Saturday, 1 November 2014


This Slut has always been fascinated by the French language. How could a language sound so elegant & yet so erotic at the same time? It's another dream of Moi to be fucked by a hot French Top while he murmurs his sensual mother tongue into my ears. I think I would just auto-cum from that!

Recently I spotted this extremely Buff Hot Daddy in the Gay app. What attracted me was his bulge; the bulging biceps that is, haha... So I started flirting with him. As expected, the flirting evolved into sexting where he would tell me how he would bathe me, massage me & then fuck me lovingly etc. Wow, this Slut definitely wouldn't mind being treated like that for a change. This went on for weeks & nothing really happened out of it. We would arrange for a hook up & last min, he'd come up with some excuse. I was starting to doubt if this guy is for real.

It was a Monday and I'd come back from work & for some reason, I was suddenly horny. I turned on the apps in my phone & Buff Daddy was online. Ok, let's give him one last chance; I told myself. Turns out Daddy is pumping iron in the gym. The thought of his muscles rippling as he pushed those weights stoked my horny fire even more & I enquired Buff Daddy if he would like to pump my ass too. Daddy was enticed by the proposition & informed me that he was Horny as well. Perfect. I got him to send me more pics & received these.

Wow wow wow!!! Daddy is one hell of a Buff Dude. His dick looks a little tiny compared to that Bulky bod but I wasn't bothered. All that Meat is the cravings of this Slut at the moment. We made arrangements for him to come over after his workout. 

Then the iffy dude in him surfaced. He kept asking if I was certain that I wanna meet him & that it's ok if I didn't want to. Why would I not wanna meet such a hot slab of beef? I kinda suspected that he's not very confident of his looks & cock. Looks-wise, I wouldn't really classify him as a good-looker & I'm a staunch believer that guys with average sized cocks tend to make more effort in bed. I had to assure him that I was serious in meeting him & he eventually relented & made his way to my place.

While he was on the way, I popped into the shower to make sure I smelled fresh & heavenly for my Daddy. Buff Daddy took about 20min to reach my place. He was a little bit shorter than expected but otherwise he was every bit the Dude that I saw in the pictures that were sent. Elation!

Once the doors were shut, he dragged me into the bathroom despite my weak protest that I've just showered. Daddy informed me that he would bathe me just like he promised. Once in the showers, he lathered me up; the scratching sensation of his scruffy palms gave me an instant hard-on. He turned me around so that I was back facing him. His palms reached down to my butt & he spent a bit of time admiring it, grabbing the buns, weighing them in his fat palms, sliding his fingers in between my butt cheeks. 

'You have such a beautiful butt', he stared lovingly at my tush as he caressed it & it was driving me crazy.
'Thank you, now would you like to hump it?', I teased & stuck out my buttock further towards him.
He welcomed the move & back hugged me as he slid his hardening cock up & down my butt slit.

I let him do his thing & when I felt that he was fully hard I turned around so that I could check out his dong in its full glory. I had a very pleasant surprise. Buff Daddy's little weenie is in fact a Grower. It is now standing at a very good-sized 6.5 inches & it was thick! Slurp!

I reached for the shower head & hosed him down, making sure he was suds-free. His bod was very tough; everywhere I felt were solid muscles. And his thighs, they were built like tree trunks! Then I dropped to my knees & devoured his suckalicious schlong. The mixture of his pre-cum & running water made his cock taste so good I could suck on it forever.

But Buff Daddy had to hoist me up, toweled me dry & then led me to the bed. He then proceeded to give me a good half hour of massage that by the time he was done with it, I was so relaxed like a rag doll. 

He then flipped me over so that I was now facing him & he kissed me fully on the lips. He was a competent kisser & I of course, enjoyed all that attention that was given. I couldn't help but started moaning as his tongue found its way down my neck & I involuntarily wrapped my arms & legs around him like a koala bear. We stayed in this position for a bit, enjoying the slow kisses & the close proximity of each other's bodies. 

Eventually, he got up & reached for the condom, covered up & then he got me on all fours. I waited like an obedient puppy as he edged towards my expecting man-hole. As he slid in, I let out a relieved sigh. Buff Daddy has finally taken me. When he started to thrust, I rocked in rhythm with him. Yes, we are finally One! The sight of my buns banging against his pelvis must have turned Buff Daddy on some more & he began smacking my meaty lumps as he rode. 

'Aahhh!!!' I yelped. 
'Mmmm yeah, ride me Sexy Daddy', I cajoled.
'Yeah. Fuck! Your butt so Sexy!' He replied & continued to give it a few more spanks to which I returned the favor with more sensuous cries.

Next, Buff Daddy leaned forward so that he is now back-hugging me again & he was half standing, straddling me. I could feel his fury chest against my back, his left arm was placed across my neck. He could have have strangled me to death if he wanted to. In this position, I could feel his body warmth against me & hear his hastened breathing next to my ears. His chunky Weiner is pushed all the way right up my alley & it was such a tight fit. It had a slight S&M feel to it. I wondered if I would ejaculate out of pure sexual ecstasy if he were to really strangle me now.

Thankfully, Buff Daddy wasn't hardcore. Instead he whispered in my ears.
'How you like your Daddy fucking?'
'I love it, Daddy. Don't stop!' I encouraged & my Buff Daddy went back to rummaging my whore hole. 

He gave my back chamber a real good workout that evening. I literally was like a rag doll in this Hulk's presence, being flipped over & over numerous times. When he eventually came, it was with an animalistic howl that ended the ordeal.

Being the sweet Daddy that he is, he showered me again after the fuck & made sure that I was all cleaned up. It was during these final moments that I managed to find out that he is French. No wonder his English is a little off. Damn, if I had known earlier, I would make him whisper sensual French as he plundered me!

Never mind, there is always a next time. :D

Buff Daddy's Grower


  1. Would love to have a hot steamy session with you!! Your post are great!!

  2. Hi there 28 178 75 Malay mix Indian here wanna have a good shag with you...keen?

    1. If u would kindly leave ur email, I wd get in touch. Dun worry I won't publish it here. :)

  3. Hey, dying to meet u, is that possible??