Sunday, 25 November 2012


I had a free afternoon today, so I decided that I'll try to hit the sauna earlier & check out the day crowd since I've never done it before. But there is something else I gotta take care of; my bubble butt. I hit the gym 1st, doing lotsa squats; working the glutes so that my butt is all pumped & rounded. Before i left the gym, I took off all my clothes & had a final look of my bubble butt in the locker room mirror. I was satisfied. I'll be walking around naked, so the butt had to look good.

Reached the sauna at about 4pm. Wow, it was already quite crowded. Excitement! The crowd was mostly mature guys from late 30s onwards. Hmm... So these are the ones that hit the saunas in the day. The nude theme hasn't started & guys were going around wrapped in their towels. Quickly had a shower & started recceing, excitement turned to disappointment rapidly when I couldn't find anyone that interested me enough to fuck. I mean, I luv mature men but I prefer them muscular & beefy. What I've seen so far were pretty out-of-shape guys or simply scrawny types.

Luckily at about 5.30pm, I laid my hands on a Stocky built dude. I figured he must also be in his late 30s but because he's got a baby face, he looked much younger. Felt him up & my hands went under the towel. Woah, he's already hard! Not massive, about 5inches. Well, I don't really have much of a choice at this point of time plus I liked his boyish face so I decided to take him & we went into a room.

Once in the room, we kissed wildly. He obviously liked kissing & the more I kissed him back, the more turned on he became. He went from kissing me to licking me all over & he even went down on me. Sucking me with such fervent. I responded in kind & returned the favour. I think we were going at it for at least half an hour becos I heard the staff of the sauna going round announcing the start of the nude theme. (Nude theme starts at 6pm).

By now, I was so hungry for a fuck & I asked him to take me. He readily agreed & raised my feet up in the air & tried to enter me. But becos he's a little short down there, he was having trouble accessing my hole. I suggested to switch around so that I'm on top & squatting over his hardened Jalepeno. From this position, I'm able to open my hole wider & allow him to penetrate deeper. I could also control how deep I wanted him inside me. In this instance, it was obvious I needed him all the way in. I was literally sitting on him & rocking my sexy butt on his stiffened cock. His 5incher was finally able to hit my G-spot in this situation & we kissed again while I rocked him.

After awhile he decided that he wanted to take over control, so he asked me to get down into a doggie position. I obediently did so & spread my juicy butt apart to allow him easy access. He aimed his compact dick at my gaping hole & pushed forward. Then he went on to pump my lubed-up ass relentlessly. I guess maybe he knew he was lacking in the length department, he tried to make it up in other areas. Hence he was going on like an Energizer bunny. He showed no signs of slowing down at all. I, on the other hand, was totally enjoying the motor-speed sensation that he has caused in my insides & his deep thrusting is constantly hitting my g-spot. I could feel my cum welling up & I knew that I would explode soon. I was in a dilemma. Should I prolong the piston-like sensation or should I just allow the juices to flow? In the end, I gave in to the senses my body was feeling as I clenched my butt muscles tight & allowed my jizz to erupt. I spurted my load and it formed a white trail on the black leather mattress. He was still thrusting like there's no tomorrow after I came, so I was waiting for him to climax but he never did. I had to stop him after awhile as my urge to pee was getting stronger with every jab of his hot Jalapeno. I asked him if he wanted to cum but he said it's ok cos' it's hard for him to do so. So we bade our farewells & I headed straight for the showers. I never saw him again after this, so I figured he left.

After the shower, I realized that the Nude theme was in full force & guys were walking around butt-naked. Spotted a few newcomers & some of them looked yummylicous! However, becos I had juz cummed. I decided to chill & go for a cigarette break instead. About half an hour passed by & I decided that I shouldn't miss out on all the fun that's happening upstairs. I made my way to the 3rd level where they had another area with sofas. 30 secs after I stepped into the area, another hunk came in. He looked like he was in his 20s. Nice gym-toned bod & handsome face. Wow, I've got to lay my paws on him! He went to sit on one of the sofas. As he sat down he used his hands to cover his privates so i coudn't check out his package. I took the chance to take the seat next to him. No movements from him, so i waited. But very soon there was a crowd gathered around us. The hunk, seeing that he's got an audience now, put his hands behind his head & spread his legs open so that his cock is free-for-all to see. It was obviously a welcome sign to whoever that dared to make the 1st move. One of the guys from the audience made that 1st move & started touching the hunk. Slowly his hands went for the hunk's cock & started to massage it. Soon, the hunk's cock was hard & there were even more people crowding around us. 

I was infuriated. This hunk is mine! No one is gonna take him away from me!!! I sprang into action & leaned close to the hunk & began licking his nipples. My hands went to his engorged cock & began a fight with the other guy for the hunk's member. Eventually, this slut decided to step it up as I knelt down in front of the hunk's wide-spread legs & gave him a wet loud slurpy suck. By now, everyone in the crowd wanted a piece of the action & hands were all over me & the hunk. The situation was getting quite out of hands but I never gave up & continued to own the hunk's cock with my wet mouth. Fortunately, it got to a point where the hunk got irritated with all the attention & he dragged me into one of the rooms.

Ah... pure bliss finally. This hunk is all mine now. He liked to play the quiet dominant role & I was happy to be his slut. Without saying a word, He pushed me down on my knees & offered his 6incher to my mouth. I willingly slurped it all up. He just stood there while I took the chance to lick his gym-bod all over, always ending up kneeling in front of his steel-hard cock & worshipping him from down below. I think he liked it cos' he eventually grabbed my head & forced the whole of his 6inches right down my throat. Yeah, take me Master, I'm willing to be your Slave. I tried to open up my throat as much as possible so that I don't gag but it was unavoidable. Tears started forming in my eyes from all that gagging but to me they were tears of joy. Haha...

After a long while, just as my neck was starting to ache from giving him all that head, he mercifully whipped out a condom. Oh yeah Master, fuck me Master! Silently, he went behind me & made me bend down on doggie position. There was no lube, so I used my saliva to wet my waiting hole. I made sure it was all wet & slippery for him and then he entered me. He didn't make any sound right up to now but I couldn't care less. I was enjoying myself & I will moan if I like. So I started moaning like a cat in heat & I was writhing my butt like a sexy kitten while he fucked me. He must have liked it cos' it wasn't too long before he shot his hot load. As he pulled out of my ass & took off the cum-filled condom, I hurled myself at his cock & sucked off the remaining man-juice. It tasted so sweet & he shuddered a bit as I slurped on. He was drained but he managed a hug & left the room.

Well, I should be satiated by now after being fucked by 2 hot guys right? But no, this greedy slut will not let go of any chance to hook up with another hot guy. There were still guys lingering around & it was still quite early anyway. So I decided to stay on & see if I could score another one. Not long after, I spotted one with spiky gelled-up hair. His bod wasn't too bulky but he had a manly aura about him which I liked. He's also got a nicely trimmed goatee. However, he was quite elusive cos I lost sight of him a few times. Eventually, I caught him standing outside one of the empty rooms & I went to stand beside him. I started touching him & soon we were hugging each other. I felt him up below, nice size of about 6.5" but not very hard. Then he led me into the empty room. Once inside, he kissed my passionately all over, rubbing his goatee on my face, my neck, my chest & my nipples. The sensation of his facial hair on my body turned me on & I was hard instantly. However, when I went down on him to try to get him hard, he remained quite limp. That's when I found out that he had already cummed twice. So we decided to slow things down & we began making small talk while hugging each other. It was also nice to just cuddle. Through the chat, I discovered that he's got his own business & that he's already 45. He does look younger tho', probably around the late 30s.

Time passed & I decided to try to get him hard again so I went down on him. This time round, he was ready cos' he got hard fairly quickly. He had one of the most beautiful cocks I've seen. Very straight with well rounded head & practically hairless smooth balls. The unfortunate thing is, we didn't have any condoms with us. So I decided that I'll get one from the sauna staff & not waste the chance of having this beauty in my hot ass. Hastily I sped downstairs, asked for a condom & lube & raced back upstairs to look for Mr. Goatee.

We started the foreplay all over again & I managed to get him hard once more. Then he turned violent on me & started biting my nipples & slapping my butt. Ooh... so he likes it rough! He lifted up my legs in the air, put on the condom & went straight for my un-lubed ass. It was quite painful without the lube as he pushed thru'. Lucky for me, I think my ass was already quite relaxed since I was fucked by 2 guys before this. So it was actually quite ok after he got his 6.5" meatloaf into my crevice. Mr. Goatee fucked me violently, nibbling on me as he did so while I wimpered both in pain & pleasure. His fuck was so hard that it made popping sounds as he slammed on my bubble butt. With each slam, I responded with a yelp. We were tearing the house down but we didn't care.

As he was nearing the rupture point, Mr. Goatee suddenly pulled out & asked me to sit on his lap. Our cocks were facing each other in this position. He asked me to jerk myself & he did the same too. He wanted us to cum together. Then he ejaculated. When I saw the white hot essence spewing out of his perfect looking cock, I followed. It was my 2nd cum but I came loads & both mine & Mr. Goatee's sap formed a big pool around his crotch area. Mr. Goatee was super sensitive after the eruption & he was twitching everytime my fingers caressed his bod. We ended up going for supper together.

Not too bad for a daytime Sauna romp. Maybe I should consider going earlier next time!

The Wonderful Suckable cock of Mr. Goatee.

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