Saturday, 16 May 2015


I hope you guys remember Furry Bear, who I had a wild time with in Bangkok at Heaven Sauna. As luck would have it, Furry Bear was in town for work. Clearly, this Slut wouldn't let such a great opportunity slip me by.

So, the night before Furry Bear was due to fly home, I arranged to pop by his hotel for another hot session. I was so distracted throughout the whole day at work & my cock throbbed a little bit whenever I think about the impending hook up that would be happening that night.

Finally, it was the end of the work day & I texted Furry Bear. He's already back in the hotel. I quickly grabbed a Cab & sped down to his Hotel. When I reached the hotel, I texted Furry Bear again. I told him to get into the showers & pretend he was bathing; although he informed me that he had done so. I also told him to leave the hotel room door unlocked as I made my way up.

When the lift door opened at his level, I was fully in the mood to play. I approached his room & as arranged, it was unlatched, so I pushed open the door & sneaked myself in. I could hear the sound of water running in the shower & I grinned to myself. I tore off every piece of clothing that I had on me & walked bare naked into the bathroom. I was already throroughly hard.

Then I caught sight of my cuddly Furry Bear, he was standing under the shower head & was sexily wet. He also caught my eyes & when he saw that I had a raging Hard-on, he flashed that charming smile of his right back at me. I almost melted right at the moment. I stepped into the shower, we hugged & kissed under the running water. His half hard dick promptly gained firmness & soon it was at the state that I had yearned for.

I reached for the shower foam & proceeded to soap myself up. Next, I went on to lather Furry Bear up as well. I particularly liked Furry Bear's thick chest that were peppered with fine hair and I loving touching his soft fur, so I focused on that & ran my fingers gingerly over his broad pectorals. Every time my fingertips brushed against his nipples, I would solicit a sensuous moan from Furry Bear which in turn jacked up my Horny-meter. 

I turned myself around so that my perky butt is now facing Furry Bear's fully developed boner. He gave me a bear hug from behind & I took the chance to slither my slippery soap covered bod against his. It drove him crazy & at one point he was almost ready to fuck me right there in the shower. But I wasn't done with him yet. Next, I rinsed off the foam from both our bodies & when we were spanking clean, I knelt down & attacked his attention seeking prick. I literally gobbled him up & bobbed my head rapidly, forcing him into my deepest recess, giving him the ultimate pleasure that he was seeking. Furry Bear was super turned on by my sudden violation on his cock that he almost came. But still I wasn't done with him. We have to slow things down if I wanted him to last longer. 

So I suggested we take things further into the bedroom & proceeded to dry ourselves. I noticed a mp3 player in his hotel room & I hooked it up with my phone, playing a series of pop remix that I love fucking along with. We landed ourselves on the bed, rolling around, kissing, groping each other frantically. I assaulted Furry Bear's burly pecs once again; flicking my tongue around his hypersensitive nipples, rubbing my nose into his silky mound of fur, knowing damn well my actions would drive him up the wall. And expectedly, I threw Furry Bear into the throes of sensual exhilaration. He began moaning loudly & I had to turn up the music so as the drown him out.

I went further down south till I was at eye level with his sperm blaster. I stuck out my tongue & with the tip, I circled his nerved-filled cock head, sending throngs of sexual gratification throughout his massive body. Just then the Armand Van Helden's remix of Tori Amos' Professional Widow came on. This was one of this Slut's all time fav cos the lyrics went:
Honey, bring it close to my lips.
Honey, bring it close to my lips, yeah. 

I mimicked the lyrics & continued to lick Furry Bear's blood red Lollipop as he stared down at me doing unspeakable things to his family treasure.

When the song came to the chorus, it went:
I said it's gotta be Big, it's gotta be Big! 
I said it's gotta be Big, it's gotta be Big! (Repeatedly)

That's when I went wild & devoured Furry Bear's schlong, sucking hard & furious on it like my life depended on it. Needless to say, Furry Bear throughly enjoyed the onslaught of my wet mouth on his rock hard dick & his moans became even louder.

By the time the song ended, I've stoked Furry Bear's wild fire so much that he was ready to take over control. He hauled me up from the bed, made me lean over the dressing table where there was a mirror, rolled on the protection & filled my private pleasure hole with his big fat fuck tool. The sight of Furry Bear penetrating me right in front of the mirror was such  a hot scene!

Aptly at this point in time, the remixed version of Jessie J's Bang Bang came on and there was a part in the song that went:
Bang Bang Bang, Bang B-b-b Bang!
And she goes on to sing 'Bang Bang Bang Bang' numerous times.

So that's exactly what I did. I Banged in tune to the beats of the song. I was having so much fun banging myself onto Furry Bears 'screw' driver.

'Mmm...Yeah, I love banging on your cock!' I informed Furry Bear.
'Yeah?' Furry Bear enquired & gave a thrust forward, driving himself deeper into my ass & making me yelp in the process.
'Urgh! Yeah.... Bang me baby, Bang me hard!' I cooed.
With that he grabbed my hips & rode me like a rodeo cowboy.

Then I was thrown back onto the bed where he fucked me missionary & I clung onto him tightly. I also took the chance to squeeze my ass muscles as his chunky baton masssaged my man cunt. This was a position that bottoms favoured cos it allow us to cling onto our men & the face to face situation allows us to maintain eye contact so that we can feel the love. I was admiring Furry Bear's handsome face when he suddenly grimaced & announced that he was close.

'Cum on my face!' I urged.
Hastily, he retreated from my hole, climbed onto the bed so that his cock was just inches from my face. I stuck out my tongue & swirled it around his penis head increasing the intensity of his impending blast off. 

'Fuck!' Furry Bear sweared & I felt hot juicy cum raining on my face. At the same time, I felt Furry Bear whipping my face with his hard tool as he came violently. After he was done, I smeared my whole face with his honey, then I buried my face into his furry chest, haha.... I could smell the metallic odour of his cum as I laid on top of him while we cuddled and that was all that mattered. I've made my man happy once again.

A glimpse of Furry Bear