Saturday, 14 March 2015


This year's Chinese New Year happened to fall on Thu & Fri, which presented a great opportunity to getaway. It will be a 4 day break without even having to take leave from work. And since this Slut had such a great time the last time I was in gay mecca, Bangkok, it was an obvious choice to sexcape to. Plus, it's the Year of the Ram & moi's horny ass needs to be rammed real good by some Thai Hunks.

Reached Bkk on the 1st day of CNY & the 1st stop was Sauna Mania. I was really glad I made the decision to go there that night cos' they had some CNY celebration going on in the sauna & to my delight, it was also a Skin Night, this Slut's fav theme! Got to the sauna close to 9pm & I was quite surprised to find that the place is packed with guys. Do Thais celebrate CNY too? But no matter, it was undeniably great for this Slut who was spoilt for choice. 

Without wasting any time, I dashed for the shower then walked proudly butt naked into the cruising area. In a short time, I've hooked a bait. He was a tall lanky dude who easily stood at past the 1.8m mark. We were walking towards each other on one of the corridors & our eyes met. He flashed a smile at me & instantly I knew I've got my 1st Hunk for the night. What I liked about him is that he looked a bit mixed blood, not typical Thai looking but more towards the fair celebs that you see on Thai TV. He had an aristocratic air & thank God he spoke fluent English!

I didn't need much persuasion when he invited me to go into one of the cubicles. Once the door was closed, he grabbed me & pulled me close to him. We were both already naked & there was no need to be cordial. Our lips met & we kissed each other sloppily for awhile. Next, He frantically grabbed my pecs & began sucking on my nipples. To match his fervour, I began to moan blatantly. I'm sure people outside the cubicle could hear me loud & clear but I didn't care. I'm here to enjoy myself & I'll fucking make sure I savor every moment. 

'You make me so horny!' He notified.
'And you smell so fucking good!' 

Hmm... that must be thanks to the new perfume that I've brought for this trip. 

'Thanks.' I countered. 'And would you like to fuck me now?' I smirked looking down at his engorged 6.5 inches of goodness below.

'Yes, I want to fuck you again & again tonight. Ok?' He requested.
'Sure dude, you can do whatever you want with me, I'm all yours tonight.' I teased. But my thought bubble is going 'NOoooo!!! Not when there're plenty of fresh meat out there!'
Haha.... I'm such a Slut I can't stand myself sometimes. 

And of course, this lil Slut is not going to let his fine specimen of a cock go straight into my ass without first devouring it in my covetous mouth. With that, I dropped to my knees, cradled his hairless balls like they were precious jewels in both my palms, admiring them, caressing & tickling them, making him shudder as the sensations of my nimble fingers created waves of pleasure that coursed through his lean toned body.  Then, without any warning, I went in for the kill. Although his cock was pretty long, the girth wasn't thick. Hence, I was able to take him in all the way down my throat. Being caught off guard, he involuntarily let out a hoot.

I sucked with full force, my lips gripped his member tight & went up & down, up & down continously; generating hard suction power. His cock tasted so good as he had clearly just showered & it smell deliciously fresh. His knees were getting weak from the joy I was giving & he had to lean back against the wall for support. When I finally had enough of slurping on his well-endowed tool, his cock head was fully flushed with a dark plum red color.

'Fuck, you are very good!' He exclaimed, obviously referring to my sucking skills. I wiped my mouth with a thumb & gave him a smug look. There's no doubt about that, Dude.
'Get on the bed. I wanna Fuck You now.' He instructed.

Amiably, I climbed onto the bed & waited as he covered up. When he was done wearing the protective cap, he knelt between my legs & lifted my left leg so that my thigh is now resting against his shoulder. He then proceeded to probe at my rosy bud & suddenly he just plunged in all the way. I could feel the tip of his cock hitting my tailbone & I cried out. He evidently thought that he was pleasuring me & went on to pump my hole savagely, making me moan out even louder. 

My moans seemed to be an aphrodite to him. The louder I whined, the more it gets him off. What happened next was that he fucked me in a multitude of positions, ending with both of us standing & him humping me from behind. 

'Oh Shit, I'm can't hold it anymore!' He informed. 

To help milk the cum, I tightened my butt & gripped him with my ass muscles. I could feel his manhood pulsing & squirting as he came into the rubber while inside me. 

We laid down to cuddle after he came & made small talk. That was when I found out that he was a Banker. No wonder he carried himself so well. He was a good fuck but the Slut in me is wondering about all the other fishes out there & I really hope he wasn't really meaning to keep me to himself all night.

Lucky for me, he eventually announced that it's time to shower & I took the chance to slip away from him. Haha... However, I did not spot him around after the shower so I guess he must have left since he's already sextisfied.

It is definitely not the end of the night for this horny Slut. And I did go on to find many more cocks that night.

To Be Continued....

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