Saturday, 21 November 2015


Day 2 in Ho Chi Minh & once again, this Slut is bombarded with sexual requests on the gay app; many of whom are bottoms. But alas, the Slut is on bottom mode too. But great news for the tops, so many horny bottoms in HCMC eager to hook up with foreigners! :)

There were quite a few interested tops too. However, I think perhaps because of their limited command of English, many chats died off after awhile. But I did eventually find a willing Top. I suspect he was using some form of translating app to get what I meant but yeah, whatever so long as I get to be fucked. Besides, the pics that he sent me looked good enough. He introduced himself as Mr. W.

Of course, I had to have a sneak peek at Mr W's cock. So I requested that he sent one & this is what I received.

Wow wow wow, I should call him Mr Wow now! What a delicious piece of meat that is! It already looks so suckable in that limp state, I'm sure it would be even yummier when it is at its aroused state. That sealed the deal & we arranged for him to come over after his work.

When it was time for the hook up, I had a little trouble getting him to respond to my messages. Partly cos his english wasn't that great & I guess partly also cos he was on the way. Most Viet locals ride a motorbike, hence it's not quite convenient for them to reply to messages on the go. 

But I was sure glad to see Mr. W at the door half an hour past our agreed time to meet. He was already dressed casually so I guessed he went home to change. When I asked him if he needed to shower, he didn't quite get it so I had to make gestures to indicate showering. He shook his head & from the gestures he made, I figured he's already showered. Oh well, let's get on with it then. I closed in on him & true enough he smelled freshly showered. Good, we can jump straight into sex then.

Mr. W loved kissing & we locked lips for quite a while before we stripped each other off. I didn't have any underwear on so when he got rid of my clothes, I was completely naked. As for Mr. W, he was down to only his white brief. I purposely left the brief on cos' the outline of his big cock under the brief was looking very sexy against his strapping bod. I slowly worked my way down his bod till I was at face level with the bulge in his underwear. I buried my face into his crotch & kissed the hard mass all over; separated by his last defense of a piece of white cloth, at the same time grabbing the length of his dick, making it even harder. Inside, I'm dying to come face to face with Mr W's huge dong but I told myself that I have to wait for good things, so I made a conscious effort to leave Mr. W's brief intact for now. 

After awhile of me sniffing around his family jewels, Mr. W hauled me onto the bed & began kissing/licking me all over my bod, his prickly facial hair scratching against my sensitive bod was sending electric shocks all over my bod, making me tremble in sexual bliss. Oh fuck, this guy is surprisingly good!

I had to return the favor, so I pulled Mr W up & we proceeded to suck each other's face again. Slowly, I then snaked down his toned bod till I was at his crotch level. I repeated what I had done before but this time I decided to peel off the last piece of clothing he had on him. When his 7-incher popped out, the sight of that beauty sent me into sexual overdrive & I attacked the Moby Dick fervently. I was gobbling Mr. W's cock so furiously that it made him yelp but I didn't care, I'm loving his fuck tool right now & all I wanna do is give it a good suck.

Mr. W then decided to take over control as he got up & put me in a doggy position. As he rolled on the protection, I quickly grabbed a pack of lube & as I was wetting my fuck hole with it, I looked back at Mr. W & twerked my ass to notify him how much I wanted his big dick.

It was the best invite that Mr. W could ever get & soon he was ravaging my horny hole. For this lil' Slut, one of the most fabulous feelings was to have Mr. W finally fill up my dark access with his beautiful prick. Oh gosh, Mr. W felt so good in me!

So there we have it, Mr. W fucking me doggie on the bed. He then proceeded to get up higher so that he was straddling me in a sumo squatting position. Here, he was able to pump my sweet crevice even deeper & incidentally all that in-depth pounding caused this Slut to moan uncontrollably. 

Then we switched to me being on top & I went on to ride his pole with much enthusiasm. However, perhaps it was a long day & Mr. W was tired, he soon lost his hardness. I could sense his fatigue, so I decided that we would slow things down. I cuddled him & true enough within minutes, he was fast asleep.

Another half an hour must have passed when we both came to. I tried to ask him in English if he was feeling a bit more refreshed but obviously that didn't quite register with him. Luckily I had a google translate app in my phone so I made use of that. So it was a scene of the phone being passed between him & me as we took our turns to speak into the app so that it would translate for us. 

Of course, after awhile of that pillow talk, it was time to get back into action again. This time round, the power nap helped because now Mr. W is super rigid hard as he knocked me up real good. This Slut egged him on by purring sexily with each powerful thrust. The session ended with me lying on the bed, legs in the air, Mr. W pressing down on my thighs with his palms & pumping me furiously till he offloaded inside me. 

Hmm... Makes me wonder if all Viet guys are just as hung. Cos so far, I've had 2 pretty big Viet cocks in my ass. Or maybe I was just a lucky Slut! 


  1. Offloaded inside you? You mean creampie? That's hot

  2. Mr W has a nice dick. Any more pic? 😁

    1. Hi Alaric,
      Unfortunately those are the only pics I had of his dick. I actually went through a lot of persuasion for him to snap the pic of his Moby Dick in my ass.