Saturday, 14 November 2015


This Slut is up to no good again. My regular Beefy Fuck Buddy is away traveling for 2 weeks & how could this Slut sit around and not get fucked for that whole period? So, I decided to do a short weekend getaway too. I started thinking about the nationalities of Asians who've had the chance to ride my sexy butt & I realized that I've not had any Vietnamese cock before. And so, I got myself an air ticket & headed out to Ho Chi Minh City to find some juicy meat. 

Maybe I was new meat in this City, the moment I checked in to my Hotel, immediately there were at least 20 messages in the gay app that I was using. Wow, Vietnamese men are a horny lot. That's good news for this lil' Slut.

A particular Cubby dude with a cute face caught my eye & we started chatting. It also helped that his command of english is better than most other guys. He works nearby my Hotel, so it was arranged that he would pop over after work.

6pm came & there was a knock on my Hotel room door. This Slut is of course all prepared. I had a short T-shirt on that showed off the racy black jock strap that I had on. Yup, I had no pants on. As I opened the door & invited him into the room, his eyes were instantly drawn to my voluptuous buns. He came up behind me after the door was closed & grabbed my bouncy lumps. 

I played along & wiggled my perky butt, closing in on his crotch, teasing the growing hard on. I didn't have to wait too long. Within seconds, I felt a firm hardness pressing against my bare butt. Cute Cub is obviously turned on. Without wasting any time, I turned around & tore off his clothes till he was totally bare. Mmm... He had quite a pretty cock. I pushed him down on the bed & couldn't resist taking a few shots of his yummy weiner.

After I was done with the shots, I joined him on the bed & began my onslaught on his gorgeous schlong. I closed my eyes & imagined his cock as scrumptious ice-cream. I licked it sensually as Cute Cub looked on, putting on a show of enjoying his joystick to make my man happy. I also made loud slurping sounds as I went up & down on him to inform him how much I enjoyed his willy. Throughout the ordeal, I took a peek at Cute Cub & he was grinning from ear to ear. Clearly, he is really loving it right now.

'Want you to fuck me...', I cooed.
'Sure, my pleasure.' came the response.
With that, he got up to stand at the edge of the bed & I quickly got myself into position, passed him my phone for more shots to document this shag.
'Fuck, your butt is so smooth', he complimented.
'It's all yours tonight. Do whatever you want with it.' I encouraged.

He took my advice & covered up. As he approached, I could feel his cock tip at the entrance of my man-pussy & when he applied pressure, I could feel his 6 incher disappearing inch by inch into the my famished abyss. Oh yeah, the void in me is now filled.

Cute Cub's cock was a perfect fit for my bum hole. His length & girth was a great marriage to my anal passage making me feel ever so good. Cute Cub turned out to be quite a competent fucker. He knew how to pace himself so he could control his urge to cum. But he always ends up with quick hard thrusts that had this Slut crying out in sexual euphoria. I was quite amazed by his stamina. He also loved spanking my bubble butt & I would squirm & squeal in return, which made him spank me even more! We must have spent at least an hour fucking like rabbits on heat. 

Even at the end of that hour plus, Cute Cub still hadn't cum. This Slut needs to get him to shoot his load or I would consider myself to be a failure. So I pushed him down on the bed & went to work on his tool with my oral skills. Communication is key & I made it clear that I wanted his essence.

'Mmm... Fuck, your cock is so yummy!' I notified.
'You like it?' He queried.
'Hell Yeah!' I exclaimed & sucked him wildly to let him know how much I loved it.
This was all done in a bid to coax his seeds out of his nuts.
I think I must have spent a good 15 minutes blowing him when he announced that he was close.
'Oh yeah, get up & feed that hot juice to me!', I instructed.
As he towered over me, I placed my mouth just right under his piss hole. He wanked himself violently & I waited patiently for the extract.
'I'm coming, I coming.' He announced.
'Yeah, c'mon give it to me Baby!' I urged on.
And so, with a grunt, white nectar gushed out from his pulsing cock. He was trembling and shooting erratically; I tried my best to catch every drop but ended up with a face full of sperm. Haha...

I twirled my tongue around my mouth to lick up the remnant cum. Mmm... His juice really tastes as sweet as nectar!

And here's a teaser of Cute Cub spanking me! 


  1. OMG...this is so awesome and also your first video post! Keep up the juicy stories coming. I'm sure while you're in Ho Chi Minh, Cute Cub's cock is not the only one you had right? Hehe.

    P/S: Missed your stories and this is a nice post after 3 months. Hope to see more stories from Vietnam soon!

  2. Wish to know your stories of getting creampie by or any breeding marathon experience at sauna. That's super hot

  3. Your new fb wouldn't it by any chance be SGHunk from SgHunk Adventures?