Saturday, 28 March 2015


With 3 cocks in the bag, this hungry Slut is still not satisfied. In fact, I became more and more insatiable as time passed by & immediately I was out on a hunt as soon as the Lean Hung dude was done with me.

I was really in luck that night. Not long after, I had my paws on a stocky cub with a nice 6 incher. I caught this huggable chap at the 'Jail' area. I call it the 'Jail' area because the cubicles in here had metal bars for the doors & the more adventurous guys would go into the cubicle, lock themselves behind bars & award the others a free show while they get it on. 

But I wasn't in the mood to share my Cuddly Cub with anyone so I suggested that we go into a room when I felt that I was ready for another hot fuck. That was when he counter asked me if I was into threesomes. And when I checked in with him on who the 3rd guy was, he replied that it was his boyfriend. Ooh, that got me curious immediately & I asked him where his BF was. With that, he reached out to the guy behind him & pulled him towards us. I took the chance to feel his BF up. Wow, his BF is even hotter! Not as hefty as the Cuddly Cub but definitely much more toned plus he had a bigger, chunkier cock. I couldn't believe my luck.

We left the 'Jail' area in search of a more private room & found one quickly. To get things started, we did a 3-way kiss,  me being sandwiched between the 2 guys & rubbed lips with one another. From there, we advanced to French kissing where there were a lot of wet sloppy tongue action as we sucked each other's face. It was such a hot scenario being trapped between 2 hot guys & I totally immersed myself in it. 

Just as I was enjoying myself mindlessly, I felt a palm on my shoulder pressing downwards. It was the Cuddly Cub, signifying to me that the action should move onto the next stage. Willingly, I got down on my knees & right in front of my mouth were 2 delicious-looking meaty schlongs. Cuddly Cub's woody was a rather nicely sized 6 incher which was surprisingly hairless & uncut. The cock head peeking out of his foreskin was a mouthwatering bright red colour. His BF's member, on the other hand, was a pretty impressive 7 incher & there were sexy veins snaking down the length of his entire dick. Instinctively, my pucker parted ways & I took turns engulfing the cocks on offer. I love uncut cocks & I was glad that Thai dicks are like that. I love to pull the foreskin up & beyond the cock head so that I could nibble on the soft skin, which is what was happening right now as I played with the joy sticks.  At one point, I was so greedy that I even attempted to gulp both cocks into my ravenous mouth.

And before I had enough of their delectable chokers, Cuddly Cub moved me along again. This time round I was positioned in a stooping position so that my hands were on my knees, my mouth facing Cuddly Cub & my man cunt pointed in his BF's direction. Next, a felt a wet glob of lube dribbled onto my hole. I looked back & saw that his BF had covered up & was getting my ass ready for his remarkable fucker. As he slid in, this Slut couldn't help but let out moans of pleasure as I felt myself being filled up inside. The BF then started to pump me fast & furious & the decibel of my moans escalated accordingly. It was at this point of time that Cuddly Cub grabbed my chin & chucked his smooth, stumpy man-meat into my trap. I felt like a baby being offered a pacifier & my moans were immediately hushed as I sucked on the honey stick.

The BF's aggressive humping was creating a ripple effect. Everytime he thrusted in, he would push me forward which in turn forced me to take in more of Cuddly Cub's hard rod. We worked in perfect harmony in this way & through my muffled moans, I could tell that both of them were really enjoying themselves. I reached for Cuddly Cubs well-rounded rump & pushed him deeper into my throat. I sucked hard & deep, reciprocating the vigorous fuck that I was getting from his BF.

Cuddly Cub didn't last very long & soon he announced that he was gonna cum & within seconds I felt my mouth flooded with his creamy love nectar. I took in every drop of his milky juice as I felt him tremble as he offloaded into my orifice. His BF, seeing that Cuddly Cub has climaxed, proceeded to pump me even harder in a bid to coax his own ejaculate. Expectedly, in a short space of time, He pulled himself out of my fuck hole, ripped off the condom & began spurting his warm essence all over my face. 

Then it was over. I couldn't open my eyes as they were covered with the BF's secretion. However, they were nice enough to help wipe it off & then we kissed goodbye. 

I was literally famished after all that action & thank goodness the management actually offered free dinner that night. The simple dinner of Fried Pad Thai, omelette & stir fried veg was surprisingly very yummy. I also took the chance to check out the steam rooms that were infused with a nice eucalytptus aroma that immediately perked me up. Kudos to the management of Sauna Mania for these little extras. You've made me feel very welcomed.

There was also another surprise that awaited us after dinner. The management had arranged a show at the gym area. They hired some boys to provide a fuck show for the patrons & we were encouraged to join in. This horny Slut would have offered myself in this orgy but alas the boys they brought in were a little too twinkish for my personal liking, even though some of them had notably big cocks. 

The fuck show did however got my horny desires stirring again & I went back to the cruising area & got myself a gym-toned Specky Bald guy. Perhaps, stimulated by the sensual Fornication Performance that was on display earlier, we fucked like rabbits until we were both eventually drained of our horny juices. 

6 succulent cocks in one night & countless others that I've momentarily stopped by to play with. I have to say that this is a Fuckin' Great Ramming Time!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


With that 1st hot fuck done & dusted, this horny Slut is back on the prowl again. So, I was standing outside a dark room & inside it is a big leather bed where anyone can play on. At this point of time where I was posing, just right opposite me is a yummy young cub. 

As we were all naked, I teased him by tugging at my cock & playing with my nipples, biting on my lower lips seductively as I glanced at him. My ploy worked & he made the 1st move. He came over & we cuddled, so I took the chance to feel him up. He was expectedly tough all over except for a thin layer of fat around his waist that made a lovely love handle. My caresses on his smooth bod soon caused a reaction & I felt a hardness between our groins. I took a step backwards & was greeted by a thick juicy 6 incher. It was what I needed exactly & I grabbed his hands, trying to lead him into one of the cubicles but he refused to budge. Instead, he led me into the dark room, threw me onto the big sparse bed, climbed on top of me & proceeded to fuck me there and then. 

Ah... my cute cub likes kink. To play along to his fetish, I began to make slutty man moans. 
'Uh uh, yeah, Fuck, Fuck man!'
That really got him going & he responded by thrusting harder & deeper, making manly grunts as he pumped.
'Uh!' I cajoled with every thrust of his powerful hips.
'Yeah!' I continued.
'Fuck!' when I felt his stumpy rod slam my ass once again.
'Oh, Fuck me!' I cried when he started to grind against me.
I don't know if he understood what I was spouting cos he only kept grunting but who cares! 

Obviously, our noisy tyrst on that open bed soon attracted lots of attention & a crowd soon formed around us & hands were pawing at both of us. The attention was the catalyst that Cute Cub needed & before I knew it he was spurting his love juice inside me.

As the Cute Cub made his retreat, another daring guy decided to take over. His bod was extremely lean & dry, I could feel the ridges of his abs clearly. I normally do not go for guys like this but since he wanted moi, why not, right? Plus he's got a totally suckable 7 incher that is curved downwards, the type that's best suited for deep throating. I just couldn't resist not having that delicious schlong slide down my throat. I got him to stand up on the bed, then I got up on all fours so that his cock tip is just at the right level with my lips. My palms reached behind him and grabbed his rock hard butt & I pushed him gently forward towards me. As his massive dong approached, my lips involuntarily parted & I reeled him in. 

Like I explained earlier, the angle of his hard-on was ideal for deep throating & he easily slipped past my tonsils & into my air passage. But because he was pretty hung, he was soon making me choke. Time for some help. I took a few whiffs of the poppers & as soon as the effect kicked off, everything became easier. I was mouth-fucking his phallus with such wild abandonment that when I finally let it slip out of my mouth, his fucker was coated with a thick coat of my own slimy saliva. Best time for him to ram my sexy ass now. I turned around, jiggled my supple buns to signal that I need his fucking cock in my itchy hole. He totally gets it, got on his knees & fucked me doggie right there on the leather bed. The crowd was still there watching, touching us both. 

His cock was a perfect fit for my anal passage as well. When he plunged in, I could feel him hitting my G-spot & when he pulled out, the whole length of his penis rubbing against my ass lips sent throngs of ecstatic bliss throughout my body. I took another shot of the poppers & it made me even more hungry for his wonderful fuck tool. I began dirty talking to him.

'Yeah, love that fucking big cock!'
'Give it to me, Fuck me harder!' I reached back to his buttock & shoved him towards me.
He responded in kind & gave me rhythmic hard thrusts which in turn made me go 'Uh uh uh' again.
We were both working in harmony like a well-oiled engine, his 7 incher like a piston, plunging in & out of my deep recess, igniting the horny spark in both of us. It didn't take him very long to reach the point of no return. When I heard that familiar  cry of ecstasy he let out & the uncontrollable shuddering as he released his seeds, I knew that I've scored a 3rd one!

So is that the end of the night for this Slut? Hardly!

To be continued....

Saturday, 14 March 2015


This year's Chinese New Year happened to fall on Thu & Fri, which presented a great opportunity to getaway. It will be a 4 day break without even having to take leave from work. And since this Slut had such a great time the last time I was in gay mecca, Bangkok, it was an obvious choice to sexcape to. Plus, it's the Year of the Ram & moi's horny ass needs to be rammed real good by some Thai Hunks.

Reached Bkk on the 1st day of CNY & the 1st stop was Sauna Mania. I was really glad I made the decision to go there that night cos' they had some CNY celebration going on in the sauna & to my delight, it was also a Skin Night, this Slut's fav theme! Got to the sauna close to 9pm & I was quite surprised to find that the place is packed with guys. Do Thais celebrate CNY too? But no matter, it was undeniably great for this Slut who was spoilt for choice. 

Without wasting any time, I dashed for the shower then walked proudly butt naked into the cruising area. In a short time, I've hooked a bait. He was a tall lanky dude who easily stood at past the 1.8m mark. We were walking towards each other on one of the corridors & our eyes met. He flashed a smile at me & instantly I knew I've got my 1st Hunk for the night. What I liked about him is that he looked a bit mixed blood, not typical Thai looking but more towards the fair celebs that you see on Thai TV. He had an aristocratic air & thank God he spoke fluent English!

I didn't need much persuasion when he invited me to go into one of the cubicles. Once the door was closed, he grabbed me & pulled me close to him. We were both already naked & there was no need to be cordial. Our lips met & we kissed each other sloppily for awhile. Next, He frantically grabbed my pecs & began sucking on my nipples. To match his fervour, I began to moan blatantly. I'm sure people outside the cubicle could hear me loud & clear but I didn't care. I'm here to enjoy myself & I'll fucking make sure I savor every moment. 

'You make me so horny!' He notified.
'And you smell so fucking good!' 

Hmm... that must be thanks to the new perfume that I've brought for this trip. 

'Thanks.' I countered. 'And would you like to fuck me now?' I smirked looking down at his engorged 6.5 inches of goodness below.

'Yes, I want to fuck you again & again tonight. Ok?' He requested.
'Sure dude, you can do whatever you want with me, I'm all yours tonight.' I teased. But my thought bubble is going 'NOoooo!!! Not when there're plenty of fresh meat out there!'
Haha.... I'm such a Slut I can't stand myself sometimes. 

And of course, this lil Slut is not going to let his fine specimen of a cock go straight into my ass without first devouring it in my covetous mouth. With that, I dropped to my knees, cradled his hairless balls like they were precious jewels in both my palms, admiring them, caressing & tickling them, making him shudder as the sensations of my nimble fingers created waves of pleasure that coursed through his lean toned body.  Then, without any warning, I went in for the kill. Although his cock was pretty long, the girth wasn't thick. Hence, I was able to take him in all the way down my throat. Being caught off guard, he involuntarily let out a hoot.

I sucked with full force, my lips gripped his member tight & went up & down, up & down continously; generating hard suction power. His cock tasted so good as he had clearly just showered & it smell deliciously fresh. His knees were getting weak from the joy I was giving & he had to lean back against the wall for support. When I finally had enough of slurping on his well-endowed tool, his cock head was fully flushed with a dark plum red color.

'Fuck, you are very good!' He exclaimed, obviously referring to my sucking skills. I wiped my mouth with a thumb & gave him a smug look. There's no doubt about that, Dude.
'Get on the bed. I wanna Fuck You now.' He instructed.

Amiably, I climbed onto the bed & waited as he covered up. When he was done wearing the protective cap, he knelt between my legs & lifted my left leg so that my thigh is now resting against his shoulder. He then proceeded to probe at my rosy bud & suddenly he just plunged in all the way. I could feel the tip of his cock hitting my tailbone & I cried out. He evidently thought that he was pleasuring me & went on to pump my hole savagely, making me moan out even louder. 

My moans seemed to be an aphrodite to him. The louder I whined, the more it gets him off. What happened next was that he fucked me in a multitude of positions, ending with both of us standing & him humping me from behind. 

'Oh Shit, I'm can't hold it anymore!' He informed. 

To help milk the cum, I tightened my butt & gripped him with my ass muscles. I could feel his manhood pulsing & squirting as he came into the rubber while inside me. 

We laid down to cuddle after he came & made small talk. That was when I found out that he was a Banker. No wonder he carried himself so well. He was a good fuck but the Slut in me is wondering about all the other fishes out there & I really hope he wasn't really meaning to keep me to himself all night.

Lucky for me, he eventually announced that it's time to shower & I took the chance to slip away from him. Haha... However, I did not spot him around after the shower so I guess he must have left since he's already sextisfied.

It is definitely not the end of the night for this horny Slut. And I did go on to find many more cocks that night.

To Be Continued....

Monday, 9 March 2015


This blog entry has been stunted by an email that I received from Google about their 'no sex' policy in which they will no longer make sex blogs available to the general public. However, that Google saga has now gone down the drain so it's back to business here at Blogger.

For some reason, this Slut had a sudden fetish for Bi Married Men & since Valentine's was approaching, I thought I'd do those Bi Dudes a favour if they were not getting any from their spouses. With that, I gave a shout out on a forum that I was looking for Hot Married Daddies. Within a space of a few days, I had several interested responses. The most interesting one was from a Bald Dude in his 40s. We eventually traded contacts & he sent me this pic.

The pic showed the back view of a rather toned guy in the shower. Mmmm... looks good enough! Since the pic piqued my interest, we moved things along quite quickly, especially after I shared with him a pic of me lying in bed in nothing else but a jockstrap, with my bubble butt in unrestricted full view. 
My sexy pic got Bi Daddy all hot & bothered, so he pursued me for a hook up. Below is a screengrab of our chat.

I, of course, had to lay down my terms & told him I would only meet him if he agreed to come fuck me on Valentine's Day. To my surprise, Bi Daddy readily agreed to it as he & the Mrs do not have the habit of celebrating Valentine's. He was more keen to pump my horny hole instead. So it was set, he would come over after dinner on Valentine's Day. Bi Daddy also boasted that he could last for hours without cumming & wanted me to be prepared for a long session of play. This Slut is of course up for the challenge. I was sure that with my expert skills, I would have him cumming in no time.

V-Day came & I prepared my place for a long intensive night of smashing good time. I decided to put on the same sexy jock strap that I sent Bi Daddy in the chat cos' I knew it would certainly get his cock pulsing in nano seconds. At about 10pm, there was a message from him & he was done with dinner, I gave him the address & readied myself.

Half an hour later, another message came in & he's reached my place. As he made his way up, I put on a body hugging tank top. The lower half of my body was only encased in the itsy bitsy jockstrap. I positioned myself behind the door so that his view is obscured when he eventually reached my unit. As he stood there outside my door, I opened the door slightly more & motioned for him to step in. 

Once he's inside the house & realized what I've put on, Bi Daddy's face lit up with a leery smile. I returned his wide-eyed grin with a coy 'come-fuck-me' smirk. He came up from behind, hugged me & whispered in my ears.
'I'm gonna slowly devour you tonight'. He informed.
'Do you like my get-up?' I enquired.
'Yes, but let's take things slowly, I need a smoke 1st.' He suggested.
With that, I led him to the kitchen area where he could smoke next to the kitchen window.

As he lit up, I joined in for a puff & we began to make small talk about the dinner that he just had. Throughout the chat, I maintained that 'come-fuck-me' smile, knowing fairly well that he'd take the bait soon. True enough, as soon as he finished his cigarette, he moved in & kissed me. I tasted cigarette smoke in his breath. That's always a big turn on for this Slut.

While Bi Daddy was kissing me, I took the chance to feel him up & gradually stripped him of his clothes so that he was eventually in just his underwear.  I spied a considerable big bulge down there. Yeah, my man is turned on. Next, he grabbed me  & hoisted me up onto the kitchen top so that I was sitting on it, with my legs wide open. He was standing between my legs & attacked my nipples with his mouth. His expert sucking & flicking of his tongue against my ultra-sensitve nipples soon had me moaning & squirming in delirium like a kitten in heat. Throughout this ordeal, my kitchen window was left open & my neighbours on the opposite block would be treated to a great view of 2 guys making out. 

Next, he headed down south & gave my man cunt a gratifying tongue bath. To help him access my orifice, I had to lean back so that I was supporting myself on my elbows on the kitchen top. This Bi Married dude is actually quite good with his tongue. His techniques ranged from gently swirling his slithery tongue around my bum hole to roughly chaffing his stubbles against my tender sphincter muscles. These actions gave me sensations that encompassed warm waves of pleasure to prickly sensations that were slightly painful but bearable. From time to time, he would also bite down on the flesh that is around my man hole & whenever he does that, it would send a jolt throughout my body unlike an electric current.

Eventually, Bi Daddy was done eating my ass so he helped me down on the kitchen top and led me into the bedroom. On the way into the bedroom, I could feel the wetness in my man cunt & it made me feel sluttily sexy. I need to be fucked quite soon.

Unfortunately, Bi Daddy had a different idea. He threw me onto the bed so that I was lying face down & continued to ravage the crack in my bubble butt. As much as it felt good, it began to get boring after an extended period of time. I had to move things along. So I flipped myself over & pulled Bi Daddy down to me & we kissed. While we were sucking each other's face, I took the opportunity to tug Bi Daddy's underwear off. Once, the undies were off, a very sturdy cock sprang out. His cock was not too big, probably around 5 inches & it was cut. 

Bi Daddy's Super Straight Handsome Cock

And how could this Slut let such a Handsome Cock slip by? So I slid myself down his lean bod until I was at eye level with his shaft. In an instant, I have engulfed Bi Daddy's cock in my ravenous mouth & soon I was bobbing my head in tune with the music that was playing off the Ipod in the bedroom. I could see that Bi Daddy was enjoying the suckfest I was performing on him as he propped himself against some cushions, palms interlocked & placed behind his bald head. There was a satisfied smirk on his face as he peered at me through his half closed eyes. I kept up the slurping of his cut dick so as to sustain Bi Daddy's pleasure.

Next, Bi Daddy pulled me up & we went back to smooching. Then, it was his turn to return the favour. Bi Daddy got down to my chest level, grabbed my man boobs & proceeded to tease my nipples again. Needless to say, he had me moaning uncontrollably in no time. At the position that he is in, I was able to caress Bi Daddy's bald head. I realized that he wasn't entirely hairless. There were still very short & fine baby hair growing on his scalp. It was quite a nice feeling cradling Bi Daddy's head as he sucked on my nipples like a newborn baby.

It's time for Bi Daddy to show me his sexual prowess.
'Fuck me'. I announced.
Bi Daddy looked up at me, nodded & replied OK.
I reached out for the condom, passed it to him & as he covered up, I lubed myself up real well. Next, I threw my legs up in the air, peeled open my butt cheeks & offered him a full view of my gaping hole. That lured Bi Daddy to come forward & he plunged in. As he started to thrust, I knew immediately that he was an experienced fucker. Although his manhood wasn't really considered long, he knew exactly how to make full use of it. He would pull out till his cock head was almost out of my hole then he would plunge in all the way. He made sure that I felt every inch of his invading 5 incher. This is one dude who really knows how to entirely utilize the length of his tool. 

Bi Daddy wasn't boasting when he said he could fuck for hours. This guy could really go on & on! And although this Slut had pulled out all the stops to make him cum, I failed miserably. All in, I think Bi Daddy fucked me for 3 hours plus. My asshole was starting to get sore from all that plummeting of his fuck tool and I had to call a stop. 

By the end of the night, I was exhausted & he still hadn't cum.  Well if you asked me if I conceded defeat based on this experience, yes I admit I was beaten since I couldn't coax Bi Daddy's cum out of his rigid fuck tool. However, I felt that good sex should be fulfilling to both parties and in that sense we both failed as we couldn't satisfy each other's needs.

It was still a helluva Valentine's Fuck!

Bi Daddy was super sweet, he dropped me another message to check if I was doing ok the next day.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Dear Readers,

Updated 3 Mar 15: 
So apparently Google has suffered a backlash after they announced their 'no sex' policy. They've decided to scrap the policy. Woo-hoo!

For those interested to read about the news, here's the link:

I've also received a lot of emails from you, the fans, since I posted this entry. And may I say that I'm really awed by the amount of support for the blog. Thanks so much for your sweet words! Extra big kisses to those of you who risked your personal privacy and requested for private access to my blog. You know who you are. >_<


This is not a blog entry of my usual sexual adventures. But I feel I have to rant about this. So, the other day this little Slut received an email from Google informing me that they have a new policy that no longer allow 'sexually explicit or graphic nudity'. Well, well, well, they must have been reading my blog or how would they have known it was 'sexually explicit'? Haha...

Screen Capture of the said email from Google

Needless to say, I'm utterly disappointed with Google for coming up with such a policy. I have always liked Google because they have always pride themselves on being a company that celebrates diversity, being inclusive & supporting freedom of expression. That was part of the reason why I picked their Blogger platform when I decided on documenting my sexual journal online. Well, it looks like Google has gone 3 decades backwards with their new policy. Come 23 March, access to any blog that contains sexual content will no longer be open to the public.

The good news, however, is that my past entries will not be deleted & can be archived. It will still be available to readers on the condition that they contact the blog owner, in this case, me, to unlock the blog for them to read. But come on, how many of you readers really want to do this right? Personally, I feel that it is an invasion of people's privacy because it means I will know each & every one of the reader's emails. And I have absolutely no intention of having your emails unless you willingly provide them to me.

So, what can I do? Here are the options.
1) Continue blogging here & wait for willing readers to contact me. 
2) Scout for other websites that could host my future entries. (I welcome recommendations from you, the readers. So feel free to drop me a line below on where you'd like to see me on going forward.)
3) Close down this blog. 

Lastly, though it's a little late, I hope you readers had a Fucktastic Valentine's & a Ramming good time in the New Year of the Ram. Obviously, I celebrated these two occasions in my own Slutty way. I would have kissed & told you readers if not for this show stopper from Google. 

So, keep your eyes peeled for me. I may manifest myself in a new blog or it could be Adios from here. Ciao for now!

For those interested in still accessing my blog after 23 Mar. You can write me at