Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Yummy Ghurkhas

Spotted these 2 cute Ghurkhas and couldn't resist snapping them. Check out the HUGE bulge below! I would gladly offer my sweet ass for them to fuck.

Any of U readers had fun with Ghurkhas before? Feel free to share your experience here. Or U could recommend your Ghurkha friend to this Gayslut perhaps?

Sunday, 19 August 2012


After my session with the drunk bottom, I went downstairs to shower & take a smoke break. Also, to recover from all the sexual activity just now.

Just as I was finishing up the cigarette, I spotted someone. He's a beefy guy in his early 20s. I've seen him in a previous visit before. He's quite good-looking, boyish & with a nice meaty huggable bod. His cock is a sizeable & thick veiny 6.5". I know because this guy likes group fun. In the previous visit, he was just standing in an open area & other guys all swarmed around him, trying to get a piece of him. I had briefly touched him during that 1st encounter. 

This time round, there was only me & him. Directly opposite where I was smoking is the steam room. Our eyes met & the next thing he did was whip out his chunky package from under the towel wrapped around him & stroking it in full view for me to see. It was an obvious invitation so how could I not succumb to it? Even though i wasn't really horny after I've cummed. 

He walked into the steam room & I followed. I found him sitting fully naked in the steam room. His heavy dick was already erected, demanding attention for what was to cum. I knelt in front of him & immediately put that sweet member of his in my mouth. He's wearing a cock-ring & it made his meat glistening red & rock hard. He began moaning loudly as I began to work on his cock. Then he got up, stood on the seat & started ferociously mouth fucking me. The more he grunted & thrusted, the more i tried to take it all in but it was quite difficult not to choke on that thick piece of hot meat. I tried my best not to gag. After awhile, the rising temperature of the steam room became too hot for us to bear. That's when he called for a stop & walked out. It was a pity he didn't cum cos' I would have gladly drank every last drop of what he had to offer.

Feeling unfulfilled, I decided to go back to the cruising area upstairs. I needed a fuck really badly now. Not long after walking around, something caught my attention. He's a single eyelidded mature guy probably around mid to late 30s. I have a weakness for guys with single eyelids & I told myself I had to have him. He was clearly one of the more popular ones at this time of the night (2am) & I see many guys trying to cruise him. This is going to be a challange.

My opportunity came when I caught him standing at a corner. There was another guy feeling him up already. I decided to join in. He wasn't hard yet, so I attacked his nipples & lightly tickled his balls. The other guy was licking his other nipple & stroking his cock. Soon, he was all hard, a good-sized 6". Slowly, I manouvered myself to fight for more space & was eventually hugging & kissing him, body to body. The other guy was eventually ignored by him. Yes! Got ya!

I wanted him all to myself & so I pulled him into one of the rooms. He was a really nice & gentle fucker. He took his time & wasn't in a hurry to cum. We kissed, licked, sucked each other for a long time before he eventually entered me. He rocked me slowly, it felt like we were making love & not just purely fucking. When he finally came, we just laid there & chatted. It's quite rare to find someone that connects in the Saunas & I was happy to stay. We proceeded downstairs afterwards for a smoke & chatted even more. Then he bid his goodbye cos it was quite late already.

It was already about 4am now & I really should go too. But problem is, I'm still horny & I wanted to cum for a 2nd time. Ok one last round, I told myself. If I don't find anyone, I'll head home. So off I went upstairs again.

There wasn't much people left which is expected cos it's really quite late already. Just as I was about to give up, I bumped into another guy cos I didn't see him. Immediately i said sorry & when I turned around, he was smiling at me. Mmm... this one is nice! I was caught off-guard by the smile & could only smile back. Then he walked away. 

Shit! Why didn't I grab him? I have to find him again! It wasn't too difficult now that the crowd has thinned out & I soon spotted him again. He must have just come in as I didn't see him earlier on in the night. Post-clubbing cruising perhaps? If that's the case, I bet he'll be quite horny. I approached him & gave him my 1000 watt smile. He smiled back. Bingo!

I moved in & started touching him. He is so tough all over! A real muscular bear, my ultimate favourite type. My hands made its way down & checked out his package. Woah, he's already hard & must have been at least a good 6", quite a handful too. Nice thickness! No time to waste, into the rooms we went.

Once inside, our towels went off quickly & I knelt down & worshipped him. My mouth sucking hungrily & my hands grabbing everywhere; his firm bubble butt, his massive pecs,  his bulky biceps. I licked him all over too. He was evidently just as horny & made manly grunting sounds which turned me on even more. Soon, he decide to take over the reigns & put me in a doggie position on the bed. And then he entered me & started pounding away. His cock felt so good in my ass & i couldn't help moaning. Then he flipped me over & fucked me missionary style. I clung on to him like a monkey while he continued banging deep into my man pussy. He pounded so hard that the whole bed started making creaking noises. I followed up with loud moans of pleasure. I think the whole sauna could hear us but I didn't care. I was having the time of my life, submtting fully to this wonderful Muscle Bear. 

With every thrust, I could feel his cock hitting my G-spot & I could feel my cum welling up. I clinged on to him even harder so that my cock was sandwiched between his & my bod. The friction of his bod on my cock sent waves all over my body & soon I was spurting my hot cum. When he saw that I came, He withdrew his cock & positioned it on my lips. I opened my mouth & welcomed his cock in. He went on to face fuck me & then he came, I could feel his sweet juice sliding down my throat as I swallowed. There was a lot of juice, i couldn't swallow everything in time & some leaked out thru the corner of my mouth.

I found out from our after fuck chit-chat that he got in this late cos' he was feeling horny after having a few drinks at a Karaoke pub. I'm also glad that I made that last effort or I would have missed out on another mouth full-filling fuck!

Pic of the Muscle Bear who last fucked me

Thursday, 9 August 2012


I've been extremely horny recently & I blame it on the Olympics. I've been ogling at all those Sexy athletes during this period & It's stoking my sexual fire.

So I find myself in the sauna for a consecutive 2nd week, the only place where I can fulfill my desire for multiple fucks. What better way to enjoy a pre-National Holiday!

It was a Leather/Jockstrap or Nothing theme tonight. Of course, this Slut chose to go au-naturel. So there I went, in full naked glory into the S&M area 1st. I was immediately approached by a guy & in what little light there is available, I knew at once who he was. He's someone that I've hooked up with before in this sauna. I think he recognized me as well cos' he was quick on my heels & groped me the moment I stepped into the SM area.

I didn't mind making out with him cos' we had quite a good time previously. He's pretty tall, at least 1.78m. Broad shouldered & slightly on the meaty side, like a swimmer during his off peak season. He pulled me into a room & immediately went on to kiss me passionately, all the while rubbing his throbbing cock against my bod. He went on to lick me all over & I began to moan sensually. Every inch of my bod he didn't miss & i loved the slithering sensation of his tongue all over my bod. Once he got me all sexed up, i went down on him & sucked his 6" cock ferociously. He had a delicious-looking bright red cock-head & I wrapped my lips around it, going down his shaft & coming up, all the while making loud slurping noises just so he knows how much i was enjoying it. He must have liked it cos he was also making lotsa noise & squirming on the bed. And then, before I knew it, he shot a big load into my mouth. Man, that was fast! I was hoping that he'd fuck me. Looks like no such luck now.
After the 1st guy left the room, I went into the SM area again & this time i caught 2 guys canoodling in one corner. Still horny as ever, I decided to join in. The guy back facing me had a rather toned bod & rock hard butt. Mmm... Sexy! Then my hands roamed across to the other guy. Hmmm... was just alright. So I focused on the guy back facing me & licked his shoulder & ears while I hugged him from behind. Next, I slipped my hands in between the guys & tickled the toned-bod guy's balls with my fingers. He obviously loved it as he started to moan loudly. After awhile, the other guy sensed that he was more into me & made a retreat. 

Now that I had the guy all to myself, I pulled him into the same room where I had 1st made out, since it's conveniently situated next to the SM area. Once inside, I turned on the lights & saw that this toned guy is actually quite mature, at least in his late 40s. For his age, I would say his bod is well-maintained & he had a beautiful 7" schlong that is standing at attention right now. It was quite thick as well & so I dropped on my knees & quickly engulfed his amazing member & deep-throated him. Knowing he likes his balls tickled, I also worked on it, twirling my tongue all around the sacs. He was in 7th heaven & quickly shot his jizz. Damn! I would've loved that thick 7 incher in my tight ass. Guess no such luck again... However, he gave me a thumbs up & kissed me farewell. So yeah, another satisfied 'customer'! Hehe...

By now, I was super super horny. I need to fill up my hole or I'll find some hole to fulfill. That's when I spotted a bald, tanned gym-toned guy. From the way he walked, I could guess that he is a bottom. His walk is like those Japanese Geisha, with little steps & head down most of the time. Haha... Anyway, he spotted me as well & followed me. I went to stand outside the same room that I had made out in & he came to stand right in front of me, giving me a sheepish peek every now & then. OK, no time to waste. I grabbed his hand & led him into the room. 

Once inside, we began to kiss. He was an avid kisser. his lips were always on mine except for those times when he was sucking me. He must be a little drunk cos i could smell alcohol on his breath. No problem. In fact, I think it made him even hornier. Soon, he was begging me to fuck him. My pleasure dude. I made him get into a doggy position, lubed him up & swiftly entered him. As i started to pound he began to moan & with each thrust, he synchronized his moans. It was Sexy as hell! Then, I flipped him over on his back, pulled him to the edge of the bed & fucked him while i was standing. He requested that I kissed him, so I leaned forward, hugged him & kissed him while I pounded. He was so enjoying this moment that he clung on tightly to me. After what seemed like a long time, I decided it's time to switch positions & I told him to turn over, lying on his stomach with his legs spread open. It was such a turn-on to see his tan-lined butt staring back at me. I wasted no time & climbed on top of him, inserted my raging hard cock into him & started plunging deep into the dark crevice. I was now lying on top of him, I held him close to me & licked his shoulders & ears & fucking him at the same time. He was now moaning like a woman & begged me not to stop. I varied my pace, sometimes slow, pulling it all the way till I'm almost out of his hole & pushing back all the way in. Rocking him gently. Sometimes, I'll pound fast in motor speed mode; making him huff & puff. Eventually, I felt my cum welling up in my balls & I shot spurts after spurts in his tight hole. After that, We laid around & made small talk for a bit before I said my goodbyes.

You guys would have thought this is the end of the night for me rite? Not so. My hole down there has not been fulfilled yet & it needs to be satisfied. But I'll leave it till the next time to tell U more.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Ok Guys, here's a shortlist of the Asian Hotties in this year's Olympics. U don't have to agree with me. After all, looks are subjective to each individual.

So here goes:
Chen Yibing: China, Gymnastics.
Looks-wise he's a little too boyish for me. But those bulging muscles & his impish smile are to-die-for!

Cho Jae Jin: Korea, Soccer
Love his single eyelid & manly looks

Chris Duenas: Guam, Swimming
Ok, so Guam isn't technically in Asia. But Chris Duenas is too hot to pass. 

Josateki Veikune: Tonga, Rugby
One word: Exoctic!

Kosuke Kitajima: Japan, Swimming
He's also a bit too boyish-looking but after he has grown that facial hair, He's become 10X hotter!

Lin Dan: China, Badminton
Bod-wise, he's a tad too lean for my liking. But I love his current look, very Pai-kia, bad-boy looking! Yummy.

Nathan Adrian: USA, Swimming
Nathan's mum is Chinese, so that makes him half Asian. Take a look at this fine specimen!

Shinji Ono: Japan, Soccer
I have a thing for men that are bald or sports a buzz-cut with facial hair. So now U know why Shinji is in my hotlist.

Wang Hao: China, Table-Tennis
I watched him play in the finals, his piercing eyes when he was concentrating is a killer! Bod-wise, he's not the standard six-pack Adonis. But I like it that it's so huggable.

Koji Murofushi: Japan, Hammer Thrower
My ultimate wet dream! This guy can fuck my bubble butt & throw me around the bed anytime!

Saturday, 4 August 2012


When I was 11, I had a classmate, W. We were so close that we started experimenting with each other's body eventually. (Read my earlier post, 1st Time Touching Another Male Cock)

It turned out that W was even more sex-hungry than me. Every other day, he'll suggest that we go to his grandma's place to 'study & play'. He didn't seem to have the same kinda guilty feeling that I experienced after I have 'cummed'. From touching each other's cock, we progressed to taking off our clothes, caressing each other's young bod, spending lazy afternoons in his room. 

I've always fantasized about sucking another person's cock after I accidentally watched that porn film that my bro had stashed away. So I decided to suggest to W about sucking. This is an account of what happened when we 1st decided to suck each other. 

Me: That day I found a video tape in my bro's wardrobe. It's a 'blue' tape.
W: Wah, did U watch it?
Me: Ya.
W: So what did U see?
Me: I saw a man & a woman doing it. 
W: Wow, what exactly did they do?
Me: Erm..., 1st the man put a banana into the woman's 'pat pat' & he was playing wif it. Pushing it in & taking it out. The woman looked like she was enjoying it. Then the guy took the banana out & ate it.
W: Woah, is the tape still around? I wanna watch!
Me: It's gone already. I think it's not my bro's la. 
W: Haiz....
Me: Then it's the woman's turn. She poured honey on the guy's 'kuku jiao' & then she was sucking it.
W: Sucking?
Me: Ya, she put his 'kuku jiao' into her mouth & sucked him.
W: Ok, too bad i can't watch it liao.
Me: Actually... I want to try sucking. Can i suck Urs?
W: Hmm... It sounded like fun, so why not?

With that, I proceeded to suck a guy's dick for the 1st time. I was thrilled! I took W's flaccid cock, pulled back the foreskin & started with licking the cock head like how the porn actress did in the video. W's cock tasted a little salty. Then I opened my mouth & engulfed W's whole cock in my mouth. Then I tried to simulate the porn actress' actions & began the sucking movement, rocking my head back & forth. However, becos W & I are still pre-pubes, our cocks couldn't get hard. So yeah, it was a HUGE difference from how I imagined it to be, ie, sucking on a hard cock. W's cock just felt sloppy & squishy in my mouth. W, on the other hand, was enjoying it.

W: Mmmm... Ur mouth is so warm. This is betta than just your hand playing with it.
Me: Really? Why don't U suck me?

W was right. I felt the same slippery wet sensation that  I experienced whenever I was in the shower, playing with myself using the soap. This was however 10X better! W's mouth felt so warm & I wished this would go on forever. 

After awhile, W came up and demanded that I return the favor. But I didn't want him to stop. 

Me: I want U to continue sucking me. 
W: Me too. 
Me: How about this? We lie on the bed in opposite directions. That way, U get to suck me & vice versa.
W: Ok!

So, there we were, lying in a 69 position, savouring each other cocks & enjoying the waves of sensation that came with our cocks being sucked. We had no idea that position was called 69! It just happened naturally.

In the coming days, W would pester me to 'play' with him even more. It didn't help that we were in the same class & lived in the same neighborhood. So basically there was no escape although many a times I feel guilty about it.

This would go on until we both reached our puberty when we both turned 12. That's when our cocks are able to get hard & we could actually cum. But that's another story altogether. :P