Sunday, 11 November 2012


I was still at Hyundae, taking a breather after fucking that hot manly crew-cut bottom. There was a big TV room with a sofa on the 2nd level & I decided that wd be the perfect place to chill & have a cig. Halfway thru' my cig, I spotted a chunky dude with those Yakuza-looking Tattoos all over his back. He looked like a wild top & I would've sprung into action in usual circumstances. However, b'cos I'd juz cummed, I wasn't particularly horny yet. I decided to wait & see.

He caught me eyeing him too & made his way to the 3rd flr where all the beds were. I was asking myself if I shd follow & decided against it. After maybe abt 15min later, I saw him coming down from the 3rd flr. Immediately, our eyes locked. He still has that on-the-prowl look on him & I knew that he's not satiated yet. He went on to the 1st level.

Minutes later, he walked up again. This time round, he was naked & holding a towel to cover his crotch. He walked to the sofa where I was, sat down on the adjacent armchair on my right & started lighting up his cig. His crotch was still covered by his towel, so I couldn't make out how big his cock was. He just sat there smoking, all the while he was aware I was eyeing him back. Then with his other hand, he deliberately went to his crotch & grabbed it. Now, he's got me horny & I decided to return the favor & grabbed mine too. So there we were, watching each other fondling our own dicks. I could see he was getting hard.

Eventually he let the towel fall off to reveal a hard 5.5" hot rod. His uncut plum red cock head was all filled & throbbing. He then gave me a come-hither look & nodded at me. It was an obvious invitation & I crawled over to him. I knelt down in front of his wide-spread legs & cupped his balls in my hands. I tickled the balls with my fingers & he arched his back as if inviting me to take ownership of his hard cock. I had grown a goatee & moustache & I used them to rub against his cock head. The friction must have heightened the sensation on his cock & he arched his back even more, letting out manly grunts. Next he grabbed my head & shoved his hard-on into my mouth & started face-fucking me. I obliged & sucked on hungrily.   

Minutes went by & I felt I need to have this burly guy fuck me. So I stood up & led him upstairs to the 3rd level. We found a spot & I quickly knelt down & continued sucking his red hot rod. Then I stood up, went behind him & started licking his whole tattooed back all the while jerking him with my hands. His Yakuza-inspired tattoos were such a turn-on for me & I was glad he turned out to be the manly top that I had hoped for. I was all ready to submit to him. Next, he turned around & pushed me down on the bed. He whipped out a condom & bit off the wrapping with his teeth. He rolled the condom onto his 5.5" stick, grabbed my legs, rested them on his shoulders & entered me. He started thrusting slowly at first then increasing the tempo till it was like motor speed & then he slowed down & picked up speed again. It was such a great fuck & I was really enjoying it. He wasn't very hung but he sure knows how to fuck! He slowly manouvered himself so that we are in a missionary position. Him at a push-up postion & me lying on the bed with my legs up in the air. He went on to pump into my hot ass again & becos of the position that he's at, he was able to plunge real deep. With every pump, he hit my G-spot & sent me into fuck heaven. I put my arms aound his neck, brought my mouth close to his & we kissed. It felt great kissing him while feeling his hard cock sliding in & out of my wet hole. I luv the way he alternated the tempo while he fucked.

Eventually he picked up the tempo again & he was hammering hard into my ass. He was biting down on his teeth & grunting. I knew then that he was working himself up to the grand climax. I clenched my butt muscles to give him a tighter grip & before long he let out a loud groan & collapsed on top of me. I hugged him tightly & kissed him all over. He was breathing rapidly & we stayed in that position, hugging each other until his breathing returned to normal. That's when we kissed each other goodbye.  

The Sexy Back of the Tattoed Top

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