective rubber, I immediately felt hot cum raining on my butt & eventually forming a huge puddle at the small of my back. Mr Sturdy Bod came lots! We ended up cuddling for awhile & that's when I found out his name & that he's 33 years old. He was so shy & that made him extremely cute & hard to let go. But I knew I had to, so unwillingly I released my grip on him. 

As Mr Sturdy Bod made his way to the showers, this Slut was once again feeling unfulfilled. I haven't cum, my slutty hole was still wet & I felt I needed another cock to fill it! Luckily, I ran into Big Cock Top who just came out of another private room. I approached & immediately grabbed his dick. He was still hard. Good, means he hasn't shot his load just now when he was in the room. We went back into the room that was just been vacated. 

Without wasting any time, I latched on to Big Cock Top's hypersensitive nipples knowing very well that it would make his sexual urge hit the roof. I was right, it didn't take very long for Big Cock Top to push me down onto the mattress, spread my legs open, exposing my still wet & heaving fuck hole. It was of course an inviting sight for Big Cock Top as he covered up & gave me a good hard pounding afterwards. It was such a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, I was glad I got my hands on Big Cock Top for a 2nd time but on the other hand, his huge tool is also starting to cause a little discomfort as I tried my best to accomodate him. So imagine my reflief when he ultimately offloaded, his thick white semen gushing into the empty space at the tip of the condom. 

By the time we were done, it was almost approaching midnight & the sauna is now quite empty. With much reluctance, I cleaned up but not without jerking another cute guy off at the showers & left Ten Men as I was beginning to feel a little famished. Time to fulfill another hunger! To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, I'll Be Back!


  1. Welcome back! I thought you abandoned this blog.
    Hope to see some pics of your beefy hunk fb ;)

    1. Thanks Johnny! Keeping the hunky FB to myself for now haha...

    2. Wow...u have nice bubblebutt....i wish i can have fun with u

    3. Thanks Tallbeefy. Ur nick sounds like the type that I like :)

  2. Hey buddy! Im planning a SG trip very soon. I would really like a few pointers from you. I think you and I have exactly the same taste, only big beefy and really really thick guys, doesn't matter if they have a little belly, just really thick and strappingly muscular. Which sauna would be best for this? I heard Hercules club is quite good? is that true?

    1. Hi We'll say. Personally I like to go Ten Men or Shogun. The guys there tend to be the mature type though. Never been to Hercules so can't comment.

  3. hey man, thanks for the reply. Okay got it, but when you say mature do you mean really old and like saggy or is it like just older? Because I checked out Shogun's website! I definitely am into the ones like they have in the animated picture g-men like. They have those there?

    1. Hey Dude,
      It's a business so all kinds of people go there. It's basically down to whether it's a lucky day. I think Ten Men have a slightly younger crowd. So ur chances will be better there? But I'm not advocating any sauna, go try both & decide for urself! :)

  4. hi gayslut! hope you can update your blog more often. love reading your sexcapades.

  5. hey, how often do u visit shogun and normally during which day? i heard that weekdays afternoon are good for public act?

    1. I don't visit Shogun dur the day so won't be able to comment.