Thursday, 26 July 2012


When we were toweled dry, we proceeded to the bed & the hot kisses continued. In between kisses, Mr. I kept saying how much he missed fucking me. I could tell that he has not had such a hot fuck for awhile. Must be cos’ his bf couldn’t satisfy him. But who cares? Mr. I is in my arms now & making unabandoned love with me.

Then Mr. I turned me around & started eating my ass. He sure was enjoying it cos I could see his dick bopping up & down while he was at it. After he has made sure that I was wet enuff, he began looking for the condom but couldn’t find it cos I had purposely hidden it out of view. I told him that he cannot fuck me until he had found the condom. The look of disappointment on Mr. I’s face was priceless! 

He then proceeded to look for it around the bed & I naughtily tried to stop him by trying to wrestle him. Eventually he found the condom & quickly slid it onto his erected 8”. Then he pulled me towards him & entered me. Oh god, he still feels so good in me. What follows were some hardcore fucks & Mr I. was flipping me all over & pumping my ass furiously in all kinds of position. 

We ended in my fav position where I was lying face down on my stomach & he was hugging me from behind, licking my shoulders & ears while still pumping away. I love it when Mr. I does that cos it sends shudders all the way down below & makes me even hornier. When I am in this position, I was also able to clench my butt & that gave Mr. I a tighter fit. It usually makes him cum fairly quickly when I grip him with my butt. I was right, Mr I. soon let out a loud cry, he had cummed. I continued to clench my butt to heighten the sensation & Mr. I finally collapsed on top of me, breathing deeply & his body all soaked in sweat. We continued to cuddle in bed & started chatting. 

That’s when I found out that he had met his current bf in a sauna. They sure got hitched pretty quickly. Personally, I don’t think they will last very long if he is out looking for hook-ups juz barely after 2 months. This whole week Mr. I has been asking to hook up with me again. But everytime he asked, it was a bad time. I was either out or working late. I was however, secretly gloating over it. I will not make it so easy for him to hook up with me. I refuse to be his sex toy which he can use as & when he feels like it. Mr I needs to be punished! (Evil laugh) Muahaha!!! 

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