Saturday, 28 July 2012


W: Ok, this is how i play with it.

W begins to pull back his foreskin to reveal his cock head & he slides it back up. Then he stretches his foreskin as far as he can & pulls it back again.

Me: Wow, I din know U can pull the skin like that!

Prior to W showing me, I had never exposed my cock head in that manner & it fascinated me.

Me: This is how I do it.

And I started to show W how I stick my forefinger inside my foreskin & twirl it around the cock head.

W: That's interesting. Let me try it.
Me: I wanna try how U play with it too.
Me: Do U feel shiok?
W: Ya, wat abt U? 
Me: Ya, It's nice too.

We sat there playing with our own dicks for awhile. We were both still pre-pubes boys so our cocks never got hard. Then i popped the all important question.

Me: Hey, how about we touch each other's Didi?
W: Hmmm... Ok.

I reached over & grabbed W's cock & started to play with it greedily. Then W reached for me. This was the 1st time I touched someone else's cock & vice versa. What I felt next was a totally different high I had never experienced before & I loved it! The sensation was more pronounced than when i touched myself. After what seemed like ages, I felt the urge & soon i was having a wonderful orgasm. W also 'came' shortly. 

Me: Did U have that final feeling? Like shivers running through your body after U pee? 
W: Of course, it was more intense than when i was doing it myself.
Me: I wonder what is that...
W: I don't know but I know I love that feeling!
Me: Haha... (Sheepishly)

I always felt guilty after I 'came'. I felt as if i had done a very bad thing; a shameful kinda feeling. So, i quickly made an excuse to head home.

Me: I'd better head home or my mom will scream at me later.
W: Ok, See U in class tomorrow.

In the coming days, W & I would hang out more frequently & we'd experienced with each other's body after we lock W's room door. More on that later.

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