Monday, 30 December 2013


This year has been an extremely busy year at work for this Slut. And so, in order to give myself a treat, I decided that I will go on a sexcapade to the City of Smiles, Bangkok. It was also my 1st time spending Christmas in Bkk & my ultimate Xmas wish was to get fucked by a Bodybuilder. But before we get to that, here is an account of what I've been up to leading to the night of the Big Bang. So tune in here often if you wanna know how I finally got banged by a Bodybuilder!

Ok, on to the 1st stop. I reached Bangkok on a Saturday evening & it was the Golden Hour to be at a Sauna. It helped that Sauna Mania was just steps away from the Hotel that I was staying at. So the natural choice was to head on there for my 1st stop.

Sauna Mania is located in a 5 storey mansion. When you enter the mansion at the ground floor, you go up a flight of stairs to the 2nd level. There, you will find a counter where you pay the entrance & you'll be handed a set of keys & a padlock. After which you will move towards your right, past a small bar & a small gym to the locker area where you will find your locker.

Saturday is Underwear Night, so everyone was walking around in their undies. I was just glad that I had a nice underwear on (yeah, always be prepared cos you never know what kinda situation you may end up in). After making sure that my stuff is well-locked away, I began to explore the Sauna. 

On the 3rd floor was the main cruising area with cubicles & dark nooks for people to make out. This is the area where most of the crowd hangs around. Up to the 4th level I went & I saw open shower areas with lotsa nice butts on display. There were also 2 steam rooms, a sauna & a roof garden for people to chill. Went up another level & it was yet another roof garden. There were beds/benches/chairs strewn all over separated by wooden partitions. I felt this could have been a nice kinky play area under the skies but alas there were only less than 3 guys hanging around. 

As mentioned, most of the crowd is at the 3rd floor area so that's where I headed too. In terms of the crowd, most of the clientele are local guys. Quality-wise, most were quite gymfit & there were definitely many good-lookers around. I was quite excited imagining myself making out with these hot local guys. As luck would have it, these local guys turn out to be quite a reserved lot. Most would spend hours standing around & the only time I could lay my hands on them was in the dark areas where they would let up a bit. However, most weren't quite interested in full on sex. They were mostly interested in getting sucked off, so you could imagine this Slut's disappointment when I couldn't get any fucks the whole night although I did get to suck off quite a few hot ones.

Being one that does not take defeat easily, I decided to go back to Sauna Mania on Sunday night where the theme was to go Naked. My favorite theme! This time I'm sure I'm gonna score a fuck as we no longer have the barrier that is the underwear anymore. But after 2 hours of cruising, I still could not find any guy who's interested to fuck me! What is wrong with these Thai guys? Desperate times need desperate measures, I decided to go all out & began grinding my sexy butt on any hot guy that caught my fancy. Some guys entertained me & I got to suck off some, some avoided me like I was the plague but still no offer to fuck! 

Just as I was about to give up, the guy standing next to me started touching me. Since he made the 1st move, I also took the chance to feel him up. Mmm... nice toned muscles! I did my grinding move on him & becos of the lack of barriers between my butt & his cock, I soon got him all hard. I reached down & inspected the goods. It was a sizeable 6". I was happy enough so I turned around & gave him a tongue bath all over his body. Before long he was all hornied up & bothered so he grabbed my hands & pulled me into one of the cubicles. 

Once inside the cubicle, I was able to have a good look at him. He was young, probably around his early 20s. I, on the other hand, must have surely looked like a foreigner to him with my colored hair and tanned look. He looked unsure of himself, as if contemplating if he should stay on. An alarm set off at the back of my mind. No! I'm not going to let him go now that I've got him in my clasp. So I made the 1st move & I did all I could to get him all horny again. Quickly, his cock was all stiff & he made a gesture for me to turn around. I obediently did & he put me in a doggie position & then he entered me. Yes! I've finally scored a fuck!

Perhaps due to the language barrier, we never spoke to each other & the fuck turned out to be mediocre. In the end, he left without even cumming. But I was satisfied with scoring a hump so I also left the Sauna moments later.

On hindsight, here's what I gathered from the experience:
1) Thai guys are more reserved, they are not as experimental as I would have preferred.
2) I went to a sauna that attracted local guys who were less open to foreigners.
3) It didn't help that I looked every bit like a foreigner with my colored hair.
4) I had tanned skin. Thais are crazy about being fair-skinned.

These are my personal views but please comment if you have anything to say. 

Now stay tuned for the Big Bang story!