Saturday, 12 April 2014


After my 1st visit to a HK sauna that turned out to be quite happening, The Slut decided that he'll check out the other ones. So it was on to Central Escalator (CE) Sauna. This turned out to be yet another puny one. There were maybe less than 10 guys around when I reached, about 40% of them were Caucasians. So this is the one place to go if you are into foreigners. Unfortunately, the Caucasians that day didn't quite whet my appetite. 

After half an hour, I was ready to abort this place when suddenly my eyes caught a rather burly figure coming out of the toilet. Wow, I could definitely do this one, I thought to myself. The guy in question here had the typical image of a G-man, closed cropped crew cut, coupled with a heavyset bod. Instantly, he became the prime A-grade beef that everyone was eyeing.

Not Beefy G's real pic but a resemblance

Of course, this Slut is not gonna let such Choice Meat go without laying my hands on him. As he stepped into the shower, I followed suit & picked the shower head right next to him. I made sure he took notice of me. Luckily, I was quick to react because the shower room was pretty small & there were only 2 shower heads at the side that we both were on. The other guys that came in later had to take the shower heads on the other side. I could feel the intense jealous stare from them when they looked back at us. For me, I'm just glad I had a premium spot where I could ogle shamelessly at Beefy G's package. Beefy G had an average-sized cock, it looked half erected as he stood there lathering himself up & I guessed it would be around 5.5" when hard. The girth was however, like the bod of the owner, chunky & fat. It looked absolutely suckalicious.

When Beefy G was finally done showering, he made his way into the steam room that was adjacent to the shower room. Of course, the rest of the guys followed, me included. Once, we were inside the steam room, all hell broke loose. Everyone wanted a piece of G. So G just stood there, enjoying all the attention given to him. It was time to be aggressive, so I got on my knees & popped his hardening cock into my hungry mouth & slurped on. Immediately his shaft became rock hard & I was right that he's about 5.5" long. It was good enough for me as I eagerly sucked on & my hands meandered crazily all over his sturdy bod. There were 2 other Caucasian guys & 2 Asians in that small room. It became a mass orgy session between all of us. 

After awhile, one of the Caucasian guys began to pull Beefy G away from the group. They settled in a corner where the Caucasian was sitting down & G was sucking the White guy's hung 7.5 incher. I still wanted Beefy so I joined them & White guy grabbed my family jewels & gave me a warm welcome with his moustached mouth. Then G got up, turned around & impaled himself onto the White guy's meat sausage. Ooh, so Beefy is a size queen! While G was gleefully bouncing on the Caucasian's dick, his own cock was flopping in the air & it looks so cute that I just had to have it in my own hole. So I positioned myself in front of Beefy & opened up myself to him. G is now sandwiched between me & the White Guy & I can tell he was having a great time.

Meanwhile, the other group were also getting it on. There was an Asian bottom, who was at this moment being fucked doggie style by the other Caucasian. Asian bottom was pretty vocal about it, saying things like 'Mmm...yeah, fuck me hard. Shove your big cock into my wet ass. Ooh ooh yeah...' The other Asian was beating his own meat. Then the Asian bottom pulled the Asian top to him & cooed, 'Feed me that fucking hot cock!'. Asian top obliged & offered his joy stick to the bottom to which he rubbed lovingly against his lips. 'Oh yeah, tastes good!', purred the bottom. In response to this, the Caucasian slammed his own fuck tool harder into the bottom, making him moan louder in pleasure. 'Yeah! Fuck me Harder!'

Watching this whole hot scene was getting me close to the edge quickly. At the same time, Beefy's palm was wrapped around my own pulsating cock, jerking me off. I was also feeling G's pole, sliding in & out of my sweet hole. I knew there was no escaping the impending eruption.

Next, I saw the Asian top pull his stiff rod out of the bottom's mouth & using it to smack the bottom's face like a baton. The slutty bottom was simply loving it, sticking out his tongue as a welcome to the smacking intrusion. 'Urgh....urgh.... urgh....', he droned on as that was the only sound he could make with his tongue hanging out. Simultaneously, the Caucasian guy was banging real hard into the bottom's butt, making pop pop sounds. 

It was such a sensuous scene to take in. In addition, Beefy was giving me tons of pleasure down under. I felt a warmth radiating out from the nether regions & then I exploded. I saw my jizz flew across the room, making a nice arch before landing on the steam room's wet floor. I shuddered as I felt more squirts of hot semen coming out of my piss slit. 

After I was drained, I had to leave the steam room as the heat plus the intensity of the orgasm was getting to me. I don't think Beefy shot his load in there cos' I saw him flirting with another Caucasian just as I was about to leave the sauna.


  1. Oh. Unprotected sex this time around?

    1. Yeah. :p
      But lemme stress again that I'm no advocate for raw sex.

  2. I wan have sex with u u Are so cool