Sunday, 20 April 2014


The next stop of my Sauna haunt on HK Island was Gateway Sauna., This was a big improvement in terms of the facilities compared to the other 2 that I've visited. Everything looked spanking new so I guess it must have been recently renovated. But alas, in terms of the crowd, there weren't that many patrons once again. Maybe cos' I got there late (nearly 8pm)? Note to self, need to hit the saunas earlier next time!

The Resting/TV Area

Love the cute design of the Locker

As none of the guys caught my eyes, I decided to head for the shower. It was an open concept shower & across the showers were Jacuzzi pools, so you are basically displayed for all to see while you are bathing. I felt a few prying eyes from the Jacuzzi checking me out but it didn't bother me. After I'm done, I decided to head on to the Steam room that is just next to the showers. Shortly after, some guys from the Jacuzzi pool stepped into the Steam room as well. They tried to initiate fun with me but as most of them weren't really my type, I had to gently reject them. Fortunately, they were not pushy & I was left alone in the Steam room again.

I told myself that I would just enjoy the facilities if I didn't get to hook up with anyone. But as luck would have it, I spied a rather nicely shaped silhouette step into the Steam Room. He had a rather toned swimmer's type of bod. As I was standing quite near to the entrance of the Steam Room, he quickly spotted me & came over to stand beside me. We were both stark naked, so I took the chance to feel him up. He was really toned indeed as I could feel the ridges of his 6 pacs. He was also incredibly smooth. As we were both wet from the vapors in the room, I took the chance to hug him & grinded our wet bodies together. The friction of our sliding bodies soon got to him & he began to moan loudly. His limp dick also sprang into action & became a solid 6 incher. I quickly got down & choked myself silly with his Screwdriver.

As the heat in the room rose together with our hot actions, I had to stop to tell him that I needed a breather & stepped out of the Steam room. What I didn't expect was that he actually followed me out & we're both now standing in the shower area with our raging hard-ons on display for all to see. Swimmer Bod was obviously not done with me yet as he approached me, pushed down my head & demanded that I suck him there & then at the shower area. There were maybe about 4 or 5 spectators & they were all waiting for a good show to begin. So how could this Slut not fulfill the crowd's desires? 

I slowly parted my lips, approached Swimbod's tough rod & wrapped my kisser around it. Then the Slut's Sucking Show began. I created a sensual show of worshipping Swimbod's Fuck Stick. I kissed it, sucked it, slurped on it & twirled my tongue all around it. I gobbled up his big balls, burying my whole face into his sacs. Meanwhile, my hands were frantically roving round his ribbed bod, occasionally grabbing his well-developed pecs & sometimes my palms would be on his perky butt pushing him forward into my ravenous mouth. His ultra smooth bod was such a turn on to me & I couldn't stop touching him. I pulled out all the stops, making exagerated sounds & Swimbod contributed with his loud moans. 

Then just as suddenly as it started, Swimbod jammed the brakes on the show & announced he's had enough. I guess probably he wasn't ready to cum yet. So with that, we wrapped up the show & went our separate ways.

I still couldn't find anyone worthy to play with after the frisky episode with Swimbod & I bet it was the same for him too cos' half an hour later, he was again back by my side. This time he took my hands & led me to one of the open play rooms within the Sauna. Ah, so Swimbod likes to put on a show for others to see. But unfortunately, there wasn't much of a crowd now as most people have made their exit. Well, doesn't really bother this Slut. We did however, attract 1 or 2 spectators from time to time as we were making out in the open room. 

The Open Room without doors where we made out

Swimbod obviously liked to be sucked, so I got down to business & worked his prick until it was rock hard again. He returned the favor & we ended up in a 69 position. I was able to deep-throat him in this position & I gave him no mercy. I pumped his cock real hard, knocking his cock head against the walls of my throat. The banging impact was getting him closer & closer to the edge & then with a swift tug, he pulled his weiner out of my mouth, immediately spraying my face with his warm gooey spunk, shouting out a really loud 'Argh FucKKKK!!!' while he was at it.

Just before I left the Sauna for that night. I took this shot as a remembrance of the place.

Wall of Hunks & Porn playing on one of the TVs.

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