Sunday, 20 January 2013


It has been raining the whole day yesterday & it's not a good thing if you have no plans & you are fuckin' horny like me. In weathers like these, it makes you yearn for a warm body to cuddle up to even more.

So there I was at 3am in the morning, unable to sleep cos' I was still feeling horny. I decided to log on to my fav website to check out the hotties that were still online. I didn't have to wait too long before I spotted a hot one. His profile claimed that he was bi & looking for action right away as the wife is sleeping & he needed to fuck someone real bad.

Without any hesitation, I messaged him.
'Hi Sexy, I have place now.' I wrote.
Almost immediately he responded.
'Hot pics there, love your butt. Wanna be pound hard?' He asked.
'Sure, can't wait.' I taunted.
So we went back & forth a lil bit more & we exchanged pics & phone nos.

Turns out he was a North Indian. He looked like those Hunky Bollywood Actors you see in the movies. And what's even hotter is that he is a gym trainer! It was all too good to be true tho' I suspected that it was a fake profile. Nonetheless, It was too good a chance to pass & I was getting hornier as we chatted.

By now, it was almost 4am & he seemed still keen on the fuck, so I arranged for him to come over. Surprisingly, he agreed. He said he'll hop on a cab right away.

Half an hour later, my phone went off. He's downstairs. I was already naked & super horny, I gave him my unit no. & told him to come up. Then I opened my door, knelt at the doorway fully naked & waited for him. Next, I texted him.
'Take out your cock as you approach my unit, I wanna suck U at the door'
'Ok' was his short & sweet reply.

As my place was a short distance from the lift landing, I could see everyone that is approaching my house from where I was kneeling. Soon enough, I saw a hunky silhouette from the lift landing walking towards my place. As he came nearer my place, I could finally make out his face. He wasn't a fake! He was exactly the same guy whom I saw in the pic that was sent to me. Woah... I'm in luck, I told myself.

What's even more amazing was that he really tossed his cock out & walked down the corridor towards my place. By the time he reached my unit. His fuck stick was already a stone-hard 7.5" demanding immediate attention.

So there he was, standing at my door, thrusting his man-hard meat at my face while I was kneeling on the ground completely naked. Hungrily, I took his attention-seeker & sucked as hard as I could. I couldn't care anymore & the thought of having someone catch us in action heightened the thrill (not that there would be any at that ungodly hour). I was making loud slurping noises as I sucked on his massive hot dog & I went as deep as I could until his cock was all wet from my saliva.

Next, he bent down over me & grabbed my bubble butt & gave it a loud smack. It sounded even louder in the dead of the night & I knew he wanted my ass. So I stood up & led him into my room. Once inside my room, He quickly shed his clothes & laid in full naked glory on my bed with his legs spread wide open. The sight of his hunky bod & beautiful 7.5 incher was a perfect combination. 'Suck me', he ordered. I happily obliged & jumped on bed & began happily sucking the wonderful joy stick. He began to moan as he felt the sensations my mouth & tongue was giving him.

'Fuck! You suck so much better than my wife!', he exclaimed.
'U r welcome to look for me anytime if U want next time', I replied sluttily between sucks.
'Yeah, show me what U can do little bitch', he barked.
With that, I went down all the way on him until his whole fuckin' cock went down my throat.

'Turn around', he instructed next.
I did as I was told so that my butt is facing him now.
'Fucking nice bubble butt', he complimented & gave my butt a tight slap.
Then he spread my butt cheeks & buried his face in it. The combination of his smooth tongue & his prickly stubble was driving me crazy.
'Ooh yeah, I love it Baby', I moaned.
'Yeah?' He enquired back & continued to rim my ass, slapping it from time to time.

'You ready for this Fucker now?' He asked, pointing to his swelled-up cock that is now pointing skywards.
'Oh yeah, give it to me', I begged as I passed him a condom.
He took the rubber, tore it off with his teeth & swiftly rolled it down his amazing fuck stick.
Then he bent down towards my waiting man-hole & spat a huge blob of saliva on it. Without giving me any warning, he rammed straight in all the way until his cock tip banged into my G-spot. I gave a little yelp.
'You like it huh, little bitch?', he queried.
Without waiting for me to answer, he thrusted forward again & banged me. All I could do was moan in response.
He went on to bang me hard & slapping my butt noisily. It seems the more noise I made, the more he got turned on. So that's exactly what I did. I think I could have woken up my neighbour but I really didn't care at that moment.

Another of my fantasy is now being fulfilled. I'm being fucked by a North Indian Bollywood-looking Hunk who is a gym trainer, who happens to be a bi! I was now rocking in rhythm to him so that everytime he thrusted forward, my butt would move backwards & when our bodies met, it would give out a 'pop pop' sound. We were what you could say 'tearing the house down'!

'I'm gonna cum', he informed.
'Yeah Baby, shoot your hot cum on me' I urged.
Him: Where do U want me to cum?
Me: On my face
Him: Ok turn around
I promptly flipped myself over so that my face was now just inches away to his impending volcano.
He tore the condom off & proceeded to beat his meat furiously.
'Arghhhh!', he let out a groan, thrusting his hips forward.
Then he erupted, I closed my eyes, enjoying the sperm shower on my face. I could feel the warm jizz all over my face as I lay there. The sensation was so sensual that I came on myself at the same time.

After we cleaned up & got dressed, he thanked me & gave me a kiss on the mouth. The man in front of me is now all satiated & gentle, a far cry from the beast that walked into my place moments. It was another wonderful hook-up. Only regret is, I didn't get to cuddle up to his warm bod on this chilly night.

Saturday, 12 January 2013


It’s weird that I’ve never mentioned Mr. V until now. I have actually met Mr. V via the chatrooms many years ago. Since then, we’ve had sex on & off, mostly when Mr. V is feeling horny. I call Mr. V my Sometime-Sex-Buddy. Hehe…

Mr. V should be in his 40s and is a quite a gym rat. I think he hits the gym like 5x a week. Undoubtedly, he has an amazing bod for his age. His body fat must surely be in the region of below 10% cos’ his abs are so ribbed & his 6-packs so prominent. Mr. V is also a sun-worshipper. He spends his free time getting himself all bronzed up in public pools. Because of that, he has the cutest tanline. I love the contrast of that patch of white butt against the rest of his tanned bod. I would say Mr V has no shortage of Fuck Buddies given his sexy bod. Hell, I sometimes feel ashamed of my own bod in front of him. However, Mr. V would come looking for me from time to time so I guess he must have liked fucking me then.  

Last night at abt 11pm, my phone rang & when I checked, it was from Mr. V. Hmmm… that’s weird, Mr. V. never calls me direct and never at such late hours, he usually text me 1st.
I picked up the phone and went “Hello?”.
The 1st words that came out of Mr. V’s mouth was “You feeling horny now?”.
“I’m always horny” I answered cheekily.
Mr. V then went “You want me to fuck you now?”. 
Woah… I thought to myself, Mr. V sure is horny tonight.
“Erm.. I haven’t showered”, I teased.
 “Go shower & clean your ass now. I wanna fuck you hard tonight” Mr. V commanded.
“Yes, sir!” I continued to play along.
“See You!” and Mr. V hung up on me.

I sprung into action immediately & laid out the bed for some hot action. Lubes, condoms and all the necessary stuff that enhanced the sex were displayed on the bed. Next, I leaped into the shower & got myself clean ‘inside’ & out. By the time I was done, Mr.V was already at my door. He was obviously somewhere near my place. He said he needed a quick shower & went straight into the bathroom.

As I was already naked, I went into my bedroom & waited for him. In a while, he emerged from the shower and his 6’ cock was already fully erect. Wow, Mr. V is really horny tonight! He got on the bed & started kissing me all over. I squirmed under his hurried kisses & started to moan. Next, he grabbed my chest & began licking my nips, knowing full well that the licking would turn me on big time. I was moaning even louder now.

“Get on your knees” Mr. V said authoratively. He was now standing on my bed, towering over me, he looked even more tanned against my white ceiling. Ahh… so Mr. V is in the mood to role-play tonight… I decided to play along. Obediently, I got on my knees, my mouth now inches away from his steel-like dick.

“Suck me” Mr. V ordered. I opened my mouth & wrapped my lips around his cock-head & started sliding up & down his hardened shaft. While I was at it, my tongue was doing circles around his cock-head whenever I came up from the bottom of his cock. The sliding & twirling action soon got to Mr. V and he started moaning.

“Turn around & face the mirror”. There was a big full length mirror just next to my bed & that’s what Mr. V wanted me to do. Next, Mr. V reached out for the lube & condom. He lubricated my ass with the lube while I was on all fours on the bed. Then he pulled me towards him & entered me doggie style. He began pumping me furiously until I could hear the ‘pop pop’ sound of his nether regions banging against my butt. Mr. V has never fucked me so wildly cos’ he was afraid of cumming too soon. The Mr. V tonight is like a transformed beast but I like it!  From where I was kneeling, I could see in the mirror, Mr. V humping away behind me. “Flex your biceps”, I requested & Mr. V obliged while still pumping me. It was such a turn-on. “You like it?” Mr. V asked. “Oh Yeah”, I answered in a slutty tone & Mr. V smiled.

I decided to take over the reigns from Mr. V cos’ I’m tired of playing the submissive role now. I pulled my ass out of his cock and turned around to face him. I was still kneeling on the bed but now my butt was facing the full length mirror.
“Get on the bed” I commanded now & Mr. V did so submissively.
“Get behind me, open your legs & straddle me” I said
“Now put that damn cock in my tight ass & gimme a real hard fuck!”
The moment Mr. V inserted himself into my ass, I looked down between my legs so that I was looking into the mirror. I could see Mr. V’s hot sexy white butt in the mirror! While he was fucking me, I could see Mr. V’s butt muscle clenching whenever he pushed his cock deeper into me. It was such a major Hawt scene!
“Oh yeah baby, look behind you & check out how hot you look!” I told Mr. V.
“Oh yeah! You’re right!” Mr V agreed and went on to pumper even harder.
“Yeah! Fuck that, fuck it harder!” I shouted. Mr. V increased the rhythm & I began to hear that familiar sound going ‘Pop pop pop pop….’
“Yeah that’s right baby, You fuck me so good!” I responded approvingly.
“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum” Mr. V grimaced.
“I’m gonna CUM! Arghhh!!!” Then it was over & Mr. V collapsed on my bed panting heavily.

When we were both cooled down, I questioned Mr. V on why he was so horny tonight. He revealed that he had tried taking the Blue pill that day & was having a hard-on the whole day. He had actually fucked another bottom in the day but was horny again at night & that’s why he thought of me. So that solves the mystery of why Mr. V was acting out of the norm that night. Well, he sure made the most outta that little Blue pill.

                         Mr. V's Sexy Tan-lined Butt