Tuesday, 31 July 2012


It’s been quite a while since my last visit to the saunas, so I thought it’s time I go back to check out the scene. But before heading for it, I went to the public pool to tan myself & get a nice prominent, sexy tanline.  While at the pool, there were quite a few hotties & basically they served as eye candy while I tanned myself. The more I ogled at the hotties, the hornier I became. So I wrapped up my tanning at about 6pm & headed for the sauna.

Got in the sauna at abt 7+, it was an underwear nite so I put on my sexiest white brief that was a little sheer at the back so that my tanline is still prominent.  I wasted no time & went upstairs to the cruising area. I went into the SM area & it was so dark, perhaps cos my eyes were not accustomed to the darkness yet. But after awhile, I could make out the outline of people in the area. There was this short stocky guy with a nice crew cut. I zeroed in on him & started feeling him up. He didn’t reject my advances so I ventured lower & grabbed his cock. He wasn’t hard yet, so I decided to use my tongue & give him a sensual licking. Soon, he got hard & it was quite sizeable, at least 6.5-7inches! I quickly got down & give him a good sucking. He must be damn horny cos he came soon after, he din even give me any warning & his cum was all over my bod & mouth! Haha… He made a hasty retreat after he came & I followed him out. I caught a glimpse of his face as he went down the stairs. Yep, quite cute! Too bad he came so fast.

Feeling unsatisfied, I went back into the cruising area again. The crowd was pretty thin so there’s not much guys that really fit the type that I like (stocky/musc). In the end, I ventured into the SM area again cos’ people are less inhibited when they are in there. I came across another guy that was on the stocky side. In the dark, I could make out that he was either Malay or Arab cos he was quite hairy. Ooh… he is very hung! At least 7.5 inches. I dragged him into one of the rooms cos I really want this cock all to myself. Once inside the room, we quickly got naked & he made me suck him.  He loved getting sucked & was moaning all the while I sucked him. I tried my best to deep throat his 7.5 inch cock & keep getting gagged. The more I gagged the more he got sexcited and pushed deeper. I decided not to miss out on getting this huge cock in my horny ass so I quickly lubed myself up before I get choked to death! I stood on top of him & lowered myself on his steel-hard cock. It went right in & hit my G-spot immediately. I was so high, I find myself rocking him furiously, our hands clasped tightly.  After quite a while, he got off, pulled his condom off & wanted me to suck him again. I tried for awhile but he was really gagging me all the while, so I changed technique & stroked him furiously all the while licking & sucking on his balls. It brought him to another high & he was moaning loudly again. I continued to work on his balls & pump his cock which is now all wet with my saliva. Then he shot & the sperm went up all the way to his face!

I was still horny after Mr. Malay/Arab so I went around the cruising area again. I was standing along the corridor and I spotted a well-built mature guy. He came down the corridor & stood opposite me. He must have been in his 40s but his body is well maintained & he had a very manly look. So Yumz! We kept eye contact & then he came over & signaled me to go into a room with him. I followed & once inside the room he stripped me of my underwear, turned me around & told me to get on doggie position on the bed. Next, he peeled off his underwear too to reveal a nice thick 6” cock. He wasted no time & he was soon getting my ass lubed up & giving me a good hump. He liked to watch himself fuck, so he turned on the light & I could also see him humping me as the room was surrounded by mirrors. It was a sexy sight & I couldn’t help moaning with pleasure as he fucked. Although his cock was only 6”, he knew how to fuck real deep & he made me feel so good! Then all of a sudden, he pulled himself out & suggested we go shower. I was a little disappointed cos he didn’t cum. But I understood also that the night is still young & he also wanted his share of various bottoms to fuck, so I let him go.

By now, I was really really horny, cos I’ve still not cummed. It’s time for extreme measures. I went into the SM area again & lubed my ass up. Then pulled down my underwear so that my butt is exposed & walked around the SM area. Although the area is dark, people can still make out if you are wearing underwear. My ploy worked & soon I was canoodling with a stocky smooth guy. He’s so smooth it’s like he had no hair on his bod except for the crotch area. He’s also got a very toned bod, he was hard all over! Yumz! When I eventually touched his dick, it was smaller than usual, maybe abt 5” but thick. But I was too horny to care abt dick size! It helped that he was so delicious to touch everywhere, even his butt is rock hard! Meanwhile, he’s been grabbing my bare butt & eventually his finger went near the hole. He could easily slip his finger in as I was already lubed up. He started to finger fuck me. 1st it was 1 finger, then 2 then all 3 went in! I had enuff of the finger fucking, I wanted a real fuck so I tried to pull him into one of the rooms but he was reluctant. Ah… so he likes to play in the open or he is just shy? In this case, it’s probably the 1st case cos soon he was maneuvering me towards the bed in the open area. He wants to fuck me there! Once at the open bed, he stripped himself of his underwear & stripped me too. Then he made me bend over the bed & he entered me. He was quite a violent fucker & he banged my butt fast & furious. By now, we were making so much noise we were attracting people. Most stood to watch but 1 guy got on the bed where I was bent over & offered his cock for me to suck. I took it & sucked as hard as I could. He also had some poppers with him & made me sniff it. The kick soon hit me & I find myself rocking in rhythm with the stocky guy’s rapid humping & at the same sucking myself silly on the other guy’s cock. Soon, the stocky guy got tired, he stopped & was huffing & puffing. I quickly turned around & gave him a good hard suck then I went in all the way until his cock was in my throat. I just went on & on, stroking my own cock as I deep throated him. Eventually he exploded; his cum was all smeared across my face. I also came at the same time. Hot sex & I loved it!

You would have thought this is the end of the night for me right? No way! I just needed a short rest before I was prowling again. I spotted the muscular mature guy once more & told myself I must get him this time & make sure he cums. It seems he was also getting hornier as the night went by cos’ very soon he was approaching me & brought me to the same room with mirrors all around. Same thing happened, he turned on the lights to the brightest & started fucking me, all the while watching himself in the mirror. This time round he was flipping me around in all positions, I was in doggie, on my back, legs high up in the air, on my side, on my stomach, you get the drift… He didn’t say much while he was fucking but that made him all the more manly & I willingly played the submissive role. When he eventually came, I was lying on my stomach & this is my most fatal position cos’ I was able to clench my butt muscle & therefore making a tight grip on his cock. True enuff, it worked & he let out a cry before collapsing on top of me. We laid in that position to catch our breath before we got up & parted ways.

Satisfied that I’ve eventually gotten my wish of making the muscular mature guy cum, I decided that it was enuff for the nite. Plus I was famished from all that sex, so I left the sauna & had a nice supper before heading home for a good night’s sleep.

Bod of the Muscular Mature dude that last fucked me.

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