Wednesday, 30 July 2014


It was a rainy gloomy day in Melbourne. So where's the best place to escape from the rain & cold? The warm Saunas of course! That's how I ended up in Subway Sauna, which was situated just a stone's throw away from the legendary Flinders Station.

I was there pretty early, so there wasn't much of a crowd. I decided not to rush things & took the time to check out the place & its facilities. The place is surprisingly very well-maintained although it's housed in such an old building. It felt kinda surreal when you could hear the trains passing by on top of it. Facilities were pretty standard with locker rooms, shower areas, jacuzzi pools, sauna & steam rooms. There were also 2 large cruising area with private rooms that had sexy posters plastered onto the door.

Sexy Posters on the door where I had fun with Stocky Bear

It wasn't too long before I hooked up with a bald stocky bear. For some reason, he wasn't too keen on fucking, so we ended up with me licking his sensitive nipples & giving him some head until he came. He was nice to hug though & gave me a good tight farewell hug before he went off. Ok, now that I've gotten started, the horny genes are kicking in & I'm ready to move on to the next catch.

2nd guy I met was a regular joe type. His bod was pretty average & I liked his face enough so when he approached me, I decided to go with the flow. This guy was really average, his cock was of an average sized 6 inches. He was an average fucker, quite mechanical actually & he kept asking if I was clean which was annoying as fuck! Dude, if you are so scared of catching something, you shouldn't even be here! So when he finally shot his load, I was like Hallelujah! Ok, on to the next one cos' I'm getting hornier & hornier.

One of the walkways, leading to a Porn Video Room

3rd Guy was a tall meaty scruffy dude whom I felt I could cuddle up to anytime. But alas, he wasn't really into cuddling but only wanted me to suck him along the corridors. We did attract a little attention while I was blowing him out in the open. Well, whatever gets you off buddy, if you like to be watched so be it; as long as I get to enjoy your fat 7.5 inches of pure bliss. But just at the point of shooting his cum, he pulled out & broke up the party. Damn! 

Another room with Kinky Leather Cuffs. It was outside this room where I sucked Mr. Scruffy

Luckily for me, the 4th guy I met decided to fuck the brains out of me. This guy was tall & lanky with an athletic bod. I've seen him posing along the corridors earlier but he didn't seem too interested in me. Well, your loss dude, I was thinking to myself. Anyhow, he was suddenly interested in me, I guess he must have caught the little chaos I created when I sucked Mr. Scruffy. Next thing I knew, he was grabbing my arms & leading me to one of the private rooms. Once inside the room, he made me kneel in front of him, whipped out his gorgeous 6.5 incher & shoved it in my mouth. I returned the favor & sucked him noisily, making sure he hears how much I relished his big hard cock.

Consequently, he pulled me up & made me stand humped over the bed, legs spread wide. Then he stood behind me, lubed up my sweet ass & plunged in. By now, I was all hornied up & it was just the perfect moment for a huge fucking cock in my starved hole. I started moaning loudly, encouraging him to fuck me harder & faster. He took my instructions real well & gave me what I asked for. Oh man, I was tearing the place down with my cries of pleasure but I didn't care.

Then he threw me up on the bed. I'm now lying on my back on the bed with my legs up in the air. With his strong arms, he pulled me towards him so that my butt is now at the edge of the bed. At this position, his steel-like fucker is at the same level as my moist gaping hole, making it easy access for him to imbibe me. As he started thrusting, my moans returned & the louder I moaned, the harder he pumped.

'Fuck me deeper hot stud,' I cooed.
'I want your fucking big cock deep inside of me,' I suggested.
'Oh yeah, U like it deep?' He asked & panted.
'Fuck yeah, give it to me! Fuck me till I cum!' 

With that, he climbed up the bed & I moved myself so that I am lying sideways on the narrow bed. He positioned himself between my legs & I rested one of my legs on his shoulders. He hugged my leg on his shoulder & prodded against my ass-crack & I readily took him in. We are now in the scissors fuck position which allows the top to thrust all the way into the bottom's deep access. With his sizable 6.5" meaty fucker, he was hitting all the right spots inside me, making me scream in ecstasy. With each thrust, he was bringing me closer & closer to the edge. True enough, I shot my white creamy juice shortly after.

Well, you'd think that this Slut is satiated with that right? Wrong! My man hasn't cummed & it'd be a disservice if I allow that to happen. So I quickly scooped up my freshly squirted cum & spread it on my man-hole. Then I squat over my man & sat on his hefty hole-driller. Natural Lube! When Mr Lanky saw what I did, his eyes widened a little bit in disbelief at first. But once my ass muscles were gripping his cock, he gave in to the sensations & resumed the humping. The kinky notion of what I did soon got to him & he shot his own oozy essence. Wow, that was quite hot! Plus 4 cocks within 3 hours is quite a score. Haha...

Mr Lanky's erupted Cock with remnants of my fresh Cum

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