Sunday, 29 November 2015


So last Saturday was the Sexy Underwear Night at Ten Men & it was the perfect opportunity for this Slut to showcase his collection of intimate wear. For this Special Event, I decided to pick an Andrew Christian piece that left literally nothing to imagination cos it accentuated my perky butt perfectly.

When I got to the Sauna at nearly 7pm, the place was already buzzing. Free flow alcoholic drinks were offered by the hosts & that helped to loosen up the guys who seemed extremely friendly that night. I knocked down a quick drink & then headed for the shower.

The shower area was also packed with guys. As I was already naked, I decided to check out the steam room adjacent to it. There were about 10 guys inside. In the dim light, it was quite difficult to make out the face of the guys but I did get close enough to a dude & when I started touching him, I couldn't help but grin to myself. His bod was quite beefy & tough all over. Just the type that I love; plus he was sporting a butch crew cut. Ooh can't resist manly guys!

Within seconds of my magic touch, Mr Butch was fully aroused. His meat was rock hard at 5.5 inches & pretty thick. I harshly man handled his joy stick, jerking it furiously while I licked him all over. This experienced Slut knows that rugged guys like him like it rough so I played along those lines. Besides, the heat in the steam room is getting to me so, I knew I had to pull a fast one on this. Quickly, I reached into my pouch & pulled out a condom. I tore it open with my teeth & made him wear the armour. Then just as swiftly, I turned around & positioned my hole that was now naturally lubricated by all the steam & sweat over his cock tip & he was inside me in no time.

As he started plunging in, the immense pleasure of having my horny hole filled was uncontrollable & sexy moans escaped my mouth. The cries of joy soon attracted the attention of 2 other guys. From feeling up their individual bodies, 1 was slightly chubby but very smooth. The other body, on the other hand was hairy but the cock was super thick & at least 7.5" long! I'm suspecting this hung dude could be an Indian. But my mind now is on Mr Butch, so I worked on him & had my pleasure hole sliding up & down his steely shaft. In a matter of minutes, I felt Mr Butch tense up & grunting. Immediately, I knew he was ready to shoot so I pulled him out of my man cunt, turned around & knelt before him. I removed the bondage around his fuck tool, just in time as he gave a hot cum shower all over my body. 

As Mr Butch made his way out of the steam room, curious to know how he looked like, I followed suit. I finally had a good look at him under the showers. I was right, he was all I imagined him to be; scruffy manly face, single eye-lidded, beefy bod, a befitting G-man. 

Now that Mr Butch has stoked this Horny Slut's fire, I needed to be fucked again, so my mind went back to those guys back in the steam room. And it's back into the wet enclave I go. Fortunately, those two guys were still inside. I deliberately sandwiched myself between them & slithered my body against theirs. I had both cocks standing at attention in no time. Hairy Hung dude's cock was definitely more yummy compared to Chubby guy's, so I popped Hairy Hung's giant schlong into my mouth & sucked hungrily while I jerked Chubby's dong. I tried to get Hairy Hung to fuck me but unfortunately he wasn't interested in anal. Chubby was however more than willing as he rolled on the protection & hastily took over fucking duties while I continued to slurp on Hairy Hung's massive cock. It was such a pity not having this wonderful piece of meat being stuffed in my slutty hole. But Chubby was doing a good job of ramming into my man pussy so I'm not complaining. Before long, the heat got to me again & I had to abandon the dudes before I die of heat stroke.

So it's back to the locker area where I grabbed more drinks & had casual chats with the hosts & regulars who were all exceptionally friendly that night. I got heaps of compliments on my butt-revealing Andrew Christian undies and got grabbed multiple times. That got me hornier & I decided to go on the prowl again. This was when I got my final catch of the night.

I first caught sight of him as he was stripping down at the locker area. He was a tanned guy whom I guess would most likely be in his late 30s. He had a decently worked out bod that came with a very slight paunch which was perfectly fine with this Slut as it signifies that he is not too obsessed with maintaining a perfect bod. 

I tailed behind when I saw him heading towards the shower. All was revealed when he stepped under the shower head. He had such a delicious looking cock. It was already looking quite thick in its limp state. I watched on the side as he bathed himself. Next, the guy that was showering next to Mr Nice Cock also noticed the juicy meat & started to make discreet advances, which made blood rush to Mr Nice Cock's member, making it looking even yummier. Fuck, I can't let him have Mr Nice Cock! I decided to get in the pool & wrangle for my prize.

I took the other side of Mr Nice Cock & deliberately pushed out my round buns as I pretended to soap away. The move caught Mr Nice Cock's eyes, so I smiled at him & grabbed his dick from time to time. He turned out to be a really shy guy as he was at a loss with all the attention from both sides, so he just stood there under the running water. But with each passing moment, his dick was growing bigger & bigger till it was at its full potential. Once I saw the sight of that, I just knew I needed to have it, so I made the 1st move & dragged Mr Nice Cock out of the shower, away from my competition. 

As we toweled dry, our eyes met & we smiled at each other. It was then that I realized that Mr Nice had the cutest dimples I've ever seen. I just couldn't believe my luck that I've managed to snag such a Cutie. So it was on to the private rooms from there.

Once we were locked in the room, I disrobed Mr Nice & immediately got down on my knees to worship that wonderful manhood of his. In terms of length, Mr Nice was an average 6 incher but he definitely made up for it with his girth. I was very vocal about that his beautiful prick too.

'Wow, fuck, I love your cock' I commented.
'It's so big & thick!' I mumbled to myself. Mr Nice just looked on & gave me his silly dimpled smile.

I made an exagerrated display of showing him how much I appreciated his slurplicious willy, flicking my tongue along his whole length like a serpent, sucking him with all my might so that it makes a loud noise that goes 'Pop' everytime his engorged penis leaves my mouth. I gobbled up his equally big nuts making him squirm in the sexual thrills this lil' Slut is giving him with my expert oral skills.

Next, Mr Nice hauled me up & we kissed. He was a very good kisser & I was glad that he wasn't all about the fuck. I just savored every moment when his tender lips were on mine. He was damn huggable as well & I loved clinging on to him.

And this wouldn't be complete without him taking me. I had to move things along since Mr Nice is such a shy guy.

'Fuck me' I said matter-of-factly.

With that I got down on doggie & passed him a rubber. I was in total bliss when he finally entered me. This was what I was waiting for the whole night! I could literally feel my sphincter muscles being stretched by his chunky cock; it was such a tight fit. His length was also ideal for hitting my G-spot, making me spew lotsa precum in the process.

However, Mr Nice, couldn't quite maintain his hard-on & we had to take breaks in between. It was during these breaks that I found out that he was really 44 year old. He definitely doesn't look his age! He's a local but has moved to Hong Kong to be with his BF. Awe... what a sweet guy, right?

My naughty fingers did however get Mr Nice's cock up to speed a few more times where he proceeded to impale me till he went soft again. So even though Mr Nice didn't manage to cum, I was already quite satisfied that my man cunt has been owned by him multiple times. 

Noticed that guys with bigger cocks tend to have the problem of sustaining their hardness...

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