Tuesday, 21 October 2014


To all Hot, Sexy, Hunky Indian Bros,
Wishing All of You a Dick-licious Deepavali!
Love your Juicy Thick Cocks. :P

Monday, 6 October 2014


Those of you who have been following this blog would've known that snagging a Black Cock has been a dream of this Slut. And I'm glad to announce that I've finally fulfilled my ultimate mission of having a Big Fat Black Cock in my craving crevice in the form of this Hot Black Stud!


Fuckin' Luv his Tribal Tattoos!

So how did I finally grab hold of this Ebony Gem? Well, it was a couple of weeks ago when this Slut was in Hong Kong to attend a close friend's wedding. The wedding was held on a Saturday night & the dinner which I was invited to ended close to Midnight. By the time I was back in the hotel, it was well past midnight. 

I was horny as hell & contemplated heading down to one of the Saunas to try my luck. But before that, I thought I'd try the gay apps to check out the hunks around my hotel. That's when I spotted him. He was just a couple of hundred metres away from where I was. The pics he put up on his profile were totally Hotness Amplified, especially the one with him in Leather get-up. OMG, I NEED to have him!

In an instant, I chatted him up & fortunately he didn't take too long to respond. From the chats, I found out that he was from Brazil & holidaying his way thru Asia. Wow wow wow, a Brazilian Black Stud!

Fast forward, I sent him my face pic & once he was agreeable to meeting, I literally fled to his Hotel which was just 5 min away from where I stayed. My heart was pounding away as I knocked on his Hotel room door. My wettest wet dream is gonna come true soon!

The guy who opened the door turned out to be a rather smiley guy, quite a departure from the stern-looking dude that was feature on his profile. We briefly exchanged pleasantries & soon my hands were all over his bod, feeling him up. His actual bod is not as toned as it looked on pictures but heck it, it was good enough for me. 

What I was more curious about however, was what is hidden beneath his red sports shorts. This ultra horny Slut couldn't be kept in suspense & I started to tug his red shorts down, without bothering to remove his tank top. As the shorts came off, his limp cock flopped out & boy, it looked totally suckable even in its softened state. I had to beg him for a pic which he reluctantly agreed to after much pleading, hence the pic below.

Without any hesitation I went to work, with the aim to arouse the sleeping Anaconda that is down below. We kissed while I groped him all over and then I slowly worked my way down, licking his Chocolate Brown bod everywhere. By the time I came face to face with his Sperm Supplier, he was already in full arousal state. It must have been a good 8 inches! Fucking yeah, I'm so in luck, I thought to myself.

As my fingers grabbed the base of his Charcoal Shaft, there was still at least another 4 inches available for me to suck on. He had the cutest pubic hair that I've ever seen. It was all curly-wurly. I've never encountered pubic hair like this & couldn't help playing with it with my fingers. His fur was wiry to the touch. Then it was time to turn my attention back to the stiff prick in front of my face. I passed him my phone & told him he had free reign to snap me while I show him what I was capable of. Surprisingly he was quite happy to do it & it must have turned him on as I could feel his Big Python grow even harder in my Slutty mouth.

I had a bit of problem taking in all of his 8 incher so I decided to get a little help from my trusted Poppers bottle. I took a few whiffs & as the effect hit me, I went totally wild on his amazing Black Rod. I was finally able to take him all the way in, deep into my throat. I then came up all the way to his cock tip & plunged it back into the deep recess that is my throat. I closed my eyes shut & concentrated on sliding up & down his massive Fuck Rod. I was brimming with pride cos I had accomplished an extremely difficult task, engulfing a Big Fat 8 inch Cock all the way in my mouth. The Black Stud, on the other hand, is now moaning in pleasure & I made sure he knew how much I was enjoying his Fucker with loud slurps.

Then it was time to claim the prize. This is what I been working for. I needed that swarthy Monster Cock jabbing my itchy hole. I reached for the condom & helped to cover him up. Due to the enormous size of his tool, I had a little trouble with my Asian-sized condom. But once I got it on, there was no turning back. I got into a doggie position so Black Stud would have an unobstructed view of my man-hole. Then, playfully I twerked my butt as a signal of welcoming my Big-Dicked Hunk. He crawled up to me, pointed his whopping Fuck Rod at my butt's eyelet & then he prodded forward & I felt his cock head popped through my sphincter walls. I decided that this moment needs to be documented & so I passed him my mobile again to which he took this shot.

From here on, I let the Black Stud lead in whatever he wanted to do with me. He went on to pump me relentlessly & my moans of gratification grew louder & louder until at one point he had to tell me to lower the volume for fear the other Hotel guest would hear it. Haha... I was surprised at myself that I didn't feel much pain even though that's how I imagined it to be with such a Gigantic Cock. It must have been either cos of the fact that I was highly sexed or the fact that his Fucker wasn't Steel hard. This is something that I've observed in Big Dicked guys. Their cocks are somehow not as hard compared to a smaller cock. Whatever the case, I'm not complaining!

Another shot of Black Stud while he was fucking me senseless.

The Massive Black Fucker in its full glory.

I figured it was perhaps 15min had passed when my Black Stud pulled out of my hole. He had gone slightly softer & complained that the condom was too tight on him. Aww... my poor baby. I immediately peeled the rubber that was suffocating his Family Pride & gave it some loving tender sucking until I got him all rigid again. 

I wanted him to cum so I pulled him into the shower, knelt in front of his enormous Hard-on & told him to dump his hot jizz on my face. He agreed & went on to jerk himself into a frenzy while I encouraged him verbally.

'Yeah, Hot Stud. Gimme your hot cream!' I cajoled.
'Fuckin' smear your Fuck juice all over my face!'
'Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuckin' cum all over your sweet face Baby.' He managed between breaths.
'Come on, give it to me, Fucker!', I ordered.

And with that, I felt a stream of warm sticky sap raining on my face. I closed my eyes & enjoyed the sperm facial as the Black Stud shuddered away. The overwhelming sensation of his climax taking over his muscular bod. When he was all done, I used my palm & spread his essence all over my face & we both smiled at each other.

Mission accomplished! I couldn't help but stole another shot of this excellent Ebony Beef before I left the building.